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If you want a better mix, knowing how to use compressors is key. Not every compressor does the same thing. Compressors have personalities! Rough Rider is the best for adding pump to rhythmic tracks. Drive it to get some extra crunch and warmth. Adjust the Ratio, Attack, Release times, and Sensitivity and Makeup gain knobs to find your perfect ride. Download Rough Rider for free here. Play with Highs, Mids and Lows. Adjust the percentages of upwards and downwards compression to your taste. Download OTT for free here. What does it do best? It glues together subgroups in your mix. Gluing gives you more punch and definition while also taming your peaks. It allows you to fine-tune the shape of the attack. For all of you precision freaks out there! Download TAN for free here. The SAFE compressor is part of a unique project. Add your own words for a particular setting you like. What this plugin does best? Choose from three speeds—fast, medium and slow. Or turn on the limiter switch if you need it. Sometimes simple is just better. MCompressor is a feature-packed, smart compressor. Fully customize the shape of your graph. Use the smart randomization feature to instantly generate new settings. Use side-chaining to better mix your kick and bass. Download MCompressor for free here. Make the art of compression part of every DAW session. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content. In fact, you should have several compressors and get to know what each one brings to your mix. Compressors give you more loudness without clipping. They smooth out peaks and give more punch. Add them to your toolkit today and compress your way to success: 1. Change the settings for a more extreme creative effect. A dream right? Be a Comp Champ Stock up on these compressors and build a killer virtual effects rack.

Anything even close to a Distressor out there?

Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Anything even close to a Distressor out there? Dec 13, 1. Messages: 8, I mean even remotely in the vicinity in the realm of any possibility? I just can't drop that kind of coin on a real Empirical labs Distressor right now. Dec 13, 2. Messages: 27, Nope, sometimes you just gotta do it. They're quite reasonable used, tho. Dec 13, 3. Messages: 1, There are some comps that can get certain sounds that the Distressor can get, but nothing that can do everything a Distressor can, or nearly as well in some of the extreme cases. They are worth every penny. SomniferousDec 13, Dec 13, 4. Dec 13, 5. Messages: 6, Dec 13, 6. Messages: 4, Dec 14, 7. Messages: 2, Have you tried the Antress plugs? The "Deathcore" is supposed to be a distressor clone. I can't say that it sounds just like one, but the plugs are very good overall. I especially like the Modern EQ on vocals, and the Firechainer on the bus.

The 7 Best Free VST Compressor Plugins Available Today

Win 32 VST. Alex Posch. Shards Recording Studio. Submit new comment Oct 24 The distortion is so mild it does not quality for a Distressor clone. Use it for Speech Lives on Kick and Snare! More interesting sounding than Waves Rcomp, but doesn't do everything either. Needs a 64 bit version to work with Cubase 10 please!!! I reach 4 it when something need some crunch. YouTube tutorial maker Sadowich made a video about it explaining it far better than i can on a modern DAW the CPU hit is very low making it a serious contendenter as a channel Compressor. Great comp, the Modern series plugins i always come back to better than any ive ever used. Thank you!! I am in love with this! Just what i needed! I don't know what the real distressor sounds like, but i know this plugin sounds smooth and tight : Thanks a lot and i'll be sure to support when i'm able to! Works great on distorted guitars, either for extreme metal or Boston style tones. I usually place it before the amp sim. One of the most interesting comps out there. I never had a Distressor but this has various types of comps to select, all are different all behave in different manner. I can't say if it's a good emulation. But i really can say this a great compressor! VERY impressive! That's amazing!!!! Great compressor on kick!!! Modern Deathcore. Please type this code :.

The 7 Best Free VST Compressor Plugins Available Today

Wanting to join the rest of our members? Feel free to sign up today. Discussion in ' Backline ' started by The-ZeronautAug 3, This site is supported by the advertisements on it, please disable your AdBlocker so we can continue to provide you with the quality content you expect. Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members? Sign Up. The-Zeronaut Mixing. Maybe someone who has a real distressor or has used one can give us his opinion about this plugin. Gain Reduction meter. Input level meter dB detect. Input control Relative threshold. Threshold Controlled Circuitry to dB. Ratio switch 1, 2, 4, 8, 20 and Nuke. Attack time control 0. Release time control 0. Post-Coloring modes switch 1, 2. Output control 0 to 40 dB. RedDog Humanoid typhoon. Antress Audio has one too. Not bad. I can have a clip up comparing the two in half a day or so. Looks cool, thanks for the heads up! Melodeath Moonbow. Well, even the creator said it doesn't sound exactly like a Distressor yet. Alphanumeric Member. Oh golly gosh they've finally made one. Everyone knowns the UAD fatso but for project studio land, how many of us actually have a UAD card and will splash this much for 1 plug. Only other one is that fug ugly antress deathcore which is buggy as fyeck for a lot of people Can't wait to try, this should be big news over at KVR. RevoltStudios Member. The Antress one lives on my channels. I wonder if this one's any good. God, the GUI on that thing looks horrible lolz Hopefully, it sounds better than it looks. Frak Member. According to this review, in its current state, there is no analogue modeling in this plugin whatsoever, but it says that the Antress one is a good alternative. You must log in or sign up to post here. Show Ignored Content. Share This Page Tweet.

Cocell Productions releases Stressor free compressor plugin

Log in or Sign up. Recording Forums. Distressor's Opto mode vs LA2A sound? Tags: compressor distressor la2a optical compressor. Joined: Mar 25, Hi there It's in the title really. I always come here for the sensible grounded advice that other forum's can lack at times. That's a compliment in case you're wondering. The reason I ask is because I'll be buying one of them at the end of this month. Back to my question. However, I would also be using them exclusively on other things too. A part of me is drooling over the 2 Distressors due to having a stereo pair for things. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks LiD. Here's the thing. I think you do the 2 Distressors giving you something for across the 2-bus and never look back. DavedogJun 6, Kudos to you for finding the actual units! Beyond that I have but one thing to add: DVDHawk has never provided anything but great advice to me, so take it and run DavedogJun 7, BobRogersJun 7, My aplogies, Dave. Long night of multi-tasking and I got my wires crossed. Honestly though, I'll take advice from either of you, any day. I use the comp on individual channels mostly primarily drums and bassthe LA2A on group buses mainly vox and the Manley mostly on my stereo bus for a little glue. If I feel I need to have a little compression during tracking my dbx s and RNC get the call and they have to, as they're all I have. I've got a pretty solid machine now and a nice collection of favorite plugs. I figure these will serve me well even as others may upgrade to better versions. That wishlist is long enough and expensive enough as it is. Now, when the time does come that I feel I MUST upgrade, I'll be revisiting this thread for help in picking out my hardware units of choice. Hi Soapfloats I'm totally taking on board what you're saying regarding being happy with the current effectiveness of plugins. I'll just stick to the current version of the UAD software I have. Any improvements are likely to be subjective. The upgrades usually just bloat users' systems with their new plugins anyway.

5-Min UAD Tips: Compressing Drums, Guitars & Vocals with EL8 Distressor

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