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Dry Contact Relay – Ethernet

NCD will operate at reduced manufacturing capacity to help ensure the safety of our staff. We are tentatively scheduled to return to full manufacturing capacity in Late April. Please expect extended delays for all orders. Technical support through our community forum and our ticketing system will continue. Phone communications will be by appointment only. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time. Please upgrade your version of IE to at least 9, or use a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox. Our Ethernet Relay boards makes it easy for computers of all types to control relays and monitor analog inputs. Ethernet Relays allow you turn relays on or off, flash relays continuously, control relays for a duration of time, and control relays in groups using a cross-platform compatible Ethernet interface. This Ethernet Relay is a ProXR Lite series controller which is a widely adopted standard used by industry for many years. Equipped with your choice of 1, 2, 4, or 8 on-board relays, the ProXR Lite series Ethernet Relays suit the needs of most of our customers. Integrated Analog to Digital Converters may be used to manually control the relays, or they may be used to read external sensors. Equipped with 8 or Bit resolution, the ADC built into each Ethernet Relay board adds tremendous flexibility for various application requirements. Connect your Ethernet Relay to your network and run Base Station. This Software tool is designed to teach you the features built into your controller and provide you with example commands. Base Station was written for Windows using Visual Studio source code available and shows you all the commands you need for controlling relays and monitoring external sensors. Next, choose how many on-board relays you need up to 8 in this series. Select the relay options in the red box for 5 or Amp mechanical relays. Choose the type of Ethernet interface you require and add a power supply if needed. We have been manufacturing many varieties of Relay boards with users all over the world! No Problem! We have expandable ProXR Relay controller available if you need more relays, just click here. Simply choose the Ethernet option during checkout. NCD ProXR series controllers are field serviceable with a very long production history adopted by the largest companies in the world! The ADCs on this controller allow monitoring of external sensors or contact closure input detection. Connect external temperature sensors, light sensors, current sensors, buttons, switches, or anything else that generates a VDC analog or contact closure output. With 8-bit resolution, analog inputs will convert Volt signals into a value from 0 to With bit resolution, values of 0 to may be measured. Input resolution is software selected. Simply ask the controller for the analog value of each input, and the controller instantly responds. The Relay Activator control panel allows analog inputs to directly control relays. Simply connect the analog inputs to buttons or switches and trigger basic relay on or off functions to take manual control of the on-board relays. The Relay Activator control panel allows you to define 8 functions for each of the 8 inputs. Functions include turning relays on or off, toggling the state of relays, momentarily flash a relay, momentarily toggle the flashing function of a relay, turn all relays on, turn all relays off, and push notification events. When push notification events are configured, the controller generates a packet of data every time the inputs change state. Watch data bytes flow to and from the board, so you easily understand the command execution process. Base Station was written in Visual Studio, and we even provide the source code to help you on your way!

Ethernet Relay Controller with High Power Relays

We do it as partial refund. IP Relay Boards and Modules. They have Digital and Analog Inputs. For some of them there is Android application for control from smartphone. Comparison table with differences between Ethernet Web Relay Boards. With this card it is possible to control up to five independent electrical appliances. Can be used in Home Automation, Industrials, Robotcs. Inputs can be adjusted to control relays standalone work. It can send E-mails on inputs change as well. Suitable for remote control, home automation, data acquisition, sensor processing, alarm systems, PLC applications. It is for home automation, hobby and commercial projects. Just connect the device into your local network and control it from another computer or android smartphone over the LAN or Internet. We provide also software examples for developers. It can be used successfully for monitoring and rebooting computer farms and servers, Internet connection checking and others. Thank to its multi-channel design 8 digital inputs, 4 analog inputs, 4 temperature inputs, 8 SPDT relays and 2 analog outputs this device can perform simultaneously a variety of measurement and control functions. Products comparison. Online Chat. Registered mail Poststable based cost. DHL Express servicefixed cost at GLSfixed cost at DPDfixed cost at Credit Cardswe accept Visa, MasterCard. Paypalyou can place the order directly via our web shop. Wire transferplease contact with us for Proforma-Invoice. Verified by. For EU Customers. Subscribe to news View all news. Ethernet Relays. We accept.

Ethernet Relays

How many times have you read or heard about the Internet of things Iot? The Internet of things is an expression that is becoming more and more popular lately; it represents the expansion of the Internet into the world of objects and physical locations. Thanks to this technology, many objects that used to be exclusively passive, can now become interactive and coordinate between themselves and interact with the user; they become more intelligent and thanks to the Internet connection they allow to share generated data with the user or another board that can also be in another continent. In fact, many times the IoT includes not only electronic devices capable of making autonomous decisions in order to simplify our everyday life, but also the plethora of products that used to be stand-alone. For this reason, all we have to do is equipping our older devices with an Internet connection. The project we are introducing in this article wants on to take on that task by creating, through dedicated connections, the possibility to remotely control your entrance gate, your fish tank, the garden lights, the watering system and so on, using numerous examples. Nowadays, there are many alternatives to take advantage of remote controls, however, the board we are proposing here is simple both in terms of electric connections and in terms of user interface. The board has a powerful integrated Web server that allows, using a browser, to access the control panel. Besides, it allows setting a username and password in order to login protect the access. This way, changing the output status relays or additional signals and controlling the inputs status digital and analog inputs becomes a really simple and immediate operation. Finally, implementing a Web server allows creating alternative control interfaces for instance, smartphone apps since all the functions of the control panel are available through dedicated web APIs. In this section, we are going to see the circuit diagram of the proposed board, then we will understand its limitations and potential from an electric and electronic perspective. The heart of the board is represented by the PIC18F67J60 U5 microcontroller which is tasked with controlling the release status through MOSFETs Q5, Q10, Q15 and Q20, controlling digital inputs or outputs, making a digital and analog sampling of signals coming from dedicated analog inputs and finally connecting to the Internet through a 10 Mbps Ethernet port. Besides, the X2 quartz with hardware multiplier allows generating the right clock for the Ethernet PHY. The functioning logics provides that the digital output is normally at a level high through the pull-up resistor R39 which voltage reference is chosen manually by the user through VDD SEL jumper choosing from three possible values 3,3V, 5V o VIN. The digital port can go low in two possible ways: by piloting Q1 when the microcontroller is in charge of the outputs control, or through the external signal connected to DIGITAL terminal block. This status change is amplified by Q3 on the control LED and properly read by the microcontroller as a corresponding input value. This configuration allows to control the direction of the web ports and to prevent damages in case of erroneous configuration. As for the analog inputs, we have four ports connected to an analog-digital converter that can discriminate analog values with an accuracy of 10 bits. Since the microcontroller allows to sample electric signals with a maximum value of 3,3V, we have employed a resistor grid R43 and R46 four input 1 that acts as voltage partition or reducing 5V to a value that can be tolerated by U5. D9 and D10 diodes normally operate in inverse polarization and contribute to protecting the microcontroller in case of overvoltage is, finally C45 and C49 stabilize the input signal allowing to obtain a more accurate sampling.

Ethernet Relays

Sometimes the hardest part of relay testing is getting your laptop to talk to the relay or test-set. There are two primary communication methods:. Luckily for you, the industry has pretty much standardized on DB-9 serial connection and cables. Back in the day, we had to carry a bunch of adapters. We also had to cross our fingers every time we made a connection because some pins were inexplicably hot and would fry your computer. Pin two on one side of the cable is connected to pin two on the other side of the cable. Pin three is connected to the same wire on both sides of the cable. You will need a straight-through cable to communicate with:. Some manufacturers have serial connections that use a USB cable. You will need to contact the manufacturer to see if their cable is proprietary or not. Almost no computer manufacturers have serial ports nowadays, so you will probably need to buy a USB-to-serial adapter. The guys at Intellirent recommended this one to me. They say this one works most often. You can click on the product pictures below to purchase any recommendation on amazon. We do not get any compensation for anything you buy via these links. You will also need a cable to connect between the USB-to-Serial converter and the device. A lot of my students are happy with their Bluetooth serial adapters if you wanted to try the wireless route. The cable above is a straight-through cable, so I will have problems communicating with a device that requires a null-modem connection. I use the following null-modem adapters that internally cross pins two and three so that I can switch back and forth between straight-through and null modem connections at will. Make a physical connection between your computer and the device you want to communicate with using the parts described above. You need to know this address. If you plug the same converter into the same USB port, the COM Address will be the same every time; so pick the most convenient USB port and keep using that port every time you want to make a serial connection. Mine is COM4. Serial communication can happen at different speeds called Baud Rates. Your computer and the end device need to have the same Baud Rate, otherwise they are tuned to different channels and be unable to talk to each other. You can usually find out the Baud Rate for the communication port you are connected to via the front panel. Make sure your software has the same Baud Rate. Remember the change has to happen in the device software, not in the Device Manager menu we just looked at. Now that you know the COM Address, open your relay or test-set software and follw the instructions below:. If everything is OK, it will tell you. Green means you have a connection, red means it is using archived information in the display. All the other settings should be default. Your computer thinks it is connecting to the internet when you make an Ethernet connection. The internet is full of bad players who want to control of, or get information from, your computer; so your I. A straight Ethernet cable where the pins and wire colors are the same on both ends. This is the most common cable to use and is the one you can buy in any electronics store. A crossed Ethernet cable where the following pins are crossed. Be aware that some computers have auto-switching Ethernet cards that will detect whether the connections needs to be straight or crossed and adjust accordingly.

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