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Luckin Coffee warns of fraudsters using its brand name to dupe investors and franchisees

Some , class B shares and 95, class A shares of Luckin had been pledged to secure the loan, including shares additionally pledged by the family trust of Qian, one of the banks on the loan, Goldman Sachs Group Inc, said in a note to clients on Monday proposing a sale of the shares. Luckin declined to comment. Lu Zhengyao did not immediately respond to a request for comment. It was not possible to contact Qian directly. Morgan Stanley, Credit Suisse and Barclays declined to comment. CICC and Haitong did not immediately respond to requests for comment outside business hours. Luckin shares were down a further Editing by Carmel Crimmins and Steve Orlofsky. Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Comments may take up to an hour for moderation before appearing on the site. We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. We have enabled email notifications—you will now receive an email if you receive a reply to your comment, there is an update to a comment thread you follow or if a user you follow comments. Visit our community guidelines for more information and details on how to adjust your email settings. Julie Zhu and Jennifer Hughes. Filed under PMN Business. The Financial Post has also learned that Husky had dropped its plan to sell off its network of retail gasoline stations. Kevin Carmichael: The silver lining around the jobs numbers is that the epic decline will be met with a public rescue of historic proportions. Businesses that were in a rapid growth phase prior to the pandemic, but not yet profitable, aren't meeting BDC's criteria for financing. Comments Postmedia is committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles. Sign in to Comment.

Luckin Coffee surges as much as 50% in its market debut

In its second earnings release since its May IPO, the coffee chain relayed substantial progress on a number of key metrics. Note that all comparative numbers that follow are presented against those of the prior-year quarter. In addition to the launch of Luckin Tea, which is aimed at China's vast tea-drinking market, the company introduced a new "retail partnership model" during the quarter, which has similarities to a traditional franchise operation. Under this program, new retail partners will be responsible for the leasing of space, hiring of staff, and day-to-day store operations, while gaining the benefit of Luckin's branding, cashier-less mobile ordering and payments platform, and supply chain. However, retail partners won't be required to pay an initial franchise fee and will share revenue on a tiered basis with Luckin. This allows the partner to reinvest more in operations in the early stages of the business, while Luckin will receive a greater percentage of revenue once sales start to climb. This asset-light expansion of Luckin's model should allow for faster store growth, with less capital at risk. We launched Luckin Tea products nationwide in July and experienced strong incremental demand during the quarter, contributing to an increase in per store revenue and higher customer retention rate. We also started selling cups and other merchandise products and entered into a joint venture agreement with Louis Dreyfus Company to produce and sell co-branded Not From Concentrate juice products. We also strategically launched Luckin Tea as an independent brand and developed our new retail partnership model. In addition, we are engaged in ongoing discussions with potential strategic partners to set up joint ventures in markets outside of China. We consider these initiatives as an evolution of our current business model and are part of our strategy to serve more customers. Luckin Coffee doesn't roll out a detailed slate of estimates each quarter, preferring to benchmark its expectation for net revenues from products. For the fourth quarter, the company expects net revenues from products to fall between RMB 2. This estimate excludes revenue from the new retail partnership initiative. If Luckin can again substantially scale its top line while controlling losses, it may yet win another round of endorsement from investors next quarter. Asit Sharma TMFfinosus. Nov 14, at PM. Author Bio Midnight oil burners, unite! Follow asitmap. Image source: Getty Images.

Luckin Coffee to Launch Tea Series in October With Franchisees

Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what's happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos Coronavirus is disrupting the global auto industry. Coronavirus outbreak causes face mask shortage. Why the coronavirus outbreak is rattling markets. Chinese stocks see worst day in years. The trade war with China is far from over. The moral dilemma of doing business in China, explained. The trade war's latest victim: Manufacturing. Carrie Lam says Hong Kong protesters are hurting economy. Huawei launches operating system as a hedge in trade war. Huawei and 5G: What's at stake. How Jack Ma changed China. Why American fast food chains will do anything to win in China. This is China's answer to the electric car. What you need to know about Tencent. Luckin and Americana signed a memorandum of understanding in Beijing on Monday and will run the new coffee business as a joint venture, the Chinese firm said. Luckin is fighting Starbucks in China by opening thousands of stores in the past two years and relying on technology for orders, deliveries and payments to give it an edge. It currently has around 3, stores across 40 Chinese cities, which it plans to increase to 4, by the end of this year. That would make it China's biggest coffee chain Starbucks currently has a little under 3, stores in the country. Luckin has made no secret of its global ambitions, choosing to make its initial public offering in New York in May. The Seattle-headquartered chain also has stores in India, where it has partnered with one of the country's biggest conglomerates, Tata. The prospect of a new rivalry comes as Starbucks' international business faces several challenges.

Luckin Coffee surges as much as 50% in its market debut

Luckin Coffee Inc. That was a turnaround from the principle Luckin emphasized in an official statement last year when it said it directly operates all its stores and rejects merchant partners in any form. A spokesman from Luckin told reporters the company is undergoing "internal testing" for its operations with partners, though he did not elaborate on the plan. The partners and Luckin will jointly operate the tea business. Luckin, which seeks to outnumber Starbucks' Nasdaq: SBUX locations in China this year, has announced four tea products including cheese foam tea, fresh tea and milk tea in its application in April for testing. Early in July, Luckin launched the Xiaolu, or "deer," tea series with more than 10 tea products in its 3, stores across China, marking its official debut. However, there are currently few renowned brands of milk tea in China, the quality of franchise stores is inferior, and supply chain management is deficient," Jinyi Guo, the vice president of Luckin, said at a media conference in Beijing in July, as reported by Chinese media. The Xiaolu tea series is targeting young white-collar workers in China, Fei Yang, the chief marketing officer of Luckin, said at the conference. The technology-driven company also gathers data via an easy-to-use app to boost sales of coffee and tea to customers. The Chinese Art of Working in Pajamas. Luckin Coffee to Launch Tea Series in October With Franchisees The Starbucks challenger has diversified into the tea business, which it will sell through partnering companies as soon as mid-October. Belinda Zhou. About Us Contact Us Careers. Email or Username: If you cannot log in with an email address, you may have to log in with a username. Confirm Password. Verify code. Agree to CapitalWatch Terms and Privacy. Sign In.

Will Luckin Coffee's Growth-at-All-Costs Model Turn Out Well for Investors?

When it comes to artisanal coffee houses, the name that immediately comes to mind for most here in the U. The coffee chain, founded inhas a ubiquitous presence in North America and has expanded to almost every corner of the world. There are not many competitors out there who can openly challenge Starbucks' global dominancebut a new upstart is certainly trying its luck in the nascent Chinese market. Though it's been in operation for just two years, Luckin has grown its total store count in China from just as of June 30,to 3, as of Sept. That's a stunning fivefold store increase in just 15 months. Those thousands of stores have raised Luckin's average monthly transacting customers nearly ninefold from 1. It's pretty clear why Luckin Coffee is being labeled as a growth stock. At the same time, the company is burning through massive amounts of cash in an effort to grow quickly and piling up mounting losses as it tries to grab market share. Will this strategy turn out well for investors? Luckin's gross margin has actually shown a strong uplift for Q3 at Overall, for the nine months ended Sept. According to management's analysis on the conference callthis was due to higher average selling prices of Luckin's items, which resulted in the layer of fixed costs being a smaller proportion of the selling price, lifting gross margin higher. As the average selling price ASP per item for Luckin was just As a comparison, Starbucks' gross margin for FY stood at Luckin's store-level operating profit margin has just hit breakeven and stood at This was due, in part, to the strong increase in the number of transacting customers and a significantly higher number of items sold. As sales increase, store-level economics will improve as the overall revenue exceeds the layer of fixed operating costs. This was an impressive achievement for Luckin, considering its limited operating history. Luckin also launched Luckin Tea stores nationwide in Julywith 28 products in five different categories. The aim is for the group to become China's largest freshly made tea player. Luckin has also inked a joint-venture agreement with Louis Dreyfuss Company to introduce Luckin Juice and started serving nuts and branded merchandise such as cups. For now, it seems too early to reach a conclusion about the effectiveness of this diversification strategy, but early numbers seem to suggest strong uptake for the company's new products. In order to reduce upfront capital expenditures and maintain an asset-light model, Luckin has introduced its retail-partnership model. This is somewhat similar to a franchise model wherein the partner is in charge of store rental, renovation, staffing, and daily operations while Luckin provides its branding, technology, and products, and assists in the supply chain. There's no initial upfront fee for the partner, and revenue sharing is tiered, effectively encouraging partners to scale up their revenue before any revenue is shared. Luckin has mentioned that no revenue will be recognized under this model for Q4and the company will wait for the model to stabilize and produce results before commenting on its effectiveness. The retail partnership model will only be tested on Luckin Tea stores, though. As this is the new growth engine for the company, the adoption of an asset-light approach seems a very good idea to cap runaway expenses. This difference is important, as it means that Luckin is competing on an entirely different level, and the direct comparison to Starbucks may not be meaningful. While the jury is out for now due to Luckin's short operating and listing history, the business can turn viable and profitable once the company achieves higher levels of revenue, as this would translate to overall better gross margins and store economics. While it remains to be seen if the company can be profitable on a group level, the "growth-at-all-costs" model seems to hold promise for investors as Luckin continues to report sharp improvements in both financial and operating metrics. Dec 25, at AM. Image source: Getty Images. Stock Advisor launched in February of Join Stock Advisor. LK Luckin Coffee Inc. Related Articles.

An Inside look at Luckin Coffee shop, Starbucks biggest rival in China

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