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Exfoliation: softer, smoother, & more youthful-looking skin in under 60 minutes

I remember as a kid watching commercials for body washes and white people would be using their hands, washcloth, or sponge to clean themselves. Growing up in a Korean household meant you were well aware of the vibrantly-colored body exfoliating k-scrubs. They were used to scrape your entire body of dead skin, scum and everything else between each and every crevice. The k-scrub is like sandpaper, and like sandpaper, it came in different coarseness. A successful scrub was when the corners of your bathtub was lined with a light gray layer of dead skin. Then, you would scrub your entire body until it turned pink, what is sometimes a very painful experience. These spas are an amazing consortium of magical rooms ranging in temperature and mineral composition. You can step into the ice room at like 30 degrees, then walk into the fire room at over degrees. Beyond that, there are rooms filled with large pink salt crystals, or clay balls, or jade-lined walls. You walk in and people are just lying there sweating their asses off and taking in the mineral powers that surround them… or something like that. While you can purchase additional services like massages like any other spa, the only not-so-chill service is the scrub down. Every crevice, like every, is touched. My friends who get this done love it because they feel so refreshed afterwards, especially after looking at their dead skin in a pile on the floor. When the good people at DUO asked me to try out their newly-created body scrub and polisher, I was intrigued. Could it soon replace my Korean towel, I wondered? I totally took them up on their offer to test the product to see if it was comparable to my Korean one. The DUO has an exfoliating side and a smooth polishing side for sensitive areas, with a block of cleanser aka soap in the middle. You get three choices: Old Spice, Olay, and Ivory. I tested out the Ivory version because it was made for more sensitive skin. The scrub side is surprisingly comparable to the Korean Italy Towel — particularly the pink one which is the softest of the three K-scrubs. The soft side is something fairly new to me. It feels almost as if you are polishing your body, which is nice after a good hard scrub. It is perfect for sensitive areas of your body like your underarms, nether regions, neck, and if you got a bad sunburn. It is definitely nice to be able to switch back and forth from scrub to polish, and the thing foams up nicely for those who need the visual effect to feel clean. The price point for this is the biggest downside. This is supposed to last 30 days if you use it everyday. Currently my travel kit consists of a bar soap holder and a green k-scrub which takes up a fair amount of space in my toiletries bag.

Your Skin Will Thank You For Using This Amazing Korean Exfoliating Towel

I agree with the general statement: Koreans do have fairly good skins. Meaning, smooth, clean and has no trouble. And I think I know why. Well I need to thank my mum because I was born this way, but we have a secret weapon to take care of our skin. My relationship with Italy towel started early. Every weekend, the whole family went a trip to the local bathhouse. Hot tub, cold tub, shower booths, squat shower booths where people sit and wash, instead of stand under the shower head and sauna are common parts of Korean bathhouse. Now you can see these in jimjilbang these days. First, we took a light shower, and jump into the hot tub usually in the middle of the bathhouse. The whole pool was free if we went early enough. Italy towels on, and the battle begin. It is usually in color green or yellow, shaped of a mitten. It is the best way to execute exfoliation without going to an expensive spa treatment. One of the few things I miss the most during my 14 months trip last year was this piece of viscose scrubby thing. So it was a battle between three generations; my grandmother, mom, and I. They scrubbed my front and back, side to side, just like a fishmonger descaling fish. Now you can understand better why we needed squat shower booth instead of the one on the wall. They do the hard job for you in an exchange for small fee. Although we never used them, they are an important part of Korean bath house. It was a painful procedure for a little kid. I blamed my mom every time she was too strong for my baby skin. But I admit, there was nothing like the fresh feeling right after a hot bath with softer baby skin. Still, I associate banana milk and bath. The wonderful world of Italy towel, care to join? Because the viscose fabric came from Italy in the s when Italy towel was invented.

Why I Can’t Live Without My Korean Exfoliating Mitt

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Korean scrub mistress spills her secrets

Every product is independently selected by obsessive editors. Welcome to Made in Korea week on the Strategist. A good jjimjilbang is a wonderland where you can sit in multiple saunas, stew yourself in a hot tub of medicinal mugwort tea, take a catnap in a room with heated jade floors, and indulge in a myriad of stellar spa treatments. Some jjimjilbang are even open 24 hours a day. I once locked myself out of my apartment at 3 a. I bought a pair of my own green scratchy mitts like the ones they use for this treatment immediately after my first visit all those years ago, hoping I could replicate the experience at home. They work best when you let your skin soften in the shower a bit first, so wait at least five-ish minutes after hopping in to use them. Fit them tightly over your hand they shrink in the water and use long strokes in a single direction — not circles — to tackle areas that need exfoliating. The instructions say to use them for a scrubbing session with just warm water, but I use them at home the same way they do at the Korean spa: with plain old bar soap to scrub and clean at the same time. And if you have chicken skin on the back of your arms or rough elbows, these cheap little green mitts are the heaven-sent solution. During our Made in Japan week, writer Jinnie Lee told us about the Japanese exfoliator that gave her youthful, glowy skin — it became one of our bestsellers of If you have callused, dry heels, you definitely need to try Baby Foot. Then you remove the booties and rinse your feet. Nothing happens. A week later, your feet slough pieces of sliver-thin, leathery dead skin that range from the size of a Tic Tac to the size of a pita pocket. This continues for about 48 hours until your feet are reborn. The process does not hurt or itch. In fact, it feels wonderful. The Strategist is designed to surface the most useful, expert recommendations for things to buy across the vast e-commerce landscape. We update links when possible, but note that deals can expire and all prices are subject to change. Every editorial product is independently selected. If you buy something through our links, New York may earn an affiliate commission. Account Profile. Sign Out. Made in Korea Skip article list. Cure Natural Aqua Gel. Tags: the strategist this thing's incredible made in korea beauty skincare and body bathroom accessories bath and body towels More. Most Viewed Stories. More Stories.

My favourite Asian Beauty tools: Cotton pads, Face brush, Wooden Comb and Korean Italy towel

If you invest a lot of effort and funds in cosmetics and skincare, you start asking yourself the question if the beauty tools you are using are also on-board to make you look and feel better, or are they working against you. My hair will simply rebel, not behave, and look bad. A harsh comb will damage my sensitive scalp, make my hair flat and will pull away and indecent amount of hair, and unfortunately these are already scarce. So I wanted to make a small post about my personal favourite beauty tools, some typically Asian others less, to share with you my experience. I will review in this post my favourite Asian cotton pads, my beloved wooden comb, the Korean cleansing brush I am currently using, and my special recent discovery, the Italy towel which despite its catchy name also comes from Korea. I like Korean brands for cottons pads, because I feel they are as picky as me when it comes to these little beauty essentials. And trust me, there is nothing worse than bits of detached nasty cotton coming into your eyes, especially if they are super sensitive and you are already beyond tired. Also, I feel we research a lot into the ingredients of our lotions, essences and creams but not as much of the ingredients of our cotton pads, cause hey! Well, no. I have a weakness for some Korean cotton pads, like these silky Clio ones, simply because I feel they are very gentle yet strong enough not too tear apart too fast and they soak in just the right amount of essence. When finding your perfect cotton pads, check out their composition look for organic unbleached cotton preferablytheir absorbency level and texture. Here some of my favourite cotton pads:. I used to have a Clarisonic brush, it is expensive but it always felt like it was worth the price, up to the day it broke. It is a nice combination between the concept of Clarisonic with its super soft bristle and the scrubbing plastic side that imitates a Foreo Luna brush. Well, I like to think of it this way: would I wash my dishes with my bare hands, or use a sponge? Not that I would compare of course my face to dirty dishes, but when you think of all the sweat, oil and dust that sits on my face all day, the idea kind of applies. I do not use my face brush every single day — no, I am way too lazy for that. But I need to admit, that the days I do use my brush, my skin looks kind of brighter and sinks in my cream faster. Where to get it? And now I will need some space to proclaim my love and full commitment to my wooden comb. The one I am using is not an Asian tool per se, but for my defense as to why I included it in the list, I noticed quite a lot of artisanal traditionally made wooden combs during my trip to Japan, which confirms the theory it is still well loved over there. While my hair behave when pampered with expensive hair masks, most of the time they are super thin, rather dry, prone to tangle easily and I am loosing a hell too many of them per day. So I needed a comb that would detangle them, while being super gentle on my scalp, generous to my hair and therapeutic to my mind. I simply wanted a Super Comb. After day-and-night internet research, I came to a conclusion, that wooden combs may have this magical something I am looking for. And I was right. Objectively speaking it smells like sandal wood.

Italy Towel Korean Beauty Secret Exposed

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