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Purple colored semi sheer fabric. Blue colored thread with pale purple cross thread. Woven fabrics will have some variation in colors, expect two toned, occasional nubs or inconsistencies. Approximately 4 oz weight. Deadstock: Woven Polyester from India These polyester fabrics are the only non-natural fiber textiles we carry. They were mis-shipped by our supplier and, rather than burn fossil fuel returning them, we are selling them as dead stock. Once they're gone, we'll never, ever, ever, have polyester or any other ocean-poluting, micro-organism choking, petrochemical industry-benefitting products in our store again. That our commitment to you, to the planet, and to future generations. Bright red semi sheer fabric. True red colored thread with red cross thread. Quantity :. Pewter colored semi sheer blend fabric. Silver colored thread with black cross thread. Metallic Brass. Bright gold semi sheer fabric. Brass colored thread with black cross thread. Teal colored semi sheer fabric. Blue colored thread with black cross thread. Dark green colored semi sheer fabric. Green colored thread with black cross thread. Iridescent green colored semi sheer fabric. Green colored thread with turquoise cross thread. Purple-blue colored semi sheer fabric. Rich blue colored thread with red cross thread. French Lavender. Tropical Green. Rich green colored semi sheer fabric. Spruce green colored thread with yellow cross thread. Block Printed Fabrics. Silk Chiffon Fabrics. Embroidered Trims. Join our email list for notifications about new products, sale items and coupons. We never sell your information. Social Media.

Deadstock From the Ferry: Version 3

There has been a lot of recent hype around deadstock fabric as a solution to garment production in the sustainable fashion world. But, what is it that you are really buying when you buy a dress made out of deadstock fabric. And, is it as eco-friendly as we have all been lead to believe? So, what is deadstock? And, what does deadstock mean? Maybe there are small damages, maybe the company who purchased it ordered too much. Maybe they are scraps from factories cutting room floor that are being sewn together and made into something new, like Zero Waste Daniel. Not really. What most people don't know is that there is a difference between deadstock and available stock. Available stock fabric is a fabric that a factory overproduces because they know that it will eventually sell. An example of stock fabrics that most factories and mills keep a ton of on hand is plain knit jersey fabric for t-shirts. They produce a lot because they know that they know there will always be a customer for t-shirts and the fabric, although it does not have a buyer now, will be purchased by someone very soon. Some ranges can take up entire city blocks, and take multiple people to operate. It takes a lot of manpower to turn off the machines, clean them, set them up for the next fabric, and then run a new fabric. It is cheaper for mills to produce extra of a fabric that they plan to sell at a discount than to shut the machines off after the order is fulfilled. This means that in their basic costing, mills plan to sell x percent at full price and y percent at a discounted "deadstock" price. At no point are they calculating a percent going to the landfill. Remember mills are in the business of making money, not wasting it. If the mills can't sell the fabric then they will pass it onto a jobber. What is a fabric jobber? A fabric jobber takes fabric from all over a country, or sometimes even the world, and re-sells it for a premium higher than what you would pay a fabric mill directly for it. Jobbers have existed since the industrial revolution when machines instead of people started making textiles. But, like everything else in fashion they are now being greenwashed.


All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Market Watch. Pinterest Reddit. By Nupur Amarnath. Publicist Gokul M, another Bengaluru resident passionate about sneakers, has learnt to be savvy with his money. Even the founder of Sneaker Talk India — a group of sneaker enthusiasts that is organising the event — Atul Sharma is surprised by the turnout. When he started the community three years ago to bring sneakerheads together, the group had only 40 people. Today, the group has nearly 5, Instagram followers. They are all in for the kicks — a slang for shoes. Meenakshi Singh and Bhavisha Dave were in for a similar surprise in Bengaluru three months ago. The streetwear curator and culture consultancy, Capsul Collective, run by the former Puma marketing professionals organised a modest pop-up focusing on sneakers and streetwear expecting people. More than turned up. The country is seeing a rise in the subculture of sneakerheads — people who collect, trade or admire sneakers. Sneakerheads know their subject. They associate sneakers with a piece of history or streetwear. It is this history that usually drives sneakerheads. The subculture movement started in the US and was fanned by hip-hop culture and icons like Run DMC, basketball greats like Michael Jordan and skateboarding. The subculture is gaining ground in India. And street style culture is giving this trend a push like never before. Dave has sensed the winds of change. Capsul Collective works only with clothes and accessories but plans to add sneakers to the list. If you doubt their optimism, take a look at the list of sneakerhead events in India. Sneaker Pimps has toured the world over 14 times, produced more than shows in over 63 cities, says its website. In organised the first edition of street and sneaker culture lifestyle festival, HG Street, the same month. Sneaker makers have also noticed the enthusiasm. Companies like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Vans are bringing their limited edition range to India now, though enthusiasts say not enough is coming. The shoes get sold out in two hours. Asics — known for its performance sportswear — started with a showroom for its fashion sneaker brand Onitsuka Tiger in Mumbai in Septemberopened one in Chandigarh the same year and followed with a showroom in Delhi in July Asics India was perhaps wrong in gauging the mood for sneaker demand, says Rajat Khurana, managing director. The response has been unprecedented. What works is the favourable demographics. Sneakerhead culture might be on the rise but premium sneakers do not bring in huge sales, says Debosmita Majumder, marketing head of Puma India. For her, the sneaker culture is a sleeping giant. But there has been an adoption of sneakers of late. Brands also get visibility when Bollywood celebrities use a pair of shoes.

1970s Deadstock Indian Cotton Patchwork Maxi Skirt

Unusual then, that I found this little haul of deadstock bleeding madras recently ready for wear during the current season. Eagle eyed regular readers may well have spotted them on my Tumblr a few weeks ago. Well, understandably, when they arrived he changed his mind, but he did suggest that I get in touch with the lovely Tressie from Funkomavintage. Incredibly, Tressie had some more of these beauties, all in Medium, all deadstock and all in a really usable blue based madras cloth that she was waiting to list on her Etsy store. Finding one lone deadstock shirt in a usable size is never easy, but finding more than half a dozen? I mean, these things have been laying around nearly 50 years. I was looking for small home decor and the like and was not expecting clothes, but there they were. Clearly the guy was worse than I am at buying stuff that he never used and that was to eventually outlive him. Wherever that guy is, hopefully he was smiling down as the first shirt was unpinned, carefully hand washed and then worn with much pride one June Saturday in halfway around the world. Our very own Leith of course makes wonderful shirts in bleeding madras and even old Ralph has a few items that turn up on ebay from time to time in bleeding madras, but generally these days dyes are chemical and fixed. I understand from Guy of Leith that they have a ton of cloth left over from making their shirts. It would be nice to see some full length Bermudas in bleeding madras! Jesus, how many ivy grail boxes does that sentence tick? I kind of knew it was going to be too big for marked at 17 but I bought it anyway. You know, just in case it somehow transformed its size. Of course it was waaaay too big for me, but it was surely a joy to behold, a thing of real beauty. Now, on the subject of buying stuff out of season — the long awaited John Simons raincoats and golfers have finally landed. More news soon…. Tags: sbleeding madrasdeadstockEtsyfeaturedfunkomavintageGantIvyivy leaguepopover shirtsshirtsthe hugger. Green ……. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Leave this field empty. Subscribe If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to receive more just like it.

Deadstock: Woven Polyester from India

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Our stock of fabrics is always deep with a wide variety and assortment of the most popular fabrics and materials in addition to some of our curated choices that you can't find many other places. We are constantly updating our stock. Every week we are adding to our wholesale fabric selection which is what keeps our customers coming back over and over. We are also very active on our Facebook page with shoppers looking for the perfect pattern. We can help you find the feel and texture along with guiding your through a pattern selections to meet your needs. Combining our awesome customer service with our online fabric selection and discount warehouse pricing is what makes shopping Big Z Fabric a great choice. Thank you for visiting Big Z Fabric's store. We have built this website to offer you the best deals online for fabric by the yard and wholesale fabrics available online. Our Big Z Fabric online shop is different than other online stores because our customers are able to see their fabric options in person at our Los Angeles fabric store. That's right, everything you see here online represents the stock that we carry in our warehouse. We are always updating our selection and stock so you can shop online confidently knowing that your order will be fulfilled in a timely manner with the confidence that your fabric will be delivered. We are also known for being able to fulfill small sample fabric sized orders as well as those orders by the yard. In fact, our customer service is top notch and we encourage our customers to reach out to us to inquire about new fabrics we are sourcing as well as what makes each fabric type work for different project applications or scenarios. Since our customers keep coming back and reporting on what has worked for them and what hasn't we are able to impart that same wisdom onto new customers to save them money and time. One reason to shop online is because you are able to see what is in stock. This is the easiest way to bring up several prints and patterns of different types of fabrics and compare what will work for your project. We also offer a number of steal deals that you need to check back on frequently but always have a great selection of discount fabrics on clearance as well! Big Z Fabric, in particular, also extends samples to our customers as well so you can feel free to order from a variety of textures and prints and see how they look at home or work for your project.

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