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We are experts in both Retail and Food Service channels, providing full coverage, visibility and marketing for our brands. We are honoured to be associated with some of the top performing brands in the region — going from small to big names in the food industry. We welcome you to explore our product categories, brands and channels. As your foodservice partners in the kitchen, we help contribute to a healthy dining experience by sourcing top quality products. Our dedicated fleet of vans take our brands to every corner of UAE, delivering small stock quantities on a daily and immediate basis. Our Wholesale channel stretches coverage to other untapped markets and regions with specially tailored food solutions for this segment. Keeping our Brands at the very heart of everything we do Learn More. Understanding what makes food businesses successful Learn More. State-of-the-art warehouses, strategically located across the region Learn More. Offering premium quality food products Learn More. Our satisfied clients are the most valuable testimony to our outstanding performance Learn More. Van Sales. Our Products We offer a diversified range of high-quality products from across the world. View All. Our Brands. All Rights Reserved. Site by igloo.

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Delta Food has built a strong foundation which helps us deliver significant value. We have grown considerably in terms of production lines, workforce and market share since then. DFI FZC has most stringent regulations and production policies and has accreditations from prestigious organisation bodies Viz. The bulk of our production is of private brands for the international market as well as for local distribution. We are continuously upgrading and expanding our production lines with sophisticated machinery and equipment from Europe, USA, Far east and India to keep up with the rapidly increasing orders. Delta Food Industries FZC is run efficiently by highly competent personnel under the keen supervision of our working directors and team leaders. Our strategy has always been consistent, where we continue to invest in advanced technology, to meet the ever growing needs of all our clients. We are focused on satisfying our customers, and will continue to support them with quality products, competitive pricing and most importantly good service. If claimed otherwise by any individual or company bearing same name, Delta Food Industries FZC shall not be responsible for any claim or legal actions: for further clarification contact us: info deltafood. We are expanding our reach beyond our presence in 16 countries across the Middle East, Africa and Asia. But you can find us with ease. Skip to content. About Us. Read More. We provide exceptional quality products, which is hygienically processed using hand picked. Facebook-f Twitter Pinterest Instagram Linkedin. Download Our Brochure. Get in Touch. Know More. Contact US.

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Our Distributors x. Amin Jasani. Website: www. Address : SPG. Bahjat Hasan. They shape the culture and define our character. They express the expectations we have of each other and ourselves. Our philosophy is to make our customer feel it is pleasure to deal with us", said Mr. Find us in hall no 5, stand No. Find us in hall Concourse 2stand CCR We are committed to take the snacking category to new levels with respect to health. We make everyday food in extraordinary ways. To fulfill this mission, we have a team of over skilled employees that work at the state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread oversquare feet. We believe that the sky is the limit and our team works towards reaching there every day. Best Corporate View Brochure. Best Nuts View Brochure. Pekanz View Brochure. Horeca View Brochure. Tamrah View Brochure. Sharon Louise Phone : Address : P. BoxLatanier Road, Mahe, Seychelles. Contact Person: Mr. Navin Ahuja Phone : 65 Address : 40 pandan road, Singapore, Japan Distributors Fuji Trading Co. General Links. Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy.

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Deem Albassam and Amal Al Marri are constantly motivated to advance, influence and shape the culinary landscape. Deem Albassam is an experienced food entrepreneur with a degree in Marketing from the American University in Dubai and a passion for culinary creations. Amal Al Marri is a designer and event creator who pursued her interest in the restaurant business in after graduating from Zayed University with an Interior Design degree. Al Marri believes that simplicity and precision are key. She aims to inspire people by bringing them together through simple, yet innovative culinary experiences. Together with food entrepreneur and close friend Deem Albassam, Indpt was formed — a food movement that celebrates the open spaces of the United Arab Emirates with simple, yet premium dining experiences. It is more than just a burger place where you eat quickly and go. It is meant to be a 'Destination' that makes residents feel like tourists and tourists feel like residents. Just like the ingredient that enriches the flavor to a meal, SALT adds life to underserved locations, creating an environment like no other. We listened. Designed by internationally-renowned designer Karim Rashid, the vibrant, lively and sophisticated Switch Restaurant showcases the skills of world-class chefs with an innovative menu that brings together classic favourites with a contemporary twist. With a modern, futuristic design and an international menu of photogenic and scrumptious fusion dishes, Switch is an exciting addition to the culinary scene in the UAE and has proved a great success. SinceSwitch has continued to enhance dining standards and offer a best-in-class service to all of its customers. It is a culinary obsession that aims to foster childhood memories of spending time at the park, adding twist to street food from around the world and bringing the most flavourful food in a sociable setting. Parker is the keeper of the park. To get access, visitors need to find one of his keys. Customers are encouraged to follow him on Instagram and Snapchat to find out where he is and get a key. Everyone has a friend who knows all the best places, the friend who says, "Let me take you somewhere. Somewhere is a restaurant with no specific origin. A restaurant that infuses the authenticity of flavors from Mediterranean cuisine into modern dishes. Creating a specially designed menu with a unique twist, leaving you with the mystery of Somewhere's cuisine. We invite you Somewhere, a concept inspired by our love for traveling and enjoying the journey to reaching an unknown destination, letting yourself enjoy the thrill and the beauty of exploring. Visit www.

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Bidfood is the world's leading foodservice distribution company outside North America covering more than 34 countries in five continents. Focused on foodservice, Bidcorp comprises a mix of well-established leading and rapidly growing market positions, offering significant future upside. These include hotels, restaurants, cafes, QSRs, sub-distributors, wholesalers, entertainment, as well as many independent operators in the hospitality industry. The goodness of nature now available on your table Check Here. Coffee, for instance, tastes bitter on its own. With the right flavored sweetener added in, not only does the coffee become sweeter, but its taste profile changes, as well. The same theory applies to cocktails. Using flavored syrups can remove some of the bitterness and acidity associated with alcohol, creating a more palatable drink in the process. A cocktail can taste fruitier, nuttier, or even spicier, just by pouring the right type and amount of syrup. Syrups come in a wide range of flavors and consistency. You can browse through our online catalog to see the many unique flavors we offer, including popcorn, Falernum, Pineapple, and Asian lemongrass, among others. With having a variety of syrups in your coffee shop, bar, or restaurant, you can create personalized concoctions for any type of customer. As an established and renowned beverage distributor in the UAE, we can guide you in picking the right syrup for your business needs. Become a master of syrups with this list of categories and types. Basic types of syrup The syrups that fall under this category are well-known and already commonly used in different beverage applications. Simple syrup As the name implies, the recipe utilizes as much granulated sugar as water to create a gooey liquid. Some people heat the ingredients to ensure these mix well, much like when you produce caramel. However, you can simply make the syrup without any cooking or heat involved. Mix the two ingredients rapidly and forcefully until all the sugar granules dissolve thoroughly. This basic syrup is what you may find in your typical iced coffee, tea, or in simple cocktail recipes. Rich simple syrups are made the same way but with double the amount of sugar to create an overwhelmingly sweeter liquid. Honey syrup Honey is naturally thick. Given this characteristic of honey, the temperature of the water or liquid is central to producing the syrup you want. For instance, cold water or ice can solidify or turn the honey into goo. On the other hand, using hot water can help break down its caramel-like consistency, making the liquid easier to mix into drinks. Add this syrup with your mix of tequila and sage for one smashing cocktail. Turbinado or Demerara Sugars and sweeteners have unique flavor characteristics. Granulated sugar, for instance, contains no molasses. Brown sugar, on the other hand, contains cane molasses. They contain more moisture as compared to white sugar. The combination gives it more flavor, and when mixed in cookies, it makes the cookies chewy. Demerara is sugar made from raw sugar cane. The processing is minimal, just enough to make the sugar safe for consumption. As a result, the sugar contains more natural molasses as compared to white or brown sugar. Making this syrup is similar to the basic recipe.

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