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Housekeeping Program For Hospitality

Keeping a clean and organized house is usually a daunting task to most people due to the busy schedules and lack of the necessary skills. Thankfully, Savoir Vivre can come to your aid by helping you hire professional housekeeping personnel who have the required skills and expertise. Our team has worked smart to compile a list of housekeeping training courses that equip our domestic helpers with the essential skills and knowledge. As a result, we equip our trainees with information on various organic cleaning reagents. Our highly skilled tutors go an extra mile to organize practical lessons that demonstrate how each organic cleaning kit should be used. Failing to plan is equivalent to planning to fail. You need to have a plan on when and how to carry out various housekeeping tasks. Our housekeeping skills training educate domestic helpers on how to create cleaning routines and timetables. At the end of the course, they can come up with an accurate and implementable cleaning timetable that is in line with your needs and preferences. A domestic helper role is to keep not only your home tidy but to prepare healthy meals. Our housekeeping training courses discusses chemistry, fundamentals, and recipes in length. The personnel also undergo rigorous testing programs that are tailored to gauge their understanding and ability to apply the skills taught in class in real life scenarios. This move greatly helps to ensure that our staff offer housekeeping services that are in line with international standards. It is of paramount importance to maintain high hygienic standards in the kitchen to promote the health and wellness of your entire family. Our housekeeping training program teaches our staff the various ways of cleaning the kitchen and appliances. Over the years, we have invested in a broad range of equipment that we use for training purposes to equip the staff with the skills they need to take care of even the most advanced kitchen appliances. Starting the day on the right foot will boost your productivity throughout the day. Our personnel will ensure that you always start your day with the right mindset by making sure that your bathroom is sparkling clean and organized. The housekeeping course covers every bathroom cleaning and organization aspect, so rest assured that you would get value for your money. The living room portrays your personality and preferences. Based on this fact, it is imperative to ensure that it is always clean and organized. Training for housekeeping professionals focuses on the best living room cleaning practices. They can expertly clean carpets, floors, cabinets, couches, and any other accessories in your living room using safe cleaning reagents and advanced equipment such as vacuum cleaners. Do not allow the thought of cleaning your bedroom and organizing our closet stress you or give you sleepless nights. Our domestic professionals attend housekeeping training classes that equip them with the necessary bedroom and closet organization skills. We also hold housekeeping seminars that give them with an opportunity to interact and share ideas with other experts in this niche. Not all clothes can be tossed into the washing machine as some are made from delicate materials. Also, some require the use of particular cleaning reagents. Our domestic personnel undertake courses that equip them with information on how to take care of different materials when doing laundry. Just like the other courses, we use theory and practical lessons to equip and nurture their skills. We know your furniture is one of the precious items in your home. As a result, we have housekeeping classes that focus on furniture care and stain removal. When you call, we will send a professional domestic helper who has extensive knowledge on how to take care of various types of furniture. We have a team of experts who are conversant with pets and allergies. They train domestic helpers on how to take care of pets as well as respond to allergies.

Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive (CHHE®)

Be The Best! Train With The Best! Professional cleaning is a skill that requires a broad knowledge in a wide range of skills, including planning and organisation, surface materials, cleaning techniques and health and safety for chemicals, equipment and site. Untrained cleaners, without this knowledge, pose a risk to themselves, to others, the surface materials, and can contribute to significant wastage of time and cleaning products. Aside from a safety point, training is essential to promote better cleaning practices and standards and can help reduce direct costs through reduced wastage. Training will also bring in new ideas into an organisation. Training is also about introducing new opportunities that could be harnessed and new ways to improve current procedures and thinking. We are not just trainers! Our expertise enables us to advise and create bespoke training courses. Online learning offers tremendous advantages for individuals and companies looking for cleaner training. Each trainee can learn anywhere in the world, at anytime, simply by logging in on a wide range of devices from mobile phones to desktop computers. Onsite training and coaching allows training to be delivered in a focused and practical way, matching the training content with specific cleaning products and equipment, in the specific environment the staff are working in. Futureclean Assured Systems has the experience and expert capability to deliver a wide range of technical services for your organisation. From Futureclean Assured Systems consultancy services has come the Cleaning Masterclass cleaner training programmes and manuals, so you will get the benefit of our wide expertise as consultants as well as trainers. Onsite Services We offer the following:. A complete train-the-trainer course specifically designed for cleaning teams to develop and deliver practical internal training courses to cleaners. The training on the day was clear and relevant to our practises, "Rafael invited engagement from our domestic staff team and had us all working together. Rafael has provided support after the training as well, looking over the method statements, suggesting products and assisting with compliance, this has been a great help, ensuring everything we learnt is put into practise properly. We have taken practises learnt in the training and adapted them into our working practises with great results, definitely recommend Cleaning Masterclass. Thanks for your training last week we found it very useful and will be recommending you to other Practices. I'm enjoying this a lot so far. I like the in depth information along with the detailed pictures I'm looking forward to practicing what I've learned in my job". I will be getting in touch to enquire about other areas of training which will help our school. Thank you so much!! The information that you have sent through is exactly what I was looking for. The booklet will be the perfect basis and starting point for me to create our staff training programme. Providing paper workbooks for us to reference to. We were shown some practical tips and skills which proved very helpful during our recent summer clean. I just wanted to give you a little feedback from last week. You did a great job of training the cleaners. You did a thorough job on the day and I felt the way you did the practical training was brilliant and helped reinforce the learning. Additionally, the literature you sent across is fantastic, so comprehensive and relevant to us as a school whilst remaining easy to read, understand and follow.

Online Class: Housekeeping 101

A housekeeper, sometimes known as a housekeeping manager, is responsible for organising the staff in a hotel to make sure that all the rooms are kept clean, tidy and welcoming. They supervise staff in the department and encourage effective teamwork. A big part of the role is to draw up shift rotas and allocate daily cleaning duties for the room attendants. Housekeepers inspect the rooms and make sure that standards have been met. They record any faults or damages and make arrangements for repairs to be carried out. Recruiting and training staff would also be part of the job. A housekeeper will demonstrate how to do a task to the set standard and expect new and existing employees to achieve the same level of competence. Housekeepers prepare and manage budgets, buying in supplies economically and keeping records of expenditure. Housekeepers work in all kinds of hotels and residential establishments, from small hotels to holiday centres, luxury health spas and private clubs. You do not always need to have academic qualifications to become a housekeeper. It is usual to have a background in the hospitality industry or relevant qualifications. It is possible to work your way up from room attendant, if you show the necessary skills in team work and communication. Qualifications that may help you gain entry into this field at a supervisory level include HNC's, and SVQ qualifications in hospitality, hospitality supervision or hospitality and catering. There are also HND, and degree courses in subjects like hospitality management, hotel and catering management, international or European hospitality management, and accommodation management with culinary arts. A qualification at this level may help you progress in your career to a senior management position. Training is usually on the job. Apprenticeships may be available for those under the age of See Modern Apprenticships in the Funding section. A list of courses Hospitality Training provide for Housekeepers can be found here. Housekeepers tend to stay in their job for some time and so there are fewer vacancies than in other areas of the industry. There are more opportunities at a junior level but competition can be fierce. There may be opportunities to move into a related job, such as front-of-house manager or training manager. There are also professional qualifications that can help with progression. Once in the industry, related work such as domestic services management at a hospital, or facilities management at a university, may provide opportunities. Hotel room attendants ensure that hotel rooms are clean, tidy and inviting for guests. This includes:. In a small hotel, attendants are responsible to the housekeeper or housekeeping manager. In larger hotels, room attendants report to the floor housekeeper or assistant housekeeper. In the very smallest establishments the hotel owner or manager may supervise attendants, or might even do the job themselves. There can be a lot of early starts, as well as some weekends and public holidays. Shift work is common - some hotels operate a hour shift system. Part-time, seasonal and temporary work is common. The job involves bending and stretching, and heavy tasks such as carrying loads of linen and turning mattresses. You do not need any qualifications to become a room attendant. Employers will look for staff who are honest, hardworking and good timekeepers. Apprenticeships may be different in other areas. Prospects for progression will depend on the size of the organisation.

Certified & Accredited

Keeping a clean house seems like such a daunting exercise for many people, but it need not be. Arming yourself with the right knowledge and the right tools will make cleaning easy and efficient. In this course, we offer a comprehensive view of how to care for your house, your belongings, and how to protect you and your family from harmful chemicals and allergies. Before you begin any project, you must always ensure that you have the right tools for the job. Cleaning is certainly no exception. In fact, having the right tools for cleaning your house will make your job of keeping a tidy, clean house so much easier and enjoyable. You will learn how to set a schedule that will make cleaning seem less laborious, and you will learn the tips and tricks from the experts on how to deal with common household cleaning projects and issues. We will review cleaning tips for each room in your house. You will also learn how to make your own cleaning supplies, which can be especially useful for people who care about how certain chemicals affect the environment, or who need to avoid certain chemicals due to allergies. Making your own products and be a fun way to save money and ensure a safer house for your family. Join: Housekeeping Taking multiple courses? Save with our platinum program. Students have taken this course. Course Description. Lesson 1 : Your Cleaning Kit. Your house and all of your possessions need cleaning at certain points, and when you consider the size of your house or the number of your belongings, it can seem like a daunting task to keep everything neat, tidy, and clean. Even with the advent of more sophisticated and very powerful cleaning agents, more and more people are turning to making their own cleaning supplies, for a number of reasons. In this course, we will review how to clean each room in your house, and we will start with the kitchen. Proper hygiene in the bathroom is extremely important. While bacteria are of course a concern, you must also consider mold in the bathroom, as mold tends to grow in warm, moist environments. For many people, the living room is where you relax after a long day. It should be as inviting as possible, and that begins with keeping it clutter-free. Your daily routine should always include tidying up the house, and especially the living room. The bedroom is a place of rest and nothing impedes rest as much as uncleanliness. Your bedroom should be a sanctuary, and the best way to start in creating an environment of rest and relaxation is to de-clutter. Cleaning the laundry is a big part of keeping a household clean. By following the care labels attached to garments and following the instructions in this chapter, you can extend the life of your clothes and make the laundry process easier. Many people have invested a good deal of money in their furniture, so it is important to know how to properly care for it. Our pets are dear companions for many people and we strive to make them as happy as possible in their environment. Determine and assemble your cleaning kit. Define a cleaning schedule and develop a cleaning routine. Know the fundamentals about creating your own cleaning supplies. Describe the techniques to clean a kitchen. Describe the techniques to clean a bathroom. Describe the techniques to clean the living room area. Describe the techniques to clean bedrooms. Define the methods to properly clean laundry. Describe basic furniture care techniques. Additional Course Information.

Certificate of Housekeeping – Hospitality

The Certified Hospitality Housekeeping Executive certification recognizes that you are a professional who is dedicated to keeping your skills up to date and your property sparkling. No one knows guestrooms like a hospitality housekeeping executive. Housekeeping executives know all the ins and outs of the housekeeping operation from the best place to order supplies to implementing eco-friendly laundry operations to training the team to manage the latest bedding trends. You know how to motivate and manage a large staff of housekeeping employees. The CHHE certification can help you excel in your current position, move further toward your career goals, and show that you are among the best in your profession. You can earn the CHHE designation if you are currently employed as an executive-level or management-level position in housekeeping operations of a lodging hospitality company. Candidate Time in Position: Current employment in an executive housekeeping position for at least 1 year. Your designated proctor cannot be a relative. The CHHE exam has multiple-choice questions that must be answered within three hours. The test questions test your mastery of competencies derived from four key areas of knowledge. The key areas of testing are:. To order this program for your property to train multiple staff members, contact our sales team. Email: certification ahlei. The hospitality industry constantly changes, so hospitality professionals must continually advance their knowledge and skills. For this reason, certification designees hold their certification for only five years. Visit www. A candidate may elect to sit for the exam to earn recertification instead of earning points. The candidate must achieve a minimum score of 70 percent to recertify. Candidates who recertify must pay the fee, complete a maintenance activity form, submit all supporting documentation, and sign the maintenance agreement - agreeing to all terms. Once recertified, you will receive a new jeweled lapel pin that reflects the number of years you are certified and a new certificate.


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