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FREE U. Below we will break down each of these shocks, talk about what kind of bikes you may find them on, and what adjustments they each have available for tuning. The Fox Float shocks can be found on short travel full suspension cross country bikes and is the lightest inline shock Fox offers. The reservoir design on the Float X allows for more oil flow in the shock, keeping the temperatures of the shock lower with more aggressive trail riding. The lightweight Float X is optimal for trail bikes using anywhere from mm to mm of rear wheel travel. The Float X2 works great on both enduro bikes as well as full on downhill bikes! The DHX2 coil shock is the next generation of performance from Fox and is perfect for any downhill bike as well a rad enduro machine. Click here to read up on the lineup of Fox forks! Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Shop Watch Read. We are here to discuss the rear shock lineup from Fox and highlight their key features so that you can hopefully get the right shock for your bike! Affiliate Program. Newsletter Signup .

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Jul 21, You must login to Pinkbike. Don't have an account? Sign up. We spent two days in Finale Ligure, playing with suspension and getting to know the multitude of different options available through the FFT. We wanted to make it possible for people who spent 3, 5, or 8, euros on a bike, to keep it up to date for a few years. After a few years of use, when the bike still has plenty of life left in it, some riders want to make changes—but now everything is boost or whatever and they don't want to drop a bomb on a new fork and wheel or gamble on whichever standard comes next. FFT allows riders to upgrade parts to the latest spec. While the cartridge is open for a standard service it can also be re-valved for a small fee. Fox trained technicians should be able to help any riders get close to the ultimate performance. WAKIdesigns Jul 21, at Thustlewhumber Jul 21, at Below Threshold show comment. Thustlewhumber : Your response is not FIT4 this article. IllestT Jul 21, at Below Threshold show comment. Sounds like Fix are being pretty RE:aktiv to customer needs. IllestT : Don't put a Damper on it. I've got the Kashima hand. Read as cash-in-ma. I'm sure rebound to hear more in the coming months. I've never had a positive experience dealing with Fox service yet to date. I'm gonna use my Fox token of appreciation with this. Marcencinitas Jul 26, at Nice to see Fox Pushing this new service offering. It should lead to an Avalanche of new orders. You're drunk still When will gear box shift worth anything or get away from grip-shift. Rides better than new! Feels more progressive and supportive all around. From LBS and back to me in less than a week Top notch! I can only imagine greater things with something like FFT.

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Fox Pro- Tune. Previous Page Next Page. Post Message. Author Message. Mod Plus. Cartridges are pricey. All you are getting is a revalve in most cases and with the Plus, you get a piston upgrade in a rear shock or in a fork, you get an air spring upgrade? The lack of information doesn't really make me confident in this program. Seems like a marketing gimmick. A little negative Nelly. All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: May 19, at I believe it is supposed to be similar to Push TFTuned, etc. I would really like to see a review on it sometime. These internals bits produced by these custom companies like Push and TF Tuned were developed by them and their intention is for them to be used in their application. Also, it seems like Pro Tune is focused on upgrading the old internals to the most current technology. Hardly custom tuning if you ask me…. I spoke to the one of the guys at fox about it They replace the shim stack in an older fork to the newest version and possibly custom tune it He said it is all dependent on filling out the form on their page. NOT; new lowers, seals, bushings I have the Atherton WC 40 and custom valving is way different than the stock stuff I will say that they are a little vague You definitely don't get a new or updated cartridge for any of that pricing. I've heard that you only give props for what you are riding or have direct contact with Posted: May 20, at But not "Old School".

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Post Message. Author Message. All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: Jan 26, at Cross posted from the Mechanics Lounge Problem is, my Fox 36 fork and Transfer seat post are both Factory Kashima coated and that shock is going to just look awful. That was hard to type But seriously, it would be dope if the shock matched. I don't want to cough up the dough for a new one just for the fancy color so I've been looking at lightly used ones, which leads me to my question These are shim stacks? All of it? I realize this all seems like a lot of trouble for something so trivial, but I like bikes and stuff, so I wanna do it. Let me know what anybody thinks. I'm certainly not opposed to running a different tune than stock, but I don't want to run the bike with a modded shock before I do so in stock trim, just to make sure I can develop a good baseline setting. I appreciate any help on the matter. Posted: Mar 31, at From what I know, that Tune ID is just so you can go onto Fox's website and using that code they can see what bike it is on, and with their knowledge of that bikes shock progression and geometry, they give a chart based on weight for starting numbers with regards to rebound, tokens, and PSI. Fox tune ID is bike specific, so the tune they recommend on their website will not match your bike if you put a take-off on your bike. If you can get the settings right it will act just as if it came on your bike. But not "Old School".

Agile Tuned Fox 2.5 Rear Shocks for Sprinter 3500 4WD & RV (Class C) (Pair)

Our online store is open! Our Agile Tuned Fox shock absorbers take a heavy-duty Fox 2. We require the last 8-digits of your VIN to verify shock fitment. Failure to include this information may cause shipping delays. Frederick Jaquish verified owner — September 27, I installed these shocks on a Leisure Travel Van Serenity. It significantly improved the side to side swaying. In my opinion, it was a good investment. JCD verified owner — October 1, Nice upgrade to a used or new sprinter chassis. I installed these on a new Winnie Navion RV to reduce the body roll and get a bit better control at speed and passing traffic. They take less than an hour to install. Add some blue Sumo springs to the front to complement these in the rear and the Winnie is a much better RV to drive. JC verified owner — April 2, Installed new shocks on a Winnebago View with the Sprinter chassis. They have significantly improved the ride by reducing the sway. Glad I made the investment. Mike Davisson verified owner — April 2, These shocks are the only suspension upgrade needed to my Winnebago View. In combination with the stock sway bar they reduce roll and limit rocking while maintaining full axle movement to absorb bumps.

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