Digi scale labels

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DIGI Scale Labels

Our java script navigation menu is not appearing in your browser. You can turn on java script in your browser recommended! If you are using Windows XP with the service pack 2 upgrade and the Information Bar is blocking the java script, you can click on the bar and then on "Allow Blocked Content" to see the menu. This list of printers may not include all models that can use the label. Scale labels are available as "Stock""Standard" or "Custom. Price on web site does not include freight to get the label to you. Freight on 60 cases or more going to the same address in the continental United States is shipped prepaid. IMPORTANT: if your scale and printer is not set up formatted to run a particular label, it may take a service technician to enable the label to run on your scale and printer. Use our shopping cart to place orders for stock labels. For custom label orders please review the custom label section below for details on what you will need to have in order for us to print your labels. We can not quote custom labels on the phone. Find the label you need on the list below and go to the detail page. You may then enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the entry box to the left of the "Add To Cart" button. The price in your shopping cart will automatically be adjusted to the correct quantity price level. The approximate freight charge will be figured on the cart using UPS services. If you need a case or two of your order expedited by air just let us know how many cases and which UPS service you want by air in the remarks section of the order form. The correct freight will be calculated by us before your credit card is processed. Click here for more instructions on using our on-line scale label catalog. See individual label specifications for stock colors. If you don't see the label you're looking for here, call us at We have more Digi labels available that are not yet on our web site. Adhesives used on stock labels are standard cold temperature with application temperature rating of 14 to degrees F. Service temperature rating of to degrees F. Our printer maintains stock of most of the STOCK labels on this web site and usually can ship orders in working days, occasionally they are out of stock and will take longer. The printing of labels, even stock labels, takes some time so if you don't have at least a 3 week supply of your label, please email us at doug dougcare. Minimum quantity is 5 cases. Occasionally we do have some STANDARD labels in stock and can ship sooner so if you don't have at least a week supply of your label, please email us at doug dougcare. Custom labels allow for changes of the stock format and colors of any label on this web site. Custom labels will require artwork to be created, proof approval, creation of negatives and printing plates and manufacture of labels. Our printer operates in-house art and plate making departments to ensure quality. First time custom label orders generally take weeks after approval of artwork while reorders are shipped within working days. Backside timing marks where required are provided at no additional charge. Send us camera-ready artwork of your custom label. Be sure to list colors by Pantone number, if available. For text only, send us the text you would like to insert on the label as well as the colors. Logo's will need a scan ready copy faxes will not work! Please send us your request along with the labels or artwork mentioned above by mail or email.

Scale Labels

Products Linerless. Reduces work load with easy and simplified operation, and conserves film and label consumption to achieve lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint. The result is a durable, attractive package. Its compact form retains the full-spec dpi high-resolution printer and extra-large full-color touchscreen display that are standard with the series. The newly developed rotational labeler arm allows fully automatic application of linerless labels. Variations include models with manual or automatic label application. AP AP is a general purpose automatic labeler with easy to use large color display. Flexibly meets various demands for new label layout and format. DC This counting scale is capable of dealing with a wide variety of items, both large and small, through the skillful control of two sensors. Beginning with paper products such as flyerssteel, plastic, and wrapping materials, it can count almost anything that you would want to count. After your items are counted, an internal printer prints out labels that can be used as inventory labels when attached to the counted items. It reduces work load with easy and simplified operation, and conserves label consumption by linerless label auto-sizing and auto-cut feature to achieve lower cost and a smaller environmental footprint. Two-color label printing lets you emphasize parts of the label with red color and create attractive, impactful labels. You get outstanding usability, with easy input from the versatile touch panel or a mouse and keyboard, drop-in roll replacement, and variable label length with the auto-cutting feature. Print a wide variety of labels from 30 mm to mm long. Variations cater for application of label to the top and the base of the product. The flexibility of this PC based machine allows easy integration with existing machines and networking. Color touch screen for easy and quick programming and plu selection. HCLL Five years have passed since the launch of HCLL, the industry's first automatic labeler with linerless label support that includes an automatic cutting function, which was an extremely difficult technical achievement. HCLL is the latest model in the lineup and is designed to help resolve a variety of issues faced by the food processing industry today, including increasing amounts of print content per label and the reduced space available for applying labels due to packaged portions becoming smaller. Linerless labels eliminate waste disposal. MP-2ecoLL automatically cut labels to the appropriate length. At the same time, MP-2ecoLL reduces label consumption. SM Let SM redefines user experience with our state-of-the-art innovation! Fully equipped with the latest technologies and enchanting features that provides smooth and efficient practicality for both operators and shoppers. Relish in the swift updating speed of e. Labels with Hi-Touch or InfoTags. The low-profile platter and anti-stick operator screen with capacitive touch is one of the many features designed for this model. Reinvent the daily experience with the latest SM scale today! SM The SM is equipped with a state-of-the-art touch screen, which allows users to intuitively navigate the system without having to memorize long PLU numbers. Complement this with a highly efficient system and other time-saving presets, users can access product listings in a blink of an eye. Boosts operations revenue, enhance operations with integrated queue and collection system through various innovative functions of SMG. SM SM is a PC based weigh-labeller offering linerless function with the auto-cutter feature. It comes with an interactive 7-inch colour customer display that can present advertisements to drive sales and enhance customer service.

Digi Scale Labels from RJi for Digi SM, Digi DP, and Digi DPS Label Scales

DIGI provides products and solutions that improve efficiency in the retail industry and strives to provide support that exceeds customer expectations. DIGI provides leading-edge solutions to the food industry with a wide range of products and the latest technology. DIGI provides comprehensive solutions that increase productivity in the logistics industry, employing high precision machinery and systems at sites such as industrial plants, logistics centers, and warehouses. DIGI provides innovative solutions that streamline operations and increase profitability in the hospitality industry. Fully integrated weigh-wrap-label system designed for operational comfort and environmental friendliness. This video shows how DIGI self-service scales with camera solution help to enhance shopping experiences. Support service for maintaining products — Cloud service for maintaining business. HI High speed dynamic weigh price labeler. SMG PC based system scale with outstanding advanced features. More Products. Solution with linerless labels Linerless labels allow variable length and flexible print formats. Packaging solution Providing a wide range of packaging variations. High speed labeling solution Fast printing for fast production. Productivity Improvement Adding a touch of intelligence to your food service counter. More Solutions. More Case Studies. For More Details:. Contact From. Business Fields. By Category By Model Keyword. Retail Food Industry Logistics Hospitality.

DIGI 60mm x 80mm LABELS

Label Printers. Scanning and Verifying. Parts and Printheads are available to customers who choose to maintain their own equipment. Welcome to Label Specialties, Inc. Label Specialties Webmaster T Printer Maintenance Parts and Printheads are available to customers who choose to maintain their own equipment. LSi manufactures custom printed and blank stock direct thermal label and thermal transfer label products, barcode labels, tags, and labels with consecutive numbering on rolls or fan folded. LSi manufactures custom printed tags and pressure sensitive labels with up to six colors. Our labels are available with liner print, UV varnish, die cut, continuous strip rolls, and available in many types of materials and adhesives wound inside or outside in rolls with a variety of core IDs, or fanfolded. LSi offers thermal transfer ribbon products in black or colors and available in wax, wax resin, or resin for use in thermal transfer label printers and thermal transfer tag printers made by Datamax, Sato, Zebra, Astro-Med, Automated Packaging System APSAvery Dennison, C. LSi offers In-line label applicators, direct thermal label printer, thermal transfer label printer, and tag printer products in all sizes, configurations, and price ranges from Datamax, Sato, Zebra, and other major OEM brands. LSi offers P.

Digi Scale Labels

As a leading, nationally recognized scale label manufacturer for three decades, LSi continues to maintain a leadership position in providing premium quality stock scale labels and custom scale labels to small, medium, and large customers nationwide and in other countries. Over 1, distributors and other label customers throughout North America can attest to our industry leading scale label prices. Our quality and prices are indeed reflective of our reputation. LSi Custom scale labels are manufactured in up to 6 different colors and LSi manufactures and maintains a large inventory of popular stock scale labels that allow us to service customers with same day, or next day shipping capabilities. LSi catalogs for supermarket scale labels are among the most up-to-date, complete, and detailed of any scale label catalogs found on the Internet, However, new scale models are introduced to the marketplace regularly and the label support for these models may not be fully represented in our current catalogs. Please contact LSi regarding any label requirement not listed in our catalogs. To view or download our complete, or individual PDF scale label catalogs please click on one of the links on the right. Stock scale labels are defined as labels that are blank white or preprinted with a generic format. Our inventoried stock labels are available in quantities beginning at one case. Please refer to our catalogs for the minimum order quantity for each label, or Contact LSi for both order and price information. Custom scale labels are defined as labels unique to a specific user, either by uniqueness of size, uncommon printed format, or printed logo information. Our custom printed scale labels are available in quantities beginning at 5 cases. As a template for the finished label, custom printed labels must have a signed proof on file prior to the actual production. Please contact LSi regarding our policy for setup charges. Download the LSi Color Chart. For production of custom labels, LSi does not charge extra for matching standard color selections referenced in our downloadable color chart of nearly 1, color choices metallic and fluorescent colors and inks are excluded. Note: A color will not visually appear the same printed on different types of material. Additional Note: Both printhead manufacturers and LSi recommend that machine printable areas of the label be free of ink. LSi will color coat, or print other information in these areas at the direction of our customer. However, LSi cannot guarantee the quality of the machine print in areas with ink coverage or be held liable for printhead damage that may be caused by the ink coverage in machine printable areas. Our supermarket grade adhesive is designed for adhering to both refrigerated and non-refrigerated retail food packages and our base materials meet, or exceed O. Contact LSi for pricing and availability of the labels listed above. Scale Labels. Label Specialties, Inc.

Digi SM120 Linerless Labelling Scale

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