Countries without kfc

Countries without McDonald's

South Africa is the only country in the world that has three capital cities, while 12 countries have two. But two countries have no official capital city. Can you guess which ones? Let me first quickly go through the countries with two capitals. Conflict arises when we move to — surprise, surprise — the Middle East. And just to make matters worse, the two countries in questions even claim to have the same capital. I am, of course speaking of — in alphabetical order — Israel and Palestine. Both claim Jerusalem as their capital and many locals from both countries will get visibly upset, sometimes even turn agitated, furious or even violent if you suggest otherwise. Jerusalem is not internationally recognized as the capital of either country, Ramallah functions as the capital for Palestine whereas Tel Aviv more or less does the job for Israel. Let me add that I find both cities surprisingly pleasant when it comes to restaurants, nightlife, coffee culture and hospitality. Unfortunately an official two-state solution that both countries can live with seems to be rather unlikely, or in a distant future. Three capitals in one country South Africa still leads the pack with three capitals, the most famous of which is Pretoria, as the seat of the executive branch of government. Wonderful Cape Town is the legislative capital, whereas Bloemfontein — which I have unfortunately never visited — is the judicial one. Why such a confusing setup? Well, it started with conflict when the union of South Africa was created, and ended with compromise. And perhaps not a bad one, as the solution corresponds well with the balance of powers, or checks and balances. Early leaders in the country agreed that the entire government in one place would give that location too much power and be prone to lobbying and corruption. Some irony then, that the president of South Africa is Jacob Zuma, a name practically synonym to corruption, mismanagement and incompetence. Less than 10, people live on the island virtually on the Equator in the Pacific. Capitalless country number two may come as more of a shock.

Who, What, Why: In which countries is Coca-Cola not sold?

Countries like Cambodia still have yet to gain their own McDonald's franchise, but other American fast food chains, like KFC, have done well here. Recent news out of Vietnam intrigued us here at The Salt. Ho Chi Minh City is set to get its first McDonald's sometime in the next year, according to the company. It seems Vietnam is ready for the iconic American food, and McDonald's is confident that Vietnamese consumers now have enough disposable income to get hooked on shakes, burgers and fries. McDonald's may seem to be everywhere, but there are still countries without the fast food giant, from Ghana to Jamaica to Yemen to Tajikistan. And in six countries, McDonald's once had a presence, but due to economics, and sometimes politics, the franchises closed. Still, Jack Russoa consumer goods policy analyst with the financial services firm Edward Jones, tells The Salt that McDonald's is well-represented overseas. The company has 34, restaurants in countries, including Cuba and France, where it's especially beloved, even by foreigners. You won't find a Big Mac if you visit the Vatican City. And if you are one of the rare foreigners to make it inside North Korea, you won't find one there, either. Miguel Centeno is a sociologist at Princeton University. He was part of a team that created maps to track globalization; one of them is called "The Fries That Bind Us," a colorful look at McDonald's and its reach worldwide. It also sometimes maps onto politics. One of the most recent closures this May was in Macedonia after disputes between a franchisee and the American headquarters. And in the case of Boliviathe government said they'd rather not have fries with that inwhen all McDonald's franchises there were closed. Just listen to Bolivian President Evo Morales talk about his lack of love for fast food, and you might begin to understand. He recently railed against Western fast food chains during a speech in February:. The only goal of such producers is to generate profits. So they standardize food and drinks, turning them into global foods produced on a massive scale with the same formula. They are not interested in the health of human beings, only in their earnings and corporate profits.

Where In The World Are There No McDonald's?

It is now one of the largest, best-known fast food franchises in the world, with over 18, branches in countries, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't recognize the white hair and matching suit of Colonel Sanders. While the decidedly tasty chicken has played a part in that success and who can forget the mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits? Once you leave the United States, you might from something completely different than your beloved coleslaw if you walk inside. Here are some ways KFC around the world might be very different from what you probably expected. KFC in Japan reflects the local preference for dark meat over white meat, and serves rice bowls and bento boxes familiar to Japanese consumers. It is however far more expensive than in the U. Omnipresent images of the Colonel have the flavor of a benign personality cult, reflected in distinctive server uniforms and friendly mascots wandering the stores. KFC Japan is no slouch when it comes to marketing. During the summer at select locations, they offer a frankly dangerous all-you-can-eat chicken promotion. They once launched a Twitter promotion giving away keyboards, computer mouses, and USB sticks shaped like fried chicken. On the other hand, KFC Japan sometimes opts for a more distinguished approach. Inthey introduced the sadly discontinued Colonel's Dish line, featuring apple wood-smoked chicken thighs, chicken terrine upscale pateand ballotine chicken roasted with apricots, plums, cranberries, orange, and white wine-soaked chestnuts. They once even operated Route 25, the world's only KFC with a high-end whiskey bar. This tradition dates back to the extremely popular " Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii! According to legend, KFC Japan's ad executives were inspired by a group of foreigners who couldn't find turkey for Christmas dinner and opted for the Colonel's chicken instead. Today, the KFC Christmas meal featuring chicken, wine, cake, and champagne is so popular that lines stretch out the doors and you'll need a reservation for your chicken bucket. KFC got off to a rough start in the Chinese market when it translated "finger-lickin' good" into Chinese characters meaning " eat your fingers off. KFC restaurants in China have much larger eating areas to accommodate large families and groups. The kitchens are also larger to allow for more extensive and localized menu items, such as rice dishes, soy milk drinks, egg tarts, and youtiao fried dough sticks. Unpopular Western side dishes like coleslaw and mashed potato are often replaced with more palatable fare, such as a salad of shredded carrot, fungus, and bamboo shoots. KFC China caters to novelty-seeking local consumers by introducing over 50 new or limited time-only items per year, compared to one or two such items on American KFC menus. They are also sensitive to regional differences in taste, so KFC spicy chicken is much hotter in Sichuan than in Shanghai. KFC doesn't bother to compete on price with the ubiquitous street vendors and cheap local restaurants in China. It has instead positioned itself as a mid-range meal option for young professionals or a rare treat for families. With a focus on high standards of service, they employ over twice as many people as their U. In the western province of Xinjiang, which has a large population of Muslim Uighurs with their own traditions, one KFC branch took an unusual step for attracting local customers. Ad posters in Urumqi touted KFC as the perfect venue for a traditional circumcision partyfeaturing a host, singing, dancing, games, gift packs, and the presence of the local KFC mascot, Chi Chi. KFC's first attempt to expand into the Indian market floundered in the s, so after relaunching inKFC India adopted a novel strategy to attract local customers by expanding their vegetarian menu options in

10 Countries With the Most McDonald's Locations

Restaurants, Indian subsidiary of Yum! Brands, has picked up minority stake in its largest franchise partner RJ Corp-owned Devyani International DILone of the first franchisees globally where the restaurant major has acquired equity stake. National Restaurant Association of India estimated the food service industry at Rs 4. They may be disparate in their life goals and choices of career but are one in reflecting the angst of the young and their hopes for a better tomorrow. All rights reserved. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Have you read these stories? The world now faces a new 'Great Depression' as virus toll mounts Updated: Apr 09, Given the containment measures to slow the spread of the virus, the world economy is taking a substantial hit. Beginning of the end of jobs as we know it A country when its 1. Panache Hello! In the middle of the pandemic, the humble phone call is making a comeback. Brand Solutions. TomorrowMakers Let's get smarter about money. ET NOW. ET Portfolio. All News Videos Photos. On Sagar Daryani's bucket list: A Wow! Debutant voters give poll wish list: Farmers, women, jobs, freedom of expression 15 Mar,AM IST They may be disparate in their life goals and choices of career but are one in reflecting the angst of the young and their hopes for a better tomorrow. Popular Categories Markets Live! Follow us on. Download et app. Become a member.

KFC returns to original supplier after chicken shortage fiasco

Sign in Register. News Guardian. Nooks and crannies. Semantic enigmas. The body beautiful. Red tape, white lies. Speculative science. This sceptred isle. Root of all evil. Ethical conundrums. This sporting life. Stage and screen. Birds and the bees. Ben Evans, Swansea, Wales pybe pygmy. Nor have I seen an official McDonald's in Pakistan, though there are numerous copycat fast-food shops in Islamabad and Peshawar which sell excellent pizza, spicy chicken and meatburgers. Jonathan Lee, Sheffield. I doubt Libya has any. Jamie Ferguson, West Kensington, London. India's first McDonald's opened in a shopping centre in the suburbs of Delhi on October 13 and I visited it two days later. It is the world's first beef-free McDonald's. I had a Maharaja Mac, made with lamb. Nick Whitehead, Geneva, Switzerland. There are other countries in the world. However, fortunately for returning expatriates, Gatwick Airport does. A J Tracey, Victoria, Seychelles. There are several possible reasons: Big Macs don't contain nearly enough grease and are too tender for Mongolian taste; the mutton, goat, yak and camel burgers have yet to be invented; and Mongolian meat simply tastes too good. However, I can just see the McGoat baked in its own skin with red-hot stones inside taking off all over the west if only McDonald's had the initiative. And I don't believe that Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan have branched out yet either. I am undecided as to whether this is a good thing or not.

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