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American Montessori Society (AMS) 2021 Annual Conference

As Montessori educators, we vacillate between inspiration and frustration, between hope for the future and questioning our effectiveness. Kathy will also share practical ways to carry our purpose, passion, and vision for the future with us in all we do for our students, families, and school communities. Kathy Leitch has been involved with Montessori education for forty years. She taught at the infant-toddler and primary levels for 18 years and founded Renaissance Montessori School, serving as Head of School for 27 years. This position provides Kathy the opportunity to support Montessori schools throughout the world. She is passionate about assisting Montessori schools with improvement plans, professional development, and accreditation. Add to Calendar. View Map View Map. Find out more about how your privacy is protected. Mar Actions and Detail Panel. Sales Ended. Sales Have Ended Ticket sales have ended. Ticket sales are now closed. You may contact info njmac. Event description. To submit your registration, please complete all fields with a red asterisk. Read more Read less. Map and Directions View Map. View Details. Events you might like:. FoodDrink Party. Share this event. Community Festival. Sat, Jun 6 AM Photorama Hobbies Conference. ScienceTech Class. Save This Event Log in or sign up for Eventbrite to save events you're interested in. Sign Up. Already have an account?

MEPI 2020 Annual Conference

We hope this note finds all of you healthy and safe during these uncertain times. CMS is a volunteer group of Montessori educators. We are committed to serving our Montessori community, however, please understand that this process will…. We believe this is the best decision for these uncertain times. On behalf of the board, we apologize for…. Do not miss out! Register for the CMS Conference today. Registration closes on March 13th by midnight. Click here to register. Montessori Education is special! Join us at the Cincinnati Montessori Society Conference to get re-inspired! Registration closes on March 13th so be sure to register soon! Hopefully you can make it for some fun and engaging conversations! If you have not registered for the CMS Conference yet please make sure you check out the amazing…. The Search of The Ideal Parent…. Xavier University is providing. Ohio approval is pending. Crystal is an amazing speaker. Her message and stories will re-inspire your practice in Montessori Education. Registration is now open! CMS continues to serve the Montessori Community. Learn more about CMS and our mission. Saturday, October 26,am — pm, Joseph Building, Xavier University, Dana Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio Presented by Brandt Smith, a certified mindfulness instructor with experience teaching mindfulness to over 1, students, teachers and parents, this workshop is designed to be suitable for a wide range of interest and experience with mindfulness. CMS Conference registration is now open. Search for: Start typing and press Enter to search. Facebook Instagram Twitter. Skip to content. By: Kristin March 19, March 19, Uncategorized cms conferencefeatured-post. We are committed to serving our Montessori community, however, please understand that this process will… Read More. By: Kristin March 12, March 12, Uncategorized cms conferencefeatured-post. On behalf of the board, we apologize for… Read More. Read More. By: Kristin February 27, Events featured-post. By: Kristin February 17, February 17, Events featured-post. Join us for our annual conference next year on March 20, ! Check out the jobs available in Montessori Education in the Cincinnati and surrounding areas.

Building Healthy and Sustainable

Each member receives a beautiful certificate with the IMC gold seal and a subscription to Montessori Leadership magazine. Montessori School Accreditation: International in scope, user-friendly, supportive, and designed to help schools grow stronger through the process of self-study and external evaluation. Access to the IMC online resource library, free online classified ads for school members. School members may request an hour of free consultation a year by phone or Skype each year. Should your school wish additional consultation, IMC School Members receive a discount on Montessori Foundation school consultation and professional development services. School members use the IMC logos on their literature and website. To avoid misunderstanding, the IMC logo may not be used in any way to promote a Montessori teacher education program, or on certificates and diplomas, unless the teacher education program is IMC accredited. The International Montessori Council IMC is an international organization of Montessori schools, the men and women who lead them, own them, or serve on their boards, and other organizations interested in supporting the goals of the IMC. As an independent Montessori professional and accrediting organization, the IMC serves the entire Montessori community. While this website contains a wealth of information open to the public, many more articles, videos, pdf books and other resources are available to members in our password-protected members area. The International Montessori Council IMC is a worldwide, c 6 professional membership organization of Montessori schools, their leaders, parents, and friends. The International Montessori Council was organized in under the auspices of the Montessori Foundation to provide an inclusive and affordable membership organization for Montessori educators and schools around the world to work together to promote Montessori to the outside world and help one another to address challenges that we all face:. Qualified Montessori teachers continue to be in terribly short supply all over the world, year after year, and decade after decade. We need to find better ways of encouraging talented men and women to pursue a career in Montessori education. After all these years, many parents and traditional educators still do not understand Montessori or feel confident in our schools. It is crucial that we find more effective ways to get our message out to the world. Many parents still see Montessori as a preschool, and move their children to traditional public or private schools as soon as they are old enough. We need to communicate the benefits of continuing their children in Montessori for the entire program. Increasingly, parents pressure our teachers and schools to modify our programs to be more like traditional classrooms, we all need help in making the case that Montessori works, allowing us to remain true to our principles! Because experienced Montessori-trained school administrators are so hard to find, more and more schools are being led by traditional educators. Montessori schools need Montessori leaders. We need to prepare Montessori educators for school leadership, as well as offering ongoing programs of professional development. Many Montessori schools are governed by ineffective and erratic boards. It is essential that we organize programs that schools can use to select, orient, and train new board members in effective governance of a Montessori school. We need to encourage and provide support to help schools go through the process of Montessori school accreditation for the first time. These challenges have plagued our schools for decades. Many are the result of our lack of commitment to organize locally and work together effectively. Today, we have a choice. We can sit back and continue to accept the situation facing us, but if we do so, there is a real danger that education will cast us aside in the ongoing culture of school reform. The IMC welcomes all Montessori teachers and schools as members. The IMC encourages members to also belong to other Montessori organizations as well. The IMC celebrates the steps toward collaboration that have begun in the United States and is a proud member of the Montessori Leadership Collaborative. Welcome to the International Montessori Council. Benefits of IMC Membership. You can also call her at or Why the IMC Was Founded The International Montessori Council was organized in under the auspices of the Montessori Foundation to provide an inclusive and affordable membership organization for Montessori educators and schools around the world to work together to promote Montessori to the outside world and help one another to address challenges that we all face:. All you need to do is log in using your unique email address that grants you access to the IMC Library. IMC Accreditation. IMC Individual Membership. Individual Membership non-transferable for one person worldwide.

MANZ Conference 2021

Maybe you've already been accepted but want to get your questions answered! Learn more about daily schedules, student life, and more. There will be plenty of time to ask questions. How the courses are structured, including the daily life of students at MNW. How the courses provide opportunity for reflection and deep discussion of Montessori theory and practice. The strong community of friendship and collaboration at MNW, and how peer learning and discussion are vital aspects of our courses. How observation and practice teaching sessions prepare you to work in your own future classroom. Get your questions answered and find out how you can become an AMI trained guide. This course offers a transformative combination of face-to-face and integrated self-paced distance modules. All components of the AMI training course, including lectures, reading and discussion, presentation of materials, album preparation, observation, and practice teaching are integrated in this blended format. Upon successful completion of all course requirements, students will earn the AMI Primary diploma. Educators everywhere are concerned with reading comprehension. It is directly related to academic success, hence its importance. Learn how Montessori environments set the children up for success in reading and reading comprehension. Join Primary Trainer Polli Soholt for a free lecture and info session. Learn about what an AMI Montessori teaching program entails. Montessori Northwest is enrolling for the AMI Primary Diploma Course in the Bay Area, which offers a comprehensive study of Montessori theory and practice to work with children aged three to six. Learn more about our program and launch your career as a Montessori educator. This session is designed for anybody curious about Montessori, including parents, nannies, and those who want to learn more about Montessori Education. What is Mindfulness? How does it manifest in our work with children? How does Montessori philosophy naturally align with the practice of Mindfulness? We will discuss how the practice of Mindfulness supports brain development and self-regulation in all human beings. We will also reflect upon how to include it in the daily work and self-preparation of the adult.

Annual Conference

We will be assessing options for holding this event in-person or online in the near future. Discover how it compares to other early childhood philosophies while achieving a similar goal of positive early childhood outcomes! Working with children is based on relationships and relationships are based on communication. Children often respond best when we use respectful and mindful language with them. The challenge comes in the heat of the moment when we are stressed — we react with a tone and language that we regret and they resist! What if you had several ready phrases in your pocket for the many typical situations we all encounter in the early childhood environment? Heidi is a master Montessori guide. She has 36 years combined Montessori classroom experience in preschool through middle school. Sue has a B. Do you want to improve the language skills, boost the memory, develop creative thinking skills and imagination, and enhance cultural understanding? Storytelling and creative use of books can open amazing worlds for the children in your care. Storytelling can be used in all areas and aspects of the classroom. Stories can be used to introduce a new topic, invite children to try new activity, discuss a challenge, engage the imagination, and offer insights to diverse experiences. We will be working with the sequencing of lessons, the interrelationships between concurrent works and tips to allow the child to work independently with the materials as they are gently led from concrete to abstract. How we praise and respond to children has an immense effect on their motivation! Children need to know that it is safe and necessary to take risks and experience failure. Creating a culture in our environment that promotes this safety is so important. It involves language that communicates that the child is responsible for her learning, her decisions and essentially her own life. We will explore some techniques for encouraging motivation by tapping into what children really need from us to develop resilience and confidence in their own sense of agency. She will show how a hands-on and carefully sequenced Montessori Language Curriculum leads the young child to an explosion of reading and writing, preparing the child for Grammar and Cultural studies. Emotional Intelligence is a building block for care providers and children to connect in unique ways that empowers both with their inner authority. Emotions are something that we all carry with us at all times in order to measure the experiences we create in our world. We will create tools and systems in order to identify which belief systems and behaviors are helping reach desired results and which maybe interfering with their effectiveness. Results and outcomes will be emotion-based in focus rather than task and goal oriented. Brigette is married and a mother of 3. She is a Spiritual Entrepreneur and a published author. Registration is limited.

April 2020 General Conference - Saturday Afternoon Session

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