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Includes chrome finish barrel, split ring and solid retainer ring. We are continuously making improvements to our IPX speaker features and firmware. In order to ensure optimal performance of your IPX speaker sit is important to be aware of the latest firmware updates available. Please subscribe to our email notification list to get information on firmware releases as soon as they are available. Please enter your email address below. You will receive a link to reset your password. All-Purpose Mic Stand Chrome. Explore Compare. Low-Profile Mic Stand Chrome. First Name. Last Name. Company Name. Email Address. Zip Code. Phone Number. Model Number. Navigate Products. Resources Online Pricing Inquiry. Connect With Us. Get how-tos, tips, specials, videos, announcements and more. All rights reserved. E-mail Address. Office Phone Number. Please complete this form and we will have one of our audio experts get in touch with you. Product or Product Category of Interest. Preferred Method of Contact Email Phone. Remember me? Forgot password? Need an account? Your Personal Details. Company name:. Helena St. Street address I accept privacy policy read. Password recovery.

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Kit Masters is doing everything in our power to keep trucks on the road. Using American-made components in our products has helped us avoid any major changes to our supply chain to this point. We are making continual adjustments that allow our team to safely continue providing our quality products and service in this difficult time. Kit Masters has reinvented heavy duty belt tensioners. Sustaining fan blade engagement requires a large amount of torque. The biggest problem with viscous fan clutches is availability of the thousands of part numbers. Our one-of-a-kind modular system eliminates the need for excessive viscous fan clutch inventory. Kit Masters manufactures thousands of different fans and ships them faster than anyone else in the industry. Kit Masters products lead to more sales, easier repairs and happier customers. Kit Masters University provides free, in-depth, online training to help. Identifying your fan clutch can be extremely difficult. Choose Your Location. Reliability Meets Efficiency The most trusted name in fan clutches is now the most trusted name in 2-speed fan clutches. Available Now! New Platinum Edition 2-Speed fan clutches save horsepower and fuel. Remans That Last. Professionally remanufactured, better than new fan clutches. Unmatched Availability The biggest problem with viscous fan clutches is availability of the thousands of part numbers. How is this possible? Get Fans Fast! Fan Clutch Identification Identifying your fan clutch can be extremely difficult.

MSC-Standard Type Miniature, Slip, Clutch

Small clutches for use in copy machines, printers, and other peripheral devices. This one-piece assembly features a custom-molded gear or timing pulley designed to your specifications. Most clutches use a permanent magnet to disengage the armature when it is not in use. All clutches are bi-directional. Clutch designed for general industrial use. Clutches are designed with zero backlash armatures and a double ball bearing field support to provide longer life and better performance versus bushing style units. Brake designed for general industrial application units feature zero backlash, armature hub, and field assemblies that can accommodate bearings for additional shaft support. Clutch designed for general industrial applications. Units come standard with zero backlash armature. Options for this unit include an automatic air gap that adjusts as the clutch wears, a quiet armature option that reduces clutch engagement noise for application in hospitals or offices and a 1 piece designed option that simplifies mounting. Brake designed for general industrial applications. Brake is designed for general industrial use. Low inertia zero backlash armature can be bolted to your hub. Brake can be supplied with internal or external hub depending upon overall length restrictions. Brake designed for general industrial use. Suitable for high speed and high cycle applications. Brake has automatic wear adjustment mechanism which maintains proper airgap over life of the brake to maintain a consistent braking time. Compact design with a thin overall profile. Zero backlash armatures can be built into custom hubs. Clutches are available with bearing supported field or a no bearing flange field. Clutch has automatic wear adjustment mechanism which maintains proper airgap over life of the clutch to maintain a consistent engagement time. Heavy duty clutches best suited for marine and mobile applications. Bi-directional spring resists engine vibration and shock. Output can be modified to meet your requirement, or clutch can be purchased with armature only to bolt into your hub. Unit features die cast housing with double bearing support on the input and the output shafts. Units come standard with zero backlash armatures but can be modified for high cycle applications using a zero gap armature. Modular simple 1 piece construction means no adjustments required. Clear plastic cover allows you to see inside the unit without having to remove the cover. Both with input and output shafts have independent double bearing support. Housing includes external heat sinks for better heat dissipation and an easily accessible external mounted wiring block. Housing contains through hole foot mounts for easy assembly and an easy shaft in and shaft out connection. Both shafts are double bearing mounted to accept heavy side loads. Clutch and brake armatures have automatic wear adjustments to maintain proper airgap settings through life of the unit. Because of a special no gap armature design, there is no need to adjust for wear. Units are self adjusting and there is a consistent time to speed and time to stop. Low inertia components and low voltage fields allow for very fast response time.

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We manufacture balancers for drive shafts, steers, duals and drives on your heavy duty trucks, clutches, sprockets and flywheels for your motorcycle Harleypropellers and engine Lycoming and balancers on your ultralight and experimental planes, as well as many machinery applications. There are no steel balls, no sands or oils, and no prebalancing required. The active ingredient is Quick Silver. It is not affected by extreme temperatures, hot or cold. The liquid moves smoothly to the desired area around the balancer. The balancer actively balances the wheel assembly for a smooth ride. Each tire you scrap that still has good tread on it is costing you money. One of the major safety concerns in addition to saving money on tires and fuel costs, is that the tires stay fixed on the road without bouncing which gives you more control and a safer ride. This active balancing system will greatly reduce ghosting, numb hands and feet, fatigue, as well as no more bits and pieces of your bike falling off. The balancer uses a gyro stabilizing affect to minimize wheel hop on both wet and slippery conditions. Email: sun-tech sbcglobal.

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Advantages, that are of great value not only to highly tuned vehicles but also in motor sports. Every SACHS performance clutch is a product of the concentrated expertise obtained from many years of working in the motorsports industry. The extensive expertise gained on the toughest race tracks in the world has been directly applied to the development of the SACHS Performance clutches. Click here to read more. Find the right performance clutch. ZF SACHS Performance height-adjustable coilover suspensions feature sports-oriented responsiveness, long service lives, unparalleled quality, and simple handling, as well as quicker and low-priced installation. High-quality monotube dampers are used for the high-tech shock absorbers from the SACHS performance series, Their special alignment and a valve system, which allows flexible characteristic curves to be adjusted, provide maximum sportiness right up to their threshold limit. Find the right suspension. Our competition clutches are developed for virtually all racing applications. Find the right competition clutch. Are you a dealer, tuner or have a car workshop? Register today as professional partner for the SACHS Performance and Racing products and take advantage of our special dealer packages and attractive conditions. Register now.

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