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Would you eat your dinner off a dirty plate? Would you drink from a stained glass? Therefore, it always astonishes me when I hear that bong owners have no issues smoking from a filthy glass piece. If you want to get the best out of your bong, clean it regularly. This guide will show you how. Table of Contents. This is down to personal preference, but it also depends on how often you use the device. Some dedicated smokers will clean their bong after every single session! This is probably a little excessive. As well as making the weed taste better, a clean bong preserves your health. If you insist on using a nasty piece, you invite the risk of respiratory infectionwhich will ruin future sessions. There is even a slight possibility of contracting a lung infection, which is terrible news for weed smokers! Why are you at risk when using a dirty bong? It should be common sense, but here goes. Stagnant water in bongs and water pipes is a prime breeding ground for fungus and bacteria. For example, have you seen black spots on the ceiling of a bathroom without proper ventilation? You may also have spotted a pink film, which is a fungus. One of the most common types, Fusariumgrows in damp locations. Fusarium is also capable of utterly destroying cannabis plants. Mold tends to accumulate around reclaims and percolators, two of the most challenging areas to clean. Mold varies in terms of appearance and color, but it comes in green, black, gray, pink, and white. You could also inhale the smoke that has passed through water that your buddy drooled into in a past session. When you inhale cleaner smoke, it is better news for your respiratory system. You also enjoy the taste of the smoke more as the flavors come through. Have you ever taken a rip, only for it to be so harsh on your lungs that you had no option but to cough? You can reduce the risk of this happening by cleaning your bong. If nothing else, make sure you change the water after every session. Also, a clean bong helps the percolator to work at its highest capacity. A clogged perc prevents you from getting a smooth smoke. The THC-laden smoke gets a straightforward path from the bong to your lungs. Alcohol is prevalent for bong cleaning. Therefore, we decided that it would be a great idea to show you how to clean a bong without rubbing alcohol first. Isopropyl alcohol is a perfectly safe household solvent to use. However, there are lots of users who prefer to learn how to clean a glass bong without alcohol instead. Firstly, boil enough water to cover the entire bong in a saucepan. Next, reduce the heat to simmer and submerge your bong in water for 30 minutes.

How to Clean Your Bong [The BEST Guide]

Nothing beats smoking out of a bowl for the first time. Some of you may have been taught to boil your glassware, but it isn't always effective and isn't easy. To clean your bowl, you'll need to gather three main materials. You'll need one sealable plastic bag, some sea salt and a bottle of isopropyl alcohol. As long as the isopropyl alcohol is above 70 percent constitution, you should be fine. Higher percentages can help you clean the bowl more efficiently. Place your bowl inside of the plastic bag, and put it down on a counter. Fill the bag with the isopropyl alcohol until the entire bowl is submerged. Add a tablespoon of sea salt to act as an abrasive, and let the pipe sit for about two hours. After two hours, the resin in the pipe will have been weakened. Pick the bowl up inside the bag and shake it vigorously for about five minutes. This will loosen the resin and force it out of the pipe and into the bag. After shaking, take a look at the bowl. Do you still see resin clogged in certain parts of the pipe? A pipe may require additional cleaning if it is extremely dirty. If so, you have a few options, including starting the process over. You can also use pipe-cleaners to remove any excess. If your pipe is clean enough for use, simply remove it from the bag and wash it in warm, soapy water. Dispose of the alcohol carefully, as the resin it has removed will stain anything it touches. Wipe the bowl with a towel and let it sit until fully dry. Your bowl will be as good as new. Trevor Williams via Lexichronic. By lexichronic. Gather Your Materials. About Contact Newsletter Terms Privacy.

420 Stoner Tutorial: How To Properly Clean Your Bowl

Learn how to clean a pipe, and keep yourself clean too! Cleaning a glass pipe is important because it provides purer smoke which is better for your health than smoking from a dirty pipe. A clean glass pipe has more benefits than just cleaner smoke. A dirty pipe has resin, which is the carcinogenic tar-like byproduct of smoking marijuana from a pipe. Resin builds up quickly potentially clogging your pipe, and it also takes away from that unforgettable aromatic flavor of dank nugs. Thus, clean glass pipes are more beneficial. Clogged pipes cause problems for the session so keep it clean, and learn how here…. Materials for cleaning glass pipes:. You can start to clean a glass pipe by placing the pipe in the zip lock baggy completely submerging it into isopropyl rubbing alcohol and seal. Place in second baggy wrapped in paper towels for extra safety Optional. From here you can let your future clean glass pipe soak in the alcohol for a couple hours, or if you are in a hurry you can shake the pipe in the baggy while securing firmly it in your hands. The goal is to break down the resin quicker, not to drop and break your pipe. Once the resin has had time to break loose, put on your rubber gloves because this is the dirty work. Resin is blacksticky, and unpleasant. Try to not get the resin on your skin or any surfaces. You are almost done cleaning a pipe. Now remove your pipe after shaking it and run a continuous stream of warm or semi-hot water through all the holes in the pipe. You should see chunks of resin wash down the drain, if any get stuck in your sink wash them down quickly. By now you should nearly have a clean glass pipe. Often times the resin in the bowl area is not completely cleaned away. If that is the case, take your Q-tips and scrape away the unwanted pipe resin. If the inside of your pipe is still dirty and you have access to a pipe cleaning wire, feel free to dip it in alcohol and rub the inside of your pipe clean. How To Clean A Pipe. Materials for cleaning glass pipes: 1. Rubber hand gloves. Some Q-tips. A few paper towels and possibly a pipe cleaning wire.

How to Clean Your Marijuana Pipe

Knowing how to clean a bong properly is imperative if you want to enjoy the flavor out of your smoke. With most bongs nowadays, there are so many nooks and crannies it can get a little intimidating come time to clean that sweet glass bong of yours with a honeycomb perc leading to 12 tree perc! Glass beaker bongs or plastic bongs, it doesn't matter. Take the pieces of your bong apart and rinse it out with hot water to break down the gunk and to get any of the low hanging fruit out of there. You need to pour in enough mixture to where it's full but not so overflowing that alcohol is spilling out of the opening where your downstem goes. In regards to the salt, add just enough salt to the mixture to where it doesn't dissolve in the alcohol. Cover up the hole at the base with a paper towel and then plug up the opening at the top of the bong with a hand towel. Create a good seal on the bottom hole with your thumb, and use the palm of your other hand to create a seal on the top opening. Pour out all of the nasty alcohol solution and rinse the bong out with hot water. You may need to repeat steps a couple of times depending on how dirty your bong is. Add salt to the zip lock baggies with your downstem and bowl and shake the shit out of them. Make sure they are sealed tight! Also, don't shake them while they are in the bag together, you run the risk of breaking the glass. Pro Tip: You may need to use a Q-tip with alcohol to clean hard to reach parts of the bowl. If your bong has all kinds of loops and twists and percs going on if every direction, then shaking the shit out of your bong might not be a great idea. Bought a new bong? Use our Bong Name Generator to name it! Place your fingers firmly over both holes, and shake it silly until all of the debris washes out. If you keep a regular schedule, never letting it get too bad, it's a simple process that can be done in a matter of minutes! How to clean a pipe is simple, just place your pipe in a Ziploc baggie and fill the bag with alcohol. Let the pipe soak in this bag for an hour or so. Now, you should have most of the pipe clean. Next, you need to, use a Q-tip dipped in alcohol to gently rub away any pesky residue. Make sure not to force the Q-tip through any of the holes in the pipe, as this is a quick way to break pipes. Finally, rinse with hot water. You may need to repeat steps until your glass is looking good as new! If you accidentally break your pipe while you're cleaning it, we've got you covered. Check out this guide on buying weed pipes right here. Not impressed with your dab rig even after it's clean? Click here to check it out! Instead, use these preventive measures to help ensure that it stays cleaner for a more prolonged period. The easiest way to keep your bong clean is by using an ash catcher. An ash catcher acts as a barrier, keeping the majority of debris out of your bong. Keeping your pieces empty while you are not using it is a great way to keep it clean proactively. This one is as simple as it sounds. Keeping fresh, clean water, in your bong at all times will not only help prevent bong water smell but also, contribute to keeping it clean. There are new advancements in science and technology every day, and Piece Water is one of them. You might not have it around, or feel there is a more natural way to get the resin out. Good news! There is!

How to Clean a Glass Pipe

The unctuous black resin that results from smoking cannabis is quite apt to stain clothing, your hands, and anything else it comes in contact with. Fortunately, maintenance of glass is hardly rocket science; it just takes patience, the right tools, and a little bit of advanced planning. Step 1: Soften the resin by applying heat. Step 2: Using the bobby pin or similar device, gently scrape the resin from the bowl, walls, and mouthpiece of the pipe. Keep in mind that the resin will stain most anything it comes in contact with, so exercise caution and have a paper towel or similar in place to wipe off the collected resin. Of course, if you want to save the resin for smoking later, you can collect it all in a non-reactive glass or plastic vessel of some kind. Step 3: Break out the freezer baggie! Place the pipe in the bag with a good scoop we recommend a tablespoon or two of salt, then enough rubbing alcohol to submerge the pipe completely. Sealing up the baggie, start gently swishing and rubbing with your fingers to scrub the pipe with the salt-and-alcohol mixture. Keep this up for a good minute or two you may want to employ a timer if cannabis has altered your perception of timethen allow the pipe to sit in the liquid for a couple of hours. Step 4: Once the scrub is complete, rinse the pipe thoroughly in hot water, gently dry with a towel of some sort, and inspect. An alternative cleaning regimen is to boil enough tap water to cover the pipe by a few inches in a saucepan, reduce the heat to a simmer, and submerge the pipe for half an hour or so. Be sure that the simmer is low enough to release gentle bubbles, but not evaporate off and leave the pipe uncovered, which could crack it. How to Clean a Glass Pipe. Sparket more from author. No Comments - be the first. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.


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