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FFXIV: How to Get 2B & 9S’ Outfits

PUBG Mobile is definitely a fun and addictive battle royale game. Gaining over million players world worldwide and more new players joining the battle royale genre every single day, the game slightly felt short on the tutorial side. Jump — Land — Find a good weapon — and Shoot like a boss. But what do you do with rewards you get after winning the match and getting the tasty Winner Winner Chicken Dinner? BP coins is an in-game currency that you are rewarded when completely daily missions and other challenges in the game. There are fairly easy to collect and they appear in golden color on the top right corner of the screen as of now. You can get many interesting rewards like Hats, sunglasses, pants, shoes, shirt, face masks, etc. Further more you can also get paid skins and costumes by turning your BP coins into Silver Fragments. Spend it on Crates to get different kinds of rewards or exchange it Sliver Fragment to get premium cosmetics. Skip to content. How are BP coins calculated in a game? What can you get using BP coins in Battlegrounds? What to spend BP coins on? How many BP coins to you need to get cosmetics? Minimum amount is and increases the value on the next attempt. Step 1. Here you will find all the cosmetic items you can purchase with real money. Step 2. It should be at the bottom of the list. Step 3. Step 4. Step 5. And there you have it.

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We've got you covered. One Reddit User managed to get ahead of the curve and throw up some renders of the new gear in question, and we're more than happy to throw that up here and show you how to find it. First, how to get these beauties. In order to obtain any of these and potentially deck your character out as 2B as can be, you'll have to have to:. The gear drops in the YoRHA raid. Anyway, let's take a look at the full array of items you can get from this raid and slap into some glamours. Obviously, these are all inspired by Nier: Automataand some seem to be variations of the same piece, which isn't uncommon for FFXIV 's gear designs. Notably there are once again distinctly male and female gear versions, again, not uncommon in the game's design. If I had to guess, I'd say the first and third images are healing and casting gear for males. Everything else is up in the air and beyond me at the moment, but we're working to keep you updated all today. Worth noting especially is that a glamour set from the Raid, which gives you 2B's outfit, will also enhance your character's 'assets'. Seen below is the same character from a certain angle while wearing the gear in question. Yaneki Contributor. Published Oct.

Where To Spend BP coins in PUBG Mobile

This website uses cookies. If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. Your use of the website is also subject to the terms in the Square Enix website terms of use and privacy policy and by using the website you are accepting those terms. The Square Enix terms of use, privacy policy and cookies policy can also be found through links at the bottom of the page. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of This is an exploitable monetization scheme, and even though it's only in a mobile app, I'm expecting SE is adding this to test the waters of possibly forcing a similar version to Mog Station. If this happens, the game WILL lose players and some reputation. The second part of this complaint is of a repeatable microtransaction option. Sure, it's for a very minor part of changing market board listings. But, as stated, "Additional services for use with coins will be added in the future based on user feedback. These are gameplay affecting, even though limited to the market board and very minor, SE must avoid these options to not alienate most of the playerbase. I might seem to exaggerate, but having seen the past 5 years of absolute nonsense among a ridiculous amount of games, I have no doubt that SE is planning something awful for the game, which will hurt the game's population and general reception. The Moogle Coins must be resisted by any means and there needs to be a backlash before it's too late unless you want me to say "I told you" by next expansion. I'll bring my torchfork! Yea im ok paying for a sub to the app but the coins are kinda a slippery slope i will agree with you there. Looks like FFXIV is going to be an F2P game with subscription Mogstation - locking character slots and extra retainers behind paywall - premium version for the app and in app currency whats next Duty tokens?? Simplest Solution. It would be better than offering the coins as a currency within the app. Originally Posted by Airget. At this point, I'm surprised they don't release a butt slider character creator option as a mog station upgrade. This stuff has reached flagrant F2P cash grab levels except it's on top of a premium priced subscription. Then they pile a limited currency on top of that? It's beyond absurd. Meanwhile Eureka still can't handle the number of people in it without party members vanishing constantly. Maybe devote money away from cash grab phone apps and into basic infastructure work?

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Sign In. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Main scenario quests Quests. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. Portals Official site Official forums. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors. All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Close to Home. To the Bannock. On to Summerford. Passing Muster. Chasing Shadows. Dressed to Call. Lurkers in the Grotto. Underneath the Sultantree. An Eft for Effort. Washed Up. Eggs over Queasy. Double Dealing. Surveying the Damage. Further Afield. Prudence at This Junction. Butcher of Greentear.

Kupo Nuts and Mog Coins

Kupo nuts and mog coins are in-app currencies necessary for using various features. The methods for obtaining these currencies, the duration for which they can be held, and the maximum amount a user can hold at one time differ. All Rights Reserved. Kupo nuts are awarded once per day as a login bonus. The free plan awards one kupo nut each day, and allows for up to two to be held at once. The premium plan awards two kupo nuts each day, and allows for up to ten to be held at once. Each kupo nut can only be held for days. Kupo nuts nearest to expiration will be discarded first if the maximum number is exceeded. Mog coins may be purchased by tapping the icon on the home screen to open the sidebar menu and selecting Service Plans. One mog coin has the same value as one kupo nut. Unlike kupo nuts, there is no limit to the length of time mog coins can be in your possession. Mog coins are bought in pouches or chests. The more coins you purchase at once, the more bonus mog coins you will receive. Mog coins received as a bonus are classed as "free coins" within the app, while those paid for by the user are "purchased coins. Features Requiring In-app Currency. Listing items for sale on the market board Adjusting the price of items listed on the market board Purchasing items on the market board. In-app Currency Usage. In-app currency is automatically used in the following order: Kupo nuts from oldest to newest Free mog coins Purchased mog coins. User Guide.

All New 485 Relic Weapons - Stats & Aesthetics (FFXIV: Patch 5.25)

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