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A key part of being a comic book superhero is having a kick-ass superhero name. In addition to capes and costumes, names are a mainstay of the genre. In many ways a name makes a hero. Unfortunately, not all superhero names are as deserving of our adoration. Indeed, the freedom and wackiness of superhero universes have also given us some truly terrible heroes with even worse names! Unlike the character, who retains her youthful appearance due to being a vampire, the name Looker has not aged well. In what can only be described as a poorly thought out take on the "Ugly Duckling" story, Emily was an average looking desk jockey who longed to be beautiful. Her dreams became a reality when she was exposed to a fragment of Halley's comet that gifted her with an array of superpowers as well as superhuman beauty -- hence the oh-so subtle name. Instead of hinting at her array of psychic powers -- not to mention the various powers she would later get from being turned into a vampire -- all Looker's name tells us about the character is that she is attractive. Surely this gifted superhero deserves better! Who's a Good Boy? Well, not this hero. In actuality Good Boy -- aka, Goodness "Good" Silva -- is a young girl who can transform into a werewolf-like being. Her superhero name -- well if, you can call it that -- is of course, the phrase you utter to a well-behaved pooch. One of the more recent characters to make the list, Good Boy first appeared in the "Great Lakes Avengers" and was created by writer Zac Goreman and artist Will Robson. Unlike a lot of the other superheroes with unfortunate names, Good Boy's name is deliberately played for laughs. Although she might look harmless enough in her human form, Goodness is capable of great violence in her wolf form and is not to be trifled with. When it comes to sub-par superheroes with even worse names, the Great Lakes Avenger's really is a one stop shop. There is a reason why they are the butt of many jokes among comic fans! Making number 13 is the off-brand team's largest member -- and least flatteringly named -- member, Big Bertha. This is due to her superhuman ability to control the fat in her body -- allowing her to bulk up or slim down with ease. When she takes on extra body fat, Big Bertha is capable of great feats of strength, can jump great distances and is also impervious to projectiles like bullets. The name of this next superhero leaves little to the imagination.

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One extremely impressive story or a hit story brings the profit of millions of dollars. Even comic books are sold for millions. With the increase in demand, it is a great idea to start a business in this field and have a profitable business. If you are looking for unique, catchy, cool, and creative superhero names ; and tired of searching names in superhero team name generator, then you are at the right place. Here is the treasure of perfect superhero team names to make your naming task easier. You can accordingly choose from the below listed superhero team names which have not been taken from anyone. And the most important tip while choosing the name is to select a superhero name which best suits the character. Read also names that mean death. Superheroes are a major source of inspiration and entertainment for people all around the globe. Heroes with an impressive struggle story, who turn out to be successful saviours of humanity are always appealing to the audience and the masses. When it comes to the superheroes, there are two prominent companies that acquire a vast range of the most popular superheroes in the world. These are DC and Marvel. Some of the most popular and inspiring superheroes are a product of these world-famous companies. Naming your team after your favourite superhero can be an amazing option. The special powers and capabilities of your favourite superhero indicate the speciality of your team. If you are looking for some catchy and awesome superhero names for your team then you can use the following lists as a cool superhero team name generator. Here is a collection of some of the most captivating and trendy superhero team names. Explore our lists and find the perfect superhero team name for yourself. Are you looking for the made up superhero names? Then continue reading to know about the catchy superhero names. Finding a unique name with a creative twist can be a difficult task. A name is a representative of your central ideas, beliefs and ideologies.

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Thanks for connecting! You're almost done. Connect to your existing Cracked account if you have one or create a new Cracked username. Coming up with a superhero name is way harder than it sounds, because most of the good ones were taken almost right away -- "Batman" was one of the first to go, and sadly not every character in the world can be called that. And that leads us to the little known with good reason but absolutely real superheroes I'm going to present to you today. And, yes, I realize that many of these words didn't exactly mean then what they mean now, but that makes it better -- these characters were created by people who honestly just wanted to bring some joy into the world and never even saw the double meaning coming. That, to me, is much more hilarious than when the asshole who writes Kick-Ass names his villains "The Motherfucker" or "Johnny Two-Dicks. DC Comics. The Gay Ghost is a ghost who fights crime and evidently is super happy about it. He appeared in the same comic as Wonder Woman and had a lot in common with her, if you know what I mean I mean they both occasionally turn invisible. He's still the most fabulously dressed character in the whole series, though. Right from the first page, the introductory text warns us that the adventure we're about to read is "one of the queerest in all history":. But what is it that makes the Gay Ghost so queer, exactly? Well, for starters, his superpower is being able to possess the body of "dissolute young American" and renowned pencil mustache enthusiast Charles Collins -- or, as the crime-fighting spirit himself cheerfully puts it, "I can enter your body! DC Comics That's not the only thing he's cheerfully putting in this image. In fact, the Gay Ghost can force himself into just about anyone as long as they have "a little good in them. His burning passion for justice was born one day in when, as Irish nobleman Keith Everet, he was ambushed and killed by a gang of thieves who wanted to steal his favorite purse. DC Comics "It's a saaaaaatcheeeeel After that, Keith's ghost was granted powers by his ancestors in the afterlife and spent the next two centuries resting inside a painting of himself perhaps waiting for a time when society was more accepting of Gay Ghostsbefore coming out and helping defeat the Nazis. Although he still makes cameo appearances from time to time, for some reason DC Comics started pretending his name was the Grim Ghostwhich is only half as catchy and none as accurate. Marvel Comics. One of the most important rules of comic book writing, indeed storytelling in general, is that if you're gonna create a superhero whose name evokes the image of a stream of piss, never dress him in a yellow costume and give him speed powers that will make it look like he's attacking his enemies by peeing super hard on them. Unfortunately, Marvel Comics' the Whizzer was created before this rule came into effect. Marvel Comics I have nothing to add to this image. You know when you go for a quick leak and your Guybrush Threepwood decides to start shooting its watery salvo in any direction and you end up leaving a mess? Well, that happens to the Whizzer sometimes, too:. The Whizzer was a regular man named Robert Frank until he got bitten by a cobra, presumably in the dick. With his judgment seriously clouded by grief and desperation, Robert's dad could think of no better solution to save his son's life than to inject him with some mongoose blood again, presumably in the dick. Robert is restored to life and gains the speed of a mongoose, while his dad immediately suffers a heart attack and dies, probably just from the utter shock that his infuriatingly moronic plan worked. Marvel Comics "Man, Dad's hurtful nicknames for me always end up being right. I feel like there's a dick joke to be made about the fact that the Whizzer gets his powers from injecting mongoose blood something about how "mongoose" sounds like "man juice," perhaps? The important thing is, that's how Robert became the Whizzer, King of S pee d. Hope you brought a sufficiently large tarp to this motel room, crime, because you're about to get golden showered. Or worse:. Marvel Comics Hehe, "twinkling. Surely you get the general idea by now. However, it saddens me to admit that, despite everything I've shown you so far, the Whizzer still wasn't the most offensive character in his own comic -- meet his dim-witted sidekick, Slow Motion:. Marvel Comics You know, in case you momentarily forgot that people fucking suck. Progressive Publishers.

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My name is Tatiana, but my friends and family call me Tutta. I love writing articles that bring a little creativity to everyday life. Have you ever wanted to be a superhero? Well, now you can! All you need is a cool name, a coordinating costume, and a fearless alter ego, and there you are! Ready to start the transformation? To give you some inspiration, here are a bunch of superhero names to suit your needs and alter ego! You probably have short-listed a few of the names we listed, and maybe even thought of a few on your own. Now that you've got some ideas, it's time to narrow down your names. Review your list and ask yourself the following questions about each name:. If you still aren't sure, you can also keep thinking up cool names until you find the perfect superhero name. One fun way of coming up with superhero names is to generate them at random and then picking your colors, attire, skills, and so on. There are many ways to do this, but you can totally come up with your own. An example would be the color of your shirt and the first thing you see in the sky. Lots of possibilities! Sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. My name is Nebula and I have powers like reality warping, future sight, and astral body. She has the powers of Scarlet Whitch in marvel but ya know, gold. And she has the power of flight like supergirl? I know there are way more heros with the power of flight but the whole marvel-DC thing. By day, they're Lars and Cassandra. By night, they are the Masksassin mask and assassin and Crystal Warrior! I came up with the idea of a power called countermeasures-can develop a counterpower to another power until you are out of range of the other person 2 mile radius example you fight someone with the power of superstrength you gain super endurance. The names you guys have are good but maybe make up some names that would be better for some people. Does Phantress sound good for a badass 16 year old girl? She can melt into shadows and walk walls coz why not.

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Not all superheroes are created equal. Here are 20 with bafflingly silly powers, ranked from least to most useless. In her defense: Her fireworks explode and are very dangerous to epileptics. Also, she's a vampire now, which means she could easily kick your ass. In his defense: Break dancing was very cool at one point. And his power's not totally useless, especially after Batman taught him how to use it correctly. In his defense: He's actually a pretty effective weapon, as long as he bounces himself in the right direction. In his defense: Bees are terrifying. Although it's hard to be scared of Red Bee's favorite bee, because he named him "Michael. In his defense: He can provide an easy escape, as long as you don't mind watching him throw up for 20 minutes. In his defense: Nobody likes being yelled at. Also, he can do some serious damage with his sonic scream. Powers: Does magic some of it realperpetuates deeply offensive homophobic stereotypes. In his defense: He's the product of a different time. As for his powers, a crystal skull amplified his abilities to make him a slightly worthier adversary. Powers: Has a prehensile tail, sharp claws, and buck teeth capable of chewing through wood. In her defense: If you've ever fought over a sandwich with a squirrel, you know those little bastards are tough. In her defense: She's apparently very charming for a confusing and ambiguously sexist creation. In his defense: It's really helpful to know exactly why you screwed up. Just kidding. Eff this guy. Affiliation: X-Men Powers: Generates brightly colored energy "fireworks" from her fingers. Affiliation: Justice League Powers: Creates powerful shock waves, break dances. Matter-Eater Lad. In his defense: No structure can hold him — he'll just eat through it. Bouncing Boy. In his defense: Who needs a door when you have Doorman? Red Bee. Stone Boy. Affiliation: Legion of Super-Heroes Powers: Turns self into stone, at which point he becomes immobile. In his defense: He eventually learned how to move in his stone form. Good for him! Arm-Fall-Off Boy. In his defense: It would really hurt to be hit over the head with an arm. Gin Genie. Affiliation: X-Statix Powers: Generates seismic waves equal to her blood alcohol content. In her defense: She's really quite powerful, provided she's totally wasted. Affiliation: X-Statix Powers: Vomits acid. Affiliation: None Powers: Yells really loudly, thanks to his costume's built-in microphone.

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