Environment multiple choice questions and answers

100 Top Environment Management Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Environment multiple choice questions MCQs set 3 from Assams. These 20 MCQs are based on environment related institutions, bodies, conventions, conferences, acts and programmes. So, you will find questions related to pollution, global warming, wildlife protection, biodiversity etc. Some of these objective type questions are from the papers of previous civil services examinations. You will also find some unique MCQs that were created by assams. The Living Planet Report is published by which of the following organizations? In India, Environmental clearances for mining projects remains valid up to a period of. Find below the answers to the above mentioned environment related objective questions. Hope you will find our answers useful and educative. This article belongs to Career section. For reference or bookmark, you can use this link. Login Register. Which of the following outlines the key aim of Basel convention? Project Elephant was launched in India in the year a b c d 7. Biological Diversity Act was passed in Indian parliament on a November 11, b December 11, c November 11, d December 11, In India, Environmental clearances for mining projects remains valid up to a period of a 10 years b 20 years c 30 years d 50 years Ramsar Convention on Wetlands was signed in the year a b c d Stockholm Convention is related to a Greenhouse gases b Ozone depleting substances c Persistent Organic Pollutants d Hazardous waste materials The concept of carbon credit originated from which one of the following? National Action Plan on Climate Change was released in the year a b c d This section is private. Please login to continue! Articles New : Articles on current and important topics.

Environment Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Set – 3

These previous years general awareness quiz objective questions answers for competitive exam are very important for prelims and mains exams. View Answer Comment. Toggle navigation. Computer Sc. Home Biology multiple choice questions and answers on environment. Go To Download Page Close. Answer: Option [C]. A Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. B Read, Register, Recall. C Random, Reduce, Recall. D Reduce, Rebuild, Restrict. Answer: Option [A]. A Fungi. Answer: Option [D]. A Apoplastic. C Both A and B. D None of the above. A Pro-biotic curd. D Green Ministry. Answer: Option [B]. A Burying. A Many types of flora and fauna in one forest. B Many types of flora and fauna in many forests. C Many population of one species in one forest. D All the above are true. A Gulf of Mannar. B Andaman Islands. C Gulf of Kutch. D Lakshadweep Islands. A Abiotic factors. B Biotic factors.

Environmental Science MCQ Questions and answers | EVS MCQ

A gas. A cloud droplet. A rain drop. A snowflake. Oil Tanker which sank in along the coast of Alaska and marine life seriously affected. A much higher temperature than o C. A much lower temperature than o C. A temperature of o C. A way of determining cloud thickness and altitude. A way of distinguishing between wet and dry clouds. A way of identifying clouds suitable for cloud seeding. A way of distinguishing between "new" and "old" clouds. When the air temperature is highest. Just before sunrise. About midnight. When the air temperature is lowest. Each Section contains maximum 70 questions. To get more questions visit other sections. Login into Examveda with Login with Facebook. A gas B. A cloud droplet C. A rain drop D. In calm air the air temperature is o C, if the wind speed should increase to 30 knots with no change in air temperature the thermometer would indicate:. A much higher temperature than o C B. A much lower temperature than o C C. A temperature of o C D. No explanation is given for this question Let's Discuss on Board.

100 Objective Questions on Environment with Answers and explanations

This is the second set of Multiple choice questions related to Environment. It covers several topics including wildlife, biodiversity, ecology, pollution and climate change. We hope that civil service aspirants and candidates of other competitive examinations will find these question answers useful. Kyoto Protocol in an important international treaty. Following sentences are related to this protocol. Find the wrong one: a Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Answer: d Second commitment period will end innot in Kyoto Protocol was adopted in Kyoto, on 11 December It commits associated parties countries by setting internationally binding emission reduction targets. The first commitment period ended in The second commitment period will end in Which of the following greatly contributed this change? Since industrial revolution human activities have increased drastically. CO2 content increased due to various reasons including burning of fossil fuels, arrival of machines, clearing of forests, installation of factories etc. Which of the following appears to contribute to global cooling rather than global warming? Answer: b Aerosols Aerosols are minute particles that suspended in the atmosphere. Most aerosols are brighter in colour and they reflect sunlight back to space. Thus they help in cooling the Earth. Biodiversity is highest in which type of the following forests? Answer: d Wet Evergreen Equatorial forests support highest level of biodiversity. Tropical evergreen forests are multi-layered, dense and are home to many types of plants and animals. Such forests are found in areas with high humidity, heavy rainfall and short dry season. High species richness and diversity are observed in such forests. Mercury is considered hazardous to human health. It damages brain, kidneys and lungs and also results in various diseases. Mercury pollution is a serious issue because: a Mercury is a pure metal and hard to digest. Answer: b Mercury Biomagnifies in aquatic environment. Biomagnification or bioamplification means the concentration of the contaminant increases with the trophic level of the organism.

46 Multiple Choice Questions with Answers on “Environment” (GK for Students)

Solved examples with detailed answer description, explanation are given and it would be easy to understand. Multiple choice and true or false type questions are also provided. Toggle navigation. The human activity, among the following, which causes maximum environmental pollution having regional and global impact, is. Answer: A Explanation: Industrialization. Report Errors. Kindly mention the details of the error here View Answer Workspace Report. The science that deals with the relationship of various organisms with their environment is known as. Answer: C Explanation: ecology. Objective of environmental studies is to. Answer: D Explanation: All of the above. An ecosystem consists of. Answer: D Explanation: A biotic ecommunity and its non-living elements. The perfect equilibrium existing in the biosphere between the various organisms is known as. Answer: B Explanation: Ecological balance. Free Download as PDF. Create environmental ethics that foster awareness about the ecological inter - dependence of economic, social and political factors in a human community and the environment. Raise consciousness about environmental conditions. A population and its non-living elements. A biotic ecommunity and its non-living elements.

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