Kpop reaction to you pranking them

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BTS Reaction to him being ‘too big’

Anonymous asked. Bts reaction to you catching them kissing someone else but they didn't want her at all but you're still very upset PLEASE. You and your boyfriend Jin went out to a bar to have some fun. You had been dancing with him for a while when Jin leaned in to talk to you. Do you want anything? You saw A pretty girl smile at him and of course he smiled back. Jin was always sweet like that but the next thing you knew the girl had grabbed onto his collar and pulled him into a kiss. The girl finnally broke the kiss. You shook your head. You just let it happen. Your boyfriend Yoongi was staying at the studio late that night and you were sitting in your apartment alone when you got a text message from him. You casually sent him an okay not thinking anything of it, but it was a little odd for him to want to come over while he was working. Work always came first for him so it was rare. You waited by the door for him and as soon as he arrived he pulled you into a tight hug. You took a seat almost defeated. This one was different though, She tried to sit on my lap. Of course I told here to get off. I pushed her the fuck off and sent you that message. I came straight here. Please forgive me for not pushing her the fuck away sooner. You were in the practice studio watching your boyfriend do a dance with an amazing dancer. The way she moved left you breathless. Their bodies moved together effortlessly. You felt a little better Watching how professional he was with her but she seemed a bit too close to him.

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I told you that when we first started dating! I should be grateful I have someone like you to care about me. Originally posted by rapdaegu. I told you to leave! Are you deaf or something?! No, maybe your just stupid and annoying! You flinched at his words and left the room without saying another word. You softly giggled while nodding your head and swiftly got up to changer your clothes, excited to be spending a lot of time with Yoongi. Originally posted by sugagifs. What are you talking about?! I also like them a hell of a lot more than I like you! Originally posted by hohbi. You and your boyfriend Hoseok were out shopping for a dress for your friends wedding. You had tried on numerous of dresses, none suiting your style or the dress code. You were currently in the dressing room trying on the dress you thought was perfect but when you walked out Hoseok had a less than impressed look on his face. Why have you been crying? Did I say anything? You walked into your bedroom where you found your boyfriend standing in front of the mirror critiquing himself. Originally posted by jikookdetails. You entered your apartment, the one you shared with your boyfriend of 2 years, he was a godsend, most days but today was one of the days when just got on your nerves. You took off your shoes and you got suspicious when you saw his shoes also by the door, so you knew he was home but where was he? You quietly tiptoed throughout your apartment being careful incase he was indeed asleep. Originally posted by mvssmedia. Originally posted by theking-or-thekid. Part 1. Both you and Jungkook let out a simultaneous sigh while the rest of the girls in the class let out small gasps. However annoyed both of you may have been with your pairing you had to push your quarrels aside and work hard on this project together. You shyly smiled to him as you felt embarrassed by his answer, of course he knew who you were after the teacher read your name out. Keep reading. It was the start of a new term at school and you were less than happy to be there as your summer holiday had been full of fun, late nights and even later mornings. You wished that summer could last forever but you were snapped back to reality as soon your alarm rang this morning, reminding you that school actually exists. Anyway please enjoy :. Originally posted by kimseokjin. Originally posted by softjeon. I think he would also be blunt about it, but in a nice way.

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I hope this is what you were looking for! I was having kind of a hard time writing 7 different reactions so I apologize if they sound kind of similar. Jungkook: Jungkook figured something was wrong almost a minute into trying to push all the way in. You would constantly whine and make sounds showing all of the uncomfort you were going through. Originally posted by queenwithcollars. Originally posted by bwink. You tried pulling away from him as the pain was just too much, Jimin immediately stopped and checked to see if you were okay, he was attentive and made sure you wanted to continue. You whined when he had asked if you wanted to continue. I can wait. Originally posted by park-jimizzle. Hoseok: You shifted again biting your lip trying to take as much as you could but if you were being honest it hurt. He stopped any movements that went on and made sure you were okay. He wanted you not to feel any pain and if he had to wait then so be it. Originally posted by bangtannoonas. Your voice was quiet but still loud enough for Namjoon to hear and slow down to a stop. I can stop, well I did but I mean all together. Originally posted by https-km. You may have not made a sound but the pain you were in was written all over your face and Yoongi say it quite clearly. He had pushed himself almost all the way in when he stopped all of the sudden. Jin froze, eyes widening not knowing what was wrong. He slowly began again not pushing all of him in, you needed time to adjust and he was going to give you as much time as needed. Originally posted by jjilljj.

BTS reaction to you asking them to massage your breasts while on your period

Thank you and enjoy! Can you please do a bts reaction about how they would react to you getting physically attacked either by a fan or someone? Love your blog btw!! Jin was not there when it happened. You had been running errands when you felt a tug at your arm. You turned around to find a teenage girl standing scanning your entire body. She began to say how big of a fan she was of BTS. You thought she was a sweet girl, up until she began to insult you and told you never get near Jin ever again. You got home to a missed call from Jin. You decided to message him, but he had already beat you to it. You had been out with Yoongi and Jungkook shopping. They walked into a store, but you decided to stay behind and rest for a while. You had been sitting when you began to hear camera clicks all around you. You turned your head to find a group of paparazzi taking pictures, you smiled and got up from your seat to find the boys. The moment they came out of the store the paparazzi ran. You had been a couple feet away from Yoongi when you felt a hand on you chest pushing you back and making you land on the cement. Yoongi was infuriated, his first instinct was to attack, but Jungkook held him back reminding him he was out in public, and eventually calmed himself down and checked on you. You had been out with Namjoon on a date. You had left the restaurant to get some fresh air, while Namjoon went to the bathroom. You were standing against the wall scrolling through your phone when you noticed someone standing in front of you.

BTS Reaction: They Prank You and You Cry

Read rules first please! Thank youu. Originally posted by kths. Immediate guilt. The same feeling he gets when he breaks something precious to him. He will run to you and apologize a million times and hug you. Will probably stay with you for a while to try and cheer you up and make it up to you. Originally posted by bts Tried to play a funny prank to be spontaneous and wild and here you are on the ground crying. Tells you it was a prank and apologizes for doing that to you. Picks you up and takes you to the couch before making you a warm drink and sitting with you to have some innocent fun like cuddling and watching TV. Anything to resolve the tears in your eyes. Originally posted by jeonbase. It was a prank. But he would calmly explain that everything was okay because it was just a prank. After this he will never pull a prank on you again. When you tell him to stay he sits on the couch with you and you spend the night eating your favorite snacks. You definitely plan on getting him back for this. Originally posted by booptae. He thought this was going to be a hilarious prank and then you started crying and he instantly regretted everything. He would still laugh at the prank he pulled but would also wrap you in his arms and say sorry through his laughter. Originally posted by sugutie. Confused and guilty child. This becomes an inside joke between the two of you from now on. Originally posted by jeonthegreat. Also confused and guilty. But in a more silent way. Sits on the floor next to you and rubs your leg while quietly apologizing for his prank. When you stop crying he buys you ice cream to make it up to you and only plays tame pranks on you in the future. Nothing bad anymore. Originally posted by pangguk. Laughs at his prank and when you start crying he tries to convince you that it was actually really funny. That was a prank! A funny prank! By your Sunshine!

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