Mcoc t4 basic arena schedule 2019

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Basic Heroes Arena Schedule for the Year 2020

Sign In. August in General Discussion. Kabam Miike Kabam Vydious Considering the update to away missions and the general opening up of upgrading bots, which I totally agree with, it seems like it's time to add a bit more t4b to the game. Currently I'm maxed out on t3a and will continue getting more while there is a huge lack of t4b available to upgrade. I would expect that other veterans have hit a similar wall and it seems odd that it's t4b that's lacking and not t3a. Canuck33 Posts: August Yep, this conversation just happened in our ally chat, everyone is low on T4 basics. JKL Posts: Been like this for a while even before the away mission updates. Would love more ways to earn some T4B. Jazz Posts: 1, KillMasterC Posts: 3, Everyone is in need of t4b and finds there aren't enough ways of obtaining it. Moreover according to drop rate samples provided in another thread, you are likely to get more t4c essence than t4b in the god crystals. Something just doesn't look right. BlackRazak Posts: 2, My ratio of T4B to T4e is probably Even during Kabam's oops phase, it was Heck i get way more T3C than any type of alpha. If at all. Still superb for gold! Bi1b0Baggins Posts: Once you've r2d all your cincos, then the burn rate of t4b to t3a should equalize. Am I on the right track? Faithz17 Posts: I need 12 T4Bs to use them all. I have T3A expiring and another one soon to form. I have been selling T3Bs too but still not enough. Really do need more T4Bs. I know we all need more but the bottleneck has to be somewhere. To use 1 T4C you need 6 T4Bs.

MCOC Infinite Win Streak Strategy

And just start over. Start with lower rated teams where multiplier is lower save the lowest for Unbalanced methods laterand then higher heroes when multiplier is higher. Helps maximize your efficiency. March in Strategy and Tips. Hi guys, I've seen a few recent strategies for the infinite streak in the champs arenas, however, I'm struggling to find an up to date strategy to hit the infinite streak on the Catalysts Arena. I've done in this arena a 1. However, this was not exciting at all and had to go the good old way of dying and restart the counter God-knows-how-many-times. Nevertheless, any tips? SummonerNR Posts: 3, Guardian. March March edited March SummonerNR said:. Thanks guys. For this arena in particular, do you have any magic combo? SummonerNR just picking your brain here a bit longer - what would be the minimum required roster to start doing a solid infinite streak in this arena in specific? Just trying to understand what should I be aiming for. You need at least 10, team PI to avoid death matches, but I haven't yet figured out the exact cut off. Fantastic SummonerNR yoyoshark these are great tips and nice to have. Will continue to use it to farm at least for units and until I have a roster large enough to give the T4 Basic a go. It's quite frustrating. Just got the 2 4TBC's from the arena 2M milestone


Kabam has now revised the rewards for the completion and exploration of Act 6. Act 6. Kabam recently announced the release of Act 6. Here is the list of 6-star Heroes and Villians that are available in the featured Hero Crystal. This is the…. The base pool includes so many 5-star heroes and villains that increase your chances to pull too many craps, and…. Alliance War Defender…. Back Issue 2: Mystery in the Micro-Realms! Back Issue 2 will not force you to…. Node 21 makes Thing the best defender to be placed because he is most likely to use Special 3 and…. The latest version of the Marvel Contest of Champions app now shows your prestige within the app. So if you…. We are going to explain…. March 4, 0 Comment. February 29, 5 Comments. February 28, 0 Comment. February 25, 0 Comment. February 25, 7 Comments. February 21, 0 Comment. Click on the image to download or zoom to have a clear view if you want. February 19, 10 Comments. February 13, 1 Comment. February 10, 0 Comment. February 9, 0 Comment. February 9, 1 Comment. February 2, 0 Comment. January 23, 0 Comment. Previous 1 2 3 … 14 Next. Google serves cookies to analyze traffic and shows interest-based ads to this site. Information about your use of our site is shared with Google for that purpose Accept Read more.

Around The Battlerealm – December 9, 2019

January edited January in General Discussion. So please explain to me how this match making is even close to fair? My team is 16k pi and you match me against 34 to 39, pi teams. January Is this your first go at T4 arena? Got to get that streak up. They have k HP. What streak were you on? Because this looks like a 10 - 15 streak match up. Base on the Champs you're using this should be a walk in the park, Star Lord duped and SW thats two wins right there. So for a fight like this its pretty much a guaranteed lose if they refuse to throw special attacks. January edited January I think before december I used the above pattern and never got a Pi fight in the 30k range. Usually the hardest would be 21K or 22K. Still high PI, especially match but no mastery. For the T4B arena I tried a few combinations but for some reason I made my own after a few tries and fails. Still works today. Just finished day 1 of t4b at the 1. TBH, this is the best place to get good at the game in a pretty no lose situation. Fighting through deathmatches is where many have honed their skills. Sign In or Register to comment. Privacy Policy Terms of Service.

T4 basic arena is a joke, how is this fair Kabam?????

September in General Discussion. A couple of the guys keep track of the scores for the arena veteran's bracket and put it in a handy dandy little spreadsheet. I would encourage folks that participate to go and submit their scores on the days that the arenas end. The more data the better. Dimitru82 Posts: 2. October edited October October There was some issue with being unable to edit my comment a socond time, so apologies for the double-post if that's what happens. Plus, for newer players, isn't it still important? However, I wanted to play with the evil Dr. Strange and have no idea how many points to aim for so I'm probably ridiculously overkilling it x. Anyway, this is my first post, I edited it a couple times, just would like an answer, I havent used Marvel Trucos before I suppose I am overdue. Thanks for taking the time to consider my question! Have a great day! New champs that come out go for 1. Idk why they stopped updating it though. I wondered the same thing. SummonerNR Posts: 3, Guardian. One of the 3 LINE Chat bot that sends out cutoffs or predictions occassionally sends out the link to reddit to report your scores, but they send that out very infrequently and isn't it a different link each week? I would be more than willing to report mine, so long as I don't have to go hunting to find where to report it.

Updated Guide For The Tier 4 Basic Area "Infinite Streak"

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