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Our provider team consists of physical therapists only. There is no delegation of patient care to assistants or aides. We focus on each individual and their specific needs, offering a curtailed individualized rehab program. Read more about our services here. Debra is from the small town of Boone located in the mountains of North Carolina. She went to Appalachian State University for her undergraduate education and received her degree in Exercise Science. Debra then attended graduate school at East Carolina University where she received her degree as a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Debra has passion for treating patients with general orthopedic injuries as well a special interest treating patients with a variety of sports related injuries. She particularly enjoys the challenge of treating injured runners to enable them to get back to their sport as quickly as possible. She enjoys utilizing a variety of treatment techniques including individualized rehabilitation exercises as well as manual treatment to provide her patients with the best care possible. In her free time, Debra enjoys hiking, traveling, cooking, skiing, and trail running. She also enjoys trying out new restaurants and breweries around Portland with her husband. Ryan grew up in Corvallis, Oregon and completed his undergraduate education at the University of Oregon, graduating in Thereafter he received his Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado where he developed an interest in manual therapy and patient-focused care. He believes that physical therapists are one of the true experts in movement systems of the human body and play an important role in healthcare and wellness. During his free time, Ryan enjoys writing on his blog, running, photography, camping, and volunteering in his community. Leo received his undergraduate degree in from Middlebury College in Middlebury, Vermont and his physical therapy degree from the University College Dublin in Dublin, Ireland in He enjoys working with patients contending with general orthopedic conditions and post-surgical rehabilitation, as well as those with sports-related injuries. He has a special interest in helping the active individual striving to return to outdoor recreation and sport. In his free time he enjoys running, hiking, downhill skiing and spending time with his two beautiful children. Ari Witkin, DPT. Ari is originally from Austin, TX. Ari believes that movement is a fundamental human right and derives great joy from guiding clients towards achieving their goals. From getting on the ground to play with your grandchildren to preparing for your next marathon and everything in between, Ari wants to help you get there with a smile on your face. In his free time, Ari likes to run, bike, swim, hike, and travel. Any activity is only enhanced if he shares it with his beautiful and brilliant wife, Erin.

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Andrea LA Thoma is a married woman. She married Grant Gustin on 15 December Grant proposed to her with a large cut round diamond ring. She is also an Instagram personality who has amassed more thanfollowers to her lathoma3 account. Her parents married on 19 August Bless him. She is of Malaysian-American nationality. Furthermore, she belongs to the Kadazan ethnic background and Borneo heritage. Talking about her education, Thoma graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in exercise physiology from Kent State University in Andrea LA Thoma initially worked as a physical therapist student in the Virginia area and Connecticut for five months, before heading west to California. At present, she is a physical therapist in Sunnyvale, California. Thoma is also an Instagram personality. Currently, she has more than k followers on Instagram. She came to the spotlight after her engagement with American actor and singer Grant Gustin. Thoma has not revealed her current salary. Andrea LA Thoma has successfully kept her life away from the mainstream media spotlight. To date, she has not been part of any notable controversies. Additionally, currently, there are no rumors concerning her life and career. Her hair color is blonde and eye color is dark brown. Andrea LA Thoma is active over social media. She has a huge number of followers on social networking sites such as Twitter as well as Instagram. She has more than k followers on Instagram. However, she does not have an official Facebook and Twitter account. Married Biography. Andrea LA Thoma Bio. Last Modified January 9, Somehow my dad has survived 35 years with my mom. Did you know you should be strengthening your neck muscles?? Gustin and Thoma celebrated their one-year anniversary in January Celina Karine. Marital Status:.

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The social media landscape is crowded. While this presents benefits like the ability to get in front of the masses, it presents a somewhat larger obstacle, how to make your profile and presence pop in a sea of people. I shared my tips for standing out on Twitter and on LinkedIn. As you know, most of the blogs I write are aimed at businesses. These tips however can be used for a personal and a business account. That means if you want people to click-through to your site via Instagram it has to be done here. First things first — your image. This is an image sharing site after all, so your profile pic should be clear and most importantly represent you. Bottom line, use an image that works to your advantage. Next thing is your bio. You want something that tells people what you share and who you are. If someone stumbles upon your profile they want to know immediately if they should follow you or not. If your account is scattered you will scare people away. Lastly, the link. This should be the most important place you want to direct people. Because you can allude to this in your posts, you want to make sure the link make sense and it is a place that you want people to go. Cue in the Instagram landing page on your site. Use Hashtags Hashtags are the only way to search on Instagram. This means if you want to be found you are going to have to use Hashtags. People follow hashtags and there are a bunch of tags to use if you want to increase likes and comments right off the bat. My advice is to stick to hashtags that make sense for the image you are sharing and use that often. This is also your opportunity to create your own hashtag which can be a great branding tool. You can encourage others to use your hashtag to be featured on your page. Optimize Your Images Your images are the most important thing on Instagram. You want to make sure they fit in with the feel and vibe of your brand but more importantly they have to fit in with the vibe of the Instagram community. Instagram is a thriving community and like on any social network, if you want to survive and succeed you are going to have to play by their rules. Filters work on Instagram. You should also think about using a blue tone as it seems to work best on Instagram. Lastly, try to incorporate some images with low saturation and block colors as they seem to do well as well. Post Regularly If you ask me how to grow on any social network I am going to tell you this. Consistency is very important to keeping your name out there and connecting with as many people as possible. Instagram works in the same manner. Post at least 3 times per week. If you have interesting posts and images on a more regular basis than go ahead and do that. Become A Curator There are a lot of super targeted Instagram accounts that only share content on a few different topics. This can be about Dogs, Beauty, HairStyles, whatever.

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For brands, Instagram is the digital equivalent of a magazine ad. The types of brands you see advertising in Cosmo and Time do well on Instagram. Ready for some inspiration? Of course their Insta feed is going to be chock full of great photography, great food, and … puppies! How many ways can you take a picture of the same cookie? It turns out, a lot! The brand shares a variety of detail-rich images, DIY projects, and recipes that will take you back to your childhood. Kudos starbucks!! Each of their posts activates your sweet tooth, and their captions are as clever as the names of their ice cream flavors. The weekend has arrived! Runway snapshots are included too, as well as ad campaign images. Yes, many of their posts revolve around style and their clothing lines. Lastly, every caption includes a list of the exact MAC products used to create the look, taking the guesswork out of customer shopping. They encourage their customers to share pics showing off their scrubs in action, and repost them on their profile. They even have a separate Insta account for before and afters: frankfeedback. Beauty brands just crush it on Instagram. Visual, emotional, and of course beautiful, Instagram is the perfect avenue for brands like Bare Minerals to strut their stuff. Post great content. The pics on the eosproducts feed live by this rule. The Honest Company knows this and takes full advantage. Keep a close eye on these guys. Their Instagram is absolutely blowing up. The best part? Their photos are captivating enough that users easily overlook this repetitive trick. With over 50 million followers, natgeo is an unlikely king of Instagram. The NatGeo feed is filled with portraits of animals, landscapes, and citizens of the world. Each photo is capped off with an informative journalistic caption. Long captions just might be the new black. Yeah right…. Trends may change, but you can always count on MTV to be on top of things. Their Instagram feed has true variety, and each image is more intriguing than the next. Video clips and candid backstage photos give followers a sneak peak of the upcoming show or let them recap what they missed. Brownie points for all captions including a self-promotional hashtag of SNL. Go Warriors! WeWork is a company that rents shared workspaces for startups and small businesses.

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We have generated overleads for service based businesses like Physiotherapy Clinics. Our advice is based on our experience of generating new leads for physical therapy clinics. Managing a physiotherapy business is challenging, you have to ensure that you have the equipment, well-trained employees and most importantly, get patients in order to grow your practice. While personal networking can get your first set of customers, the challenge is to keep getting new customers so that your business does not stagnate. The online and digital world is a powerful medium through which you can gain more customers, without shelling out a bomb for marketing. Have a Website. Physiotherapist Website. First, you need to have a website. A website is your home base that helps you get customers. With it, you can spread the word through the online world on what are the various things you offer. It is vital that you build a website that leads users through various services that they might be interested in, and get them to convert. You can get them to convert by either getting their contact information, having them call you, or have them to walk through your door. The final point of your website should be this — conversion. Be Active on Social Media. By connecting with your current customers, you automatically touch upon their social circle. Through this, you are able to make their friends aware of your physiotherapy brand. By being active on social media, you improve recall value with your customers. This not only betters your chance of them coming back, but also increases the chance of them recommending your brand to someone else. Aim to make your website the go-to place of physiotherapy problems on the web. For that, you need to start blogging. Blogging is a wonderful way to get specialized information out on the web. You can post blog links on your social media pages and share them. Frequent blogging also helps improve your SEO rank and make your site more searchable on Google. For Normal People. A common misconception in the market is that physiotherapy is for athletes, accident victims, and disabled personnel. Your online marketing should focus on informing people that your physiotherapy clinic deals with all kinds of household health problems. Ensure that your website and brochure have a healthy amount of testimonials.

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