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Need support for your remote team? Check out our new promo! IT issues often require a personalized solution. Why EE? Get Access. Log In. Web Dev. NET App Servers. We help IT Professionals succeed at work. Medium Priority. Last Modified: We have not been able to find anything definitive about what cards, if any, will work in our model server. We found confirmed support for a G6, but not our specific model. Has anyone else looked into this possibly? If you were able to get it to work on a DL G7 which card did you end up using? Start Free Trial. View Solutions Only. Experts with Gold status have received one of our highest-level Expert Awards, which recognize experts for their valuable contributions. Fellow This award is reserved for members who have accomplished extraordinary things, sustained quality tech contributions, and shown great leadership efforts over a long period of time. Expert of the Year This award recognizes experts who help improve Experts Exchange with their contributions to the site, leadership and mentorship efforts, and set an example within the community. Commented: You've go to be a little be careful with the power requirements for the card, through the riser, which is specified at 75 Watts maximum. This cards supports up to DirectX 11 Power requirements, support for single width cards can be troublesome. Author Commented: Have you used that card on a DL G7 before? Yes, DLG7 can only take single width cards, and cards up to watts. From what I can tell its still single width and power is the same. Out of curiosity would you know if this card supports DirectX We dont need it now, but it looks like those are RemoteFX requirements when running Server Distinguished Expert This award recognizes someone who has achieved high tech and professional accomplishments as an expert in a specific topic.

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See if any Graphic card is supported, if not, you may have to consult with third party Graphic card manufacturers to see if that card works on this server. HP does not offer any optional graphic card for this server, however if you need to install a graphic card in your server you need to consider the available slots in first step and your future requirement for expansion. If you just need two ports, which I don't understand the purpose, please consider using and VGA port splitter instead of installing a graphic card. Please explain purpose, may be we can suggest you a better alternate. If you still need to install a grphic card, consider ATI PCI-E graphic card, again HP does not test third party graphic card with their servers, you may need to consult graphic card manufacturer manuals if its supported on this server. I cant believe the number of 'blog trog' numpties who immediately blog up a spec's page to any question like this. If the specs gave the details then people wouldnt be asking would they!!! The reply then also comes up in many searches done by people like myself - who have already read the specs. Time wasters. The useful answer is the DLs will work quite happily with a card that takes less than 70W and will use 1 pcie channel. Hope that is more helpful to people. I have one small query here is that are you able to get the display through ILO after installing these optional graphic cards? I have this same model server DL G7 and as far as I know you can use video cards that draw up to watts if you buy the PCIe 16x graphics card riser and cable. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. Log In. New Discussion. Occasional Visitor. Regards Rene. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. HPE Pro. I believe HP does not test any such cards on their servers. I work for HPE. Frequent Advisor.

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Not knowing many about server builds I do about regular I have a need to expand my storage place on the server. While in the front of the server i already am using one SSD disk i want now to add a mechanical with more capacity. Unfourtinetly i bought a new disk with the size of 3. I did find a connector for SSD's wich seems to also fit the hard drive same picture as belowAs it is a mechanical hard drive i dont think having it stand up is a smart move. My question is if there should be a other place with a sata connection or can i buy some kind of extension coard for this connector and place the drive somewhere safe? My second challenge is adding a graphic card, the card i have requires a 6 pin cable, I understand that all my power supplies 4 are connected connect to a power board and the power is distributed from there? On that board only 1 of the 4 connectors are connected, After googling i found a cable exist from 10 pin to 6 pin. Could i power this way the graphic card? The drives are 2. You should not install any disks inside the chassis, unless there is a bay for them at the front. Surely you've not used them all up, you only mention an SSD. I have to ask though, if you don't know a lot about servers, what did you buy such a big one for, what will be it's intended purpose and why not a smaller orthe 5xx series are massive and power hungry. Servers like this are not typical for GPUs to be installed- again, what is your purpose with installing one in this, what do you hope to achieve with this? I am building a project wich uses indeed alot of virtual machine's, Hence i chose for the SSD to have the VM's boot fast. The server is fully utilized and in the short future i will have a need to expand, I will probably use a cloud solution and use the for developing. Indeed, i only have at the moment 1 drive installed in the front bay, that is the SSD. And while i know i should not even ask this but do you think i could try to connect that 3. I could use a sas extension cable from the bay and put the disk somewhere externally, i would be still very well cooled? This would be a temporary solution untill the right disks will arrive, I need the disk space badly. Regarding the GPU, There are 2 reasons why i would want it, The first is that i noticed one of the CPU's i running arroun 10 degrees hotter then the others, One of the possible reasons i found on google would be because of the no graphic card? The VM's are dealing with quite some image processing, Not sure if this has a impact i tought i could unload the system a bit true this. The gpu is not critical ofcourse to the operation of the server or tools but would be nice to have. The GPU i have lying arround uses a 6 pin power connector and thus the question. As Rod said, that's an overly large box to be using for a home lab. I cannot emphasize enough to check the system documentation first, because basically you are stuck. Air flow is important in that system and dropping in a hard drive willy-nilly can affect that a lot. In order to make that new drive work, you're going to need to connect directly with sata, so you will have to find a solution to do that outside of the chassis. It might be cheaper just to buy another drive that is proper for that system. Just sayin'. For future reference, download the quick specs for the DL G7 here. Thank you for posting the QuickSpec, It already gave me more insight! Seems like i still will give it a try for science. Thank you Rod for the magic word of building a frankenstein! I am trying to not frankenstein on anything on this project unlike other projects i have been working on. Ill use the 3. My only challenge that would be left is if i should connect that graphic card? How much do i know about PC's? I am a corporate programmer, This project is private tough and know how to utilize the capacity of a server, i just never touched one up untill a couple weeks ago. The current setup of the is gb ram and 4x6 core wich all are utilized fully, maybe a ram or 30gb left. As for airflow, Sorry for posting a link due to my spice!

HP PROLIANT SERVER DL 380 G7 E5620 graphic drivers

Is there a guide to newer video cards that won't seriously bottleneck this processor? For instance, the GTX or ? Go to Solution. Hi Tubbs43. Good Day! Thanks for stopping by the HP forums. I read your post about graphics card upgrades for the computer. I will be delighted to assist you with this. Fabulous diagnosis and superb analysis of the issue before posting. Kudos to you on that score. It is always a privilege to work with technical specialists like you. You are a valued HP customer and it is paramount to assist you here. We greatly appreciate you for doing business with HP. I take it as a privilege to share this platform with you. For better clarity and to assist you better I would require more information regarding this. Hope this helps. I genuinely hope the issue gets resolved without hassles and the unit works great. Please reach out for any issues and I'll always be there to assist you always. Take care now and have a splendid week ahead. I suspect, based on the CTO info on this particular machine, that video card upgrade is pretty limited. I'm not even sure the power supply has the capacity or proper cabling to support today's higher end cards. But it would be great to find out for sure! I read the response comprehensively. Superb troubleshooting and spectacular deductions. Hats off to you on that score. First off, you hit the nail on its head. Brilliant work.

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Go to Solution. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. Contact Email us Tell us what you think. Log In. New Discussion. DLG7 and W graphics card support. Occasional Advisor. According to the quickspecs and release notes for this server it supports W graphics cards via the additional x16 riser B21 which is the same as that used on older servers DLG5p for example. Knowing this I know that it has no additonal power cable to power the card only 75W comes via the PCIe backplane, the rest has to come from a seperate cable so I am wondering if anyone knows if there is a cbale that must be purchaseed or if the loom has the 75W graphics card plug included All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. HPE Pro. Hi Biccy, you are right! Many accelerator cards use to watts of power, which is significantly greater than the 75 watts of power that is supported through the PCIe x16 connector. Fortunately, the PCIe specification defines a method for supplying additional power to cards using auxiliary power connectors on the system motherboard that connect to the accelerator cards using special cables. Depending on their physical configuration, these cables are capable of supplying an additional 75 watts to watts of power to a PCIe card. HP Product Engineering has specifically added these power connectors to ProLiant systems to support these accelerator cards. See Self Help Post for more details. Respected Contributor. Most servers don't host highend video cards.

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