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Sample termination letter to employee due to downsizing

As the company is shifting the main business to its Kolkata Branch, we are downsizing all the other branches all over India. Your service and efficiency is undoubtedly appreciable and we are sure that your efficiency would search you a better employment very soon. We will keep your contact details updated with us and get in touch for any suitable profile in future. You will receive the compensation for this inconvenience at the time of relieving. This letter serves as your official termination with effect from 23rd March, In order to cut costs, we are forced to shut down this Branch office at Bangalore and shift our business to the Mumbai Branch. As you may know, due to the sudden downturn of economy, cost cutting has become a necessity. We regret doing this terribly but we do not have any other option. We appreciate your valuable contributions to the organization. The termination is in no manner related to any inefficiency or misconduct from your side. We are certain that your efficiency and hard working nature will help you to find a good job. Do not hesitate to provide us as a reference to a future employer. We have updated your contact details in our records and would inform you regarding suitable vacancies in future. The inconvenience caused is highly regretted and we assure you a good compensation in order to make it up for it. The HR team will assist you with your full and final settlement latest by 30th March, Your understanding in this matter is highly appreciated. Related Content Sample termination letter to student from school or college Sample termination letter to contractor or service provider Sample termination letter to employee due to downsizing Sample termination letter to employee for poor performance,

Terminating Employees

We regret to inform to you that due to the current economic recession, the management has decided that you that we will not be giving Diwali bonus to our employees this year. We find this action necessary in order for us to cut costs due the recent market scenario. We understand that this will create some difficulties for you during this festive period but we believe that taking this step is far better than laying off several employees or cutting down salary or benefits. With your help this will be only a temporary setback. Should any other changes arise, we will inform you. We have experienced downturns before and rebounded perfectly well. We are confident this slump will improve as the next financial begins. Your continued excellent work shall surely allow our company to recover from our current situation very soon. The management has decided that we shall have to reduce our employees in order to cut down the expenses of the company. We have strived to our best intensity to avoid this circumstance but now that there is no other way we could stabilize our financial crisis, we are sorry to inform you that we will have to terminate the jobs of a number of our employees working in various departments. We are mainly looking forward to terminate the positions that are being held by freshers, part-time employees and interns. However, we shall also have to terminate the jobs of some of our full-time employees who have been with us for some time from now and contributed their work towards the good of our company. We are grateful to you all for your endeavours and diligence towards your work with our company. We shall appreciate if you cooperate with us in this time of obscurity. We assure you that it is only a permanent measure and we hope to be back into profitable business soon. Once our situation stabilizes and we look for new employees, you shall be the first one we will contact. The company shall assist you in getting a new job with our business contacts and is also ready to support you with subordinate pays until you secure a new job. Related Content Sample letter to announce the anniversary of your business Sample letter to announce someone to an organization or the Sample letter to announce a holiday - as business management Sample letter to announce a special meeting Sample letter to announce a routine meeting Sample letter to announce joining of a new partner Sample letter to announce a new business, store, or branch o Sample letter to announce a referral program for employees t Sample letter to announce new job opening in the company Sample letter to announce the changes in an existing policy Sample letter to announce a business or professional contact Sample letter to announce a bad news to employees Sample letter to announce closing of an office or store to e Sample letter to announce actions to be taken during a strik Sample letter to announce an employee's achievement.

How to Reduce Labor Costs in Your Business

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Salary Deduction Letter to Employee

Sometimes workforce reductions are unavoidable. Many displaced workers have certain rights under federal law, including the right to receive proper advance notice that a layoff is imminent. Layoffs and workforce reductions are painful for everyone involved. As hard as it is for you to let go of workers you've counted on for years, it's even harder for employees who are now facing a very uncertain financial future. Emotions can run high during the period leading up to a reduction, but as the business owner you need to keep your wits about you and execute the reduction in an orderly manner. It goes without saying, but employers should avoid layoffs whenever possible. Prematurely announcing a round of reductions during a temporary dip in revenues can create permanent chaos and resentments in the workplace, even if you ultimately decide to change course. But if a workforce reduction is unavoidable, there are legal requirements you need to know about before you make an announcement. To protect the needs of displaced workers, the federal government has enacted laws and regulations that require employers to give advanced notice of workforce reductions. The WARN Workforce Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act of mandates that certain employers provide notice of impending reductions so affected workers have time to prepare for a job transition or retraining opportunities. If you're considering layoffs in your business, here's what you need to know to comply with WARN and other legal requirements. We greatly appreciate any advice you can provide on this topic. Please contribute your insights on this topic so others can benefit. Ask me a question. Affected employers. If your small business employs less than workers, you won't be subject to WARN requirements, but you should still consider providing advanced notice as a matter of integrity. Nature of reduction. Advanced notice requirements kick in for both "plant closing" and "mass layoffs". Plant closings are permanent or temporary shutdown of an employment site, or the shutdown of a facility or unit within an employment site that employs 50 or more full-time employees. The government does grant exceptions to the notification period based on situations like unforeseen business circumstances, natural disasters and scenarios in which the business is trying to secure capital to avoid a shutdown. But even then, notice must be given as soon as possible and the company must disclose the reason for the exception. If WARN legislation is applicable, your business is required to provide 60 days advance notice of plant closings and mass layoffs to employees who will be personally affected by downsizing. Failure to comply with notice requirements can result in fines and back pay for affected workers. Gaebler Ventures. All rights reserved. Terminating Employees. Reduction In Workforce Notice Sometimes workforce reductions are unavoidable. Related Articles Want to learn more about this topic?

Looking For Format Letter For Decrease In Salary In Positive Note

It is to inform you that you have taken 12 leaves this month out of which 4 were your casual leaves and 8 were your earned leave. It is always advised to the employees to remain punctual in order to avoid any inconvenience. With due respect, it is to inform you that you have taken 5 extra leaves last month without informing us, therefore your salary has been deducted this month for these extra 5 leaves. We understand the concern and emergencies that can occur but we always advise our employees to inform us so they may not face such inconveniences. We hope that it will not be repeated next time. Thank you. We regret to inform you that your salary for the month of September, will be deducted. We do not take these decisions to deduct salary lightly, and the ruling for this is due to your constant absence. Our employees are an asset to our company. We expect all our workers to be motivated and arrive on time for their job. If an employee wishes to take an absence or leave from work, he is to contact me beforehand. We have no issues with informed absences that are within reason. Your repeated instances of unprofessional and absence without notice has had a negative impact on our workforce. Unfortunately, you have not demonstrated the capability to be consistent with daily tasks. However, further incompetence will result in more severe consequences. I have sent you this letter to inform you regarding the deduction amount of your salary. Unfortunately, these have been some issues these pasts month which led me to take this step as a warning. I received a report on 23 rd September that there was an accident which led to two computers falling from table and were destroyed beyond repairing. Unfortunately, after watching the footage it was clear that it was not an accident but you along with your fellow were pushing each other which led to these computers falling. Please try to avoid this sort of situation and take this as your warning. I hope I will not receive any complain in future regarding you. I am writing this letter to inform you that due to certain circumstances your salary is being deducted. I am displeased by your careless attitude towards your work. You do not keep a check on deadlines and submit your work late. Upon an inquiry from your colleagues, you have been misbehaved with them as well quite a number of times. Furthermore, you have been taking leaves without any permission or applications. Unfortunately, due to these circumstances I am deducting your salary and will continue to do so until further notice. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Share this: WhatsApp Email Print. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

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