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"I Regret My Divorce"

Eric left Janine after fifteen yeas of marriage. It was a complete surprise to her, and she was devastated for a good 18 months. Eventually, however, she moved on. This is the simplest interpretation of their interaction together. Janine sees it from a more complicated lens — but what exactly does she see? Eric walks in the door, and he does not like what he sees. Everyone is smiling, and the kids are a little late getting ready to go with Eric. Meanwhile, Janine is watching Eric watch the situation. She can see that he is not happy with how things are going. It was really about the marriage and family that he left behind. You see, Eric commonly lashed out for what would be considered minor things to anyone else. As well, Eric consistently judged Mark for being a goofy, fake guy, even though Mark was constantly polite and respectful towards him. Now, he is suddenly complimentary of her. But where was it coming from? It is likely a source of regret. He is not happy about the arrangement, finds it unfair even. Tom consistently picks up groceries for Debra. He calls her a lot to see how she is doing and offers to watch her house or mow her lawn if and when she needs it. Random bursts of kindness from an ex can very often be attributed to a feeling of regret. In fact, he almost got fisticuffs with Marcus for calling Kara a conniving bitch. Confusion is abound. Anthony is talking to his mother about his financial struggles, and she asks whether his ex-wife Loretta is pulling her weight to pay for the mortgage on the house that they have yet to sell. She was just asking a question. It can very often be the case that people get defensive about others talking about their ex when they have regret for leaving their ex. I am very successful in this arena because I cut to the chase, speak from the heart and speak truth to power. As well, I have been published more than times via multiple outlets. For more about Read More Find me on Twitter. I divorced my ex of 30 years after catching him not only in an affair that had been going on for almost 15 years, but also having had numerous hook-ups and affairs thru-out our marriage. He never asked for forgivness or to work any thing out in therapy. Never looked back in fact-just gone…by default with his cheating partner. Home About Contact. Comments I divorced my ex of 30 years after catching him not only in an affair that had been going on for almost 15 years, but also having had numerous hook-ups and affairs thru-out our marriage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Join Our Newsletter. Get updates straight to your inbox. First Name.

16 Anonymous Woman Share What They Regret About Their Marriage And Divorce

Whenever I find myself curious about they way men feel about relationships, or more specifically, how husbands feel about their marriages, Reddit AskMen is sure to provide me with lots of food for thought, as was the case when I recently found myself wondering what men's biggest regrets about getting married might be. See, when I was a little girl, I always assumed that one day I would magically wind up meeting the man destined to be my husband, and that we would quickly go about the business of getting married. Don't get it twisted. I didn't exactly spend every waking second of every waking hour planning my wedding and subsequent marriage although, I'll admit that I did save a picture of the engagement ring Brad Pitt designed for Jennifer Aniston — just in case. It's just that I figured that's what happens when a girl grows up and fall in love. She ;becomes a wife. Now that I'm older, I am very much aware that marrying someone is no guarantee of a happy, healthy relationship, and it certainly isn't something anyone of any gender should feel like they must do. The truth is that If you love someone, you can choose to make whatever type of life together you want. It's up to the two of you, not to our antiqued notions of what must come next in the circle of life for all human beings. Figuring out that I don't HAVE to get married ever has actually made me feel better about several other things as well. Weirdly, because I come from an intact family with two still-happily married parents, I'm a bit more skeptical about what it takes to make a marriage work. Yes, my parents are blissfully happy, but they are also such weirdos that it makes sense to me that once they found each other they each clung on to the institution of marriage for dear life. I can't ever imagine meeting a person who I want to make that particular commitment to, and I mean that legally and spiritually and in whatever additional sense I possibly can. I think this mindset of mine developed the way it did from watching many of my own friends and acquaintances get married right out of college. Some of those couples are still together, but others who tied the knot in say,have already split up. Heck, some already moved onto their second marriage! That doesn't exactly inspire a lot of hope in a girl when it comes to the prospect of settling down. But because I can't really talk to these folks about something as painfully fresh their biggest regrets about getting married, I decided to head to Reddit to see if there were other folks out there who tied the knot and now wish they hadn't. As you might suspect, the gentlemen over there had some opinions on the matter, and while some of the reasons they regret their marriages seem silly, others make so much sense you might just swear off of the institution yourself Here are 15 painfully honest truths husbands on Reddit say are the biggest regrets they have about ever getting married to their wives. She married me because she thought it would force her to develop feelings. Waste of time. Partially about having kids, mostly about building our own family. Her definition of 'our family' puts her mother at the head of the table. Mine does not.

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Would I feel guiltydown the line, that I bailed out too soon? Regret is no place to be, and most of the time there is no way back. That was many moons ago, and regret statistics are hard to come by. These people wish they had worked harder at their relationships and stayed married. The exact percentages depend on who did the studies. But regardless of whose statistics you prefer to believe, my point remains the same. Regret is a distinct possibility you must carefully consider if you are to move forward in true freedom. Unless you find yourself in an abusive relationship in which case, get help, plan a safe escape and get out! In my case, I made the wise choice to find out. We did have a period of peace, but it was short-lived and clearly not sustainable. Although it took me some time to figure things out and conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that leaving my husband was the right thing to do, I feel satisfied that I gave it a fair chance and made the correct decision. No regrets. Take an honest look at the state of your relationship. Is it in trouble or irreparably broken? Has too much damage and hurt been done? Have you grown too far apart to meet somewhere in between? Is the glue that brought you together not there anymore? Is there another brand of glue that could keep you together? Be honest with yourself. Trying to turn around a troubled relationship takes tremendous effort and energy. Going through the motions in a symbolic gesture is an exercise in futility. Take some time out to gauge your energy levels. Are you too tired to try? If you are, consider a temporary separation to think it through and recharge your batteries. It takes two to make a marriage work. Is he sincere about working things out? Or is he putting on an act to pacify you and keep you in the trap? Is he offering cosmetic changes with no change in substance?

5 Women Share The Biggest Regrets About Their Divorce

When I met my husband he was the nicest person in the world to me. He was so smart, funny, thoughtful, and the handsomest man I ever met. So when asked me to marry me I was so happy. We were married for 9 years and had two kids they were 6 and 4 when my husband left to go on a trip for work. So while he was gone I went out with my best friend and she brought her brother with her. He was very muscular strong good looking very sexy. So when we went back home he dropped off his sister and offered to take me home. I said yes but instead we went to his house and I began a three year long affair. I wasn't thinking I hadn't had sex like that in years and he made me feel sexy and alive. So one day my husband comes home early to surprise me and tell he got a promotion and he would be able to spend more time with me but he caught me in bed with another man. Long story short I wanted a divorce he begged for a second chance and I broke his heart it hurts me every time I think about it. Once I got the divorce I got full custody of the kids later I started to regret my disigion and now I wish I can take it all back. I wish this was just a bad dream and I could wake up in my ex husbands arms and tell me That every thing was alright. I miss the way he would take care of me and be there for me. Now I live with the thought that he can't see his kids again or that he won't be able to come visit them. I tried to talk to him after all this happend but he turned me away. I understend why but I still love him. I just wish I had been a better person, a better mother, a better wife. Now my kids hate me and my friends are upset that I would do that to my husband. I just want to know if I can become a better person and help my kids and even get my life back on track. Any advice. Tags: Custody ; Divorce ; Friend ; Kids. Quick answer You never loved your husband. You loved the fact that you found a patsy to take care of you while you screwed around. And I'm wondering what kind of story you concocted so that you got sole custody of the kids, and he's not allowed to see them again. People are seeing you for what you really are. You're screwed. Become a better person is always possible. You can not change history and all your wrong doings will haunt you forever.

The biggest regret of my life

It's no secret that choosing to file for divorce is a lofty decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. There are a myriad of factors to consider, including your children, your finances, and, of course, your happiness. It's also important not just think about how you may feel in the present moment, but also how you might feel years or even decades down the line. While divorce can be the best option for some couples, others may regret the choice in the future. According to a study conducted by Seddans, a law firm in the U. Additionally, a paper published in a journal of student research found that 40 percent of divorced participants believed, in hindsight, that divorce was the wrong choice for their marriages. The Daily Mail also reports that a U. These statistics on divorce regret show that the aftermath of ending a relationship can be a complicated and emotional one. Although some divorces are necessary, others might not be. If you're considering filing for a divorce, keep reading to discover a few common reasons why people feel regret after divorce. They might convince you to give your relationship another try. The financial impact of divorce can be devastating. The reality of how much it costs to just get a divorce attorney can be a shock and once the ball is rolling it is hard to turn back. Even after the divorce is final and the legal fees have been paid, there's still the matter of figuring out how to support two households with the amount of money that was once used to support one. This might require you to find a new job in order to support yourself. As resilient as children may be, divorce can affect them in a variety of ways, whether they are kids or young adults themselves. For younger kids, divorce often means losing their childhood home, moving away from neighborhood friends, and even enrolling in a new school. They'll also have to adjust to splitting their time between their parents. If you're a stay-at-home parent, going back to work in order to support yourself will also be a big change for them. Essentially, divorce can also take an emotional toll on kids both young and fully grown.

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