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Will this amazing machine silence noisy neighbours?

Please login or register. Author Topic: How to record neighbours Hi everyone! I've barged into your forum with a question thats probably very different from most getting asked I need to know how to better record my upstairs neighbours Now the disclaimer here is I don't want to record things that I can't already hear in other words, I don't want to "spy" on them. I only have to have a clear audio recording of the noise and racket they make. The upstairs neighbours have recently attempted to complain about the occasional bit of noise from my level. These includes things like the thud of a closing door, and the occasional outburst from my puppy hes still learning. Now this situation is one that I find completely abhorrent as my neighbours seem completely oblivious to amount of noise they generate, from a screaming child whos favorite game seems to be "hammer the floorthem screaming "shuttup" at the child, their dog running around, their walking I figure this situation can be effectively remedied with a bit of cold hard evidence in the form of an audio recording I need tips on generating a clear and concise recording of the noise they pound through my ceiling. How can I do this? Do I need a better mike? Do I need some kind of cup or bowl around the mike to channel the sound into the mike? A third star! I'll try to be worthy of it. Ah, the joy of apartment living. Before I moved here I had the exact same issue with my upstairs neighbors. They would make a racket at all hours, but complain if I flushed my toilet in the middle of the night. Let me start by saying that if your neighbors are such jerks that they won't discuss this with you to come to a mutual understanding, a recording will probably not be much help, and may actually make things worse. That being said, you may be able to get some satisfaction by having the apartment manager hear the recording. Again, this might just escalate things to where you will find your car vandalized, as I did. In my case I was able to get several neighbors to corroborate the all-hours noise, and a few other things the jerks upstairs were doing, and ultimately they were evicted from the place. It was an ugly, drawn out ordeal that I wouldn't wish on anyone. Now as far as recording goes, you should be able to get a usable for your purposes recording with what you have, and microphone placement will be the key.

Neighbors too loud? Indoor noise solutions

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication. Promising review: "I can't say enough good things about these curtains. Before the curtains were hung, we heard a train that sounded as if it was coming through the house. Now with the curtains, the sound of the train seems distant. Although you still can hear it, it's remarkably reduced. The grommets slide easily to open and close. The packaging folds and wrinkles were easily steamed out with a decent small handheld steamer. Choose from six relaxing digitally recorded sounds: white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook. Promising review: "Much cheaper and more versatile than those other sound machines. The rain setting makes the room feel so cozy and helps blend over the sounds from my rude neighbors who like to rev up their motorcycles every morning at a. I don't use it on a high enough volume to actually cover the sounds of said rude neighbor, but at a medium volume, it's enough to allow me to sleep through the neighborhood sounds. It also helps cover the sounds of late-night fireworks and bass on any random night of the year people seem to think is a night for boisterous celebration. My partner was initially skeptical, but now he likes it as much as I do. He slept in very late one day off because he said he kept waking up and thinking it was rainy outside, and now he always wants to use it. Promising review: "Now, even the 7 a. It's like I no longer have roommates, and my iron-hoofed centaur upstairs neighbor swapped places with a helium-filled ballerina. I approve. Promising review: "Seem to work great! I live in San Francisco where space is an issue, so many walls are shared in my apartment dwelling So, these are my first remedy. Glad I purchased! Promising review: "I'm on an off shift, and when I sleep I need things to be dark and quiet.

25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors

A: Much as we love them, our homes are not always an oasis of calm — especially if we live in apartments or multifamily dwellings. The noise we hear from neighbors or even our own family members clomping above us or through the walls can be extremely distracting. Before I explain what you can do about it, let me describe what the problem is. Sound is a vibration that passes through the solid structure of your home. Jump up and down upstairs, and the vibrations literally travel through the floor, subfloor, joists, drywall, and then out toward your ears. For isolating an interior bathroom or even outside noise, this is your least expensive alternative. A more thorough way to deaden sound is to separate the connection between the wall or ceiling and the noise on the other side. In the case of the ceiling, you could create a separation using Green Glue, which leaves a gap between the old drywall ceiling and the new layer of drywall you install. I never said this was going to be easy! The glue remains flexible and acts as a sound barrier and can reduce sound transfer by up to 20 percent. This system can create a very quiet room as it pertains to outside noise and can reduce sound transfer by up to 25 percent. This barrier can reduce sound transfer through floors no matter what the finish of your floors is. One of the best ways to quiet things down is to actually add noise to your home using white noise machines. The Noise Shield is effective in drowning out annoying voices and sounds by adding a nonstructured noise in the general area with you to mask over other sounds. The Sonet Acoustic Privacy System offers the same sound-masking technology large corporations employ, but packaged into an off-the-shelf solution. It's suitable for use in spaces as small as 50 square feet and can treat up to square feet. It was designed specifically to address individual needs for speech privacy and to reduce noise intrusion and distractions. With some of these ideas, you can keep things a little quieter at home and maybe bring a little more peace and tranquility into your everyday life. Answers to your home questions. If you have any more questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail via my Web site. For more information visit: www. This article was originally published Sep. Follow today.

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FAQ on Coronavirus and Mefi : check before posting, cite sources; how to block content by tags. Bad Neighbor! It causes constant low-grade nausea and a long-lasting ringing in the ears afterwards. Problem is, it can't really be heard because its such a high-frequency. Cops have come to our house, felt the nausea and ear-ringing themselves, but refuse to do anything about it because they can't "hear" it and we have no way of recording it. My question is: Can you point me towards a device that can record high decibel sound in very high frequencies so we can show objectively that this is happening? This has been going on for over a year now. We are often forced to sleep in a hotel on nights he decides to keep it on "high". We have tried to show them that this goes beyond noise ordinance issues, and is basically a physical attack. For some reason, even though the cops themselves have felt it, they just do not take action. This neighbor guy is a bit of a psychopath. He has some kind of beef with just about everyone in the neighborhood, but these sound devices are somehow local enough that we, his direct neighbors, are the only ones affected by it. Several of our other neighbors have been over to our house and have experienced the ill effects. When someone returns to our house after being gone, it will be off, but as soon as the neighbor notices a car in our driveway he will turn it on again. He is very vigilant and it is frightening. Please, if you have any idea how we could record this happening in an objective way, or any other suggestions about how to get the cops to do more than they are doing, I would appreciate it immensely. Thank you. Try downloading Audacity onto your computer. Record with whatever microphone you have handy - one built in to a laptop or webcam might work. After recording some of the sound, examine the waveform and spectrogram view. The spectrogram should show loud frequencies somewhere above 10 kHz. If you don't pick anything up, try a better microphone. Before you buy a new microphone, make sure that it can detect sound up to 20 kHz. The sound you are hearing is probably somewhere between 10k Hz and 20 kHz. People can rarely hear as high as 20k, and even 10k is above what is usually considered musical. These people make bat detectors for triggered recording of the ultrasound emitted by the animals. Your situation doesn't sound like it will be taxing from a sensitivity standpoint. Here are some great instructions for recording high frequency sounds. Both of these can be done in Audacity. Finally, not part of the question, but I think you might wish to brace yourself for disappointment should you take this path. No offense, but this sounds pretty off the wall - evidence for high-frequency effects is patchy to say the least, far more gimmicky than actually scientific. Additionally, for it to be effective - unless your house is like right next to his, the output volume would have to be prodigious and it's highly unlikely other neighbours would be unaffected, least of all the actual perpetrator himself. Good luck. Ordinary microphones can pick up ultrasonic frequencies. However, high frequencies are also easier to block and are more directional.

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Deals Amazon deals Bargain threads Classified adverts. Log in Register. Search titles only. Search Advanced search…. What's new New posts Latest activity. Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter arnoldma Start date May 3, When i go home i can hardly sleep at all! Sorry to hear of your problemssounds like a case for the councilthat's if your in council property. There is laws against things like this but I dont think it's really a police matter unless there are threats of violence or violence itself. As far as recording the noise is concerned you will need some sort of recording devicea tape recorder is ideal. Dealing with a noise nuisance : Directgov - Home and community. That sounds awful, sorry to hear about that. Personally I'd say that it'd be good to capture video with the audio recorders if you can, especially if he is out in the street shouting and things like that. Also it can help prove that it is infact him in your recordings, you can use the images to prove things like the time and date, and for anyone watching or listening it will be more 'real' if they can actually see you having to struggle with this. So, what kinda kit do you have already? For instance, if you have some sort of video recorder then it might be worth adding a decent microphone to it perhaps to help out - or if you have a laptop with a built in webcam you could use that, and feed it sound again from an external mic? Not sure how your council treats these things, but ours is pretty good and helped me in the past. Speak to your local Environmental Health Officer and seek advice. They have many ways at their disposal including putting recording equipment into your or Mums house to record the levels of noise. Hope this helps a little, and good luck. PalmTrack has one, as does Zoom. They will be useful kit when the problems are over. BTW does any neighbour know where he came from Sadly, noise is something way down on Officials priorities Be prepared that what is "noisy" to you will not record! Recorders need considerable additional "gain" to record next-door and there might "even" be a legal issue. You will need to source an external mic with gain But if the neighbour is regularly swearing outside in daylight that may be enough to prove your case. Camcorders have a Date system, but I don't think these audio recorders do Good luck. You could ask your neightbourhood Bobby to come and see your set-up, providing any talking is in the next room This provides a "date Marker", but make sure he's aware you're recording. Well worth checking out, as it's free.

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