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Top 60 Most Valuable Comic Books from the Modern Age (1992-Date)

Find previous columns here. This August has been very plentiful with hot comics. The Superman and Supergirl issues that were shipped to stores were supposed to not be available for sale. Replacement copies are being sent. The "official" reason is the two comics have nothing to do with the Year of the Villainwhich is stamped on the cover. Though as Bleeding Cool has pointed out Catwoman which came out on the same day also had the Year of the Villain banner on her cover, though it also had nothing to do with Year of the Villain. I actually read Catwoman to see. It was a decent issue. Though it did indeed have zip to do with Year of the Villain. House of X and Powers of X were bi-weekly making it tougher for stores to increase their orders to meet demand. The two titles are red hot currently. Will the rest of the series be as hot once all the stores have had time to get their increased orders in for the rest of the series? Time will tell. Unbelievably, as I was working on this a person bought a collection that had Tales of Suspense 57, the first appearance of Hawkeye and had me check them out. I knew it was the issue because I had it listed as part of this week's 25 hot comics. It was a rough copy and it was part of an all or nothing deal. Buy this whole box or none of it. The box had 90s Superman comics in it, which I wish was in heavy demand because we have tons of them. Along with the Superman comics were Tarzan comics that for me at least would be tough to sell currently. It was quite the wide selection of comics with too many that I would have trouble moving so I passed. Though I would love to say we have the first appearance of Hawkeye, even in rough condition. I have started reading other websites more and more that deal with back issues.

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With so many superhero movies on the horizon, it can be easy to forget that the stories actually originate from an artistic medium: comic books. While most people may think about costumed crime fighters when someone mentions comics, there are numerous genres and types of stories worth exploring. Before dumps even more enjoyable comics onto your pull list, consider smoking a bowl and diving into some of these adventurous reads. In the span of just 12 issues, Moore weaves an intricate narrative while thoroughly breaking down each character, giving readers a unique look into the psyches of various heroes as they face the biggest challenge of their careers. After being the star of continuous comic series for more than 70 years, it can be hard to pick out a definitive Batman story. Long before Brian K. After a mysterious disease wipes out every male creature on Earth except for Yorick Brown and his pet capuchin Ampersand, the survivors have to restructure their lives and move forward. Instead of focusing on Spider-Manthe six-issue arc follows Kraven the Hunter, a. Sergei Kravinoff, after he has supposedly killed and buried Spider-Man. Rather than gloat and spread his success around the supervillain community, the egotistical hunter decides to don a makeshift Spider-Man costume and begin his own war on crime to prove that he is a superior hero. From the bonkers creative team of Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, the series focuses on Suzie and Jon, two individuals who end up going home together after meeting at a party. What should have been a normal hookup quickly goes off the rails when they realize they both have the ability to stop time when they orgasm. As their relationship develops, so does their thirst for danger as they begin robbing banks and venturing into the outside world as time remains frozen. Chock-full of dirty Easter eggs, the series is one of the most entertaining and funny comics released in recent years. More than almost any other franchise, X-Men, in particular, can be hard to follow due to so many universe-altering stories that constantly leave their timeline convoluted and complicated. Packed with classic concepts like Sentinels, mutant cures and the Hellfire Club, this classic run is considered essential reading for anyone trying to become more familiar with the X-Men. The four Horsemen of Apocalypse are back and slowly manipulating certain global leaders as they try to bring about the rapture. All of the major characters are interesting and have understandable motivations, but the most engaging character is likely Death himself. A cross between Dirty Harry and the Thin White Duke, Death and his posse are trying to stop the remaining horsemen from bringing about the end times. Some people think that Superman is too powerful and nice to be interesting. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Comic Store In Your Future – 25 Hot Comics Right Now

Check back next week for another set of entries that continues through the rest of March and onward until the end of Studios is keeping the groundbreaking series alive and well in the comics. Former Adventure Time illustrator Slimm Fabert provides the art, joined by an exciting new writer: Olivia Olson, the voice actor of Marceline herself. Steve Foxe. Joining the twin directing duo on art is Flaviano, whose past work with Marvel has often skewed more lighthearted than Russian blood vendettas. With any luck, Black Widow will recenter Natasha around what she does best: make bad men pay for their bad deeds. Studios launching this month. Studios Release Date: January 23, Buffy. Bellaire has a strong handle on character voices without coming off like a Whedon clone, and Mora continues to excel at both high school drama and thrilling throwdowns, as seen in his Power Rangers work. Slayers, vamps, witches, Watchers and innocent bystanders everywhere will want to nab this new era when it launches later this month. While the just-concluded Gerry Dugan era bore a strong resemblance to the charming, humor-heavy film iteration of the team, Cates and Shaw are shaking up the sizable roster with new additions like Moondragon, Darkhawk, Gladiator, Beta Ray Bill and, yes, Cosmic Ghost Rider. Walker and artist Jamal Campbell. Campbell has mostly provided short runs to both Marvel and DC on titles like Supergirl and Prowlerbut his slick, cover-quality artwork has been begging for a bigger showcase. Writers: Zac Thompson, Lonnie Nadler, Others Artists: Ramon Rosanas, Others Publisher: Marvel Comics Release Date: January 30, Age of Apocalypse remains one of the most ambitious and impressive if imperfect events in comic history, replacing the then-most profitable line at Marvel with a whole fleet of reconfigured books for several months. Now, as Fight Club 3 kicks off, Balthazar, Marla and their first child eke out an existence in a rundown motel. Thunderbolt himself is a bit of an odd character. Gillen and Wjingaard are ready to change that, creating a whole new supporting cast for Cannon. High adventure, big ideals, epic destruction, heroism, despair and nine-panel grids. Josh Hilgenberg. That precision allows her to portray total chaos with aplomb. Hillary Brown. If reading those words brought a nostalgic tear to your eye, place your preorders now. With the exception of Mark Waid, Chris Samnee and co. Joeand now Michel Fiffe lends his unmistakable art to G. Fiffe is best known for Coprawhich he writes, draws, colors and letters himself. The new creative team—writer Mark Russell, artist Mirko Colak, colorist Dearbhla Kelly and letterer Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou—hope to craft an epic by building up the world around the character. The story of a woman who is highly sensitive to the radiation emitted by electrical devices, it was hard to gauge just how we should feel about its protagonist. Before Aaron took over, a trio of writers and an alternating array of artists helped ease the transition with Avengers: No Surrendera massively scoped crossover between various Avengers squad that brought big bads and jade giants back to life and even retconned a new hero into Avengers history. In a quest to leave sticky dough and floury messes behind for good, Ari meets aspiring baker Hector, and finds himself forced to reconsider his urge to leave the bakery behind for good. Hex WivesAmerican Carnage and Goddess Mode are on shelves now from a mix of familiar comic names and exciting outside talents, and High Level is next up at bat. Writer Rob Sheridan worked with the band Nine Inch Nails on an alternate-reality game, and one assumes that experience helped him craft a post-dystopia in which human society rebuilds itself from scratch, including the titular mythical city from which no one ever returns. Weapon H has clashed with Roxxon, traveled to Weirdworld and picked up some unexpected allies along the way—including Black Widow. Paknadel is the whip-smart rising talent behind books like Friendo and the latest arc of Kino from Lion Forge. A Walk Through Hell was one of our favorite horror series ofthanks to its absolutely unflinching content, and Stronghold seems poised to be an early standout this year. Written and illustrated by two criminally under-appreciated talents, Phil Hester and Ryan Kelly, Stronghold subverts the Superman myth by revealing that our planet is actually a prison for an amnesiac alien who possesses incalculable power. Living under the name Michael Grey, the alien works as a midwestern insurance underwriter and is kept in the dark about his true past by a shadowy society—until someone falls in love with him and considers risking the entire planet to bring that love to fruition.

The Most Anticipated Comics of 2019, Part 1

Dollar Bin Digging Valhalla, Hellboy, Captain Rex and More! Rumor Had It: April April 6. Comics will save your life at least your sanity. Collector Spotlight — John Nguyen Returns! February in Review. Usual Suspects January Indie Spotlight Series Trade Secrets The Future of the MCU. The Reading Pile Aristocrats of War Comic Kicks 2. Q2 In-Hyuk Lee Cover Gallery. Ghost Hunting. Release Day Run Down Week After Action Report September 3, Fraser Campbell.

Most Popular Silver Age Comic Books

Click to Get an Appraisal. We're asked about hot comics all the time Buying high grade copies of this top will be a good gamble. We have not published them in any particular order. We also explain why each book is hot. Which are the hottest comic books on the planet right now? And if you want to invest in a copy of any of thewhich grade should you seek out, and why? Click the arrow below to get started! We count down in order from to 1. Click the arrows on each page to go forward or back. Have any of the Hot Comics you want to sell or get a valuation on? Click Here. Actually there IS an index. But you'll have to get to 1 on the list to see it and -1 to see the bonus content and special offers, as a thank-you for making it all the way to the end! We don't want you to miss out on the 90 other books that we've spent weeks researching prices, sales data, historical values, and the reason they are suddenly hot. This list is opportunities to make money when you buy and sell comic bookswith careful choosing of books, and timing to resell them. Each comic book on the hot comics list has an explanation section telling you WHY you should care about it, and invest your money in a copy. As to which books are hot, well, you'll just have to click the arrow and get started! There will be some no-brainers on the list for sure, but we hope more than a few surprises As you make your way through the Hot list, you'll notice a pattern developing. Movies and rumors of TV series create a ripple effect within series or character cross-overs. Values of Amazing Spider-Man Comic 81 to in our free online comic book price guide. Send us details of your comics for a FREE appraisal. Free online comic book price guide for Amazing Spider-Man comic 61 to 80 will help you to value your collection. Contact us if you want to sell! Online comic book price guide for Amazing Spider-Man comic issues 41 to Get free advice on what your Spiderman book collection is worth. All Rights Reserved. All other copyrights, trademarks, service marks, and logos are the respective property of their holders. Top Comic Book Investments During Hot Books by Era s: 4 s: 46 s: 30 s: 9 s: 3 s: 2. Recent Articles.

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