E90 lci front end conversion

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M-Sport style Front Bumper Conversion

Remember Me? Brigadier General. EDIT: E92 hood is officially for sale. Price is OBO!!!!! All said and done It just all flowed better and was more aggressive, so I'm putting my e90 front back on. That also means the E92 headlights are for sale both headlights, all bulbs, ballasts, mounting brackets, pretty much everything you need. PM me with your offers!! Also thank you Omar Hunter for the online help!! Lights fit like a glove with the new headlight brackets E90 vs. E92 E92 lights on, custom fenders done Lights on. This is when I really started to miss my old lights Finished product at 6. Last edited by E90Mario; at PM. Appreciate 0. I dig the E92 front soo much more. Lieutenant Colonel. Definitely prefer the old setup. Props for realizing this wasn't so hot. Major General. E90 front is better! Would have been better to do the LCI e90 msport looks so much better then your original and e92 conversion. Honestly unless the coupes have wider fenders, its not worth the change up. There little difference.

BMW E90 3 Series M-Style Body Conversion Kits

Remember Me? Hi I currently have a d Msport, I like the look of the new bonnet. Can some one who has done this or know about it give me some more info into what I need. I have the bmw xenons and white halos already on my car so im guessing I wont need to change these? Any advice or help welcome. Appreciate 0. Well, first I would wait for the f30 to come out. Second Lieutenant. You might be looking for LCI conversion, not F30 conversion. Could this conversion be more difficult then it looks? I think you have to change the bumper, hood and headlights. Lieutenant Colonel. Originally Posted by doubleIN. Also, the car you want is a coupe, you have a sedan. You need to change the bumper, hood, and grills. Then I think it will be just hood, bumper and grills? First Lieutenant. I doubt it'll be worth doing the whole conversion, I would just look at aftermarket bumpers made for a pre-LCI e90, and I think you'll find one that makes you very happy. You must have some money to blow, I think your car looks good as is. Whatever you decide to do, lemme buy your oem msport bumper from ya. I have looked again at my head lights and the LCI head lights in the second white car picture and they look exactly the same shape. I have edited the pics in the first post to make it easier to compare, please view. This is how my car looks now but i think all its missing is the LCI conversion? Brigadier General. Your front end looks great

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Another exclusive highlight was the M3 GTS. Vorsteiner worked their magic on this E92 M3 and I think the finished product looks fantastic. A few mods to the front and rear and a set of 19" wheels, build on the already aggressive looks of the E92 M3. Crafted from hand-laid carbon fiber, the BMW E9X Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake sets a new benchmark in appearance and durability - all while resisting the performance-robbing effects of engine heat soak. A lot has been done to enhance the looks of this An M3 LCI style front end conversion, with new bumper, hood, grills, and mirrors, are just a few of the mods that make this 3 Series stand out. This latest installment from Block's Gymkhana series features a mental bhp, custom built, all wheel drive, wide body Mustang. This Gets Some M3 Touches by kingofthedemo. Need help on deciding. Z4coupe s54 Swap supercharger build from norway. E92 N52 i misfiring. Look at this buck-toothed piece of crap. Vanta Black. Yes, carbon nano tubes. Lightning strikes BMW in Oregon. Design: Eat where you poop. Does Brembo Make Regular Brakes? Switch up. Forgive me but I want to Enquire about X1. Click here for more BMW News All rights reserved. Terms of Use. Privacy Policy.

Pre-LCI to LCI Conversion

Remember Me? Unfortunately both pieces needed to be replaced, fortunately however LCI parts are priced nearly identically and since it was claimed under the truck drivers insurance - it made no difference price wise in the estimate from my bodyshop. The bodyshop and I had originally started out in search of an OEM LCI msport bumper but due to time constraints and availability it would have been a week turnaround. So we ordered an OEM SE bumper instead, which now after having it fitted and painted I'm actually preferring over the msport oddly enough. Pre-LCI xenons were retained in the conversion but may be replaced for LCI in the future depending on which way I decide to go with the car. I'm still on the fence about converting the rear to LCI so we have been calling this project "Franken-rot". As of now I'm still planning on adding a pre-lci msport rear and maybe thats a big maybe at this point blacklines. I've never been into mixing facelift pieces with pre-facelift parts as I'm usually of the opinion that it takes a lot away from the car hence Frankenstein. But I'm hoping if I play my cards right by the time I'm done with it won't look too confused. Anyway, I'll throw in a before and after shot and can include a parts list for anyone also interested in using the SE bumper. Car is on factory ZSP suspension running V's, 8. Appreciate 0. That looks fantastic! The new kidney grill area looks x better IMHO. A much deserved update I think. After k miles the pre-LCI bumper was looking pretty tired and in need of new paint as it was. Find More Posts by wdeerfield. I was looking for a LCI conversion with the stock bumper. Looks good!! Never really been a fan of splitters on anything after the e36 honestly. Even on my e36 they didn't look all that great without the complete ltw undertray. Originally Posted by Jeff. Yeah, most go with msport for obvious reasons. No regrets here though. Lieutenant General. Brigadier General. Nice upgrade for free!! Looking good. Thanks for sharing

Constructed from high quality polypropylene same as OEM these kits are not only highly malleable they're highly durable as well. This conversion kit is molded to fit any 3 series as a direct bolt-on without any unnecessary modifications. Our conversion kits are comprehensive and fit snug like a glove, as if it just rolled off the factory that way. NOTE: Please make sure you select the appropriate face-lift option for your year. In Septemberthe facelift LCI versions of the sedan was released for the model year vehicles. In the event that the products need to be shipped to another address, Kies Motorsports will verify the transaction with the customer by requesting a screenshot of our transaction on the customers online banking. For international shipping quotes, please email us at info kiesmotorsports. Vehicles View All. M Cars. Categories Categories. Popular Vehicles Popular Vehicles. Like us. Sold Out. Add to Wish List. Have Questions? Ask An Expert. Related Products. Add to Wish List Add to Cart. Quick View. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Select options. Select options. Add to Wish List Unavailable. We Apologize for the inconvenience, and want to prioritize the safety of Kies Motorsports staff during One of the easiest modifications you can do to your BMW, is adding the carbon fiber shark fin overlay. Simply apply double sided molding tape and stick on for an amazing appearance! DIY Instructions:.


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