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Now you can keep your eyes on the road. With Mirror Screen, keep your favourite applications with you all day, even during your car journeys! Your car's touch-screen displays your apps the way your phone does. This makes your apps more visible than on your original screen, and allows you to interact with them safely using voice or finger controls: play web radio or dictate an SMS or have one read to you without taking your eyes off the road! Without taking your eyes off the road, activate Siri voice recognition on your car's touch-screen or by holding down the voice control button under the steering wheel. Siri will allow you to access your contacts, make calls, and listen to and dictate your messages without looking at your iPhone. You can also dictate a destination address to Siri. A few words are enough. Control everything quickly and easily using your voice, thanks to advanced voice technology requires an internet connection. Make calls and send or receive message while keeping your hands on the wheel. Thanks to features like turn-by-turn voice navigation, information on traffic conditions and street direction arrows, you will reach your destination very easily. This gives you access to a whole host of applications you use every day, in a format designed for use while driving, so you can interact with them more safely. First download the Android Auto app to your smartphone from the Google Play store. Return to top of page Return to top of page.

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Since the freeform mode is a part of the Android and not Floating Apps, we are unable to change how it works, and there is no way how we can fix possible problems on your device. You will need MirrorLink 1. Your phone must run Android 7 or later. You also need to follow Float normal apps guide to enable freeform mode on your device. You should be able to run normal installed apps in floating windows. Apply it to Google Maps, so Floating Apps will store your preferred choice. Just open the dashboard by tapping floating icon and scroll to Launcher tab. Now tap and hold on Google Maps until the dialog with options is shown. Select Start in a large windowand you should see something like in the screenshot below — Google Maps are shown in a floating window. Now, kill all running apps by swiping them out of recent appsconnect your phone to your car with a USB cable, start the MirrorLink connection and then launch any of certified apps. Tap the floating icon and scroll to Launcher tab and repeat the same process as described above to open Google Maps in a floating window. Now, you should have Google Maps displayed over the certified app. Second, not all features may be available. You should be able to use it almost with no limitations, and almost everything is working well but, for example, Sharing my location is not. Unfortunately, Waze is somehow less compatible with running in a window as some critical data may be missing when not running in the fullscreen mode. Now, connect your phone to your car with a USB cable, start the MirrorLink connection and then launch any of certified apps RockScout is strongly recommended; turn on an online radio or Spotify so the connection is kept opened. Open the floating menu and double-tap on Waze. The Waze window should pop up in about 3 seconds and gradually load all the necessary information in the next few seconds. When the second certified app is up and running, open the floating menu and tap the Waze. Waze should be shown now over the certified app now. However, Waze window is less stable and may have problems with keyboard and data entry. In some cases, not all features are available. You can also experiment with starting Waze and entering destination before connecting your phone to the car just kill all other apps except for Waze before connecting via MirrorLink. On some infotainments seen on the latest onesMirrorLink may send you to the list of certified apps when you try to open a normal app with the freeform mode. Fortunately, there is no need to panic as the button or running the same certified app again will bring you back with the normal app running well. The same thing as described above can also happen when manipulating with the window moving, changing its size, entering data, etc. It should always be possible to return to the MirrorLink screen and continue without problems.

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MirrorLink is designed to do it and it actively tries to stop you from running other than certified apps! Usually, it needs a few very precise steps to do it. Please understand that MirrorLink technology has its specifications that prevent some apps like Waze from running correctly. While it may work for some users, there is no solution for all types of phones and vehicles. Read whole this article to learn how to do it! Also, you can contact us if you have any problem. From Floating Apps 4. To enable it, open Floating Apps and go to Settings in the left panel. From this moment, you will no longer be warned that normal apps cannot be run through MirrorLink. This trick works for the most users and allows running of some apps like Google Maps. Install LG MirrorDrive. You can download it from Google Play. Click floating icon and start Launcher. Be sure that you have the freeform mode enabled! Keep just the LG MirrorDrive in the window. You can move it somewhere to the corner or so. Now, you can start some of the installed apps like Google Maps from the floating menu or Launcher. Have you successfully run installed apps on your infotainment? Let us know what your phone and vehicle are and what apps work for you via car. There are also other tricks and hacks that work for some combinations of phones and vehicles. You can find some tricks and share your own on our facebook MirrorLink group! Also, read our FAQ articles Using floating apps in your car and MirrorLink, connecting the phone and the car, basic usage. Have you found some trick or hack? Do you have some questions or need help? Please contact us via car. I have a s6edge and my car radio ia a alpine ine-wr id doesnot reconise the app as a mirror link. The app itself is not certified for MirrorLink.


Menu Menu. Search Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread. Search Advanced…. Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. How to get mirrorlink working? Thread starter slackerinabox Start date May 26, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Consumer Electronics Mobile Devices. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Previous Next. Mar 15, 12, 31 My headunit supports it as does my s6, but I can't find directions anywhere some reference a play store app named "drive link" that no longer exists. My head unit works instantly with carplay plug in iphone cable, boom - it worksbut I can't for the life of me figure it out on the galaxy s6 edge. Mar 3, 1 16 www. Hi, Does your headunit supports MirrorLink? What headunit does your car have? It's a pioneer nex and does have mirrorlink support. Will look over the manual, thanks! The application that was used to mirror is Pioneer AppRadio? VashHT Platinum Member. Feb 1, 2, 35 What happens when you plug in your s6 to your head unit? I have a settings option to connect via USB for mirrorlink on my note 4, maybe try connecting your phone to the head unit via USB then looking at the mirrorlink menu?

Google Maps and Waze with Floating Apps for Auto

You can replicate the screen of your phone to navigate easily and safely, use multimedia applications on your smartphone or answer phone calls. Do you want to know if your mobile is compatible with Mirrorlink? For this, we have compiled for you the most complete list of compatible phones with MirrorLink on the market, up to date and with the latest terminals compatible with this technology. Take advantage of the MirrorLink features with your Android smartphone, and do not leave the steering wheel to activate Google Maps or Spotify. In case you have a compatible MirrorLink mobile, you can access your smartphone apps, music, surf with a luxury experience and much more. You can live a great navigation from your car, making driving easier, safer and more enjoyable. If you do not have them activated, you have to go to Settings, Phone information, and click on Compile Number several times until they are finally enabled. If your mobile is not compatible with MirrorLink, you will be wondering what to do. You have to know then that we are going to recommend that you try to connect it with another cable that you have been using until now. You must remember that it has to be a data cable, since not all USB cables work. Here is a list of phones compatible with MirrorLinkif your phone was not on the list. It is not a problem because we also leave you the official website so you can see if your smartphone model is there. Also, tell you that most new high-end and mid-range are already compatible with this technology, although in some cases may not be compatible, depending on the layers of customization they have installed. Xiaomi also has a presence on this list. All terminals are functional with this technology. The list is quite long and we try to summarize it as we could. And it is surprising that despite the years that the Galaxy Nexus has existed, it is also functional with this technology for cars. And you see that there are also Samsung tablets that are compatible with MirrorLink, another reason to buy one without a doubt. So if you have it you can synchronize it and use it with your car. It is important that in order for it to work you have everything well tied. You will need to have your smartphone with an Android 2. The software can be installed by connecting the phone to the computer where it is pre-loaded without installation. You will have to have the development options activated. If you have a lower version than Android 4. You will not have to do anything more than this. And once you have finished you have managed to connect MirrorLink between your mobile and the vehicle successfully. It is done in the same way in all cars. Sometimes they wonder how to connect MirrorLink with your car Citroen, Peugeout, Seat, Volskwagen and the steps to follow are always the same. You can change the interface a bit as it is logical in case the car manufacturers add some personal detail, but you will not have to worry because in principle it is very easy. List mobile compatible MirrorLink. Home About Typography Contact Search.

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