Investment in logistics startups

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FreightTech investment surges in 2019

PitchBook and FreightWaves have crunched the numbers and confirmed what most of us already know — the FreightTech sector, defined loosely as software companies that aid in the movement of freight, is on a tear. FreightTech growth has an analog in the broader transportation services category, with four of the five largest venture capital deals in the first quarter of going to companies that move people or stuff. That growth rate is expected to continue, said Xu, who sees FreightTech investment as potentially doubling this year. As was the case last year, capital continues to shift toward later stage rounds Series B and aboveXu said. Out of the 23 recorded deals in the first quarter, 10 are growth stage. That translates into a more competitive funding environment for later stage companies, said Xu, while new companies trying to enter the space will confront a more limited seed and angel investment environment. The size of the deals is also increasing. Mega-deals like the Flexport round are also expected to increase, Xu said. Show More. Her beat includes mobility, emissions regulations and autonomous trucking. Please send tips and story ideas to lbaker freightwaves. Related Articles. Thursday, April 9, Wednesday, April 8, Monday, April 6, Sunday, April 5, Tuesday, March 31, Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

The Insider with Ferry Heilemann

You don't have to be an industry insider to know about tech companies with popular products like Snapchat or Facebook. We asked more than two dozen venture capital investors to name the startups they believe are going to boom in After all, VCs are the experts scouting the landscape every day and hunting for the next big thing — if anyone has a finger on the tech innovation pulse, it's them. We asked the VCs to name a startup in their own portfolios they were particularly excited about for But for every startup in their own portfolios, the VCs also had to name one they had no financial interest in. The best VCs are passionate about startups and meet more than they can fund, and we wanted to go beyond their immediate portfolio of investments. What follows is a compelling list of startups set for success in They range from fledgling companies working on a seed round to well-established companies that have raised many millions, but which are still flying under the radar. The funding information is according to Crunchbase and Pitchbook, keepers of such records. Startup: AdQuick. What it does: AdQuick offers a marketplace for buyers and sellers of outdoor ad space. Why it's hot in "AdQuick is a mainly ex-Instacart team that is tackling the archaic world of outdoor advertising," says Pezeshki. As Google and Facebook continue to dominate online advertising, "many direct-to-consumer companies will start to look for ways to reach consumers in other ways. Company Name: Alma. What it does: Alma is a co-working office space specifically for mental health providers that includes access to the tech they need to power their practices. It opened its first facility in New York. Why it's hot in "60 million people suffer from mental illness," Barna says and Alma offers therapists a "beautifully designed space, friendly digital tools and a supported community of therapists. Startup: Applied Intuition. What it does : Build autonomous simulation software for autonomous vehicles. Why it's hot in Before more autonomous vehicles enter the public roads, their makers need specialized and heartier simulation software to test them. Startup: AppZen. Why it's hot in "Every company has employees who expense things that are out of compliance, out of policy or are just fraudulent. Similarly, every company has suppliers that game the system and push the envelope," says Janmohamed. Startup: Arrive Logistics. What it does: Arrive Logistics is a tech-enabled freight brokerage that connects shippers with carriers. Why it's hot in "Arrive has seen incredible growth since its founding in As more and more consumers are buying everything online, the shipping and logistics category has meaningfully expanded," says Neider. Startup: Arterys. What it does: Arterys offers AI-enabled medical imaging software as a cloud service. Why it's hot in "It shows the power of technology to help humanity. The company brings the convergence of cloud computing, big data, image processing, and AI applied to healthcare," says Lin. What it does: Atrium is like the offspring of a law firm and a tech startup. It uses machine learning software to deal with ordinary legal documents and has lawyers who work on the complex legal issues. Why it's hot in "Legal advisory is a huge, huge industry that still operates pretty much the same way it operated two decades ago. Atrium is bringing together all the advancements in AI, workflow automation and collaboration to build a next-gen more scalable law firm," says Mandan. Startup: Benchling. What it does: Benchling is a data management and collaboration tool for life science, pharma and biological researchers. Why it's hot in "Benchling provides a platform to accelerate the pace of biotech research, helping researchers track candidates, design experiments, and share results.

How Start-Ups Are Digitalizing Logistics

The logistics business is not easy on the startups. One or more of the startups on the list might just end up making a huge difference. Check out the Google doc made and maintained by Crowd Companies to see how the logistics startups have been funded. Also, click here to subscribe to this site and get updated when I publish something new once every month on average …. The system aims to transform the way we move goods locally, starting with the pharmaceutical delivery market in areas inaccessible by traditional infrastructure. Freightos A website — and a network of freight forwarders — that provides automated freight quotes and a contract management system for shippers. Transporteca A website giving shippers and consignees a much-needed tool to easily compare shipping and transportation prices from freight forwarders. The startup is Copenhagen-based and so far they focus only on moves from Asia to Denmark. But the service is rock-solid, and will hopefully include all locations soon. With iContainers you can get a quote online instantly from multiple carriers. Freight Filter An easy-to-use service to help you find the best shipping options. Xeneta A service that ads transparency to the shipping industry by enabling companies to benchmark their ocean freight rates. Useful for both importers, exporters and freight forwarders, e. With the Shippo API and apps you can get discounted shipping rates and labels within minutes. Shippo is basically selling discounted labels when connecting shopping cart apps with carriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS — making things easier and cheaper for those who want to ship. ShipHawk ShipHawk is a software solution that businesses can integrate into their shopping carts to provide buyers with the best option to ship any sized item, packed or unpacked. With ShipHawk, businesses and their customers access instant rate quotes for real items without having to figure out all of the details traditional shipping solutions only provide estimates. Veritread Veritread is a heavy haul transportation of oversized cargo marketplace through which shippers can connect with and get bids from trusted verified carriers in this highly specialised field. CargoHound CargoHound is an online marketplace for international freight. Their tool connects exporters and importers with reliable freight forwarders and carriers — with the aim to reduce the time, cost and risk of shipping products internationally. It operates as a global network of providers that gives companies access to air freight services. Shipwaves Shipwaves is an end-to-end online ocean logistics platform catering to the needs of importers and exporters from India and globally in the near future. Holland Container Innovations As Staxxon, also folding containers. But focused on the 40 foot containers instead of the 20 foot product market. PiggyBee A crowd shipping service. PiggyBee connects people who want to get or ship something with travelers. Friendshippr A crowd shipping app focused on getting friends to ship for you when they travel. Nimber A crowd shipping service enabling you to either send or bring stuff locally. Nimber — previously Easybring — is based in Norway and so far operates in Northern Europe, incl. Roadie Roadie is a neighbour-to-neighbour shipping network. Simple, safe and fun! Shyp A mobile app and service aiming to ease up the on-demand shipping experience. ShipBob will then — for a pickup and packaging fee of 5 USD — package and ship the item using the lowest cost option. Flexport Flexport is an end-to-end freight forwarding solution in the form of an online dashboard. Here, you can request a freight quote, compare your options, book your shipment as well as track and manage your shipments. Shipwire An enterprise logistics platform from which you can handle all your logistics needs in the cloud, incl. Cloud Fulfillment Cloud Fulfilment is a UK-based storage outsourcing solution for smaller businesses. Cloud Fulfilment also handles order processing and delivery requirements.

Reefknot Investments To Invest In Tech-Based Logistics Startups

Traditionally, there have been few technology startups in the logistics sector, which relies heavily on capital-intensive assets like ships, trucks, and airplanes. Technological innovations, however, are dramatically shaping global business and the transport and logistics industry should not be left behind. Recent statistics show record levels of investment in logistics-focused technology startups duringwhich implies a heightened demand for the freight forwarding segment to modernize. There is growing pressure for supply chains to be better, faster, and more connected, which has resulted in more technology startups focused on solving logistics-related problems. Freight forwarders play a key role in global trade, with deliveries made via trains, planes, ships and trucks. The industry, however, often relies on outdated technology like telephones or emailed spreadsheets. On the 3rd of May, all startup teams will pitch their business ideas to competent judges and investors. All the technology we need to modernize the logistics industry — from hardware to software — is already there. Somebody just needs to find a way to combine it. Now it is time for creative minds to create sustainable, innovative solutions to existing logistics problems. We believe that joining business with science is the best and fastest way to bring about a technological revolution in the supply chain industry. Brave ideas are a recipe for great changes. Poor fuel economy can be caused by many factors such as an old fleet, a lack of maintenance scheduling, or cheap spare parts. So young entrepreneurs are about to solve the major logistics challenges. Share this story! This website uses cookies. By proceeding, you agree to our Privacy Policy and Rules for processing and protection of personal data.

SoftBank is leading a $1 billion investment in logistics start-up Flexport

According to the All India Motor Transport Congress, there are close to 12 million trucks in India and about 90 percent of them belong to single-truck owners — small entrepreneurs — in small towns. This is what makes it difficult to integrate technology into their lives. InIndia's logistics and supply chain sector has witnessed two big moves by the government - Goods and Services Tax GST implementation and giving infrastructure status to the sector. The steps are aimed at organising the unstructured logistics sector and open doors for more investment. India spends around Considering the booming potential of the industry, several new-age companies have entered the logistics industry to replace traditional methods with efficient solutions using technology. FreightBro: Leveraging the power of technology, Chennai-based FreightBro enables freight forwarders to make data-driven decisions, predict changes in the market and provide better value to shippers. The transporters essentially need demand and B2B clients need trucks. BlackBuck provides these trucks to these businesses. Clients request for trucks based on the size, timing, and other shipment specifics. With rate index, live pricing and a three-step booking feature, Trukky aims to bring in more ease and transparency in the trucking ecosystem. Rivigo: The company provides high-quality services across major industry verticals such as e-commerce, FMCG, auto, pharma and the cold-chain space. With a large network of company-owned trucks, Rivigo offers line-haul solutions, and claims to lower transit time by percent compared to typical operators. LOBB provides an app for the agent and the trucker. The agents have all the truckers on the platform, and when the orders appear for the transporter from the brand, they will select the agent and the trucker offering the lowest trip sheet. According to EY, close to a billion dollars has gone into technology-led logistics companies, but, unfortunately, all of them are still hankering after customer acquisitions. Of the about logistics startups in the country, only 20 companies have been able to raise large rounds of money. According to YourStory research, logistics only had 28 deals inand deal sizes were smaller than in Companies like Rivigo and BlackBuck have raised large sums of capital. Both companies are eyeing to expand their service portfolio.

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