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Map of Dragon's Stand. Loading screen. Dragon's Stand is an explorable zone located to the south of Tangled Depths. It is the deepest part of the Heart of Maguuma region. The Pact have set up a base on the outskirts, ready to engage in a zone-wide push into the Dragon's Domain. They face heavy resistance from swarms of Mordremelite Commanders, and the Mouth of Mordremoththe Elder Dragon's physical form. Playing through this map by doing the events and opening the Noxious Pods with Machetes is the primary way to obtain Leystone armor. Dragon's Stand can be reached from the portal south of the Dragon's Passage or by going through the portal south of the Ley-Line Confluence that opens up once the Chak Gerent meta event has been completed. Upon entering the Dragon's Stand, characters automatically discover all the Waypoints in the area. Most of them remain contested until the meta event has reached that stage. This widget requires Javascript to function. Try disabling any scriptblockers you may have active and then reload the page. There is a map-wide meta event involving killing Mordremoth 's commanders and pushing the Mordrem back into his territory. If the meta event is not completed within the 2 hour time limit, Mordremoth blasts the entire map, killing and pushing everyone back to the Pact Base Camp on the north-east edge of the map, while also wiping all progress made by the events across its domain. Destroying all three Blighting Towers results in the timer being paused, allowing the final battle to take place without the pressure of a timer. There are three lanes north, middle and southeach with their own chain of events leading the Pact towards one of three Blighting Towers. The Pact must gather equipment and allied forces along the way, while destroying Mordrem Spitfires and claiming their locations as forward encampments. At the start of the meta event, and after taking each one of the forward camps, 2 events will occur per lane. By quickly clearing these events, the push can be much faster. Noxious Pods will also spawn at each base claimed, with additional pods spawned for each of the bonus events successfully cleared. After claiming the first Spitfire in a lane, that lane's respective Legendary Mordrem Commander will spawn near their Gate to the Blighted Towers, and begin slowly marching towards the Pact convoy. These Legendary enemies will delay the escort and preparatory events alike, so engaging them in battle before they disrupt the push is crucial. These will respawn periodically. When the gates open, each lane will enter a room with a boss in the center. The boss is invincible unless all three Ley Line Harvesting pods are destroyed. After all pods are destroyed, the Veteran Mordrem Preservers which keep spawning around the room 90 seconds after the last one was defeated need to be taken out continuously. If they are allowed to reach the center, they will heal the pods or spawn them.

electric poi

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Electric Field due to Point Charge and System of Charges

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The Electric Revolution Is Here.

If you wish to export charging location data into your own systems or applications the most flexible way is to use our API, which provides an export in a variety of formats. Uptime last 7 days: last 30 days:. The basic API is provided as a free service with no warranty or service level agreement. Providing this API to you costs us actual money for server resources and data transfer fees. Do not 'crawl' the API, examples including systematically querying along a grid or along a route, downloading for each country or network operator individually. The default output contains a lot of information. Data returned by the API has mixed licensing and applicable copyright attribution included in results as "Data Provider". Additionally from v3 of the API onwards you can query using a bounding box, polygon or polyline for a route etc. See here for more info on polyline encoding. Our core list of lookup values is termed Core Reference Data. This is the data you would require in order to present the user with Dropdown lists etc of possible values for Connection Type etc. This only returns content in JSON format. In addition to the API there are a number of standardised URLs which can be used to initiate certain actions, this can be useful to launch from within an app or for hyperlinking. API and embedding examples see the code on github help translate. By using the API you indicate acceptance of these terms. Comment Types. Check-In Status Types. Your API Key. Optional custom identifier for your app or service if you can't set a custom http User Agent header. Set to true to include only Open Data licensed content, false to return only non-open licensed data. By default all available data is returned. You should refer to the license of the original data provider in each case. Set to true to also include user comments and media items photos per charging location. Set to true to remove reference data objects from output just returns IDs for common reference data such as DataProvider etc. Specify an encoded polyline for the polygon shape. Polygon will be automatically closed from the last point to the first point. Polyline is expanded into a polygon to cover the search distance.

Electric poi

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