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Kala Kato is a Quranist movement whose adherents reside mostly in northern Nigeria, [1] with some adherents residing in Niger. Kala Kato accepts only the Quran as authoritative and believe that anything that is not Kala Allah, which means what "God says" in the Hausa language, is Kala Kato. Based on their tafsir on Quranic verses like, andKala Kato rejects the authority of hadiths posthumously attributed to Muhammad and consider only the Quran to be authoritative. Other distinct practices of Kala Kato include not eating frozen fish that isn't Islamically slaughtered, not using ritual baths, and not saying funeral prayers or putting a shroud on their dead. They also go directly from qiyam to sajdah without doing ruku. They also do ruku in between qiyam and sajdah. Kala Kato adherents are sometimes mistaken for other Quranists in northern Nigeria who are more educated, affluent, urban, and influenced by the ideas of the late high court judge Isa Othman of Maiduguriwho in turn was influenced by the ideas of Rashad Khalifa. These other Quranists are found in most cities in northern Nigeria and have their own mosque in Kaduna. Kala Kato suffers from periodic attempts to suppress their religious beliefs and practices, often at the instigation of their religious rivals. These attempts are carried out under the pretext of fighting terrorist groups like Yan Tatsine and Boko Haramwhich their religious rivals conflate with Kala Kato. In Nigeria, for example, Sunni leaders have urged the government to suppress Kala Kato. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Lapai, Council of Ulama urges Buhari to provide police with adequate equipmentblueprint. See templates for discussion to help reach a consensus. Category:Quranism Islam portal. Categories : Quranism Islamic organizations based in Nigeria Islam stubs. Hidden categories: All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Add links.

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The world of Kala is dominated by a singular continent and a sprawling ocean. The land is almost entirely covered in dense, tropical jungle with large patches of farmland radiating outward from the capital Jablin City. The interior of the continent hides regions of intense volcanic activity and misty cloud forests amongst other natural wonders. Beneath the surface, endless networks of limestone caves have been discovered leading to capacious aquifers. The limestone caves are labyrinthian in nature; many explorers have gone missing after setting out to map the underground topography of Kala. A comprehensive catalog of fauna does not exist for Kala. Some amatuer explorers have reported the existence of elusive arachnids that hunt the jungles at night, but no official sighting has ever been recorded. Initial attempts at colonization were slow due to the harsh jungle climate of Kala; progress was only made when the famed explorer Jablin Kala grounded a large colony ship on the western side of the continent. While his contemporaries praised him for his resourcefulness, in reality the grounding was accidental as Jablin Kala had fired key members of the engineering crew prior to arrival. The site of the grounding grew to become Jablin Citythe capital of Kala. With colonization underway, the new arrivals discovered the soil to be quite arable and the planet quickly developed a plantation economy using indentured servants from Tarabba Prime to provide the labour required to sustain the slash and burn agricultural practices. Over the next century colonization steadily decreased. With the reduced influx of indentured servants plantation owners quickly converted to a droid labour. By BrS plantations were almost entirely staffed by droids with organic workers only remaining as mechanics, maintenance crews, and overseers. The majority of the population returned to Jablin City or settled in outlying villages scattered throughout the continent. The First Uprising arose from growing tensions over trade restrictions between the plantation aristocracy of Kala and the Tarabba Colonial Government, which represented Tarabba Prime. Skirmishes between Tarabban troops and Kalan droid forces near the Deverell Plantation in BrS kicked off an armed conflict, and by the following year the Kalan aristocracy had mustered popular support amongst the colonist. Using a combination of armed militia and droid labour forces retrofitted for combat, Kalans repelled the Tarabba Colonial Government and established themselves as a independent system. In the years leading up to the Second Uprising the galaxy experienced immense tension. Galaxy spanning corporations continued to grow in political power whilst deadlock continued in the senate and rimward trade routes became increasingly threatened by piracy and slavers. For two years the Tarabbans rebuilt their military forces using funds acquired from favorable loans issued by the Commerce Guild and expert advice from experienced advisors from the Outland Regions Security Force. After some minor success against pirate forces operating in the region, the Tarabba Protection Party wielded its momentum and growing popularity to push a more radical campaign: the reclaiming of Kala. To secure the additional support needed to occupy Kala, the TPP appealed once more to the Commerce Guild and the Quintad justifying their plan with evidence of slaver activity on Kala and claims that a Kala under Republic rule would further reinforce security in the sector. Both the Commerce Guild and the Quintad obliged, providing more credits, military advisors, and equipment. The Tarabban strategy included 3 parts: First commandos and intelligence operatives would infiltrate the planet and make for rural populations. There the operatives would attempt to establish insurgent militias in opposition to Kalan government using bribery, propaganda, and other means. Finally with the bulk of the Kala Home Forces occupied engaging hostile militias and the diversionary force the Tarabban fleet approaches Jablin City oversea from the west at low atmosphere taking care to avoid the Kalan planetary ion cannon. With Kalan forces distracted to the east, Tarabban troops could unload and occupy the capital city forcing a quick end to the war. The first stage of the attack was executed according to plan with exceptional results. Rural populations proved ripe recruitment centers for insurgencies. Insurgencies were successful at conducting raids on plantations and sabotaging the Kalan droid labour workforce. Both platoons performed with some success providing a sufficient counter to the insurgencies and Tarabban operatives but suffered from a lack of numbers required to curtail the widespread threat. Certain elements of the 3rd Scout Rifle Platoon were noted for displaying extreme violence and thus were tasked with locating and eliminating insurgency leadership and high value Tarabban operatives. While the first stage of the Tarabban invasion strategy ultimately proved a success, execution of stage two resulted in a disastrous defeat for the Tarabban fleet.

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Please Refine the Search to download Dashboard or Upgrade your plan to download. Please upgrade your plan for more points. Subscription Plans Existing User. Please provide valid email id, we will send you account information on mail. Email address already registered. Existing User Login Here. Existing user login here. Forgot Password. Login with Social Media. Kala Gems Exports Export Import Data Kala Gems Exportsis a premier company that exports and imports goods from countries includingBrazil and host of other countries. Kala Gems Exportsis a premier company that exports and imports goods from countries includingBrazil and host of other countries. The company primarily imports products to India from Brazil and mainly receives the consignments at Delhi Air. Sample Data Download. Which service s are you interested in? Export Data. Import Data. Exim Help. Export Data Import Data Both. Buyers Suppliers Both. OR Exim Help. Free Consultation with our Experts. Email: sales. Important Links. Remember me Forgot Password? Don't have an account? Sign up.

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