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Food Service Resume Sample and Writing Tips

A great objective statement will make your food service resume more compelling and attractive to employers. If you want to improve the chances of your food service resume or CV to get you an interview, then you need to pay attention to its objective statement. Like many other job positions, if you seek a job role in the food service industry, you have to write a resume. Your resume will provide your potential employer with a description of your skills, competence, and work history if any. The quality of your resume can affect whether you get hired or not. Not all employers or agency read through every resume to ascertain who to hire or not as that is not a good use of their time. They look at the top section of your resume where the career objective statement is to decide if you are worth the time. Your resume objective is a quick summary of what you can provide the employer succinctly captured in few sentences. It is placed at the top section of your resume. To write an effective food service resume objective, you must learn the job requirements of the food service position advertised by the employer. Ascertain if you have the prerequisite to perform the job role. It is disheartening to qualify for a job role but not be able to communicate it adequately and lose the job. Your resume objective summarizes your qualities, competence and experience for the food service position, which assures the employer that you are the solution to their job needs. Learning to write a good objective for a food service resume by studying some examples makes its easier and faster to achieve mastery. Very competent and experienced individual seeking the job of a Food Service Worker. Holds a Diploma in Hospitality Service with proficiency at performing regular and routine tasks of preparing dishes in line with the instruction of the cook and restaurant managers. Can work under pressure while maintaining a high sense of responsibility, dedication, passion, and good work ethic. Brings 5 years of experience as a waiter and very skilled at customer service. Looking for a position as a Restaurant Manager. Coming with a strong track record of managing restaurants successfully. Additionally, can increase profitability by deploying competition research, identifying target customers, business development, marketing, and brand promotion. Coming with 2 years of experience with excellent customer service competence. Familiar with restaurant ambience and menu offerings. Bringing 6years of administrative and food service experience, excellent salesmanship, and superior customer service skills to deliver a personalized customer experience. Health aware individual looking to maintain clean and sanitary food preparation at XYZ Inc. Problem solver and excellent communicator, seeking for the position of Food and Nutrition Associate. Coming with 3years food service experience and proven customer service skills. An experienced individual with a positive attitude and an apt for learning. Looking to obtain the position of Lead Food Service Worker. Offering strong leadership and customer service skills to coordinate the activities of associates and resolve customer concerns. Exceptionally creative and seasoned Baker. Looking to obtain the position of a Baker in Compact Inc.

Resume Objectives for Food Service

From instagrammable tasting menus to the satisfying quickness of a fast-food burger with fries, the food industry is a perennially busy one. The first step should always be getting your resume in order. Enthusiastic, responsible food service professional with safe food-handling certificate, dedicated to excellent customer service. Work Experience. Serve as jack-of-all-trades in the kitchen and front-of-house, working with servers and building on experience as a dishwasher and busboy. He also uses his objective statement as a headline of sorts, giving the reader the elevator pitch of his qualifications: service-oriented personality and certification in the field. This is his first chance to showcase what he brings to his next restaurant. For his experience, this section is short—but barney uses it to good advantage, showing that he has varied experience, working both in the kitchen and out on the serving floor. He also makes sure to include his volunteer experience, which is also kitchen-related. Next up is Kenny, who has been working in restaurants for more than 12 years, and wants to revise his resume to take advantage of opportunities to step up. Veteran customer-focused food server with more than 15 years of experience and a strong history of revenue generation, repeat business, and top-notch service. Created a welcoming environment for every customer in a fast-paced, family oriented franchise of a national pizza chain. Merriweather High School, Portland, ME High School diploma, Unlike Barney, Kenny has a lot of great restaurant serving experience, so the more traditional reverse-chronological format works well for him. Word choice is so important on your resume—in a world where every job opening gets a lot of applicants, the words you choose can make the difference between an interview invite and a shuffle past—so choose wisely! Use words that emphasize how great you are, and speak to the skills and experience you want to highlight. Kenny also uses narrative to his advantage by giving a brief summary for each of his jobs to frame what he wants to emphasize in each one. Next up we have another restaurant veteran, Kelsey, who wants to make the jump to senior management, after years of serving and floor managing. Experienced server with demonstrated leadership experience. Proven revenue generator, specializing in repeat customer cultivation and maintenance. Strong administrator, with extensive experience managing staff schedules, hiring, training, and daily accounting. Lead a team of 20 servers as front-of-house manager of popular, fast-paced fusion restaurant. To do this, she needs to show her information in a very efficient way. Because she does have a lot of experience, and wants to show how multi-faceted she is a manager, she opts against the standard objective statement and instead uses a summary statement. Speaking of her experience, Kelsey sticks to her narrative by listing her most relevant jobs. She may have others, but these are the ones that showcase her development as a server and manager, which is what she wants to emphasize in order to level up in that area. This way, she has room to talk about her skills, without creating an overcrowded novel of a resume. Nothing too extensive, but enough to show the reader that she has concrete background for each. She should be prepared to discuss these in more depth or add more examples in an interview. This is important, but this is a case where kelsey wants to emphasize her skills and experience in action. The key to crafting an effective resume is paying attention to what goes where. Templates and structure are great as a starting point, but you want your resume to make you shine—and that means customizing the doc to put your strongest professional qualities right under the nose of the resume reader. Want More Content Like This? Your email address is already registered. Log in here. Kate Lopaze is a writer, editor, and digital publishing professional based in New York City. A graduate of the University of Connecticut and Emerson College with degrees in English and publishing, she is passionate about books, baseball, and pop culture though not necessarily in that orderand lives in Brooklyn with her dog. Written by Kate Lopaze. You may also like. View all posts.

Resume Objectives for Food Service

There are some cases in which a candidate for food service manager position just cannot do without a resume objective. What are these specifically? If you are applying for a first job or changing careers, you will have to be eloquent in what you have to offer to a prospective employer. And what better way to do this than through a resume objective? Food service manager resume objectives provide a chance to tell the employer that the applicant is available and ready to take on the challenges of job! How does one create a resume objective? This is where many people go wrong. Writing a resume objective is not an issue — but writing it properly is! Objectives have evolved over the years. Where it was once alright to say I want the job to learn and gain experience, this attitude is no longer accepted. Employers do know need to know what you want. The want to know what you can do for them. So when you write a resume objective, think selflessly. It is obvious that you will gain experience from a job — just do not mention it so openly. Think of different ways in which you can serve the employer, look for specific skills that you have and write your resume objective accordingly. Demonstrated expertise in overseeing the day to day operations of a food service, with special focus on quality and customer services. Offering hands-on experience in providing effective leadership to food service employees and ascertaining that the quality and quantity of food items in constantly maintained. Eager to apply proficiency in managing food and beverage and day to day operations within budgeted guidelines. Your email address will not be published. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Food Service Resume Example

Crew members are in high demand in fast restaurant environments. A Crew Member resume objective should emphasize an ability to provide friendly, efficient counter service and timely food preparation. A clear and direct resume objective can sway a prospective employer to read the rest of the resume, prioritize your application and schedule an interview. The restaurant business focuses on customer satisfaction in a fast-paced environment. A Crew Member Resume Objective should inspire confidence about the ability to work under pressure in a busy organization. Include your experience with food preparation equipment or with counter service and handling money. Qualities to highlight are an enthusiasm for working with the public, good time management skills and a positive attitude. Mention prior experience in customer service, as well as your career goals. Emphasize any skills with specialized equipment. Include the name of the organization to underscore your interest in the position. Here are some examples of effective Crew Member Resume Objectives:. Hard worker with cashier experience, good with people, seeks position with XYZ restaurant as Crew Member. Dependable team member with experience working with deep fryers and other kitchen equipment looking for opportunity to utilize and expand skills with XYZ restaurant. Seeking a position as Crew Member with XYZ restaurant that focuses on delivering excellent product with superior customer service. Friendly, organized individual looking to join XYZ restaurant in order to provide customer-focused service in a fast-paced environment. Looking for a position as a Crew Member for XYZ restaurant to apply excellent customer service skills with an opportunity to further develop and grow in the industry. You can impress an employer by writing a strong resume objective. To do this, think of the most important skills employers want from crew members. Check out the job description to gain inspiration. This way, the employer will be more confident in your ability to be a great worker. This allows you to place yourself in a good position for hiring. Here are some ideas for skills you can use:. Create My Resume. Summary: Motivated worker with great communication skills and experience in organizing, relationship building, and technology. Related: Social SciencesSocial Sciences.

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Home Resume Examples Food Service. Our food service resume example and writing tips will help you get started on creating the perfect job application. Not in love with this template? Browse our full library of resume templates. Provides excellent customer service, and possesses encyclopedic knowledge of wines, entrees, restaurant equipment, and POS terminals. Looking to leverage my knowledge of the industry for a host role at your restaurant. According to the U. Thankfully, this food service resume sample and the writing tips below are specially created so that you may adapt them for any food service role. The career objective is your elevator pitch and belongs at the top of your resume. While a career objective is supposed to be short and sweet, it should be full of valuable information that should grab the attention of your future employer. After reading your career objective, your employer should be able to consider if you would be a good fit for their establishment, as well as whether cultivating your interests and skills will be a valuable asset. An easy way to strengthen your food service resume is to make your professional experience pop with action verbs. Not only does it keep your resume from being a dull read, it also helps you come off as being more of an authority and go-getter. While writing your professional experience, use numbers whenever possible so that your future employer has clearer idea of your capabilities. These stats help the employer judge your ability to perform. While soft skills are undoubtedly important, hard skills are much more valuable. January 20, By Erik Episcopo. January 24, By Jess Chen. December 12, By Geoffrey Scott. January 10, By Samuel Johns. June 11, By the Resume Genius Team. April 26, By Samuel Johns. December 24, By Jess Chen. Food Service Resume Example Our food service resume example and writing tips will help you get started on creating the perfect job application. Build My Resume Now. View Example. Food Service Resume Text Format. Text Format laird. A dedicated food service worker setting a table before a meal. Here are some tips you should keep in mind when writing a stand-out food service resume: 1. Introduce yourself with a career objective The career objective is your elevator pitch and belongs at the top of your resume. Write a solid professional experience section Use action verbs An easy way to strengthen your food service resume is to make your professional experience pop with action verbs.

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