N75 valve upgrade

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Update : Fitted 710N valve & N75J valve!!!

Good man great company and a excellent product. Don't know any other place that sells them. Even hard to find used ones. Buy it before their gone. Works like a charm, came packaged nicely and sealed. I installed the N75j in my 04 jetta and it works great I really enjoy the effects it has on my car. These are nearly impossible to find, It will add some nice performance to the k turbo in my 04 Passat. Boost Valve - N75J - J. AUDI 2. No this is not a typo No these are not manufactured in China No these are not "black" N75 valves Yes your eyes are working. These are a known upgrade for the 1. For years "tooooners" have fooled the mass community into believing this was some special trick valve but rest assured they were simply using an OEM part number. Thank fully being the Audi nut I amI managed to procure these. The part is listed as NLA No Longer available from Audi so its basically whatever we have in inventory that is available. Not sure how clearer that needs to be. Before shipping we ensure the valve is working by testing it. I wouldn't waste my time or yours shipping you a dud valve. If you get the valveinstall it and notice "surging" then you installed the vacuum lines wrong yes you need to redo them in the opposite way. Think about what the N75 valve is for and then think why you would have surging issues after installing it its keeping the gate shut! If you have questions simply ask but if you purchase this like the know it all from WA or the impatient child from MA and then file a claim without even contacting me ,you will be ignored and be forced to deal with ebay. We have sold over of these both on ebay and through our other online retailers. They workhave worked and will continue to work. Don't like the above then simply don't buy it from us. Leaving negative feedback because you can't install the valve or simply can't wait 5 days for your product to arrive is a juvenile thing to do. Purchase this part elsewhere as your Ebay purchase will be cancelled. Thank You Just got my plug wires in today. Installed them on my car. Very pleased with the. Lovely Don't know any other place that sells them.

How to Turn Up Boost on a 1.8T

Discussion in ' Leon Mk1 ' started by domin8orJun 9, Hi Guest. If you're not subscribing to us on YouTube yet, you're missing out on car news and reviews. Subscribe to our channel to get notified when we post new videos. Did you know we're on YouTube forum upgrade. Dismiss Notice. Hi Guest, stickers are available from our online store. N75 upgrade info needed. Joined: Oct 30, Messages: Likes Received: 1. Think i need a new N75 and was looking at a "J" version,however i am also looking at a stage 1 re map Anybody give me a confirmation one way or other. Joined: Nov 15, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Your better off getting a stsndard one and putting the rest of the money towards a remap, whats happening with uour old n75 valve? Yeah pretty sure it's the N75,all the symptoms are right. Im just waiting on a price for a Remap,if it's reasonable i'll probs get it,but just a Stage 1. I should stop reading all these posts,just confuses the hell out of you,was quite impressed with the alleged 2psi increase on the "J" valve,but did say not as good on remapped cars,so want to be sure as i need valve now. Anyone have a "J" valve fitted? The one on mine is the e version. Joined: Jul 24, Messages: 5, Likes Received: 4. Id stick to replacing like for like. Not had an N75 fail but from what Ive read on here they usually let boost build then stop then build again. What you have sounds more like a general limp mode which could be lots of things. Have you checked for boost leaks? Id deffo try a new n75 valve, whats probably happening is the car is running fine,no boost leaks,its just the n75 isnt letting enough boost through,thats why its not throwing up engine codes, when i first bought my cupra it was only boosting to 8psi,no codes,no boost leaks,the valve had probably seized in one place, sonn as i put a new one on, i had full boost. Joined: May 1, Messages: Likes Received: 0. Steely semiskimmed cupra R. Joined: Dec 30, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 5. Joined: May 18, Messages: Likes Received: 7. Im getting the same problem, sometimes it pulls like a train right up through the gears but sometimes you hit I know its supposed to drop off a bit but mine seems to drop substancially. I thought it might be the dump valve so I stuck on a forgethat didnt fix it makes a nice noise now though. I think I'll try a new N75 now as I dont think its a boost leak surely it would have no boost all the time if that was the casebut I too am confused to hell by the different types and their merits and drawbacks. Think Ill probably just do a straight swap f-type I think its cheaper than the others too. Joined: Apr 23, Messages: Likes Received: 3.

N75 Valve Tuning Investigation

Lots of Fun. N75 Valve part number and availability. I've searched and searched and cannot find a post that lists the part number for an N75 valve. I've gotten code P, and read alot about my what I'm experiencing currently. Low Power! I want to try the N75 Valve first to see if that fixes it. Also, where can I get one from locally? Besides the dealership! Their markup is probably crazy! Also, I read somewhere that the valve is supposed to click all of the time. Mine doesn't, is this a problem? I think I just found it: 1JA? No greasecars, please. Click on username for E mail address. PMs are turned off!!! Holy crap. I work in Hunt Valley, I'm headed over there in a few minutes after I finish my sandwich. Thank you very much! I ended up not having to get a N75 valve. Before I even started my trip I decided to check everything under the hood. I found a vacuum line that was loose. I put it back on and everything is good right now. We'll see on my way home when I'm merging into traffic if it rears it's ugly head again. Hopefully that is all the problem was and nothing else. I drove it around for about an hour and nothing, but I didn't really get to push it much during that drive. If you ever need to check it again swap it with the EGR solenoid beside the N75 and see if it improves the situation. Troubleshooting Low Power Having trouble searching? TDI s : T4 2. Find More Posts by test pilok. I've a T4 ACV 2. Turbo is delivering more than is being requested. My tech acquaitance doesn't think the MAF is the issue. I'm off to further search on here, but should there be a link to this process I'd be very greatful-this site is HUGE!! Thank you enormously. Thank you kindly CG. This place is a seriously major repository of info. Pat yourselves on the back!!

N75 upgrade

During the course of the S4 community tune efforts a couple other cars that tried using the tune I am helping to develop experienced over-boost on the initial ramp up. The immediate action was to lower DIMX on their tunes to try and bring the boost curve closer to what I was experiencing. This left unresolved the question of why we were seeing different boost profiles when using the same tune. As in the case of the S4 community tune the APR tune had been built on my car, and other cars would occasionally see boost overshoot on the initial boost ramp up. This was determined to be a logical cause for the over-boost seen with the other cars. After contacting the owners of the other cars involved with the S4 community tune we took photographs of our respective N75 valves and compared the setting. While this investigation is presently incomplete, it appears to be a good lead into the cause for the disparate boost ramp-up curves between my car and the other two. I dug up a spare N75 valve that I have and worked on changing the setting to try and increase the rate at which the boost ramps up. I vaguely recall that the adjustment screw may be fixed in place with loctite, because getting it to budge took some effort. After installing the N75 valve with the updated setting I took a drive and logged the boost onset. My car is now over boosting initially, unlike prior to adjusting the N75 valve. This is a great result because it will enable me to make tune changes that will hopefully produce similar outcomes amongst the three cars involved with the tuning project. N75 Valve While this investigation is presently incomplete, it appears to be a good lead into the cause for the disparate boost ramp-up curves between my car and the other two. Go to top.

Anybody else done the N75 mod?

J7USS Mar 17, Log in or Sign up. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Dismiss Notice. Cookies Snack. Well I managed to fit my 2 valves today as they arrived from Vagparts What can I say My ride has been transformed further!! Well after research I decided to go through the "Fitting it from above" channel and yes my hands have suffered a war but well well worth it. Apart from my nosey neighbour and his stammer making a "quick word" into 20mins conversation everything went pretty well. So what did i benefit Well soon as I started the motor, It was making some funky Clicking noises, Few High Pitched frequency noises then the idle went a little weird but 20 seconds or so it sounded normal again - Phew!!!!!! Then Soon as I gave it a rev before reversing off my drive, Something felt different. One thing I did find that the old valve which I took off was already a N but I still replaced it whilst everything was off. The turbo is giving off a lovely note now, Not too loud though and has a nice discreet Suction noise. Put it this way, Im well chuffed as you might have already worked out. The drive is alot smoother, Sounds smoother too. Even the between gear changes are better and low rev turbo response is alot sharper. Dont do the odd "frog hop" anymore either. If anyone needs advice on how to fit yours I can give you a break down. Ill shut up waffling on now. J7USSMar 17, So I take it your please with the valves wonder what gave me that ideaglad theyve made an impact and yes it is something I am gonna consider, afterall its a small price apart from labour to pay for for such an improvement. Dont think I'll tackle it myself, I'll let the garage do it when cars in for a service and fan belt change next couple of months. Held boost better and with the re-map helped the car to fly. Happy days dude! These turbo parts i take it?? McgoughMar 18, Geforce will point you in the right direction with a few of his magic links!!! Been out in it today for a play, Just got to give it a blast on the Motorway now J7USSMar 18, Oh n yes the n valve is a diverter valve for your turbo, Its a revised Bosch unit. The N75J valve is what communicates with your ecu and tells the Wastegate on your turbo to stop being a tight git and give you some more boost without overdoing it I think. Is that right Gforce???? Hi Guys, The N75J valve determines how much boost is held by the diverter valve. On chipped car and even std, the increased boost needs a little more control to be smooth. The N75J not only lets the boost peak a little higher, but it also helps get rid of surging.

I Fixed My Boost Problem! - N75 Valve Install - Audi TT

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