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Sign In. Hide Spoilers. Comedy in its highest form. Of course, aiming something like this to a Sunday morning audience of children will doom it from the start. Sadly, it lasted only 24 episodes before getting canned. On the upside, it did win an Emmy for its theme song! That's a good thing! Anyway, there are several types of humor. Slapstick i. This is the only show you would be able to hear big-name actors like David Warner behave like a child throwing a tantrum, or hear deadpan Ed Asner say things like "Poo-gas", or even hear the world famous carpenter Norm Abram say something like, "You're and evil man! These guys wrote all the good, memorable episodes of the hit series "Animaniacs". I'm not sure if my rant is making much sense, so I'll stop. I cannot recommend "Freakazoid" to you enough. I'll put it this way: If you enjoy humor similar to "The Tick" comic book the show is much tamer than what I'm talking aboutthe "Earthworm Jim" video game, or "Space Ghost: Coast to Coast", this is for you! Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. WB's best cartoon! Why in the world did this show get bad reviews? The jokes on actors and movies are hilarious! For example, when Freakazoid gives the truck driver a ticket, it wasn't a fine, it was a ticket to Jerry Springer! This show is absolutely hilarious, and it contains the wackiness from Animaniacs and makes it even funnier. It should've lasted as long as the Animaniacs as well, considering how funny it is! Suprisingly Funny JohnnyJohnHildegaard 13 May It puts cartoons in a perspective of many different kinds of mishaps and spoofs galore. Think of it bad if you must, but I think it's a good stead of cartoons that should go on and on. Excellent Show chthon2 24 January I can't believe that this show is off the air. I certainly hope that the writers are gainfully employed, because they deserve it. Both the physical and the verbal comedy are hilarious. The show's main drawback is that some of the humor may be beyond the attention span of some younger viewers. Freakazoid is one of the most original characters I have ever seen. Not his powers or anything, but his dialogue. Cosgrove also tends to steal the show a lot, with his dry wit and unlaughing manner. He sort of reminds me of David Duchovny. Honorable mention also to Freakazoid's cat. Aoife-2 25 November Sure, some of my comrades tell me it's immature. Sure, they say 'it's on Kids WB, you fool.


Buy from Amazon. Not too busy, however, to make his mark on a new world: television animation. The extent of Spielberg's involvement may have been limited, but the decade brought a host of exciting shows produced by Warner Bros. Animation and Spielberg's Amblin Entertainment. Each project bore the filmmaker's name in the title "Steven Spielberg Presents Freakazoid is a superhero in the loosest sense of the word. While surfing the Internet in its relative infancy, year-old computer nerd Dexter Douglas was sucked into the World Wide Web. Now, upon the command "freak out", he turns into a lightning-haired, blue-skinned character with an "F! Though you're more likely to detect ADHD in him than any superpowers, Freakazoid nonetheless stands up to and outwits a host of strange rogues. But while it was conceived as an action series like the Marvel and DC cartoons so ubiquitous during the decade, "Freakazoid! The show finds great success with this approach. Like its mid-'90s WB brethren, "Freakazoid! The show has an excellent sense of humor. It's zany, but it's not random for randomness' sake. Its allusions and parodies tie to an array of past and contemporary personalities and properties. Never content to merely mention something and have audiences make the connection, the show's use of targets always push towards a joke, many of which are likely to float right over kids' heads. In the nearly five hours of content produced in the first season, there are jokes about Sharon Stone, Jerry Springer, and Rush Limbaugh. There's even a discourse of "F Troop", complete with video evidence. It's all very funny too, but a Saturday Morning timeslot in a block called "Kids' WB" invites an audience unlikely to appreciate the rich intertextuality. Perhaps none too surprisingly, "Freakazoid! There are some stories told in other universes not involving Freakazoid. Among the colorful personalities making multiple appearances are: plump, obsessive Fan Boy who knew this type was so perfectly recognized back then? One of the more entertaining characters is Sergeant Cosgrove, who appears to be Freakazoid's best friend. Without fail, the Ed Asner-voiced policeman's non sequitur invitations provide at least a hearty chuckle. Whether the focus is on the titular split personality, a quirky nemesis, or a newly-introduced character somewhere in between, this series consistently entertains. If you're familiar with "Animaniacs", then you have a good idea of what to expect here. Dramatic interruptions are a recurring element. The fourth wall is regularly broken down. There is sparing but highly inspired use of live-action footage. Reinforcing the s flavor, President Bill Clinton is practically a recurring caricature.

Freakazoid (character)

The series chronicles the adventures of the title character, Freakazoid, a crazy superhero who battles with an array of supervillains. The show was produced by Amblin Television and Warner Bros. The cartoon was the third animated series produced by the collaboration of Steven Spielberg and Warner Bros. Animation during the animation renaissance of the s. Bruce Timmbest known as a major principal of the DC animated universeoriginally intended it to be a straightforward superhero action-adventure cartoon with comic overtones, but executive producer Steven Spielberg asked series producer and writer Tom Ruegger and the Animaniacs team to turn Freakazoid! The series lasted for two seasons, finishing with 24 episodes, the final one broadcast on June 1, Although the series originally struggled in the ratings, reruns on Cartoon Network and a fan following have elevated the series to become a cult hit. The show's title character is the superhero alter ego of geeky year-old later changed to year-old Dexter Douglas who attends Harry Connick High School. His name is a parody of various superheroes' alliterative names e. Bruce BannerPeter Parker. Dexter gained his abilities from a computer bug activated by a "secret key sequence" that must be typed a reference to the Pentium FDIV bug. The bug manifests when the user presses Delete after entering the string, and was first activated when Dexter's cat crawled onto the keyboard. Becoming absorbed into his computer and instantly gaining all the information on the InternetFreakazoid has enhanced strength and enduranceextraordinary speed and agility and negligible amounts of sanity. These changes make him a powerful and fearsome force for upholding freedom and righteousness, unless he gets distracted by something like a bear riding a motorcycle. He has a base called the Freakalair, a parody of the Batcavebuilt by his mute butler, Ingmar. His greatest weakness, as he once explained to Armando Guitierrez, is that he can be imprisoned in a cage with graphite bars charged with negative ions. He also expresses a great aversion to " poo gas ". Peripheral powers come and go: Freakazoid once developed telekinesis triggered by anger that was never mentioned again after the episode, and once crossed the globe to yell at a Tibetan monk for raking too loudly, but apologizes to him later in the same plot. He also has the ability to assume the form of electricity and cover long distances instantaneously, although he just as often simply sticks his arms forward and runs while making swooshing sounds with his mouth, pretending to fly. Dexter can change into and out of Freakazoid at will with the words "Freak out! When not in Freakazoid mode, Dexter looks and acts completely normal, and his family is unaware that anything has happened to him. Freakazoid spends this time in an area of Dexter's brain called the Freakazone, where he reflects, has profound thoughts, and watches reruns of The Rat Patrol. While the show's setting is set around Washington, D. A few characters fall somewhere in the space between "enemies" and "allies" to land squarely in the category of "nuisances". Each of these have their own theme songs, title cards and cast, and only rarely "cross over" into the continuity of the main show. These segments include:. The voice actors of the show Freakazoid! Also, writers John P. McCann and Paul Rugg who played Freakazoid added voices themselves. Casting for the show had been difficult for the Freakazoid! Then they played it for Steven Spielberg and he said 'Yep! Fine, sure, great,' and then I panicked The music for Freakazoid! Stone won a Daytime Emmy with lyricist and senior producer Tom Ruegger for the main title song in Cartoonist Mike Allred has criticized the show and its lead character as plagiarism of his comic book Madman[6] asserting that the title characters share several personality traits, and wear similar costumes featuring a chest emblem including an exclamation mark. During the short run of the show, Allred remained relatively silent on the subject, but inhe responded to a question about the show on the message board of his official website:. Stupidly, I was flattered; happy to inspire anything. But when the show came out, with no acknowledgement or credit or any kind of compensation, I slowly became annoyed as everyone and their uncle confronted me with "there's this cartoon that's ripping off Madman " and "you oughta sue". I simply wrote a friendly letter to [show producer] Steven Spielberg telling him his production was a direct lift of my creation, I had no intention of creating ripples, I just wanted him to know that I knew.

11 Cartoons That Had Some Very Adult Jokes

Cosgrove: You're not a failure kid. It's just that your ideas are silly and dumb. Freakazoid: [on the phone] Guess where I am. I'm at your prison. Russian Security Minister: Your death will be very painful. I want to deal with Freakazoid personally! Steph: Freakazoid, you just insulted the security minister and gave him our exact location! Freakazoid: [thinks a moment] OK, I know you're gonna be mad but I forgot the rest of my plan. Cosgrove: [raising his fist] How would you like me to twist your body into funny balloon animal shapes? Announcer: [if the show hypothetically ended short] Since this week's episode ended early, I'll recite some of my favorite naughty limericks. I'm sure you'll find them pleasing and saucy. There once was a woman from Bristow Freakazoid: Please, please, leave me alone. I'll give you anything, anything you want, if you'll just go away. How about the just-written script of Batman IV? Another Lawn Gnome: We stole man's fire and then tried to hide it in our pockets. Freakazoid: [in a somewhat more heroic voice] Well I better be going, for somewhere there are wrongs to right. There are foes to fight. There are little chunks of carrot in your teeth. Freakazoid: [while making a 'Flying sound', runs in front of, and past, Candle Jack and Steff, goes off screen, then runs back on screen backwards, pauses, and runs toward them] Well if it isn't Freakazoid: 'Cause I-I wanted to do one of those funny things like, you remember in F-Troop where Agarn says "There's no way I'm wearin' a dress, absolutely not! No dress! Your gonna wear that dress! Candle Jack: Oh, I love that bit. There, I'll be right back, I've got to go charter a bus. Believe it or not. Freakazoid: The scariest thing in the world would be if they gave Sinbad another TV show.


Please don't hate me on this, but I don't think I find this show interesting at all. By bautistakenrickMay 18, The only cartoon characters I find are far more hilarious is Wakko, Wander and Pinky. Freakazoid is just arrogant, unintelligent and immature. Share Hide Facebook Twitter Permalink. Freakazoid has everything that makes it an instant classic and should be brought back on the air. Just like Stephen Spielberg's Animaniacs, Freakazoid was an instant hit, but it was short lived and only lasted 2 seasons. The show centers around Dexter Douglas, a typical teenage nerd who one night logs onto his computer and is thrown into the internet where he becomes the craziest, weirdest, and yet the funniest hero ever, Freakazoid! Freakazoid battles villains and saves the world so the story is not complex,but is executed in an interesting way. The stories all have interesting villains that are unique and are hilarious. Freakazoid himself is just random and hilarious and has great superpowers as well that come from cyberspace. The artwork and animation look excellent. Characters are drawn uniquely, and the same animation is never used. The humor in this show is some of the best I have ever seen and is guaranteed to make you laugh until your sides hurt. Everything about Freakazoid is done perfectly. The characters are unique and funny, Freakazoid is a unique and awesome hero, and the humor will never fail to impress. I just hope this show will return or come out on DVD. This show deserved to last longer and we need good shows like Freakazoid back on the air. Review sponsored by Anubis Market. By mowubApr 12, A short-lived, but hilarious animated series from the people that brought you Animaniacs.

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