Feels like food is stuck in my chest

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What Causes the Feeling of Food Stuck in Your Throat

Feeling food stuck in the throat can make you worried. In some instances, the feeling is constant and you can breathe, that is, you are not chocking. If you feel food is stuck at the back of your throat or chest for days, here are the possible causes, remedies and when to see a doctor. The process of swallowing involves chewing food, moving food into the back of the mouth i. The process of swallowing takes place without your awareness, therefore it is an autonomic process. There are many nerves and muscles that participate in this process. The autonomic nervous system controls this rigorous process of swallowing. If the system fails, then there are likely to be cases of food getting stuck in the throat and even though not leading to chocking in the long run. In the current world, many of us at as we do other activities like walking, watching television, scrolling our phones and even playing. This is very risky and could lead to problems when we swallow food. This is a different case that is independent of the functioning of the nervous system. In order to know what to do when food is stuck in the throat, you should have in mind that in most cases, food tends to dissolve on its own over a period of time and if the piece of food does not cause any chocking or discomfort, then it should be allowed to get dissolved naturally with the help of saliva present in the mouth and the throat. According to Mayo clinic, the feeling of food getting stuck in the throat is called dysphagia. It is broken into several sub titles that include esophageal dysphagia and oropharyngeal dysphagia. Esophageal dysphagia is a condition where there is a sensation of food sticking or getting hung up in the base of your throat or in your chest after you have started to swallow. On the other hand, oropharyngeal dysphagia is when some conditions likely weaken your throat muscles making it difficult to move food from your mouth into your throat and esophagus when you begin swallowing. This is condition at an advanced stage may lead to pneumonia. There are some signs you could look for to know that someone is having some difficulty swallowing food or has food tuck in the throat. These include difficulty in breathing, sometimes you may start wheezing, a cough reflex and a sour taste in the mouth. In some cases as well, someone may encounter difficulties in speaking and when it comes to this extent, medical intervention should be sought right away. This is because the situation could have been brought about by an abnormality. Why does food get stuck in my throat? There are so many reasons as to why food is likely to get trapped in your throat. Some of them are related to the types of food that we eat, others due to the manner in which we eat while others are due to the physiology of our throats. An insight into the points below gives a picture of what likely causes food to be trapped in your throat. This is a term that is used to refer to the condition in human beings that entails the release of gas from the digestive tract, mainly the esophagus and the stomach through the mouth.

Feels Like Something Stuck in Chest

It is a good idea to be assessed by a doctor when you experience chest pain or pain. That is usually to rule out the possibility of having a cardiovascular disease, which is a real risk irrespective of your general health and age. Some people neglect the pain thinking it is absolutely nothing major. Some people continue with their everyday routine while having minor discomfort in the chest. You must not take things lightly. See a doctor and she or he will assist you comprehend the real symptoms of cardiac arrest and identify the underlying causes if heart disease is not the issue. Pain in the chest might well be a sign of cardiac arrest, but there are numerous other conditions that make you feel as if something is stuck in your chest. Here is more about it. The condition is identified by incorrect closure of the lower esophageal sphincter LES. The LES is essentially a ring of muscles that avoids stomach contents and acids to move back up into the esophagus, television that connects your mouth to the stomach. When stomach acid goes up and touches your esophageal lining, you experience a burning sensation in your throat and chest. This feeling is called heartburn. Some people with GERD frequently feel as if food has actually stuck in their chest near to the breastbone. The thing is that someone who does not have GERD may experience heartburn sometimes. If you experience acid indigestion more than a couple of times a week, the chances are you have GERD. What works for you will depend upon how severe your GERD is. Making the following lifestyle changes will assist in all cases:. If it feels like something stuck in chest, you may have developed a disorder called esophageal spasm, which is defined by abnormal contraction in the narrow muscular organ called esophagus. You may experience certain symptoms such as dry cough and a feeling that something is stuck in your throat. Problem with swallowing liquids or foods is likewise a common sign. Severe chest pain might exist in some cases. Nitrates in addition to calcium channel blockers might help relax your esophageal muscles. You may think about taking Hyoscyamine to ease spasms. Antianxiety medications and anticholinergic drugs may also show reliable. Lots of people have actually seen good impacts of taking injections of botulinum toxin. The injections are to be taken into the smooth muscle of your lower esophagus. This will prevent the transmission of nerve impulses and ease pain and other symptoms.

feels like food gets stuck in my chest

For the past three weeks or so, not every single time, but most of the times I feel like the food is stuck on my chest after I eat, I drink liquid afterward but still doenst feel like the food is going down. I dont smoke or drink, and no acid reflux, but I dont know why is that happening, can somebody help pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee???!!! Thank you guys for the answers, it doenst hurt or anything, but the food feel like suck on my chest and just feeling uncomfortable First, you might consider chewing your food more thoroughly and in smaller amounts which may alleviate this. Next, it is possible that you have a narrowing in your esophagus and seeing your family doctor about this would be the first step. If they find one, they can stretch it back out so that it doesn't cause problems again for a while. Many people may need to have this done every few years if they symptoms return. I am not as overweight, maybe 20 pounds or so, but had a similar issue. Went to the doctor, as it turns out it was acid reflux. Feels like someone sitting on your chest and occasionally is accompanied with some acid. Try some over the counter zantac or prevacid for two days or so, take it every morning and you should be better in a few days. If that works, go see your doctor about getting on a prescription acid reducer like Nexium. Sorry you're going through this. It is a very uncomfortable feeling. You may be having esophageal spasms. Your esophagus is made of smooth muscle and it can spasm, making it difficult for your food to pass smoothly or least feel that way. You need to let your doctor know about this. Most of the tests that are performed are painless. I have esophageal spasms, and I have to be careful and chew my food well and not get in a hurry when I eat. I'm not saying this is what you have; you may have something completely different going on I put one of my bras back on during the meal and my food got struck in my chest I took it back off and my food went down long story short I bought new bras:. I feel the same way can someone help me. Ihave been to the doctor he said it was acid reflux. I take two nexiums aday I still hurt in my chest.

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Difficulty when it comes to swallowing is a feeling that food or even a liquid is stuck in throat or at any other point before food enters the stomach. This problem is also known as the dysphagia. There are several nerves that assists the muscles of the mouth, throat, and also the esophagus to work together. Much of the swallowing happens without a person being aware of what he is doing. It is a very good idea to be fully evaluated by a doctor when you have a chest discomfort or even pain. That is normally to rule out any possibility of experiencing a heart attack, which is a risk irrespective of the overall health and also age. Some other people ignore the pain thinking that it is nothing very serious. Some other people continue with daily routine while also having a very slight discomfort that occurs in the chest. You should not take all this things much lightly. Ensure to see a doctor and she can be able to assist you understand the symptoms of the heart attack and also identify the underlying causes of the feeling if heart disease is not the exact problem. A brain or even the nerve disorder is able to alter the workings of muscles that are in the mouth and also the throat. Swallowing is a very much complex act. Most of the nerves work in a balance so as to control how the muscles of the mouth, throat, and also the esophagus perform together. A brain or even the nerve disorder is able to alter the fine balance in muscles of the mouth and also the throat. Stress or even the anxiety can lead to some people feel tightness in throat, or even feel as if there is food stuck in throat. This sensation is normally unrelated to eating and is known as the globus hystericus. Problems that usually involves the esophagus normally lead to swallowing problems. These includes:. Pain occurring in the chest can also be an indication of heart attack, but there are several other conditions that can make an individual feel as if there is food stuck in chest. The condition is usually characterized by an improper closure of lower esophageal sphincter. These is basically a ring of muscles which is used to prevent the stomach contents and also the acids to move back up to the esophagus, the tube usually connects the mouth to the stomach. When the stomach acid moves up and then touches the esophageal lining, then a person will experience a burning sensation in the throat and also the chest. This feeling is known as the heartburn. Some of the people who have experienced GERD normally feel as if there is food stuck in throat close to the breastbone. This implies that a person who does not experience GERD can have a heartburn occasionally.

Feel Like Food Is Stuck in Your Throat? What to Do and How to Find Relief

It appears you have not yet Signed Up with our community. To Sign Up for free, please click here Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. Join the conversation! Health Board's Privacy Policy. There was a problem adding your email Try again. All rights reserved. Do not copy or redistribute in any form! Subscribe To Dysphagia. Just putting that out of the way for you incase u wonder if its the heart. I burp alot, i feel like theres an airbubble in my chest that causes a lil pressure and i have to burp to relieve it. And i feel better after i do. I never have any acid feelings. And i havent eatten in days, but ive started, ive had so much anxiety the past few days that i think its making me never hungry. When i donti am again And i had a bowel movement a few days ago that scared me alot cuz i felt like i was gunna pass out and ALOT came outso thats another way my mind stops me from going, but im gunna take a laxative today, doubt there will be anything to come out though because i havent eatten alot. I have prilosec perscription from a friend but have never used it because im scared it might cause stomach pain. And no i hardly ever have stomach pain. But after i eat something, i always feel like its caught in the middle of my chest, like right where the chest meets the stomach. And again, over time as i burp more and more, it goes away. Ill obv get it checked out in a few days, but anyone have an idea?? Last edited by italiannyc17; at AM. Re: Feels like the food is stuck in the middle of my chest. Originally Posted by italiannyc You can have acid reflux even without that acidy feeling. If so, your esophagus may be swollen from acid erosion and food might get caught on the way down. You are not just imagining it, it's a very real and treatable condition. Go see a gastroenterologist, not a general practitioner. They tend to not know much about these things, or just brush them off. Don't listen to people who tell you it's all in your head. You know your body and you know when something is wrong. My brother had this same problem and the doctor told him to "chew his food more slowly. Luckily he found a doctor who took him seriously and he is totally fine now. Last edited by loralei; at AM. There are a lot of reasons that can happen.

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