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He does this to mach up with a pretty girl who is his high school classmate. She attempts to change her style to catch his attention. It tells the story of a boy who, in order to catch the eye of the prettiest girl in school, steps into the world of fashion. The role Sulli was offered is that of the prettiest girl in school, Park Hye Jin. The movie shows the outgoing trends of teenagers these days. The production is determined to make a movie which will relate with everyone by bringing out the envy in all. This movie aims for next April. Fashion King. Korean actors Joo Won, Sulli of girl group f x and Park Se-young have been cast in a new film project based on a popular web-cartoon series. Using high school fashion as its material, the webtoon created by webtoonist named Keean84 achieved cult status with its interesting plot and strong sense of humor, yet drawing in a same amount of criticism with its absurd storyline and belated up-date. The movie is set to crank in this month and open in the local theaters in the second half of this year. Korean model and actor Ahn Jae-hyun. Korean actor Kim Sung-oh. Webtoons are now a syndrome among the young generations, but how has they become so popular? Webtoons are now a syndrome among the young generations, but how has they became so popular? One hypothesis is is that the decline of the traditional comic books has led to the advent of webtoons in the Internet. Since the publishing business has been waning, it was only natural for traditional comic books to begin to dwindle away. With the new medium, the Internet, the internet comic industry is now skyrocketing; more and more talented writers of comics have been uploading their comics on websites. Before we take a glimpse at several factors that have made Webtoons so popular, it is necessary that the reader have some idea of the history of Korean cartoons and their characteristics. The first generation of Korean cartoons was comic strips and political cartoons in newspapers. People would read these short cartoons while reading newspapers. Kids began to borrow comic books from comic book stores and read those books with friends. The third generation of Korean cartoons was comic magazines which had several comics in one issue. People could read many cartoons with just one comic magazine. Eventually, the Webtoon age began as traditional comic books failed to compete with other media contents such as video. The Post met with Park Soo-in to discuss the main differences between traditional comic books and Webtoons. Park is a webtoonist who has received his doctorate in story cartoons from Saika University in Kyoto. During the interview we discussed the present and future of Webtoons. Park said that traditional comic books were written in black to save printing fees and had definitive boundaries. Moreover, traditional comic books had no sound or movement. However, with Webtoons, they have no space limitations and have various kinds of multimedia effects such as flash and sound. The Webtoon age can be divided into two ages. Park explained that the first generation of Webtoons started as picture diaries in personal homepages. Sunggye-goon drew his picture diaries on his own homepage and as they became popular, visitors began to write comments or messages on his homepage. During that generation, most Webtoons were cartoon essays with implicative meanings.

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Knights of Asherah is a discover fantasy webtoon by Anadia-chan about Charlotte "Charlie" Ambrose, a girl who lives in the modern world that discovers that magic exists. It updates every other Thursday. Magic, romance, dark secrets and Gods that are supposed to be long dead Updated every other week. A girl with an affinity with lightning. She has been abused by her father for as long as she can remember, and her mother, Lydia, left years ago. This causes her to have trust issues despite her longing for connection with others. Charlie nearly died as an infant, though Merlin placed a magic seal that kept her alive. The seal limits her to only be able to use magic in big bursts, though this seal is later removed. She discovers her magic after accidentally killing her step-mother, Sarah Morgan, though the police believe her father was responsible for the murder. According to the oracle, Charlie is a herald that could potentially help Asherah return. Damien, based on what the oracle told him, believes that Charlie is the one that will help him regain his soul. Quote: " At one point or another nearly all children believe in magic. And if magic is real, it also means that there are monsters in the dark ". A young man with an affinity with wind. He is Merdyth's son and Kian's elder brother. Initially cold and quiet, it is revealed that Damien's soul is separated from his body. This makes it difficult for him to feel emotions and he has a difficult time grasping his emotions. Two years prior, the oracle stated that an immortal star will help him find his soul. Damien believes Charlie is this immortal star, as her name translates to "Star immortal". He struggles with his unknown feelings toward Charlie. Quote: " She feels too much, but tries desperately to hide it. My mother is dead. Anger and sadness, it's there- But I can't feel it. These emotions- I'm always reaching for them. But they just keep slipping from my grasp. Damien's younger brother and an affinity for fire. It's suggested that he has strong feelings for Ferris and cares deeply for his friends and family. He was the first person to meet Charlie and introduce her to their world of magic. She loves food and sweets and it is suggested that her abilities, which allow her to open portals or keep items in an empty space, uses a large amount of energy. Potentially a celestial with ties to the Goddess, Asherah. He has affinities for both light and dark, which being contradictory, seeming to indicate an unstable personality. With little regard to life, he kills Damien and Kian's Merdyth without a second thought when she gets in his way. He sometimes shows remorse but is obsessed with finding the long lost Asherah for unknown reasons. Charlie's biological mother that left her and her father years ago. Lydia is part daemon, meaning that she unintentionally eats away at magic. Due to her daemon nature destroying the magic seal that saved Charlie, as well as some other reasons, Lydia left Charlie with Charlie's father. The oracle appears to have unknown motives for finding Asherah and manipulates others by giving them small nudges in a certain direction, though for good or bad is still unknown. Her affinity for time allows her glimpses into the future and past of other people and when Charlie meets her for the first time it appears that she has manipulated time to pause and then travel three weeks into the future. She is sometimes seen with a gray streak in her hair and potentially her age is affected by her own powers.

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Berhasilkah mereka? Sophie bermimpi menjadi seorang penulis dan bepergian ke Verona, Italia di mana ia bertemu dengan "Sekretaris Juliet". Kim Tan bertemu Cha Eun-sang. Dia jatuh cinta padanya, tidak pernah menyadari bahwa dia adalah putri pembantu keluarganya. Kasino berbohong pada gadis yang ia taksir bahwa Indro adalah direktur casting yang mencari aktris utama. Kamu belum melakukan verifikasi akun. Silahkan periksa email Kamu dan ikuti langkah selanjutnya. Jika kamu tidak menerima email dari kita, Kirim ulang. Harap verifikasi akun kamu! Putar Sekarang. Be With You Apa arti keluarga bagimu? Letters to Juliet Sophie bermimpi menjadi seorang penulis dan bepergian ke Verona, Italia di mana ia bertemu dengan "Sekretaris Juliet" Putar Sekarang. Vidio Hari Ini Lihat semua. Vidio Breaking News. Yang Baru di Vidio Lihat semua. Nongkrong Di Warung Kopi Lihat semua. FTV Pilihan Lihat semua. Lihat semua Ftv Pilihan. Favorit Si Kecil Samsung Galaxy. Omen, Vidio Original Series Lihat semua. Vidio Original. Kartun Anak Lihat semua.

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Home Genres Webtoon. Genre Webtoon Type of web comics digital comics or digital manhwa that originated in South Korea. Sort by:. Miss Not-So Sidekick. Hyejung loved to read to escape her daily stress. But that's before she woke up inside the bizarre world of her favorite novel! Instead of the main heroine who courts three eligible men, she is now Latte Ectrie - a minor villain that everyone hates?! One way or another, it's a chance to live out her most beloved storyline, with popcorn in hand to watch all the drama! Taking charge of the narrative takes on a whole new meaning! Two souls to you! Action actress Oksera who became a school boy! I can't help it! I'll take care of your school life! Rakshasa Li San. A man and his companion roam around completing small tasks for coin. This time, they have a request from the lord of Wei Manor. Studious and plain university student, Kim Yeseul, becomes the muse of genius makeup artist, Cheon Yuseong. His Comic. A manga lover, cross-dress lover master; a student who has a weird personality, who others call him a bad problematic student; an intelligent class monitor who has a cold personality, but loves to help others. What interesting things will happen between the three boys?

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