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Developers can use iText to:. Serve PDF to a browser. Generate dynamic documents from XML files or databases. Use a PDF's many interactive features. Add bookmarks, page numbers, watermarks, etc. Split, concatenate, and manipulate PDF pages. Automate filling out of PDF forms. Add digital signatures to a PDF file. Find some links below that will help you to explore this:. So, now if you want to use this in ASP. NET application, I have created sample solution for you; just follow the steps to understand it. Step 1. First of all you need to download the components dll from here. Step 2. Now, open the Visual Studio and create a simple website and add a "Bin" folder in the project. Step 3. If you are done with the above, right-click on the "Bin" folder and select "Add Reference" and in the dialog box that appears click on the Browse button and locate the dll we have saved in step 1. Step 4. Now in the code-behind add the two namespaces iTextSharp. Remember, if you are using hosting then you need to allow Read and Write permission on this folder. Step 5. Okay, use the following code-behind code:. Add new Paragraph "My sample text goes here. Close. Step 6. After doing the above, run the project and test it; the complete code is:. Generic; using System. IO; using System. Linq; using System. Web; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using iTextSharp. I hope you like it. View All. Abhimanyu K Vatsa Updated date, Sep 23 Step 1 First of all you need to download the components dll from here. Step 2 Now, open the Visual Studio and create a simple website and add a "Bin" folder in the project. Step 3 If you are done with the above, right-click on the "Bin" folder and select "Add Reference" and in the dialog box that appears click on the Browse button and locate the dll we have saved in step 1. Step 4 Now in the code-behind add the two namespaces iTextSharp. Close ; Step 6 After doing the above, run the project and test it; the complete code is: Code-Behind using System using System.

Create PDFs in ASP.NET - getting started with iTextSharp

This article is about using iText to generate PDF files using a combination of images and dynamic text written on select locations on the image. The example project uses an ASP. NET MVC3 application to demonstrate the code but it should not be difficult to adapt it to your own needs. Me and some friends have been running a hobby web-site called malleus. One of the applications on our site is a "character generator" where users can build, configure, and maintain their role-playing characters. We wanted to expand this tool with a print functionality allowing our users to have their characters printed to a nice looking character sheet. We decided that we really needed to generate a PDF document. PDF documents are supported in all browsers and seems to be the de-facto standard for documents on the web. There are a lot of PDF components available on the net, but we quickly settled on iText as it is a very mature product. The example creates a "diploma" for a bicycle race. You can enter name, date, the name of the race, and the distance. The web application will produce a diploma with the entered text on top. Even though the diploma application is very basic, it contains all the programmatic elements required for producing output that looks like figure 4. The artistic skill that goes into images and layout is a job for a designer. In your Visual Studio project, you need to reference the itextsharp. When you open up iText and begin examining the API, you will notice that it is capable of writing text, drawing figures, inserting images, creating PDF forms, etc. For our task, we decided to use a combination of image fragments and text. The bottom layer will contain all the image fragments and the top layer will contain the text. It provides various document level information such as title, page count, etc. When this controller action is invoked, it will send the contents of the MemoryStream back to the client as a PDF file called " diploma. To actually fill the document with content, you need to learn to use the PdfWriterPdfReaderand PdfTemplate classes. The bottom layer of the page is filled with other PDF fragments and images. Figure 2 contains our background image. To load these elements into the document, you do the following:. GetBicycle simply returns a Stream instance to a resource embedded within the assembly.

Creating PDF documents with iTextSharp

Search everywhere only in this topic. Advanced Search. Classic List Threaded. Save Itextsharp generated PDF to disk. Hi, I would like to know as to how I can save a pdf file generated by ItextSharp can be saved to disk. Please help and also if there is any example code available, it would be very useful. Many thanks. Paulo Soares. No limits. Just data. Click to get it now. Hi, thanks for your reply. I have managed to create a file using itextsharp. The problem I am having is trying to specify the path to save and how to save it. Please help me. Here is my code: using System; using System. Data; using System. Configuration; using System. Web; using System. Security; using System. UI; using System. WebControls; using System. WebParts; using System. HtmlControls; using iTextSharp. An absolute path will always work if you have the permissions. If you use a relative path look for what the ASP. NET says about that. This not an iText question but rather an ASP. NET one. Ross J Presser. In reply to this post by Teclioness. Right now it will create a PDF called "Chap2. HtmlControls ; using iTextSharp. In reply to this post by Paulo Soares. Thank you very much for your help Paulo.

How to optimize(compress) pdf using c# and iTextSharp

While instantiating this class, you need to pass a PdfDocument object as a parameter to its constructor. This class belongs to the package com. The constructor of this class accepts a string, representing the path of the file where the PDF is to be created. Instantiate the PdfWriter class by passing a string value representing the path where you need to create a PDF to its constructor, as shown below. When an object of this type is passed to a PdfDocument classevery element added to this document will be written to the file specified. To instantiate this class in writing modeyou need to pass an object of the class PdfWriter to its constructor. Instantiate the PdfDocument class by passing the above created PdfWriter object to its constructor, as shown below. Once a PdfDocument object is created, you can add various elements like page, font, file attachment, and event handler using the respective methods provided by its class. The Document class of the package com. One of the constructors of this class accepts an object of the class PdfDocument. Instantiate the Document class by passing the object of the class PdfDocument created in the previous steps as shown below. It creates a PDF document with the name sample. Since this is an empty document, if you try to open this document, it will display an error message, as shown in the following screenshot. Previous Page. Next Page. Previous Page Print Page.

Create PDFs in ASP.NET - getting started with iTextSharp

Example written in answer to the question How to superimpose pages from existing documents into another document? Files: SuperImpose. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Does the proxy need credentials? In the worst cases I have had to manually clean the obj and bin folders. Rectangle ; import com. You need to get the CropBox. Although that can cause other flaky things. DocumentException ; import com. GrayColor ; import com. No body can help me out? Member Jul 5: So make sure you rebuild recompile before running the app. Would you want to try and enter the date from that? PdfContentByte ; import com. Hello everyone, I am looking for script which online convert Kurti dev to uni code and uni code yo kurti dev convert by script in C. And how do I open chrome using the proxy Igextsharp requesting? The overlay file is the PDF that contains the page with the background that you would like to use. What does happen instead of what you expect to happen? Thanks pverlay I already checked it but it is not complete script so if you have complete script then let me know? Print Share Twitter Facebook Email. You might need to mess around with setScaleIconsetHorizontalAdjustmentsetVerticalAdjustmentsetProportionalIconand maybe a couple others to get your image to look exactly how you want it. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. These cookies do not store any personal information. Skip to content.

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