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Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Highborn Firestorm Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Hot damn. Reborn in Awesome Azure Gogeta. Transforming Gogeta is absolutely incredible! And his stats may or may not be infinite. He also boasts Prepared for Battle to get the most out of linking with the rest of the team. Dance of the Almighty Super Saiyan 2 Gogeta. Gogeta is the " Banisher of Darkness " lead. He has a guaranteed Super Attack against Extreme foes, and for every critical Super Attack performed, he'll launch another Super Attack. Aura Meter Gogeta, despite being only in Super Saiyan form, has guaranteed critical attacks like his Blue counterparts. Both of his Super Attacks cause hypermass damage and have stun chances, making him nice for the World Tournament. In addition, his Active Skill will cause ultimate damage and maximize the Dokkan Meter, a sick addition for Super Battle Road - meaning you could have a situation where Gogeta devastates the enemy with his Active Skill and maximizes the Dokkan Meter, which allows you to put a harder-hitting unit in the first slot to take advantage of a Dokkan Attack - then have Super Saiyan Gogeta's Aura Meter Super Attack take out the trash. AGL Gogeta focuses on exploiting his enemies' debuffs and causing some of his own. To top it off he performs critical hits with every attack and evades as well. A spectacular unit for the aforementioned mode. Like most Super Saiyan 4 units, he has an evade-and-counter Super Attack ability. INT Blue Gogeta is exceptionally strong among his brethren - not that any of them are weak. His links are, of course, fantastic. His links are stellar as always, like the other Gogeta units that swarm this tier list. His stats and links are stellar, the latter featuring Experienced Fighters to better link with Super Gogeta. Even the F2P Gogeta Blue is amazing! Hero on a Mission Tapion A Tier.

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Super Saiyan Gogeta has a Passive Skill with a lot to offer. After his transformation, he becomes even stronger, with even higher stat Buffs, dodge opportunities, and guaranteed Critical Damage. His Transformation Condition is very easy to activate but limits his potential on fights shorter than 5 turns. He can also deal effective Damage, regardless of Enemy type. The biggest Buff Gogeta receives after transforming is every Attack being Critical. The battles in these modes are too short to activate his transformation, more often than not. Honestly, all of his Categories have a great spot for Gogeta, and he absolutely earns his place on the Team. Consider Supporting us with GamePress Boost! Read more. Boost Community Discord All Games. Sign In Register. Table of Contents Stats. Harrison Riggs. Base Max Orbs. HP 11, ATK 11, DEF 5, Super Saiyan Gogeta. Movie Heroes. Realm of Gods. Transformation Boost. Super Saiyans. Jack of All Trades. Powering Up. Fusion with Godly Power Movie Heroes. Linkable Cards. It works for both Super and Extreme Types. The effect increases along with the skill level. Any additional effects of the Super Attack will not change.

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Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Stream the best stories. Start Your Free Trial. Try Now. Transcendent Fusion Super Saiyan Gogeta. Super Saiyan Gogeta is the main leader for the Movie Heroes category and is an amazing leader for this team. As an added bonus, since he shares a different name than Super Gogeta, therefore he can be put in the same team as them. This itself is also backed by them launching an additional attack with a medium chance of it becoming a Super allowing them to hit really hard. In addition, when the conditions are right, you can call upon Shenron to summon Goku from the Other World to perform free ultimate damage to the enemy which allow even more DPS to finish off the enemy. Where they falter however is their linkset. While they have Super Saiyan and Fierce Battle as common attack links, having Golden Warrior as the sole Ki link really hurts them as it could make them and other units around him struggle for Ki especially in a category that can consistently land their Super Attack. As possibly the game's hardest-hitting Super Attack sealer, he's already worth a spot on any team. Combine that with a golden linkset ex. The Supreme Warrior Super Gogeta. Super Gogeta, the original Rainbow lead, shines once more through a devastatingly powerful Extreme Z-Awakening. Golden Fist Super Saiyan 3 Goku. Another downside to this is that he requires a lot of support since he won't be able to get the Ultra Super consistently even with a partner with Over in a Flash and his normal Super Attack hits like a wet feather. Outshining Darkness Super Gogeta. His Supreme has now been upgraded to immense and when coupled with his LR-like stats, it allows him to hit incredibly hard. His Super attack deals immense damage while also having a rare chance of stunning the enemy which could potentially be a lifesaver if you got lucky.

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Performance as one of the main roles in Dokkan Battle Tank, Damage or Support while rewarding Cards that can perform well in more than one. Being able to fit many strong Teams is a factor considered here, but being in a top Team doesn't necessarily mean a Card is strong. For a better list on the strongest Teams, check the Top Teams page. Cards in the UR Z tier are among the absolute strongest in the game and can consistently outperform even some of the strongest LRs in Dokkan, this tier has a very high bar of entry! These Cards are among the strongest URs in the game and are usually the backbone of their Teams. Having a complete Skill Sets, a stellar performance and amazing versatility are some of the characteristics of this tier. Trunks is the premium Leader of Future Saga and one of the premium Super Class leaders, making him a key Card in most players inventories, as he opens up a myriad of different teams and can be used as a sub leader for any of his own categories. Trunks would already be meta for only that, but he is also one of the strongest individual Cards in the game, with very high natural stats, a huge unconditional Buff, an easy transformation that allows him to infinitely stack ATK and DEF, and even a niche nuking version. Trunks is a very complete all rounder and useful in any situation. Add that to his powerful stats, a double separately stacking passive Buff plus a separately stacking Super ATK Buff and another separately stacking Active Skill Buff, and SSB Kaioken Goku becomes one of the hardest hitting units in the game under the right circumstances. He also gets passive evasion to further help him in harder content. Gogetas transformation to SSB is simple, but incredibly strong, it boosts all of his passive effects, and allows him to double stack his Super ATK Buff. He also gets a separate ATK Buff for each Rainbow Orb he gets, making his damage a lot higher in the rounds he gets lucky. From the get go, he gets a very strong separately stacking passive Buff, that stack with his naturally great stats. He also gets a fairly easy to fulfill transformation condition. To complete his kit, Goku gets a rage mode for one turn when he is at low health. In this mode he takes no Damage and dish out a lot, making it a very clutch mechanic in hard game modes. Both the categories he leads - DB Saga and Youth - are deceptively powerful. Goku himself has massive stats and a very high Buff with good conditions: More HP will give you more ATK, and less will give you more DEF, and he also gets stronger every turn he shows up and gets a guaranteed critical strike. Goku works wonderfully in the teams he fits in, and can do a lot of Damage in a turn thanks to his active skill triggering together with his guaranteed critical, and also offers some utility with his Super ATK stun. Trunks is among the best generic support for Super Class in Dokkan, with a single other Vegeta Family ally in his team he already counts as onehe can take and dish out a respectable amount of Damage, while giving a great Support Buff to his allies. Trunks can also act as a decent rainbow leader and works decently even in some Extreme line-ups. A stellar self sufficient damage dealer with high stats across the board, PHY SSB Goku marks a new meta for nukers by having a stacking Super ATK that allows him to have some viability after doing his nuke.

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For this list, the main criteria are as follows:. Versatility is the golden rule; a Card with more categories or a broad and strong Leader Skill will usually be valued higher. To help choose between 2 Cards that share the same name, the worse Card will always fall down a tier, if two same named Cards are in the same tier, assume they are equal or they have roles that are not comparable. Do not sleep on F2P Cards. Chat with our Tier List writers here! The absolute best. These EZA are safe investments for most players due to how powerful they are in a good number of Teams. Goku has an incredible stat Buff that, combined with his very high base stats make him an unstoppable force. He also fits in a lot of categories. This Card is one of the best supports for Super Teams and has multiple categories. Vegeta is a stacking monster with very respectable base Stats. He has a good selection of categories but is strong enough to be run even with weaker leader skills. This Vegeta gets one of the strongest EZAs in the game. He's a premium tank with a great ATK stat to boot. Frieza is a key member for all of his category Teams and among the strongest extreme tanks. A must for Dokkan Punch Machine. The extra Ki Passive Skill is just icing on the cake. These are potentially great Cards in the right Teams, with powerful general use for a lot of Game Modes. He does require a Super Saiyan Goku ally to be at his best, though. Vegeta is unable to die as long as his Passive Skill is active. Incredibly useful in Super Battle Road. Goku is a very strong support Card for Goku Family allies, which are very common in a lot of categories. Goku is a good all rounder that shines against stunnable enemies. His very high chance to stun coupled with high bulk and respectable Damage make him an useful Card for many teams. This Gotenks is a powerful sealer with premium stats. Sealing is an important mechanic and Gotenks is usually the best candidate in his category teams, making for a valuable investment. Goten is among the best orb changers in Dokkan. Cell also has a great category list and is one of the few non-LRs capable of nuking Dokkan Punching Machine. Numbers wise, this Card is amazing: great stats and flavorful Passive Skill. But he only has 2 categories, which really limits his potential. As a cherry on top, he gets a powerful AoE with a Heal at exactly 11 Ki, making this Card a very versatile option for many game modes. Buuhan is a good partner for other Buus.


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