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Huawei Nova 5T

OnePlus launched the latest flagship device from the company in an event organized by the company in Brooklyn, New York on November The company launched the OnePlus 5T which is their latest smartphone and the successor to the OnePlus 5 which was launched in June this year. However, the OnePlus 5T now has a fingerprint sensor on the back just above the OnePlus logo which is a rounded one. The smartphone still has the familiar Dual camera setup as seen on the OnePlus 5 and there is all-screen on the front of the phone. The smartphone has a screen to body ratio of Same is the case with the OnePlus 5T from OnePlus as the smartphone is just slightly taller than the OnePlus 5 in terms of height but the device has a much larger screen than the OnePlus 5. Talking about the OnePlus 5T, the smartphone comes with a 6. Apart from the screen, the OnePlus 5T comes powered with Snapdragon processor which is the latest processor from Qualcomm that was seen on the OnePlus 5 also. The telephoto lens which was seen on the OnePlus 5 is replaced by a wider aperture lens as the secondary camera so as to improve pictures in artificial lighting and low-light conditions. The primary camera on the OnePlus 5T has a pixel size of 1micron whereas the second lens has a pixel size of 1. There is still an option for Portrait mode on OnePlus 5T without the telephoto lens as the Portrait mode will now be accomplished by software instead of hardware. The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus which is the OnePlus 5T has just been launched by the company which succeeds the OnePlus 5 that was launched in by the company as well. Now, the smartphone will not be available anywhere in the world at launch and will only be up for sale in various countries starting November However, we have now received the official wallpapers that will be included on the OnePlus 5T. The official wallpapers of the device are available thanks to Hampus Olson who is a famous illustrator known for making all the wallpapers for OnePlus devices including the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and the very recent OnePlus 5. Now, the wallpapers have been available for the OnePlus 5T and there are 5 wallpapers that will be included in the device by default from OnePlus. These wallpapers also include the default wallpaper that has been seen in the numerous renders of the OnePlus 5T that were leaked and is also seen in the official OnePlus 5T press images. These wallpapers have a resolution of x pixels and the aspect ratio comes down to However, these wallpapers will look just fine on any device with a aspect ratio also. Since the OnePlus 5T comes with 4K wallpapers, we have included them in the zip file attached at the end of this post. Now, we have attached all the wallpapers of the OnePlus 5T down below so that you can have a look at them and download the ones that you like to your device and apply them. Also, there is a Download Links section at the bottom which contains the links to the zip file that have the official wallpapers of the OnePlus 5T in Full resolution. Also, this zip file contains the official wallpapers in 4K resolution also which has been renamed appropriately by us. We just added the 2 new stock wallpapers from the OnePlus 5T sandstone white and Lava red variants in 4k resolution. You can get these wallpapers either individually from above, or just download them in a single zip from the following link. I downloaded this. Is there any problem in the file or on my PC? Try downloading the zip again. It might have corrupted. Let me know and I will re-upload it. You can also save the wallpapers. They are in original resolution. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar. Related Posts.

Download Huawei Nova 5 / Nova 5i Stock Wallpapers

Looking for a fresh new set of wallpapers for your phone? Download this collection of official Huawei Nova 5 and Nova 5i stock wallpapers. Download Huawei Nova 5 wallpapers in a complete stock collection. The Nova 5i and Nova 5 Pro brings punch-hole display for the selfie camera. As we all know that Huawei devices are known for great build quality and eye-catching design. Both the devices come with quad camera setup on the rear side which is a huge addition. Both the devices come with some built-in official stock wallpapers. Huawei Nova 5i comes with a 6. The Huawei Nova 5 Pro comes with a 6. Currently, there are 10 wallpapers available to download packs in a zip file which can be downloaded from the link given below. These wallpapers are vivid and eye-catching too. If you want these wallpapers in single zip file then you can download the zip file from the link below. If you liked this, then you might also want to check out some amazing official wallpapers from new Android devices in our full collection of wallpapers here. A football lover, Writer and a great photographer. Gaming all the way. Really love to travel the world. Rohail Khan A football lover, Writer and a great photographer. View all posts. You may also like. Load Comments.

Huawei Nova 5T YAL-L21 Firmware Download And update

Uses 10 of the 20 possible clusters and according to ARM offers twice the performance per cluster than the old Mali-G Furthermore, it integrates a fast LTE modem with up to 1. Large display-sizes allow higher resolutions. So, details like letters are bigger. On the other hand, the power consumption is lower with small screen diagonals and the devices are smaller, more lightweight and cheaper. Huawei : Huawei Technologies Co. In the first quarter ofHuawei had a market share of 8. InHuawei created the sub brand Honor and offers certain smartphone series under this name. The name Huawei is usually not listed for these products. There are a lot of reviews on Huawei phones with slightly above average ratings as of The laptop is evaluated below average, this is not really a recommendation for purchase. Best Displaysfor University Students. HiSilicon Kirin Huawei homepage. Huawei Nova 5T Average Score: At least, this was the case before the subsidiary began to strengthen its own identity and move ahead, as for example when it was first to introduce a the MP camera in the Honor V But the Nova 5T from Huawei is really an Honor In this way, Huawei can still use the Google services, since the Honor 20 was introduced to the market before the deadline in the USA. The only debatable party poopers are the use of an LCD which isn't that badno dust and water resistance which is rare at this price anywayand we think it'll mostly come down to whether you're okay with the lack of expandable storage and a headphone jack - and whether you can get used to the slight dissonance in EMUI OS versus cleaner Android builds on, say, the Pixel 3A XL. Besides that, there's also Crush Blue and Black which look great as well. And for convenience's sake, Huawei have integrated the fingerprint sensor at the side of the smartphone for easier one-hand operation with style. It has a gorgeous design, great battery life and cameras that can even compete with some flagships. Some premium features are missing, such as an OLED display and wireless charging, but these are not deal breakers for most people. Ultimately, the presence of Google Play services means this phone will be far more successful in Western markets than the Mate 30 series ever could be. At Php18, competition is short if we're pitting value and performance and its very hard to deny that at this price point, the Huawei NOVA 5T has excellent value offering. If you can live with these trade-offs, the nova 5T is a great proposition that punches above its weight class. The HUAWEI nova 5T is one of the most compelling mid-range smartphones in the market today, offering flagship-class performance with an exquisite design at a highly affordable price. For RM, the Customers purchasing the tablet will also get a free mini speaker while stocks last. It also boasts a 2. You have to try it out for yourself!

Huawei nova 5T Themes

It is exclusively available in HiCare App. You can easily head over to HiCare app and check for updates. Not sure how to download it? This video will guide you through the steps. As mentioned in the above tweet, the update will be available in the HiCare app. It is rolling out for users on both EMUI 9. Now all users can take benefit of these. Google has finally announced the official Android 10 OS version with a bunch of new features, system security, improvements, and system UI changes. Well, Huawei is always very quick in upgrading their device to the latest Android version. Thanks to the all-new project treble insertion by Google which brings fast Android OS update to all the device. Make sure to bookmark this article to get the update of Android 10 for Huawei Nova 5T. The company has revealed the update timeline for its devices which will receive the Android 10 stable version. These two phones will get a stable update in November Additionally, you can check more EMUI 10 features and supported device list. If you want to test out the beta update then follow the below steps and join the program. Go to the HiCare app and tap on the checkbox and select apply in order to proceed. Hope this article will be useful to you. If you have any queries, you can ask in the comments below. Huawei Nova 5T features a 6. The phone packs GB internal memory. Huawei Nova 5T runs on Android 9. It also has a fingerprint sensor in the side. I started my career as a blogger in and also worked on an Android niche platform to gain extra income. For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. But now the company is rolling stable updates to their various smartphones. Popular Posts:. Mohammed Huwais.

Wallpaper for Huawei Nova 5T 1.0 APK

In this excerpt, we will show you how you can easily change the wallpaper of your Huawei Nova 5T. You can select a default wallpaper that you already have on your Huawei Nova 5T, but also one of your gallery photos. A window will open and you can select a photo from your Gallery, a default image or an animated wallpaper. Method 2 :. You can choose again between standard images, gallery and animated wallpapers. Method 3 :. Choose one of the options. Depending on the size of your photo, you may need to crop the image to set it as a wallpaper. How to automatically change your wallpaper You can also use an application to automatically change the wallpaper on your Huawei Nova 5T. We recommend the free application Wallpaper Changerwhich you can easily download on Google Play. You can decide yourself if this should happen after a certain time interval, with each click or after each unlocking of the screen. In conclusion, we would like to remind you once again that it is possible that the different steps as well as the names of the choices may differ slightly from one model to another. You need more? Our team of experts and passionate can help you. Jan In addition, you can also download free background images from the Internet. How exactly this works is shown below. Click on the option you want to select. Method 2 : Press on the screen and hold for a few seconds. A window will open. You can choose from the three options already mentioned. Select one and click on it. Afterwards, you can see all your photos on the camera.


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