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Telstra cable broadband speeds are set to double for many customers across the country as the telco abandons its long-standing monthly fee to unlock maximum speeds. This unlocks their cable's full potential of "up to Mbps", in some cases reaching speeds of Mbps. Existing Telstra cable customers will get either a speed boost or a bill reduction after the fee is scrapped. Telstra is finally scrapping that fee, automatically shifting all cable broadband customers to unthrottled ish Mbps speeds this month. Users may need to restart their cable modem to see the speed jump. All Telstra cable customers now have 5 Mbps upload speeds. Telstra's HFC cable network is being gradually merged into the NBN, where it offers download speeds of up to Mbps and upload speeds of up to 40 Mbps. Meanwhile, Optus' cable network is being scrapped and most homes in Optus cable areas will be connected to the NBN via fibre to the curb; achieving similar speeds to HFC cable. For now, Telstra still has has aroundcable customers across the country who will benefit from free speed boost. They will all eventually be migrated to the NBN, where they will have the option to stick with Telstra or move to another internet retailer. Telstra's move was driven in part by high demand for NBN connections in some areas, which is leading to delays, says Telstra customer value management executive Jana Kotatko. While the cable pricing change doesn't affect the cost or speeds of Telstra's NBN plans, one of the goals is to keep Telstra cable customers happy until the NBN reaches their door, says Finder. Telstra cable customers given free speed boost as NBN delays continue. The Sydney Morning Herald. License this article. Adam Turner Twitter Email.

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Get your savings sorted. Take control of your money with the all-new Finder app. Now available for free for iOS and Android. It's your new way to save, sorted. Last updated: 20 March One of these is Hybrid Fibre Coaxial HFC NBN, which uses high-speed fibre optics in tandem with existing copper cables to deliver a faster broadband connection to your house. Data signals are sent through optic cables to the nearest NBN node and then delivered to your house via the existing copper infrastructure. A modem completes the connection, allowing you to access the Internet. HFC network connections are available wherever cable was initially laid by Optus and Telstra when they were developing their copper networks. This is mostly only in metropolitan areas, but if you'd like to know what kind of connection your property has you can use our NBN tracker. In reality, these networks tend to have quite a few issues with congestion that severely reduce the speed you'll experience. As a result, all HFC NBN plans will offer a typical evening speed alongside their maximum, reflecting the speed you can expect to experience in the evening when everyone else is also online. Remember that the exact speed you'll get depends on your provider as well as the speed tier you sign up for — if you aren't sure what speed you need check out our typical evening speed guide. If you haven't been connected to the NBN previously, you'll likely need a new modem capable of processing the signals involved. These modems can either be purchased separately or bought alongside a plan from most providers, who will recommend a specific model. Unless you have a pay TV or cable TV service, you won't require anything that isn't installed by NBN Co when they hook up your property to the network. You'll simply need to attach one cable from your NBN box to one part of the splitter and a cable from your pay TV box to the other. You won't need any equipment that isn't automatically provided by either your Internet provider or NBN Co. The biggest difference you'll notice is in upload speeds. The addition of fibre optic NBN cables to this existing network has kept the maximum download speed the same but boosted upload capabilities to around 40Mbps. With everyone working from home, the stress on the NBN might cause issues for some. With 5G rolling out steadily, it might be worth switching to mobile Internet for your household. Read more…. With the COVID coronavirus forcing many into working remotely, here's what you need to consider around your home or work broadband connection. The coronavirus pandemic means paying for household bills like energy could get tougher. Learn about your financial hardship options. Telstra and Optus are offering free data and services to help Australians work remotely. What does this mean for consumers? Sam Baran is a writer for Finder, covering topics across the tech, telco and utilities sectors. They enjoy decrypting technical jargon and helping people compare complex products easily.

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Instead, those customers can complete the installation at a time that suits them. HFC self-installations are currently available to a smaller number of premises as part of a limited volume trial — to allow for close monitoring of the initial results — before scaling up by the end of November to all eligible HFC premises. Related Articles. Note to self: eligible HFC premises can self-install. Address Enter an address and select from the dropdown options. To find out if you're eligible for self-installation, please check with your phone or internet provider. You might also like. Learn online with the help of connectivity. Education Learn online with the help of connectivity. Smartening up the everyday items at home. Connectivity central to helping NT tourism. Business Connectivity central to helping NT tourism. Help protect your business from online scams. Business Help protect your business from online scams. Green machines: smart devices are getting greener. Banking on regional Australia with improved internet. Business Banking on regional Australia with improved internet. Tapping into the exciting future of smart devices. Trainee field technicians hit the home stretch. How nbn is helping to revolutionise modern saleyards. Business How nbn is helping to revolutionise modern saleyards. Fair winds and following seas in Port Adelaide. WORK game changers for equality in the workplace. Career WORK game changers for equality in the workplace. Protecting against remote-access scams. Connecting students with equal opportunity learning. Business Connecting students with equal opportunity learning. The ABC N s of gratifying collaboration.

Note to self: eligible HFC premises can self-install

A user of the Whirlpool broadband forum has identified what he thinks is a possible reason for the regular very short dropouts that HFC NBN connections suffer, and says this may become a much bigger problem in the future. The user, who preferred to use his Whirlpool handle, harryxebec, told iTWire that initially he thought the problems with his HFC connection, which he has had for about a year, were due to his old hardware and his operating system: Windows XP. It wasn't a fatal problem and downloads always resumed," he said. Use 'em up and wear 'em out I say. But then when he encountered a problem of a broken download from a non-resuming server, he realised that he would have to resolve the issue. In a post on Whirlpool, he said that while observing a single 50Kbps download using the Windows Task Manager, "the bytes received formed a steady spiky wave". Each dip occurs about every two seconds like clockwork. Every time a download breaks, it is always during this zero bytes interval. As the impulses appear every two seconds, I don't think that this will be my case. If an impulse occurs at the same time the parameters are read, the system receives and operates on corrupted data for 20 seconds when there is a good chance that the right parameters will then be sent. He said the chances of this taking place "several or more milliseconds out of every 20 seconds means that the dropouts would be intermittent and upredictable". When he first encountered a non-resuming download, harrybexec said he had done what anyone would usually do: "Reset equipment and replaced cables. Two days ago, my ISP asked for a factory reset on my router which did nothing except disable my VoIP for over 24 hours. I suspect that the impulses had something to do with that as well. I feel that, at this stage, I have only identified a potential problem that I have not heard of before and that it will have serious implications if it is a fact. He said this was why he had posted on Whirlpool and also informed the media, "hoping that someone will query NBN Co about it and that tech heads somewhere will investigate further". Contacted for comment, Robin Eckermann, who led the creation of TransACT and served as its chief architect during the network rollout, did not have a direct opinion on harrybexec's post, but said that there were two key reasons why HFC had been rejected during the TransACT rollout. The first was concern over the potential for noise ingress with the coax plant acting as a giant antenna picking up all sorts of RF interference. While DOCSIS developments have come along in leaps and bounds in retro-fitting HFC for interactive communications, we felt that the FTTK architecture, inherently designed for interactive communications from the outset, was the safer choice. We never looked back and regretted that choice. Data encryption methods previously used only by military and intelligence services have become common practice in all data transfer networks across all platforms, in all industries where information is sensitive and vital financial and government institutions, critical infrastructure, data centres, and service providers. To access click Download here. Sam Varghese has been writing for iTWire sincea year after the site came into existence. For nearly a decade thereafter, he wrote mostly about free and open source software, based on his own use of this genre of software. Since Mayhe has been writing across many areas of technology. His personal blog is titled Irregular Expression. I have the same situation. I started playing few days ago and today I wanted get into the game but[…].

NBN Co begins DOCSIS 3.1 rollout for HFC connections

Hybrid Fibre Coaxial. Everything you need to know before you choose your internet plan. See our internet plans. What happens during installation? Find out what to expect at an installation of a service delivered to your home on the nbn hybrid fibre coaxial HFC network. On the day of installation, someone over 18, whose name is on the account must be home to approve the location. If you're renting, seek approval from your landlord before getting it installed. In this circumstance, a HFC line will run from the nearest available fibre node to your premises. Our customers have firsthand knowledge. Thanks for your feedback. We will use it to continually improve our website. Where 0 is not at all likely and 10 is highly likely. Skip to main content. Get the latest updates on COVID impacts to our call centres and stores, see how to track orders, and more. Tell me more. Telstra Home Page. Tablets Tablets on a plan Pre-Paid Tablets homepage. Home Phones Plans Handsets Home phones homepage. Deals Student Deals Deals. Gift Shop. Network speeds Connecting to nbn nbn homepage. Platinum Support. Foxtel from Telstra. Telstra TV. Xbox All Access. Apple Music.

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