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Quick Start: Participate in online meetings with Lync Web App

In my post on MindLink Anywhere last week, I mentioned that one big value-add from the software was its ability to work on Linux. Options for accessing Lync services on Linux are limited. Lync Server is intended for Windows Servers. Which makes sense, honestly — Unified Communications hooks into Exchange and SharePoint, also Windows-platform servers. If Lync ran on Linux, it would do so in an underperforming state, users unable to take full advantage of its capabilities. Fortunately, this does not mean Linux users are completely in the cold! Sadly, there is no native Lync client for the Linux desktop. You must use third-party products to connect with Lync. Only a couple of them exist as yet. Judging from my research, the most popular choice is Pidgin. Makes sense — one of the most reliable, full-featured IM platforms on Linux. Adding Lync to Pidgin? Just one more service. No matter the method, you may have to deal with limitations when using Lync through Pidgin. Commenters have claimed everything from having to manually add contacts, to voice and video chat not working. Another third-party client usable for Lync on Linux is Wync, made by Fisil. Wync is actually designed to work with Lync, and Fisil does offer support. I was only able to test it out briefly, but Wync was stable and made clear calls. Tested on Ubuntu bit desktop. Silverlight is Windows-only. But there is a Linux version of Silverlight, called Moonlight. However, expect a very limited experience on a Linux desktop if it works at all. If so, Microsoft really should spend more effort on its Lync Mobile client for Android. The reviews are full of problem reports! Using Lync Online? Fortunately, the same solutions also work. See which one works better for your day-to-day. A little better off than Lync users…at least for now. If anything, this could be a positive sign for future versions. But fear not! Alternatives do exist. None are quite the same as Lync, but they can give you the necessary communications tools. Then Avaya. While PlanetMagpie is a Microsoft shop and supports all Microsoft servers not just Lync Serversometimes I like to see how Linux is doing in comparison. More is sure to come, both within the Linux community and from official channels. Okay, mostly from the Linux community. Does your office use Linux and Lync? How do you make it work for you? Justin, Thanks for the comments. At least its on-prem version — Office may reach Linux systems pretty soon which would be a smarter move, in my opinion.

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Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Check your meeting readiness. Join the meeting. Get audio. View information about the other participants. Send an instant message. Save a file that another participant has distributed. Distribute a file. Share your screen with others. Share your desktop. Share a program. Give a PowerPoint presentation. Open a whiteboard. Conduct a poll. To run the meeting readiness program. Open your Online Meeting email invitation, click First online meeting? Top of Page. To join the meeting, do the following:. At meeting time, open your Online Meeting email invitation, and then click Join online meeting in the email message. In the Lync screen that opens, click Join the meeting using your web browser. If you have an account with the organization that called the meeting, click Join using your corporate credentials. Otherwise, click Join as a guest. Enter your corporate credentials or type a display name for yourself, and then click Join Meeting. You might have to wait until the meeting leader lets you in, or you might be admitted right away. To get audio during the meeting, do the following:. In the meeting window, click Phone to see your audio options. To have the conference call you, choose your country code, type your phone number, and then click the Call Me button. To call into the meeting from your phone, call the dial-in number in your email invitation. The participant list indicates the permissions level of each participant: either Presenter or Attendee. The icons next to each name indicate whether the person is currently participating in instant messaging IMaudio, video, and content sharing in the meeting. Lync users will have computer audio and video capability, while standalone Lync Web App users can get audio only through their phone. To send an instant message to meeting participants, do the following:. At the bottom of the meeting window, click the message input area, and begin typing. Your IMs are received by all the meeting participants. To save a file that someone shares during a meeting, do the following:. At the top of the meeting window, click the Add or view attachments button. To share a file with other participants, do the following:. At the bottom of the Attachments dialog box, click Add Attachment.

Joining a Lync Meeting

Provides all the details you need to join a Lync Meeting, plus in-context troubleshooting tips. If Lync is installed on your computer but the meeting opens in Lync Web App, it usually means that Internet Explorer is not your default browser. The Lync Web App plug-in is required for meeting audio, video, and screen sharing. Make sure your browser is set up to allow downloads and the downloading of encrypted files. When I join the meeting, I get an error message, or I keep getting kicked out and asked to rejoin. If the meeting request is from someone outside your company, sign out of Lync and join the meeting again as a guest. Learn more. Look for the link in the meeting request you received from the organizer. You can connect to the meeting audio by phone if the meeting request contains information similar to this:. This is a known issue on Windows 8. See Download and install drivers. Try the following suggestions to resolve the problem. After each suggestion, check to see if your device is working before moving on to the next one. Low audio quality might happen for different reasons. Try the following suggestions as appropriate:. Skip to main content. What does this guide do? Who is it for? Anyone who wants to join a Lync Meeting. Keep in mind: To join a Lync Meeting, you need to have received a Lync Meeting request, usually sent in email. How does it work? Estimated time of completion: minutes. How do you want to join the Lync Meeting? Computer or laptop. Smartphone or tablet. Call in by phone. Troubleshoot meeting join. Click Join Lync Meeting. The meeting opened in Lync Web Access instead of in the desktop version of Lync.

Connect to a Lync Meeting by phone with Lync Web App

Never want to see this screen again? Just enable JavaScript in your browser settings, and you can skip this screen and join meetings automatically. Forget about the JavaScript and join now. Sorry, something went wrong, and we can't get you into the meeting. It's possible you're using a bad URL. Try calling into the meeting using the phone number on the invite, or ask the organizer to drag you in. More about this error Copy this diagnostic info and send it to your admin. Your bit browser is preventing you from joining the meeting. Find a browser on your start menu. You have a version of Lync that doesn't support joining this online meeting. Contact your support team to upgrade to a newer version of Lync. You can join the meeting now using Lync Web App. Join Using Lync Web App. You are joining the meeting. You may close this web page now. Have you successfully joined the meeting? Feel free to close this page. We're having trouble getting you into the meeting. Try calling into the meeting using the phone number on the invite, or ask the organizer to drag you into the meeting from the Contacts list. Share this error with your admin Copy this diagnostic info and send it to your admin. Install now. Cannot join this meeting using this device. Please use any alternate mechanisms like phone numbers associated with the meeting to join the meeting. In the meeting? You can go ahead and close this page. Install Lync and enjoy one-click join from your phone! To join the meeting, do one of the following:. If you have Lync installed, click to join. Join Using Lync. Copy the meeting URL into the address bar of a bit browser. Having trouble joining the meeting? All rights reserved. Share this error with your admin. Copy this diagnostic info and send it to your admin. Online Help.

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Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. Use the mic on your computer or headset to talk to other participants. If it does, and you want to show yourself to the other participants, point to the video icon and click Start My Video. If you choose not to, or if your system administrator has disabled using computer audio and video in meetings, you can connect to the meeting audio using your phone. The Join Meeting Audio dialog box displays after you join the meeting. Depending on the settings configured by your system administrator, any combination of the following options will display. Choose the option that works best for you. To learn more, contact your technical support personnel. After you connect to the meeting audio and video from your computer, your credentials to access the Internet might need to be authenticated if your organization requires it. In the dialog box that displays, type your credentials and click OK. However, you can view participant videos and all shared content. To get the meeting audio, do one of the following:. Connect either a headset or an external mic and speakers to your computer. Then, point to the phone icon and click Lync Call. Point to the phone icon and click New Number. Dial the conference number listed in the meeting invitation from your phone and enter the conference ID when prompted. Learn more. Expand your Office skills. Get new features first. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Any other feedback? How can we improve? Send No thanks. Thank you for your feedback! It sounds like it might be helpful to connect you to one of our Office support agents. Contact Support.

Lync 2010 - Join online meetings with the Lync Web App

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