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Ford Super Duty F250/F350

Powered by Miva. Fox Shocks. Fox Shocks is the leader in off road shock performance, design and development. Fox shocks are on vehicles that are consistently winning the off road races. Whether you are looking for Fox coilovers, Fox bypass shocks, OEM, smooth body shocks, you are running the same shocks as the professional racers you see on TV and out in the dirt and on the trails. Fox Shocks is continually pushing the limits and looking for ways to improve their designs and their process in order to bring you the best performing product and damping solutions. Fox Air Shocks. Fox Bump Stops. Fox Bypass Shocks. Fox Coilovers. Fox Smooth Body Shocks. Fox Coilover Springs. Fox Coilovers Fox coilovers offer an efficient solution to provide damping and support the weight and hold your vehicle up. The Fox coilovers you see are the same ones that are on the race vehicles driven by the racers you see on the podiums. All Fox 2. In addition, the reservoirs on Fox coilovers are larger than the competitions to ensure that your Fox coilovers stay cool and prevent fade and aeration.

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FFT will be a cheaper, and faster way to get the most out of your suspension. Nearly all and later products are part of the program, including 32, 34, 36 and 40 forks, along with DPS and X2 shocks and Transfer seat posts. Riders can converse with their service center to customize their tunes and upgrade old parts to the latest technology. It felt softer, but there was the support and progression from a fork with higher air pressure. Available options Upgrade from to specs Ano to Kashima upper post upgrade. STEP 2 Fill out the questionnaire about your current set-up and riding style. Fox Factory Inc. For more details about the cookies we use and how you can amend your preferences, please read our Cookie Policy. Full name. Current rebound setting clicks out from full in. Current compression setting clicks out from full in. Current air spring pressure. Amount of travel used on an average ride Select Not using full travel Regularly use full travel without harsh bottom-out Bottoming out harshly. What would you like to change about your current setup? Current compression setting or clicks out from full in on X2 shocks. Current air spring pressure or coil spring rate. Seatpost info. Model year. Seatpost surface finish Select Kashima Black anodized.

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King 2. As a result we custom tune every King 2. Call us to learn more about what we can do for you. The combination of our new techniques and highly accurate equations result in King 2. With King Coilovers from AccuTune Off-Road your ride will be more comfortable and more controllable no matter what terrain you're on. Our 2. When you want the best King 2. The 2. In the rocks King 2. In the desert these will allow vehicles of average weight to go fast and get on top of the whoops, although they may overheat on longer runs. Remote Reservoir King 2. Remote Reservoirs also provide better durability and improved ride quality by reducing the operating pressure. Reducing the operating pressure substantially reduces friction which makes for a smoother ride, and increases seal life. Performance Series King 2. King Coilovers with single rate spring hardware make it easier to get the rates you need and the come in an easy to package size. When possible we recommend selecting Remote Reservoir 2. Inside King shocks use industry standard oil, buna seals, and a high flow aluminum piston. Outside King 2. King piston rods are made from steel and are hard chrome plated for durablity and rust resistance. Before King, nothing existed that could stand up to the punishment dished out by racers like Bill Stroppe, Parnelli Jones and Walker Evans. King has continued this tradition of hard core racing shocks into the present, and many of there original designs are still sold today. Pre-Tuned King 2. AccuTune Off-Road delivers the best performing King 2. Remote Reservoirs take King 2. King Shocks was born in due to the need for tougher off-road racing shocks. Where We Shop.

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FREE U. Below we will break down each of these shocks, talk about what kind of bikes you may find them on, and what adjustments they each have available for tuning. The Fox Float shocks can be found on short travel full suspension cross country bikes and is the lightest inline shock Fox offers. The reservoir design on the Float X allows for more oil flow in the shock, keeping the temperatures of the shock lower with more aggressive trail riding. The lightweight Float X is optimal for trail bikes using anywhere from mm to mm of rear wheel travel. The Float X2 works great on both enduro bikes as well as full on downhill bikes! The DHX2 coil shock is the next generation of performance from Fox and is perfect for any downhill bike as well a rad enduro machine. Click here to read up on the lineup of Fox forks! Home Menu Search. Continue Shopping Your Cart is Empty. Shop Watch Read. We are here to discuss the rear shock lineup from Fox and highlight their key features so that you can hopefully get the right shock for your bike! Affiliate Program. Newsletter Signup .

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Post Message. Author Message. All rights reserved. Mobile Version of Website. Posted: Jan 26, at Cross posted from the Mechanics Lounge Problem is, my Fox 36 fork and Transfer seat post are both Factory Kashima coated and that shock is going to just look awful. That was hard to type But seriously, it would be dope if the shock matched. I don't want to cough up the dough for a new one just for the fancy color so I've been looking at lightly used ones, which leads me to my question These are shim stacks? All of it? I realize this all seems like a lot of trouble for something so trivial, but I like bikes and stuff, so I wanna do it. Let me know what anybody thinks. I'm certainly not opposed to running a different tune than stock, but I don't want to run the bike with a modded shock before I do so in stock trim, just to make sure I can develop a good baseline setting. I appreciate any help on the matter. Posted: Mar 31, at From what I know, that Tune ID is just so you can go onto Fox's website and using that code they can see what bike it is on, and with their knowledge of that bikes shock progression and geometry, they give a chart based on weight for starting numbers with regards to rebound, tokens, and PSI. Fox tune ID is bike specific, so the tune they recommend on their website will not match your bike if you put a take-off on your bike. If you can get the settings right it will act just as if it came on your bike. But not "Old School".

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