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Dr. Phil takes on child sex abuse allegations by playing participant, advocate, and judge

Sign In. Phil —. Year: Unknown. Add Image S16, Ep Error: please try again. Sherri says she was shocked to receive a letter in the mail 16 years ago from Sarah, a little girl who claimed they were sisters and shared the same father; DNA unlocks the mystery. A woman claims her year-old son has been verbally abusing her, ever since she called on him seven years ago, which led to him receiving a misdemeanor conviction for domestic battery. Tatiana has left Jehovah's Witnesses and wants her husband to leave, too; CPS has put their children in foster care, over what the parents say is a misunderstanding, and they are fighting to get them back. Amanda says her father wrote a suspicious note six hours before his sudden death, and she is convinced he was murdered; her mother and brother say she is so obsessed that she has given up on her own life. Parents say their year-old daughter's behavior is out of control; she says they have labeled her with a severe mental illness and blamed her for their family being dysfunctional. Tina says her year-old daughter looks like a sweet, innocent girl, but has started fires in the house, killed a cat, and tried to smother her baby brother. Carrie is accused of being an uninvolved mother and constantly drunk, and separates from her formerly well-paid husband to move back in with her parents. Pamela expects to go to jail for refusing to allow her ex his court-ordered visitation with their children, saying he abuses them and attempted to drown one of them; the children's father says she is a jealous ex making up stories for revenge. Sandra, 15, has been arrested more than 50 times, smokes, drinks, has dropped out of school and steals high-priced items; her parents are at odds over how to parent her, and she blames her father for disciplining her. Phil presents the recovery stories of some of the nearly past guests he has been able to help with inpatient treatment for substance abuse. Melissa says her husband refuses to get a job, dresses like a "demonic clown" and spends all day composing and posting "vile" music about killing people; members of Insane Clown Posse say what they think of his music. Spiritual teacher and former rabbi Marc Gafni, accused of sex abuse and harassment, sits down with Dr. Phil to tell why he says he has been the target of a smear campaign. Kristine accuses her vindictive daughter of being a neglectful mother to her three young children and having a mental illness because she claims that she can see fairies and calls herself a reincarnation of Pocahontas. Phil follows up with past guests, including two sons whose parents said they made their lives a living hell; a woman whose daughter called her a raging alcoholic; and a woman who struggled with her weight. Darlene calls support-group leader Melinda a lying, mentally unstable bully who scammed innocent victims of the Tennessee wildfires. Kelly says that her daughter, Danielle, suddenly changed from a vibrant young woman to a health-obsessed hypochondriac and a hoarder. Aja says she is sick and tired of taking care of her ungrateful, entitled, drug-addicted mother, who neglected her and her sister while they were growing up. Police say parents starved, chained up and abused 13 children; family, neighbors, and childhood friends speak out; kidnap survivor Michelle Knight sends a message to the children. Police have been called more than times because divorced parents Marty and Marla accuse each other of breaching their parenting agreement; Marla accuses Marty's new wife of abducting and poisoning the former couple's year-old child. Five Michigan teens have been charged as adults with second-degree murder, after being accused of throwing rocks off a highway overpass, killing a father of four; in an exclusive interview, the father of one of the boys speaks out. Bailey, 21, says she "liked" a tweet from a complete stranger, and it was love at first post; the stranger, who has never met her, wants her to stop sending thousands of messages professing her love; Bailey's mom says she wants her daughter back. Bailey, 21, returns to the show to tell Dr. Phil that she wants to meet the object of her obsession for the first time, because she has something important to tell her. Crystal accuses her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old daughter; he says she is crazy and a liar, and that she and her mother coached the child into making horrific claims. Phil continues his conversation with Crystal, who accuses her ex-boyfriend of sexually assaulting their 3-year-old daughter at least twice in ; Crystal's mother, Barbara, joins the conversation and says she believes her daughter. Ivy says that when her mother found out she was working as an escort, she told her she had to leave home -- but without her baby; her mother says she is desperate for Ivy to get out of this dangerous lifestyle and stop being a deadbeat parent. Karla has lost custody of two of her children and is blowing through her retirement fund to please her online "husband", who she thinks is film industry legend Tyler Perry. Kourtney and Kelly continue trying to convince their mother, Karla, that she's not Mrs. Tyler Perry, but the victim of an online scammer. Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot. Dennis' daughter accuses him of being a master manipulator, his wife gets tired of his womanizing, his mistress wants to marry him, and his long-lost daughter, the product of an affair, needs closure. Kaley finds her dad, Dennis, on Facebook and has great expectations of meeting the father she always wanted, but she says meeting him turned into one big disappointment. Erica's family worries that she lives happily homeless with her children, while joining in a polyamorous triad with her boyfriend and another woman, who became pregnant by him; they call themselves the "First Poly Family of the Bible Belt".

Response to Dr. Phil

By Phil Vinter. It was destined for the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation, set up in memory of the daughter Anthony had been acquitted of killing. But in papers filed as part of a defamation suit, lawyers claim that a portion of the cash has gone to the year-old herself. They do not specify how much she received. Scroll down for video of Cindy and George on the Dr Phil show. Anthony was sensationally cleared of murdering Caylee, whose body was found in a bag dumped in woodland, a year ago this month. In a trial which gripped the nation, the jury heard how Anthony had initially claimed her two-year-old had vanished. Anthony was acquitted of murder but found guilty of lying to the authorities, who maintained that the babysitter never existed. Ms Gonzalez claims her life was ruined by being falsely associated with the case. It was reported in the Orlando Sentinel that Morgan said: 'Our sources have indicated that she has received money directly from her mother, Cindy. The new filing is the latest in a number of requests for information ahead of the civil trial which is due to start in January next year. George and Cindy Anthony's lawyers or lawyers for Anthony haven't commented on the report. There has been much public anger following the establishment of the Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation in The foundation was set up to assist the families of missing children, but through the process of the murder trial it seemed to become inactive. After Casey Anthony's acquittal she and her parents stayed out of the media spotlight until the CBS interview with Dr Phil which received a lot of attention and criticism. Capturing hearts: Caylee Marie Anthony, 2, daughter of Casey Anthony, went missing in June and was found in woods near her grandparents house six months later. A website was created for the foundation, but the link does not currently work. The site had stated: 'Organization administrators will work closely with families of missing children to provide needed support, which will be focused mainly on the collection and dissemination of information about the missing child in an effort to facilitate widespread awareness. Such was the concern about the foundation's work that a Caylee Marie Anthony Foundation Watch group was set up on Facebook to monitor the organisation. Argos AO. Attorneys want to find out if woman acquitted of murdering her daughter benefited from donation Request made by Zenaida Gonzalez's legal team - she is suing Anthony for defamation Anthony was acquitted of murder charges last year but found guilty of lying to authorities By Phil Vinter Published: BST, 11 July Updated: BST, 11 July e-mail 1 View comments. Most watched News videos Cops release CCTV of man after he allegedly beat up a stranger Woman gets violently punched and arrested by NYPD police officer Japanese megaship slams into crane at port of Busan, South Korea French authorities tighten lockdown measures by banning sports Drive-through coronavirus testing centre opens at Gatwick Duke and Duchess of Cambridge virtually visit schools Footage shows underground train packed with masked commuters Shocking moment man sucker punches a cop during robbery arrest Easy tips to stop the spread of coronavirus inside the home Expert reveals how to stop groceries from bringing in Covid Briton living in Wuhan relieved to have opted against returning to UK Nigel Farage gets very comfortable in cosy shorts during lockdown. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: Search. Sarah Hyland says only thing she had in common with her Modern Family character was being 'not good at cooking' TV's most stylish show is back Kim, Kylie and Khloe decorate their mansions Fireworks, whoops and cheers as Britain takes to the streets to clap for the carers in weekly salute to the What could the exit strategy from lockdown look like? More than 1, people may have died from coronavirus in UK care homes, industry body estimates - and they Who is telling the truth? Extraordinary row breaks out between Boris Johnson's scientific advisers as they Why are politicians being paid MORE during lockdown? Having just ONE underlying health condition raises your risk of being admitted to intensive care or dying How to survive doomsday Clue: it helps to be a billionaire : Never mind today's selfish stockpilers, some Police chief's U-turn on shopping trolley search as Priti Patel slaps down calls for officers to check what Down the drain: Dairy farmers share stories of their 'utter desperation' over the scandal of wasted milk Don't crack! NHS issues new Easter egg-themed warning messages demanding the public stay home through the

The disappointing truth about Dr. Phil

Phil McGraw prides himself and his show, Dr. Phil, on at least appearing to help its subjects and audiences. However, according to some — including some of his former employees and guests — McGraw actually does more harm than good. Phil McGraw and his TV series. In Decemberseveral former guests who appeared on Dr. Phil to get help for drug and alcohol abuse accused McGraw and his staff of providing them with the very substances with which they struggled. Todd Herzog, who appeared on the show several times, told STAT and The Boston Globe that when he was a guest inhe was so drunk that he had to be lifted onto the stage in a chair. He claims he found a bottle of vodka in his dressing room, and that a show staffer gave him a Xanax to help him relax. Two other guests who previously appeared on the show for help treating their respective heroin addictions claimed staff provided them with drugs, though in one instance, it was to prevent a potentially lethal withdrawal. But if they are at risk when they arrive, then they were at risk before they arrived. The only change is they are one step closer to getting help, typically help they could not have even come close to affording. A former Dr. Phil Show were summoned into a single room, where security officers were also present. Phil entered the room and demanded that the doors to the room be locked, forcing all of his employees present, to be enclosed in a room with no way out… Dr. Phil yelled at the employees present at the meeting…alleging that one of them had leaked internal information to the press. Phil was yelling at Ms. Rothman and her colleagues, slamming items down and threatened [sic] whoever leaked the story. Rothman claimed that she went to human resources after the incident but received no assistance, forcing her to leave the show and her job behind. Phil went for the jugular, talking about some of my recent mistakes, with no build up. Despite the walk-off, Dr. Phil stated that the show would keep the door open for Brendon, and he returned for a tearful appearance in late November Phil and gave an interview that went so poorly that it went viral for all the wrong reasons. Phil asked me but they cut that out. Michael may have a point. Following the trial, Casey remained a hated figure in America.

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Recently, my oh-so astute wife came to me with another legal question. Actually, it was more of a demand for an answer. She was in the waiting lobby of some establishment, and the television was tuned to Dr. My wife explained to me that from the small sample size she saw, it seemed that Dr. I handle lots of sexual abuse cases involving both adults and children. My wife is all too aware of this, so she had plenty of questions as to how and why an allegation of this magnitude could end up on a daytime talk show. I reminded her that criminal allegations normally involve three classes of characters: the participants, the advocates, and the judges. The family must have asked Dr. Phil to fill one of those roles. I promised to give the episode a watch and see where Dr. Phil fell in the pecking order. To my surprise, he did an admirable job of maneuvering through all three categories. That includes the accused, the accuser, those who may have had firsthand contact regarding the accusations, law enforcement, and potentially medical professionals depending on the type of crime. Without any prior knowledge, I was interested to see whether Dr. Phil would be acting as a medical professional for diagnostic purposes, and whether he would refrain from involving himself in the background. Phil did an admirable job of working both angles. He metaphorically put himself in the shoes of the mother by looking into her headspace as a parent of a potentially abused child. He pleaded with the grandmother to look at the facts objectively from a mature and responsible position. He also sympathized with a father simply trying to get visitation with his daughter. According to the father, the relationship with the mother became extremely contentious when he filed for custody of the daughter relatively close in time to allegations coming to light. Furthermore, Dr. Phil looked into the thought process of the pediatrician and law enforcement officers involved. He noted that the mother waited seven days to go to the pediatrician after the disclosure was made by the child. The pediatrician did not report the alleged abuse: An examination of the child did not substantiate the claims.

Dr. Phil – “Accusations of lies, child sex abuse and stalking”

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