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The following is a partial list of the various tribes throughout north, south, east and west Africa who are descendants of the Hebrew Israelite nation:. You mean akan city,the portugese slave ships brought also many ashantis,akans s and igbos to suriname south america. North Africa to China I can see. Prove it with your DNA and not the Bible. Hello, it is funny that you would say this. Some years ago my son was told by a team of specialists that he had Asian blood, his blood was fighting the sickled cell and keeping his son alive. Did that DNA shine light to my identity. The evidence of who we are, beautiful. I totally agree…. They were driving out by the powers and Armies in that era of time! It is time for our men and women of genius to restore the true identities of the worlds people, if we are to save this world and humanity itself!! I recently had my DNA tested by Ancestry. I do believe that Black people are the original and true Isralites that the holy bible speaks of, because if you read and study the Old Testament it will reveal the truth of why the Black Nation suffers more than others because we have fell out of relationship with the one, true God almighty, Yahweh…we are a lost nation but I believe in my heart that we can get it right and once again be the true descendants of God. That is why I am researching this. But Why Not?????? I agree. I would love to see what my DNA tests as. My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee Indian. This is true. Adam and Eve. We all decended from them. But sin divided the children. Cursed, changed the race color looks. The Israelites mixed with those Nations which yahveh commanded them not to do. Isaiah describe how the women dressed. Belinda Gardner, all you have to do is read Deuteronomy chapter It will be quite obvious who the chosen people…with curses are. Then read Revelationsand see what our heavenly father says about the fake Jews.

E1b1b; The Y-DNA Haplogroup of Edom, not of Israel

He was probably murdered by an assassin in a conspiracy led by one of his secondary wives and her minor son. This is based on his known accession date of I Shemu day 26 and his death on Year 32 III Shemu day 15, for a reign of 31 years, 1 month and 19 days. Ramesses III defeated them in two great land and sea battles. Although the Egyptians had a reputation as poor sea men they fought tenaciously. Rameses lined the shores with ranks of archers who kept up a continuous volley of arrows into the enemy ships when they attempted to land on the banks of the Nile. Then the Egyptian navy attacked using grappling hooks to haul in the enemy ships. In the brutal hand to hand fighting which ensued, the Sea People were utterly defeated. As for those who reached my frontier, their seed is not, their heart and their soul are finished forever and ever. As for those who came forward together on the seas, the full flame was in front of them at the Nile mouths, while a stockade of lances surrounded them on the shore, prostrated on the beach, slain, and made into heaps from head to tail. Ramesses III claims that he incorporated the Sea Peoples as subject peoples and settled them in Southern Canaan, although there is no clear evidence to this effect; the pharaoh, unable to prevent their gradual arrival in Canaan, may have claimed that it was his idea to let them reside in this territory. Their presence in Canaan may have contributed to the formation of new states in this region such as Philistia after the collapse of the Egyptian Empire in Asia. The result in Egypt was a substantial inflation in grain prices under the later reigns of Ramesses VI—VII, whereas the prices for fowl and slaves remained constant. There is little doubt that all of the main conspirators were executed: some of the condemned were given the option of committing suicide possibly by poison rather than being put to death. Judges who were involved were severely punished. A subsequent CT scan that was done in Egypt by Ashraf Selim and Sahar Saleem, professors of Radiology in Cairo University, revealed that beneath the bandages was a deep knife wound across the throat, deep enough to reach the vertebrae. Before this discovery it had been speculated that Ramesses III had been killed by means that would not have left a mark on the body. The servant in charge of his food and drink were also among the listed conspirators, but there were also other conspirators who were called the snake and the lord of snakes. In one respect the conspirators certainly failed. Their ships carried them along and others went overland on their donkeys. It had not been heard of since the time of any earlier king. Their mines were found and they yielded copper which was loaded by tens of thousands into their ships, they being sent in their care to Egypt, and arriving safely. Harris I, 78, [20]. This monument stands today as one of the best-preserved temples of the New Kingdom. Nonetheless, all of these groups have the same ancestors and thus share the same history, culture, and languages. The Bamileke have a population of over 3, individuals. Organization [ edit ]. The Bamileke are organized under several chiefdom or fondom. Languages [ edit ]. Bamileke belongs to the Mbam-Nkam group of Grassfields languages, whose attachment to the Bantu division is still disputed. Bamileke is not a unique language. History [ edit ]. The Bamileke speak a semi-Bantu language and are related to Bantu peoples. Historically, the Bamun and the Bamileke were united. The founder of this group Nchare was the younger brother of the founder of Bafoussam. They migrated as far south as Foumban. Conquerors came all the way to Foumban to try to impose Islam on them. A war began, pushing some people to leave while others remained, submitting to Islam. Bantu refers to a large, complex linguistic grouping of peoples in Africa.


Ancient Canaanite King. Yorubas and the neighbouring nationalities located in Nigeria have this oral tradition of an origin extraneous to West Africa. Hugh Clapperton in s reported a work by Sultan Bello, the Caliph of the Sokoto Caliphate, where he asserted that the Yorubas were descended from Canaanite tribe from Palestine. InJohson naively sent this work to the Church Missionary Society in England for review and publication. The Church Missionary Society suppressed the manuscript upon realizing the explosive information it contained. The Society declared the book lost. Johnson died in Emmanuel Uguhulu another respected Nigerian scholar claimed a Hebrew origin for the Esan tribe. Esan is part of the greater Edo nation, which is related to the Yoruba nation of Nigeria. Efik traditions claim that the Efiks originated in Palestine, crossed the Sahara and arrived Nigeria via Sudan. The Efiks are located in the south-eastern corner of Nigeria. Their oral history tells that the Bnai Ephraim people came from Morocco after the Jews were banished from the Iberian Pennisula sometime after They speak a dialect that is a mixture of Moroccan Arabic, Yoruba, and Aramaic. Unlike other African Israelite communities in Nigeria, the Bnai Ephraim have the Torah, portions of which they keep in their sanctuaries. Lagos is an Island carved up by lagoons, swamps and lakes. Its traditional Nigerian name is Eko. Some groups eventually made it deeper inland and became assimilated into one nationality or the other. The Bnai Ephraim provides a living and irrefutable proof of this barely known history of mass Jewish re-settlement in West Africa, between anda year non-stop return of Jews to Africa. This set of Moorish refugees are not to be confused with more ancient Hebrew and Canaanite tribes that had been living in Nigeria and other African countries for thousands of years. The Bnai Ephraim did not settle with the Yorubas by accident or chance. They recalled that a body of their people had depart Canaan in the ancient times and had settled in the present day Yoruba areas of Nigeria, just like their own group — Bnai Ephraim — had settled in Iberia Spain and Portugal. So, when it happened they had to leave Iberia in a hurry to protect their lives and freedom, those Moorish Iberian Jews sailed on their network of ships to Nigeria Africa, near Lagos amongst the Yorubas, their relation by blood, their greater nationality.

Haplogroup E1b1a- V38 Project - Y-DNA Classic Chart

This news is something that I have intuitively have known for over a year now. The test also revealed he was murdered. He was the son of Setnakhte and Queen Tiy-Merenese. Moe is the founder of GnosticWarrior. He is a father, husband, author, martial arts black belt, and an expert in Gnosticism, the occult, and esotericism. According to West African born Katanga A. Most black Americans are of West African origin which is E1b1a. Haplogroup L2a1c1[edit] L2a1c1 has a North African origin. It is defined by markers, Yorubas lineage story of coming from the East is validated. Amen bro these europeople are getting out of control. They are obssesed with Trying to wipe us out of our own history so they can claim it for themselves. Great information Brother and please keep up the awesome work you are doing. Thanks for sharing your haplogroups. My maternal mtDNA is H. I wish everyone was like you in their search. Some day we will all know truth and love one another regardless of our skin color or our past histories. It so nice and refreshing to connect with such awesome souls from around the world. No worries because I speak English and often have typos or grammar issues. It is the message and heart that counts. I agree Bother Antonio. It was great to meet you this week. I hope you have a great weekend in Brazil! Thanks for the links and information Brother. Looks like we are connected on both sides of our family trees. That is very interesting! I would even bet anyone who is willing that he is E1b1b because E1b1a is the Ethiopian blood line and E1b1b the Phoenician. Roots in Ethiopia or the vicinity seem likely. I should have referenced my notes on this and Google just like you did. That is usually my golden rule and I humbly apologize for my mistake that I should have caught. The distribution pattern of E-M is patchy and this has led to discussion about how this can be explained. Cruciani et al. Luis et al. E-M i is the father of the major subclade E-M It appears my ancestors were involved in the forming of the Ethiopian peoples. Hence, they are the father via E-M which created the subclade E-M Interesting that the link you sent me, and I see also that your haplogroup is observed in Cohen Samaritan this is fantastic!

Haplogroup E-V38

Charting the Ancestry of African Americans Salas et al. These results are remarkably similar to the most up-todate analyses of the historical record. I will however not discuss that paper as it makes no attempt to correlate American haplogroups with African regions of origin. Source: waitbutwhy. Link to online article. However, no firm conclusions should be made until a much larger database is available. It is clear, however, that when identical mtDNA haplotypes are shared among many ethnic groups from different parts of Africa, it is impossible to determine which single ethnic group was the source of a particular maternal ancestor based on the mtDNA sequence. This study might have a somewhat sobering message for those who are emotionally invested in their haplogroup test results. Rather a matching with multiple ethnic groups, sometimes also being from multiple regions, was a more typical finding. Above quote points out a major shortcoming of the study which concerns the coverage of their African database. The authors freely acknowledge this inadequacy themselves btw, regrettably the same can not always be said for commercial DNA testing companies…. This outcome is not very surprising if we compare it with documented slave trade records. Although the proportion of West Africa seems subdued, and the Central African share incl. Angola inflated. However like the authors mention themselves, mtDNA only tells part of the story, even when used in population studies. Similar to the first study reviewed the authors caution against overestimating the predictive scope of mtDNA in individual DNA testing as opposed to population studies:. Upper Guinea. Its main conclusion seems to be again in support however:. African American and Caribbean subjects were recruited for various cancer genetic studies [36,37,38,39]. Figure 2. Plot of the first two principal components of a Y chromosome genetic distance matrix estimated for 17 populations. Table 4. Matrix of shared Y chromosome haplotypes and RST genetic distances. Senegal, Ghana and Kenya are included as well. Studies have shown that L2c occurs in high frequency in the Senegal-Gambia region. An exact match with 12 markers is from Ghana Ga. Twelve markers with 1 genetic distance, I have several; but for Ghana, again, I have 3 matches 2 Ewe and 1 Fante. Although this is a low resolution test 12 markersthe exact match from Ghana Ga ethnic group in relationship to the three 1 genetic distance matches from Ghana may hint to a YDNA with, at least, a genetic profile similar to the Ga-Ewe-Fante cluster. This is by far inconclusive; yet considering that the Ga and Ewe are very closely related genetically and culturally and live in close proximity to the Fante in Accra says something. Like Liked by 2 people. Thank you for your insightful comment my friend! You seem to have great experience in haplogroup testing. She also used to tell stories to my mother about her own mother, my greatgreat grandmother, so this family line holds a very special meaning to me. The Igbo should have left a much greater genetical legacy, proportionally speaking but quite likely again as a founding effect. Like Liked by 1 person. I can see M1 showing up here and there but M32c… she so needs to delve into that piece of untold family history. Like Like. However, I have 0 matches and have found no information on this haplogroup. I already knew it was west african but paid for the test to learn more.

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