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After numerous drafts and performances, it is set in stone here. Hadestown retells the Orpheus and Eurydice myth set in an America of hard times economically, socially, and politically. There is a hint of the great Depression as a setting, but only a hint. Hadestown' s narrative, like the myth, steeps itself in ambiguities more than dead certainties. It moves past dualities of good and evil, life and death, hope and despair, while examining how commonly held beliefs about class reinforce poverty, how our desire for security is complicit in giving away our freedoms, and what real generosity in love actually is. Everything here is ambitious, nothing is excessive. The music ranges with classic American folk forms: country gospel, ragtime, blues, and early jazz, to approximations of rock, swing, and avant-garde -- all of it immediate, accessible, and inviting. Only a singer like this could write a song beautiful enough to rescue his lover from the Underworld. This minute work goes by in a flash. Artfully conceived, articulated, and produced, Hadestown raises Mitchell 's creative bar exponentially: there isn't anything else remotely like it. AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. Blues Classical Country. Electronic Folk International. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Genre Folk. Rainy Day. Track Listing. Wedding Song. Epic Part One. Way Down Hadestown. Songbird Intro. Hey, Little Songbird. Gone, I'm Gone.

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Chant II 2. Epic III. I was not so fortunate as to see Hadestown live, but this is how I imagine Chant II and Epic III played out, and luckily my imagination doesn't need to fit on a stage in a theater, and my imagination apparently has a pretty high special effects budget. So he could hear the things they were saying about the girl, about him. He heard everything. He walked past the vagabond man, Hermes, who looked on soberly. He saw the boy rather soon. And nearby was Persephone, of course. His queen, his love, always found her way back in the throng of commoners. Was she that bored of him? The closer Hades drew to the boy, the greater the tension in the air. At last, productivity hit its trough; Hades stood face-to-face with the musician, the boy frowning, taking a slightly defensive stance. The area was silent. No one hammering. No one sawing. Just waiting. Fearing and craving the hand of retribution- fearing because to bring the pauper down would dash whatever hopes they had placed in him, and craving, because whatever else they believed, it validated them to see someone suffer the punishment of which they had remained so wary. Orpheus- that was his name. The boy tried to shrink from his grip, but Hades only tightened it, with an affable smile. This was a performance, everything was always a performance, but Hades could feel a bit of earnestness creeping into it. Orpheus was beginning to look both horrified and overwhelmed by his words, which only fed the flames, as it were; the boy was revealing his weakness, and his weakness was the reason that he had fallen into this predicament. The words began to feel a bit toxic in his mouth, perhaps because he was imagining Persephone weighed down by rocks, unable to wander and drift from fancy to fancy. That was a To anchor her here, right here with him They were ablaze, in a glare that would level lesser men. As it was, though, she only made him Is it true, what he said? As they did their muttering, Persephone took long strides forward, but she did not approach Hades; rather, she walked past him at an angle and hooked her arm through that of In a gentle voice, but one that carried through the whole space, Persephone addressed the girl, whose expression was one of astonishment and unease. Was she actually taunting him?

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Orpheus is still very much an artist—only his art in this AU is visual instead of auditory. Built or anything. Surviving the winter they last longer into the winter this time though because again, he does have a couple of machines good for tiding over the winter and surviving, and eurydice can operate them. Ironic, as he sings and flies, a real songbird. Imagine all the work he could do. Imagine how grand it would be, with just his help. And imagine how much fun it would be to fix it all! Is it true? Can he really stay here forever, with parts and tools and endless projects worthy of his skill and attention - at least, without her? An impressive invention in turn for his life — a chance he gives only because his wife is smitten with interest. Orpheus gets three days and no more, and when he is finally ordered to come before the throne of basalt and steel he brings his invention. And Hades gives a curt, mocking laugh, because all Orpheus has in his hands is a simple box of bronze, cheap and adorably human. Delicate and beautiful; extremely finely spun, as if the metal were only woven fibers. It is as soft as any silk. Bed, bread, fire? Strength in his bones? And yet he refuses still? Posted on 29 Julyat 7.


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The original version of the musical premiered in the town of BarreVermont in There was also a production in Vergennes in the same year and a tour between Vermont and Massachusetts in Then Mitchell, unsure about the future of the musical, turned it into a concept albumreleased in InMitchell met director Rachel Chavkinand the two started to rework the stage production, with additional songs and dialogue. The new version of the musical, developed for the stage and directed by Chavkin, premiered Off-Broadway at New York Theatre Workshop on May 6, and ran through July Following productions in Edmonton and Londonthe show premiered in previews on Broadway in March The Broadway production opened to critical acclaim and received numerous awards and nominations. At the 73rd Tony AwardsHadestown received a total of 14 nominations the most for the evening and won eight of them, including Best Musical and Best Original Score. HermesGreek god of boundaries, roads, travelers, commerce, thieves, athletes, shepherds, and Psychopompsis the divine messenger. Throughout the musical, he plays the role of narrator. He is completely honest and smooth-spoken. Though he claims not to do things "because he is kind", he is shown to care for Orpheus by taking him in as his aide and shows kindness to Eurydice. Orpheus is a legendary musician, poet, lover of Eurydice, and prophet in ancient Greek religion. The main protagonisthe is a dreamer and always see how things could be. He sees the best in people. He is awkward and clumsy but ultimately determined. Eurydice is the lover of Orpheus. She is more experienced in life than Orpheus. She has been alone her whole life and has learned to fight for herself, which has made her reluctant to trust people. The Fates follow her through most of the musical, planting seeds of doubt and encouraging her to leave to Hadestown. Persephone is goddess of Spring and wife of Hades. She is free spirited and fun loving. She is an alcoholic and is frequently shown to be drunk at many points of the musical. Though she still loves him, her relationship with Hades has broken down over the years and the pair constantly bicker. With her arrival to our world she brings spring, summer, and good times. Hades is god of the underworld and husband of Persephone. He is the primary antagonist. He is the ruler of Hadestown. He is cold and uncaring. However, he has become even more cold and hardened ever since his relationship with Persephone has become distant. He sees the workers of Hadestown as "his children", and believes that through totalitarian control of their lives he has set them free. The Fates are three spirits that act as the driving force of many key decisions other characters make in the show by influencing and manipulating their thoughts. Hermes, in the opening number, describes them as "three old women who dressed the same" and says that "they're always singing in the back of your mind". In a Great Depression -era inspired post-apocalyptic setting, the god Hermesthe narrator, enters to introduce each of the characters "Road to Hell". This is followed by the three Fates describing the harsh weather of the setting "Any Way the Wind Blows". OrpheusHermes's ward, and Eurydice emerge and introduce themselves to each other, and Orpheus asks Eurydice to marry him with some encouragement from Hermes "Come Home With Me". Eurydice is doubtful, since they both live in poverty and she wants a life of stability.

"Epic III (Broadway Version)" - Hadestown [Karaoke/Instrumental]

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