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My client designation is different than Employeer, which one we need to Specify for visa stamping. Not sure how they validate, but they may match your role and responsibility to your submitted resume, work experience and education to see if you qualify. If the VO suspects, he may ask some very basic questions about the technology just to gauge your confidence level. Yes, your salary for all purposes is what is mentioned in the LCA. If the employer has issued an offer letter containing salary, then quote that. It is important that this offer letter salary is not less than LCA salary. H1B Visa. Hi Friends, Please help to clarify below questions for H1B visa stamping what roles and responsibilities i need to mention: As per resume or LCA document? Do i need to mention my Salary mentioned in LCA? Thanks Chilka. Saurabh February 23,am 2. For your H-1 position, it should match the LCA or any other document that employer would have submitted to USCIS Not sure how they validate, but they may match your role and responsibility to your submitted resume, work experience and education to see if you qualify.

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Skip to main content. Alert: On March 20,U. This visa category applies to people who wish to perform services in a specialty occupation, services of exceptional merit and ability relating to a Department of Defense DOD cooperative research and development project, or services as a fashion model of distinguished merit or ability. For you to qualify to accept a job offer in a specialty occupation you must meet one of the following criteria:. The job must meet both of the following criteria to qualify as a DOD cooperative research and development project:. To be eligible for this visa category you must be a fashion model of distinguished merit and ability. On Dec. Please see our I Direct Filing Chart page. Regardless of whether a visa is required, the prospective H-1B worker must then apply to U. Prospective specialty occupation and distinguished fashion model employers must obtain a certification of an LCA from the DOL. This application includes certain attestations, a violation of which can result in fines, bars on sponsoring nonimmigrant or immigrant petitions, and other sanctions to the employer. The application requires the employer to attest that it will comply with the following labor requirements:. As an H-1B nonimmigrant, you may be admitted for a period of up to three years. Your time period may be extended, but generally cannot go beyond a total of six years, though some exceptions do apply under sections c and a of the American Competitiveness in the Twenty-First Century Act AC Your employer will be liable for the reasonable costs of your return transportation if your employer terminates you before the end of your period of authorized stay. Your employer is not responsible for the costs of your return transportation if you voluntarily resign your position. You must contact the Service Center that approved your petition in writing if you believe that your employer has not complied with this requirement. The H-1B visa has an annual numerical limit "cap" of 65, visas each fiscal year. The first 20, petitions filed on behalf of beneficiaries with a U. Additionally, H-1B workers who are petitioned for or employed at an institution of higher education or its affiliated or related nonprofit entities or a nonprofit research organization, or a government research organization are not subject to this numerical cap. Your spouse and unmarried children under 21 years of age may seek admission in the H-4 nonimmigrant classification. Beginning May 26,certain H-4 dependent spouses of H-1B nonimmigrants can file Form I, Application for Employment Authorization, as long as the H-1B nonimmigrant has already started the process of seeking employment-based lawful permanent resident status. Have completed a U. Hold a foreign degree that is the equivalent to a U. Hold an unrestricted state license, registration, or certification which authorizes you to fully practice the specialty occupation and be engaged in that specialty in the state of intended employment. Have education, training, or progressively responsible experience in the specialty that is equivalent to the completion of such a degree, and have recognition of expertise in the specialty through progressively responsible positions directly related to the specialty. The cooperative research and development project or a co-production project is provided for under a government-to-government agreement administered by the U. Department of Defense. Hold an unrestricted State license, registration, or certification which authorizes you to fully practice the specialty occupation and be engaged in that specialty in the state of intended employment. Share This Page. Temporary Workers.

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Forgot your password? By h1iJanuary 12, in H1B : General. Please let me know if you know of anyone who got RFE on specialty occupation for IT project manager and got approved? If so, please provide some guidance on how to document this? Background: B. Employed by a big-4 tech consulting firm. Search some more on this forum but below might give some insight - probably not the same title as your but some backgrounds might fit. How else can we provide enough supporting documentation to prove project manager as specialty occupation even with a b. Not yet approved. My employer has prepared the documentation and didnt shared the response with me. My case is a h1b transfer. In that case, a lot more justification and paperwork might be needed from your employer. Good luck. Thank you. Would that be another problem? Thanks a lot. Is this for a 'Project Manager' role? Even for masters too - they are open for several specializations. How to handle this situation? Please provide your inputs. Mine was Sr Quality Engineer role. However, the general documentation requirement shall be the same in my opinion. Good luck! But they got through them with no issues. When u got ur amendment, that was still not a time where there was much scrutiny. However this is Trump era and nothing is guaranteed. Anyway, I believe how generic or detailed your current job is will have a bearing on how much justification your firm has to provide. I got similar RFE recently. RFE for my H1B extension specialty occupation was approved today. Let me know if there are any questions. Happy to help. Hope you have success in your application, can you please share your experience and if you have any documents to share for helping similar situation? I got the RFE for same reason. Can you please share some general documents and the format which could help me. Documents which have general information. What was your SOC code.

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The Requirements for U. Only U. The employer must comply with prevailing wage requirement, agree not to displace American workers, agree not to replace a laid-off worker with an H-1B worker for a certain period of time, and agree not to employ the H-1B workers during a strike or lock-out, among other attestations. The H-1B program allows an employer to temporarily employ a foreign worker in the U. A specialty occupation requires the theoretical and practical application of a body of specialized knowledge, and a bachelor's degree or the equivalent in the specific specialty, e. However, a foreign worker can be in H-1B status for a maximum continuous period of six years. After the H-1B expires, the foreign worker must remain outside the U. Certain foreign workers with Labor Certification applications or immigrant visa petitions in process for extended periods may stay in H-1B status beyond the normal six-year limitation, in one-year increments or three-year increments. The occupation for which the H-1B classification is sought must also normally require a bachelor's degree as a minimum for entry into the occupation. Employers to Hire H-1B Workers The employer must pay the minimum prevailing wage, as determined by State Employment Agency rules or other approved standard guidelines, and must confirm the following six conditions:. USCIS clarifies such relationships, particularly as it pertains to independent contractors, self-employed beneficiaries, and beneficiaries placed at third-party worksites. In addition to demonstrating that a valid employer-employee relationship will exist between the U. The factors to be considered include:. USCIS adjudicators will review the totality of the circumstances when making a determination as to whether the employer-employee relationship exists. The H-1B petitioners should provide detailed documentation of the employment relationship. Particularly in cases in which the beneficiary will be assigned to third-party or client worksites, H-1B employers should carefully document that it, and the employer should have the right to supervise, direct, and review the H-1B visa holder's work, and terminate the employment. A detailed itinerary providing information on the multiple work locations should also be attached with the H-1B visa application documents. The prevailing wage for the same position can differ from location to location. For example, the prevailing wage for a cardiologist working in the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California will be very different from the prevailing wage for a cardiologist working in the rural area of El Paso, Texas. It is critical that the employer pay the H-1B worker the correct prevailing wage during the entire time of the worker's employment. If the employer fails to meet this obligation, the employer will be required to pay the worker back wages, and can also incur other significant penalties and fines. Unfortunately, immigration law does not define a "material change. Employers should use their best judgment and consult an immigration attorney in deciding whether or not a change is "material. The amended I should contain all of the documents that the original I contained, as well as an explanation of the material change and the reason for the change. An H-1B worker must be treated the same as all of the employer's U. The employer must provide the H-1B worker with the same benefits stock options, sick leave, insurance, and so forth as those provided to U. However, if the worker quits the job before his or her status ends, the employer is not responsible for the costs of the worker's return trip home. The employer needs not to pay if the employee voluntarily quits.

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It is often said that if aerospace engineers designed planes like software engineers wrote software, then the news would be filled with stories about planes falling out of the sky. Of course, this is not the case because the engineering process for building planes is well structured and defined. They build planes based on strictly defined specifications and requirements and never deviate. So is this even a fair analogy? In this scenario, stories about planes doing strange things, like falling out of the sky, would be more commonplace. No, the analogy is not fair at all! Writing software has become far more complicated because the old days of writing code that is built on strictly defined specifications and requirements and never deviates are gone. To clarify this point even further, consider the following. Amazon releases a new software update every second, Google every 10 seconds, and Netflix every 90 seconds. Imagine the plane you are flying in was being updated at that frequency. I doubt you would be comfortable flying at all. What if an update to the engine was flawed? These are the challenges software engineers have to cope with on a daily basis. This is why the DevOps model exists today. These are not separate, but interdependent entities that come together to put software into production. Once you move past that definition, the debate continues about what exactly is DevOps because it can encompass many things. At FP Complete we define DevOps as stated above, but with the addition of all the tools, processes, and people that come together to produce software that has the shortest time to market, least amount of errors, and least expensive cost. Would you want to fly in a plane that came off the assembly line fast and cheap knowing that quality was compromised? This is the balancing act the DevOps framework tries to resolve in the production of software. If your company values increased productivity, profitability, and market share then DevOps is essential. Even if your goals are non-financial, DevOps will enhance your ability to achieve those goals. The State of DevOps report soundly backs up these claims. Once DevOps roles and responsibilities are implemented positive changes will occur, and everyone wins.

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