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Everlasting Life: Top 10 Immortal Characters. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Kars Edit Character Information. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. Details Featured Pictures Clubs. When he gains the power of the stone mask, he becomes invulnerable to sunlight, and also gains some abilities on a genetic level; he can produce living creatures and control them, and can mutate his body into various forms. He outlasts his comrades and eventually does gain almost unlimited power as the ultimate "evolved" man through the Red Stone of Aja and a stone mask. In a final confrontation, he succeeds in severing Joseph's hand but is eventually blown into space by a volcanic eruption as well as an ultimate Ripple attack from Joseph. Being immortal, he does not die; however he is unable to return to Earth after being thrown out of orbit. Trapped in the void of space for eternity, he eventually stops thinking and desires death. Everlasting Life: Top 10 Immortal Characters Since the dawn of fantasy storytelling in The Epic of Gilgamesh, immortality has been an ever present idea in myth, legend, and literature. Different rules regarding this concept have developed over time but many modern stories still feature characters who presumably can live forever. In this series you'll find a diversity of heroes and villains with their own unique abilities, as well as a really comical way of fighting. Let's hear what they have to say! Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography. Jorge Joestar add Supporting. He is intelligent, ruthless, and single-minded in his dedication to obtaining the Red Stone of Aja. Strangely, despite his apathy towards humans and willingness to kill them, he has been shown to be more compassionate for other living beings. In Switzerland, he sliced a car that was about to hit a puppy in half, and later on maneuvered himself during a long fall to miss a patch of flowers near the bottom of the cliff. Kars' power is that of light; he is able to produce bladed appendages from his arms and use these to reflect blinding light toward his enemies. He also has the same powers over his body that all the Pillar Men share. He is named after the 80's new wave group The Cars. Source: Wikipedia Voice Actors. Inoue, Kazuhiko Japanese.

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He currently voices Kakashi Hatake in Naruto. Since his debut inhe became one of Japan's most well established voice actors. His early roles from the s include Anthony in Candy Candyand later as Joe in the remake of Cyborg In the s, Inoue's work ranged from the adult-oriented Oishinbo The Gourmet to the popular Legend of Heavenly Sphere Shurato for the younger generation. His voice performance is often described as natural and relaxed. Kars and Gotou. Inoue is also well known for more unusual roles such as the transvestite Nagisa Sawa in Haru wo Daiteitaand Shiron the Windragon in Legendzwho spends half his time as a screeching hamster. Inoue does voices for anime, video games, drama CDs, Japanese-dubbed movies, and audio books. He has put out many LP and CD albums and has sung in various anime character albums. In recent years, Inoue has also tried his hand in backstage work such as sound directing. He has set up his own voice acting agency and school, B-Box, to teach the next generation voice talents. Being a second-generation A-bomb survivor, he feels strongly against wars. Similar thoughts can often be seen in the entries he writes in his Kazufan Blog. He was also a close friend of the late fellow voice actor Daisuke Gori. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Kazuhiko Inoue. Yokohama, KanagawaJapan. Actor voice actor narrator. B-Box in Japanese. Retrieved July 6, Archived from the original on November 4, Hitoshi Doi's Seiyuu Database. Retrieved July 3, Retrieved May 29, Anime News Network. October 23, Retrieved October 31, Retrieved January 26, Retrieved February 23, Retrieved April 9, Retrieved February 22, Retrieved December 26, November 26, Retrieved November 26, October 24, Retrieved October 24,

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Popularity: 85th All Time98th This Week. Remember Me? Don't have an account? Join BTVA. Members Who Shout This Out! Confirmed Credits [X]. Take a visual walk through his career and see images of the characters he's voiced and listen to 4 clips that showcase his performances. Nioh 2 Video Game. Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! Jump Force Video Game. Gintama Rumble Video Game Oboro. Fire Emblem Heroes Video Game. Your Name Movie Taki's Father. Konosuba: God's Blessing on this Wonderful World! Project X Zone 2 Video Game. Parasyte -the maxim- TV Show Goto. Noragami TV Show Kuraha. Drakengard 3 Video Game Decad. Lupin the 3rd vs. Frontier Gate Video Game Reinvalt. Chunin Exam on Fire! Naruto vs. Kurozuka TV Show Izana. Meet the Robinsons Movie Cornelius Robinson. Battle Stadium D. N Video Game Kakashi Hatake. Namco X Capcom Video Game. Tactics TV Show Watanabe. Summon Night 2 Video Game Sion. Kyosuke Kazato. Summon Night Video Game Sion. Star Ocean Video Game. Anpanman TV Show Katsubushiman. Favorite Role. Who's your favorite Kazuhiko Inoue role?

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Wamuu is a proud Pillar Man warrior in the respectful service of his superiors Esidisi and Karsalso serving as a personal rival to Joseph Joestar throughout his journey. Wamuu appears as an immense being; powerfully built and very tall. His face is particularly chiseled and square with high cheekbones. Wamuu wears short, standing light hair and has prominent eyebrows. He has painted or tattooed on his face the thick outline of an equilateral square; crossing his face just under the bridge of his nose; upwards through the middle of each eye. As a Pillar Man, he has a singular, relatively large drill-like horn above his forehead that he can retract. In all of his appearances, Wamuu wears large earrings and a metallic head adornment similar to a crown that opens at the front whenever he summons out his horn. Up until his defeat of Caesarhe has a small ring on the left side of his lip containing the antidote for his Wedding Ring. Wamuu's most notable traits are his love of battle and his sense of honor, such that he stops himself from finishing off a defenseless Joseph Joestar on the mere possibility that he can wash away an earlier humiliation inflicted by Joseph when he'll beat him as soon as he becomes a fine and powerful Ripple warrior. Wamuu usually looks down on all the humans he comes across to, but he will come to respect them should they have the following two requirements: firstly that the fighters take combat seriously, and secondly that they are strong fighters. Thus Wamuu sneered at Caesar Zeppeli when he declared that he fought for his friend Mark, [3] yet honored Caesar's last efforts to steal the antidote for Joseph and left it for Joseph out of respect for the strength Caesar demonstrated. Wamuu is as severe toward himself as he is toward anyone else save his masters. For instance, he once let Joseph beat him as punishment for letting his guard down and strongly disliked that Joseph expressed pity on him. Wamuu also opted to kill the helpless Speedwagon and Caesar who saw his humiliation before being distracted. Thus, he will gouge his eyes and rely on his wind-sensing horn as a means of seeing. When it comes to fighting, Wamuu is irritated that a fighter might try to flee or surrender, [7] but he considers using tactics such as ambushes or feints to beat one's opponent acceptable. The only thing that rivals his sense of honor is his fidelity toward his masters Kars and Esidisi, who raised him since he was a baby. He respects both highly, yet holds no illusion that neither of them has the same sense of honor and can objectively assert their strengths and weaknesses. During his battle with Caesar, he noted that Kars would have an even harder time fighting Caesar than him. Wamuu has a weird personality quirk, where he reflexively attacks anyone who steps on his shadow, even if it was one of his masters Kars and Esidisi. Somehow, Wamuu is able to tell when someone is stepping on his shadow, even if he wasn't looking at their direction. Superhuman Strength : Otherwise only implied, Wamuu demonstrates his strength when he clotheslines a massive stone column and uses it as an effective weapon. The head gear contains wires that Wamuu used to nullify Caesar's Ripple-charged bubbles, by spinning his head and knocking the bubbles away. Also, the head gear has a hole that opens up to let his horn drill out, enabling him to sense the wind, and precisely locate any movement or changes in the air surrounding him. The wind-sensing Horn also works as a wind cannon of sort, where he shoots a stream of wind that is destructive enough to slice through huge rocks. Using Wind Mode, Wamuu is able to attack using razor sharp wind that blows out of his own body, capable of shredding a human being to pieces. This even causes trouble for highly-trained Ripple users like Joseph and Caesar. Wamuu is a member of the race known as the Pillar Men. After Kars ' rampage and mass slaughter of the Pillar Men, Wamuu, along with Santanawould be taken up as an infant and trained by Kars and Esidisi. Wamuu would accompany his masters to the old world to find a flawless Red Stone of Aja, their search taking them to Rome where they battled Ripple users before entering a hibernation state under the Roman Colosseum. The wall that he and his masters embedded themselves in was booby trapped to impale potential prey for nourishment as seen with Mario Zeppeli. Wamuu is introduced when he uses his horn to kill one of the Nazis sent to prevent the Pillar Mens' awakening, using the dead man's blood to disable to UV lights. While noting the change in time, Wamuu used his digestive acids to graft the hands of the rest of the Nazi group together, allowing him to absorb them simultaneously. Wamuu, with no one to interfere, then awakens Kars and Esidisi. Wamuu fights Caesar. As the three set off to find the Red Stone of Aja, Wamuu mortally wounds Mark while passing through the German soldier. Caesar Anthonio Zeppeli was forced to put his dying friend out of his misery before attempting to avenge him, only for Wamuu to overpower him. As Wamuu leaves, he is confronted by Joseph Joestar, who reveals his weapon of choice: ripple-infused metal clackers. Amused at the youth's fighting style, he gnashes Joseph's wrist to give him a minute of his time before he dies of blood loss. Though caught off guard by Joseph's unorthodox fighting method, Wamuu allows himself to be hit out of punishment and then finishes Joseph off with his Divine Sandstorm.

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Kars is the leader of the Pillar Menand the designer of the Stone Mask. His goal is to evolve further to become immune to the sun's rays, and thus he seeks the Red Stone of Aja to empower his Masks, battling the Ripple users for its possession. As the creator of the Stone Masks and VampiresKars is one of the more influential characters in the series, his invention having far reaching repercussions for a number of major characters, such as Dio Brandothe Joestar Family and the Zeppeli Family. Kars takes the appearance of a tall, very well-built man. He has elegant, relatively feminine facial features, and a much lighter complexion than the other Pillar Men. He has long, dark, wavy hair which he keeps under a dark, tight head-wrap taking it off as a sign of either honor or aggression. He is otherwise minimally dressed, wearing high boots, forearm guards, a thong, and a flowing loincloth. When attacking, he produces long, shimmering blades from his forearms. While travelling to Italy, Kars dons a fedora and a longcoat in order to appear less conspicuous. Kars is intelligent, ruthless, and single-minded in his dedication to obtain the Red Stone of Aja. He was stated to have been a genius among the Pillar Men, having been the original creator of the Stone Mask. Initially, he appears to be the most aloof and no-nonsense of the Pillar Menrarely smiling and often being the one who has to remind Wamuu and Esidisi of their goal. At his worst, he broke his word about fighting for the Stone fair and square, cheating to defeat Lisa Lisa and then unleashing his Vampire minions to kill a weakened Joseph and has been revealed to execute children, anticipating their revenge. With the advantage of his resilience and immortality, Kars is a methodical and patient individual who can infiltrate human society donning their clothes or observes a room to strike all its occupants in one move. Only when does he find himself in space, unable to move despite repeated attempts to do so, and drifting away from Earth does he lose his composure and hope. Thus it has been used as a shield and leverage by his enemies with ease. Despite his stern, no-nonsense exterior, Kars possesses a murderous and sadistic nature. He has stated that a life without an enemy is boring [3] and has shown to enjoy fights occasionally. However, he only really appreciates seeing his enemies being in a weak position and panicking, appreciation the expression and cries of despair on Joseph when he was the Ultimate Lifeform, [10] and often licks his lips in anticipation of their demise. Kars also comes across as mockingly polite, as he offered Lisa Lisa poison in order to die on her own terms rather than fighting him. Kars reveals himself to be a power-hungry Pillar Man, fixated on controlling the full potential of his body and the idea of resting "at the top". That obsession made him build the Stone Masks to unlock his hidden abilities; when that failed to meet his expectations, he sought out the Red Stone of Aja to complete his transformation into an ultimate being. He was enraged when the rest of his tribe refused to "conquer the sun" as he wished, believing that they should use their innate power to the fullest and rule over all life; however, he either ignored or failed to consider the fact that the increased hunger brought on by the Stone Mask's power would cause his race to exterminate all life on Earth. Kars keeps an ambiguous relationship toward those around him. On one hand, he considered Santana to be nothing but a simple guard dog, [5] and slaughtered the rest of his race including his parents without hesitation or remorse. Ultimately, Kars is capable of affection and forming bonds with others, but those affections always come second to his goals. Kars looks down on machines, sneering at the cyborg technology Rudol von Stroheim demonstrates and considering it inferior. The light comes from the tiny, shark teeth-like claws running along the edge of the blade much like a chainsaw. In this mode, Kars' blades are sharp enough to cut through most objects, including an automobile and several bullets at blinding speeds. As a result, previous Pillar Man abilities like absorption become functionally obsolete. Esidisi : Kars appeared to care for his comrade, being the only Pillar Men of his generation to agree with his ideals. He trusted him to investigate a lead on the Red Stone of Aja alone, and immediately went to Switzerland himself when he realized that something must have happened to Esidisi. Upon learning that Joseph had killed Esidisi in order to keep him from the stone, Kars vowed to kill him after completing his primary objective - and he meant it, as the first thing he did after testing his Ultimate Being abilities was to attack Joseph. Wamuu : Along with Santana, Kars raised him along with Esidisi. While Kars respected Wamuu's ability as a fighting genius, he showed no respect for his honor and thought he was too pure to be a warrior. Nonetheless, he seemed to care for Wamuu to some extent, as he immediately cut down a group of his own minions for mocking Wamuu after the latter's demise and vowed to avenge his death along with Esidisi's by killing Joseph. Santana : Along with Wamuu, Kars raised him along with Esidisi.

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