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Dell vs. Lenovo: Which Is the Best Laptop Brand?

Also, make sure you find a laptop that perfectly suits your needs, as you may not need to pay extra money for a gaming laptop if your only activity is to work, chat on Facebook and occasionally watch films. In fact, Lenovo was the one who introduced folding laptops and multiuse laptops thanks to its Yoga line. Dell, meanwhile, boasts original designs with creative splashes of color, and cares about the range of colors it provides. No matter if you need immediate support regarding your Lenovo laptop or want the customer service to call you back later, Lenovo does a pretty bad job at it. However, Dell from time to time treats its customers to incredibly thin and lightweight designs as well as stunning displays. The The laptop also offers a whopping GB of storage and provides with top-notch performance. Thus, you can not only smoothly stream videos online while playing games, but also forget about the heating problems due to the innovative thermal cooling system. Lenovo Z70, which comes with a stunning Full HD and But wait until you hear this: Dell Inspiron i beings superb experience of playing games, watching Full HD videos, using video editing programs and transcoding. A huge bonus for audio enthusiasts: this laptop has the Waves MaxxAudio Pro system, which brings a great soundstage and provides with impressive sounding. Both Lenovo and Dell offer a wide range of laptops for any budget. Design and Build. Lenovo is far more advanced in terms of making its laptops unique compared to Dell. If your laptop is superlight or it folds in an unusual way, be sure: it has to be a Lenovo laptop. Reliability and Customer Service. Although very reliable, Lenovo laptops require their owners to seek advice from the customer service. Lenovo has been far more innovative in terms of making its laptops than Dell, especially considering the fact that it was the one who introduced degree bend-back Yoga laptops. Dell Inspiron Lenovo Z70 Lenovo Z70 Lenovo Z70 is a great solution for those looking for a super responsive and reliable laptop. Lenovo ThinkPad Edge E Lenovo ThinkPad 11e. Lenovo Thinkpad Lenovo IdeaPad G Dell Inspiron 15 Signature Edition. Dell Inspiron iSLV.

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The vote is in, DELL wins. I've only used Dell for these machines, so they have my vote. Keep in mind both OEMs pull from essentially the same pool of hardware, so they should be very similar in quality. If you go with Dell, make sure you get ProSupport. Our company used to be Dell everything. That has slowly started to change. Has started with printers since Dell is out of selling their own printers. I got sick of getting a new rep from Dell every few months so I started looking around and started working with CDW more and they have worked with HP and offered us discounts for equipment if we switched. Overall, I think the quality is virtually the same. We have had a couple of USB C dock issues. I think this is more of a personal preference because with both you will get good quality equipment. I've used both. I sure agree with the 'sick of new reps' from Dell - it's a challenge building relationships as it is. CDW sources my Dell products at a better price than direct sometimes. We're almost exclusively Dell at this point. The few HP's that are still around should be gone by the end of June. I am going into my 13th year of being on my own and 20th of being in professional IT world and 32 years of messing with computers and Dell over all that time keeps on top many due to after purchase service. Like others have said parts are sourced from the same suppliers. This items have been commodities for quite a few years and the real value is what type of support will you get. I currently get all my Dell desktops and laptop from the Dell Outlet store and this year that will be quite a few due to the end of life for WIndows 7. I have the opposite problem, I can't get rid of my Dell rep. I asked for a new one nearly a year go and got told no. I found an HP re-seller recently and have moved on. I had the same problem, posted on here, and the rep's supervisor got involved. Got a new rep shortly after, and we've had her for a couple years and have been super happy. I've talked to my reps supervisor, that's when I got told no I can't have a new rep. That was May of last year and haven't heard anything from them since. That plus other issues I have had, I'm just leaving them now. Every email from a Dell rep lists their supervisor - I just go up the chain until I get what I need. That's actually neat that you can email Michael Dell. But with the hoops I have had to jump through already, I don't see why I should waste my time trying to save this relationship. Especially now that I have a local HP re-seller that is doing a good job.

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Looking at laptops and trying to decide between Lenovo vs Dell laptop options? Dell is one of the most reliable and well-known laptop and PC brands on the market mainly due to their professional business line of laptops that have earned them quite a name for themselves over the years. But when it comes to Lenovo vs Dell laptops which is the better pick? Both brands have their own strong and weak points as well as being regarded as highly reliable. Lenovo vs Dell quality is another aspect of the brands that is rather similar since both brands provide high-end laptops that are made to last. But which one is better? Depending on what you need a laptop for, the definition of reliability can vary greatly. The reliability of a laptop varies depending upon purpose and reasons that you need it for. For some people, a modest laptop with enough power to handle day to day tasks without breaking down is the best and most reliable option whereas some simply want a laptop that can manage to do a bit of everything while lasting them a year or two. Dell laptops have proven to be the ideal choice for anyone that wants a reliable business laptop for the long run whereas Lenovo is better for anyone that prefers to exchange their laptops within a few years. As stated earlier, Lenovo has a variety of laptops that can do a bit of everything — pretty well. Even though Lenovo does have some solid business laptops in the market but when compared to Dell, they fall short in the comparison. Even though Dell has a great reputation for its business line of laptops which include the popular Dell Inspiron and Dell Latitude, it falls short in almost every other category compared to other options in the market. Lenovo on the other hand, is doing incredibly well by establishing itself as a laptop brand for the general audience. By providing cost-effective and multi-purpose laptops while retaining a high quality, Lenovo has managed to secure a spot alongside the most prominent laptop manufacturers and is well received by end users. Dell Inspiron is a perfect example of a business laptop done right! Affordable, fast and portable this laptop is perfect for anyone that wants to get work done while on the go or at the office. For its price, this laptop offers an impressive bang for your buck with its amazing features. For starters, it has a touchscreen backlit widescreen display making it perfect for getting work done. Like the name says, this is a laptop for elites that want power and reliability to get work done. It has 8GB of ram which makes multitasking a breeze whereas the HD Display is perfect for online streaming. IT looks and feels professional as well as being a great student laptop for medical and college students. Besides providing exceptionally high quality laptops, Dell also provides 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptops that provide more mobility while ensuring long battery life. What makes the Dell Latitude 2-in-1 standout is the fact that it seamlessly converts into a tablet without there being any noticeable difference in performance.

Lenovo vs Dell 2020: Laptop Comparison

Lenovo and Dell are considered some of the top laptop brands in the market. If you are out searching for a new laptop, you have probably comes across the two brands. Which is the best option between the two? For one to answer such a question, you need to understand each laptop. In essence, an informed decision needs to be made. Depending on your needs, you will find the right laptop by doing a thorough background research. The entire process might be intensively involving. To ease your work and ensure you have an interesting shopping experience, we have put together pros and cons between Dell and Lenovo laptop. Be sure to be keen on the details because as usual, the devil lies in the details. Obviously, many take price as a critical consideration when purchasing an electrical gadget, leave alone laptops. Both Lenovo and Dell laptops are known to produce affordable products. Generally, you will find more Dell laptops to be expensive compared to Lenovo Laptops. However, those who want powerful yet affordable laptops might as well settle on Dell. It is necessary to consider uniqueness while in the market looking for laptops. Lenovo has advanced in terms of creativity. Most of the superlight laptops with abilities to fold in unusual ways are largely Lenovo gadgets. Actually, Lenovo is the brainchild of the folding laptop frenzy. Dell, on the other hand, boasts of conservative designs with a bit of creativity in terms of colours. For someone who loves unique colour designs, you should probably consider Dell. Otherwise, Lenovo take precedence in physical design.

Lenovo vs Dell Laptop: Which Laptop is Best Dell or Lenovo?

There's a laptop for every use case and budget. And while some consumers search for the best laptopwhether it's a gamingbest business or 2-in-1 laptopthere's also brand loyalty that comes into play. That's why every year we put the top brands on the hot seat and rate them across several categories, including reviews, design, tech support, value and innovation. The company wasn't afraid to innovate, launching the leather-clad HP Spectre Folio. And while kudos go to the winner, keep an eye on Asus, which earned a solid second-place finish. Dell was right on its tail in third place. Now, without further ado, here are the rankings for our Best and Worst Laptop Brands special report. HP has vaulted to No. As they say, fortune favors the bold. Asus shot to second place this year, thanks to the innovations it brought to the table, including the ScreenPad and ErgoLyft hinge. The design of Asus' laptops continues to impress and the company offers a wide selection of products. Dell continues to be one of the most consistent and forward-thinking laptop brands out there, maintaining its third-place spot in our rankings for the third year in a row. The Austin-based PC maker has stayed near the top of the pack with its stellar premium laptop lineup led by the XPS lineand some of the slimmest and sexiest designs out there. A newcomer to Best and Worst Brands, Alienware comes out swinging and lands in fourth place, just a point behind its parent company. Known for its out-of-this world gaming laptopsAlienware brought a number of innovations to the table, including its redesigned Alienware Command Center software. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Our first-place brand from last year fell to fifth place because of a few poor review scores and unhelpful tech support. Although it was an off-year for Lenovo, the vendor still landed in the top half of our rankings, thanks to some innovative new features and the wide selection of laptops it has on tap. Razer's on the way up. The brand jumped two spots, from eighth place to a tie for sixth. But Razer's rise isn't the result of one mitigating factor; it's the sum of a concerted effort to improve for its customers. After a solid 4th place showing inAcer fell a couple spots this year. The company made some strong innovations heading into including the impossibly slim Acer Swift 7and continues to offer one of the best overall selections around, with mainstream and gaming machines for every budget. Microsoft dropped a few spots this year despite offering a solid lineup of laptops and tablets. The company also improved its selection by adding a budget device, the Surface Goto its ranks. While Huawei started off strong, its low ranking in this year's brand scorecard shows the perils of being a one-hit wonder. We love the MateBook X Pro for its value, performance and design, but outside of that, its limited selection and frustrating tech support led the brand to debut in our Best and Worst Brands showdown at No. Apple keeps falling further from the head of the pack, ranking 10th out of 12 places this year after being 7th out of 10 last year. This past year saw the company face a lot of scrutiny over its keyboardsand while it delivered the Retina display MacBook Air most everyone wanted, all of its laptops felt too iterative, with little to truly boast about. Each laptop brand is assigned a score based on a point scale. Here's what each means. Reviews 40 points : The most important aspect of any brand is the quality of its products. To determine a company's Reviews category score, we used the ratings we gave its laptops. We took the average laptop rating for each brand Laptop Mag rates on a scale of 1 to 5converted that average rating to a point scale and then added a 0. Design 15 points : We absolutely will judge a notebook by its cover — and its sides, deck, bezel and base.

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