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‘बटाट्याची चाळ’ झाली डिजिटल

It is the official language and co-official language in the Maharashtra and Goa states of Western Indiarespectively, and is one of the 22 scheduled languages of India. With Marathi has the third largest number of native speakers in India, after Hindi and Bengali. Marathi distinguishes inclusive and exclusive forms of 'we' and possesses a three-way gender system that features the neuter in addition to the masculine and the feminine. The former Maratha ruled cities of BarodaIndoreGwaliorJabalpur and Tanjore have had sizable Marathi speaking populations for centuries. Marathi is also spoken by Maharashtrian migrants to other parts of India and overseas. There were 83 million native Marathi speakers in India, according to the census, making it the third most spoken native language after Hindi and Bengali. Native Marathi speakers form 6. Native speakers of Marathi formed Marathi is the official language of Maharashtra and co-official language in the union territories of Daman and Diu [4] and Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Marathi is included among the languages which stand a part of the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of Indiathus granting it the status of a "scheduled language". The contemporary grammatical rules described by Maharashtra Sahitya Parishad and endorsed by the Government of Maharashtra are supposed to take precedence in standard written Marathi. Traditions of Marathi Linguistics and the above-mentioned rules give special status to tatsamaswords adapted from Sanskrit. This special status expects the rules for tatsamas to be followed as in Sanskrit. This practice provides Marathi with a large corpus of Sanskrit words to cope with demands of new technical words whenever needed. Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi has announced plans to establish a special department for Marathi. Indian languages, including Marathi, that belong to the Indo-Aryan language family are derived from early forms of Prakrit. Marathi is one of several languages that further descend from Maharashtri Prakrit. The earliest example of Maharashtri as a separate language dates to approximately 3rd century BCE: a stone inscription found in a cave at NaneghatJunnar in Pune district had been written in Maharashtri using Brahmi script. A committee appointed by the Maharashtra State Government to get the Classical status for Marathi has claimed that Marathi existed at least years ago alongside Sanskrit as a sister language. Several inscriptions dated to the second half of the 11th century feature Marathi, which is usually appended to Sanskrit or Kannada in these inscriptions. These inscriptions suggest that Marathi was a standard written language by the 12th century. However, there is no record of any literature produced in Marathi until the late 13th century. After CE, the use of Marathi grew substantially in the inscriptions of the Seuna Yadava kings, who earlier used Kannada and Sanskrit in their inscriptions. Further growth and usage of the language was because of two religious sects — the Mahanubhava and Varkari panthan s — who adopted Marathi as the medium for preaching their doctrines of devotion. Marathi was used in court life by the time of the Seuna kings. During the reign of the last three Seuna kings, a great deal of literature in verse and prose, on astrology, medicine, PuranasVedantakings and courtiers were created. NalopakhyanRukmini swayamvar and Shripati's Jyotishratnamala are a few examples. Mukundaraja bases his exposition of the basic tenets of the Hindu philosophy and the yoga marga on the utterances or teachings of Shankaracharya. Mukundaraja's other work, Paramamrta, is considered the first systematic attempt to explain the Vedanta in the Marathi language. This was probably written in The Mahanubhava sect made Marathi a vehicle for the propagation of religion and culture. Mahanubhava literature generally comprises works that describe the incarnations of gods, the history of the sect, commentaries on the Bhagavad Gitapoetical works narrating the stories of the life of Krishna and grammatical and etymological works that are deemed useful to explain the philosophy of sect. The 13th-century varkari saint Dnyaneshwar — wrote a treatise in Marathi on Bhagawat Gita popularly called Dnyaneshwari and Amritanubhava. Mukund Raj was a poet who lived in the 13th century and is said to be the first poet who composed in Marathi. His poetry contained his inspirations. Tukaram wrote over abhangs or devotional songs. Marathi was widely used during the Sultanate period.

पाककृती आणि आहारशास्त्र

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पाककृती आणि आहारशास्त्र

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Meaning and definitions of fire, translation in Marathi language for fire with similar and opposite words. Also find spoken pronunciation of fire in Marathi and in English language. What fire means in Marathi, fire meaning in Marathi, fire definition, examples and pronunciation of fire in Marathi language. Noun 1 the event of something burning often destructive 2 the act of firing weapons or artillery at an enemy 3 the process of combustion of inflammable materials producing heat and light and often 4 a fireplace in which a relatively small fire is burning 5 once thought to be one of four elements composing the universe Empedocles 6 feelings of great warmth and intensity 7 fuel that is burning and is used as a means for cooking 8 a severe trial 9 intense adverse criticism Verb 1 start firing a weapon 2 cause to go off 3 bake in a kiln so as to harden 4 terminate the employment of; discharge from an office or position 5 go off or discharge 6 drive out or away by or as if by fire 7 call forth emotions, feelings, and responses 8 destroy by fire 9 provide with fuel 10 generate an electrical impulse 11 become ignited 12 start or maintain a fire in. Topic Wise Words Learn topic wise words. English Grammar Learn English Grammar. Words Everyday Learn words everyday. Most Searched Words Learn most searched words. Android App Download Android App. Season 23 Episode 36 Published at: Friday 10th of April Published at: Wednesday 8th of April Android App iPhone App. All Indian Newspapers. Your Favorite Words Currently you do not have any favorite word. To make a word favorite you have to click on the heart button.

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