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Is there a way to use it in a more generalized way? If I want to set up a table with different FX pairs e. I have tried e. Then, whilst this cell is still selected, enter the same text into the name box adjacent to the formula bar on the excel ribbon. Thereafter, instead of writing the full formula, you can refer to the named cell after you have typed the "! I have made this short video to explain my point. Hope this is clearer! I think he wants to and so do I be able to alter the contents of a cell and then what is written in cell is used in the DDE request. If I understand you correctly, you want what ever you type into a cell to be added to the part of the DDE formula reserved for the name of the currency pair. I assume that you would like to be able to do this so that each DDE formula would be updated whenever you change the text content in the one cell that you would use for naming the pair? If so, then I am afraid that is beyond my knowledge of Excel. As far as I am aware, you can only name the cell as I demonstrated because the DDE formula is only interested in the name of the cell and not the contents of the cell, indeed the cell could be empty. Perhaps there is a way with VBA coding Sub SetUpTable Cells 1, 1. Value Cells iRow, 3. Value Cells iRow, 4. Value Cells iRow, 5. Value Cells iRow, 6. Value Cells iRow, 7. Value Next. To use, create this in the VBA editor and attach it to a shortcut key, then whenever you press the shortcut key combination it updates the table. I exported the market watch window in the MT4 application. This creates a '. Copied that list of ticker symbols to a separate sheet in excel and using your macro was able to construct a matrix with 'live quotes' traded by my broker, without having to type a single ticker symbol by hand. To add comments, please log in or register. Working with Excel tools, indicators, conversion OneDay Thank you for the reply, but it doesn't work Can you give me a concrete example?

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Keep in touch and stay productive with Teams and Officeeven when you're working remotely. You can use the DDE function to initiate a dynamic data exchange DDE conversation with another application, request an item of information from that application, and display that information in a control on a form or report. For example, you can use the DDE function in the ControlSource property of a text box to display data from a specified cell in a Microsoft Office Excel worksheet. DDE application, topic, item. The DDE function syntax has these arguments:. A rgument. A string expression identifying an application that can participate in a DDE conversation. Usually, application is the name of an. A string expression that is the name of a topic recognized by application. The topic argument is often a document or data file. Check the other application's documentation for a list of possible topics. A string expression that is the name of a data item recognized by application. Check the other application's documentation for a list of possible items. The DDE function attempts to initiate a DDE conversation with the specified application and topicand requests the data in item. If successful, the DDE function returns a string that contains the requested information. If you are requesting data from Excel, item might be a row-and-column identifier, such as "R1C1" or the name of a range of cells. In the following example, the DDE function requests information from the cell at row 1, column 1 in an Excel worksheet. You can enter this expression for a text box control in the ControlSource property box on the control's property sheet:. You can use the DDE function only in the ControlSource property of a text box, option group, check box, or combo box. For example, if you use the DDE function in a text box, the text in the text box can't be edited. You must edit the text in the other application. Because the ControlSource property is read-only in Form view and Print Preview, changes to the control must be made in Design view. Microsoft Windows and your computer's memory and resources determine the maximum number of DDE conversations that can be open simultaneously. If the conversation can't be initiated because the other application isn't running or doesn't recognize the specified topic, or if the maximum number of conversations has already been reached, the DDE function returns a Null. If so, the DDE function returns a Null. Similarly, you can set Access to ignore requests from other applications: click Access Options on the File menu, then click Advanced in the Application Settings dialog box. If you need to manipulate another application's objects from Access, you may want to consider using Automation. The following table illustrates how the DDE function behaves when you use it with each of the controls. Con trol. The item argument can refer to text or numbers. If item refers to more than one piece of information, such as a named range in an Excel worksheet that contains multiple cells, the DDE function returns the first entry. You could use this function with a text box to display the data contained in a cell on the worksheet. The DDE function fills the combo box with the information referred to by item. You can't enter data in the text portion of the box. The OptionValue property of each option button in an option group is set to a number. Usually, the first button value is 1, the second is 2, and so on. The number returned by the DDE function determines which option button will be selected. For example, if the DDE function returns 2, the second button will be selected. If this function returns a value that doesn't match any of the OptionValue property settings, none of the buttons will be selected.

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Discussion in ' Trading Software ' started by mxpeliteJul 5, Log in or Sign up. Elite Trader. I've seen many posts looking for the ability to dynamically copy and paste Excel DDE formulas containing cell references. This is not possible in Excel because the DDE formulas can only be static. But, here you have a quite convenient workaround which wll allow you to save a lot of time an effort. All the effort has been applied to link to the ThinkOrSwim thinkDesktop client, but it could be taken as a model to do a similar thing with other DDE servers. To use this piece of software you need to copy the following code to the VBA code window you need to open the Visual Basic editor of your Excel workbook it could work in Excel and but I have not tested it there Code:. Just wanted to say thanks. Nice clean workaround. I appreciate your comments. You are welcome. Hi mxpelite, The function and macro works great! After that, I tried executing the macro: Sheet1. I would greatly appreciate any help on this! I am using Office I appreciate the help! This was the fix I needed. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password?

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For an industrial engineer, sometimes there arises a need to import process data to a computer for manipulation. DDE can be used to exchange data between two programs. Ensure that the PLC and the computer are connected to the Ethernet. Enable DDE communication in the computer. Before you proceed, check to make sure that the PLC is online. If online then go to the next step. You will need to configure a topic in RSLinx. Click on New and give it a name. We are now ready to start a DDE communication. We need to start MS Excel and tell it what the topic is and we are set. This can be done in two ways; using a DDE link and using Macros. Using direct DDE link to import data to Excel. This is the destination of the data that will be read by the macro. This routine reads a word:. Filed under: DDEExcel. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. DDE Excel. Here are the steps required to achieve this goal: 1. Share this: Twitter Facebook.

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Customer is interested in reading or manipulating data within InTouch via Excel. There are two methods of creating a connection between InTouch and Excel, but both of these methods involve InTouch and Excel existing on the same computer. This method assumes that an InTouch application has already been developed, and the user is only interested in reading the data from InTouch into an Excel document. This method is useful for creating reports based on values within InTouch. This method allows for data to be read and manipulated from either InTouch or Excel. This is particularly useful for testing purposes when a PLC is not available. Node Name: This is the computer where Excel is installed. For this to work you must connect to the local computer where InTouch is running. Application Name: This specifies that we want to connect to Microsoft Excel. Topic Name: The topic when connecting to Excel is the name of the individual sheet within the Excel Workbook that you wish to connect to. Once this setup is completed, and the InTouch tag is displayed on the screen, you will be able to both read and write values from either Excel or InTouch, and have it update in both programs. Both of these methods involve DDE connections. For these methods to work you must be running both InTouch and Excel on the same computer. Method 1 — Reading data from InTouch through Excel: This method assumes that an InTouch application has already been developed, and the user is only interested in reading the data from InTouch into an Excel document. Open your InTouch application in WindowViewer. Open a new Excel document. Open your InTouch application in WindowMaker. Create an Access Name to connect to Excel. Create tags which will connect to Excel. The Item field in the tag will reference the specific Row and Column within the Excel document, by using R C format, where the R indicates the row, and the C indicates the column.

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