Coldest zodiac sign

The 7 Signs Of The Zodiac Who Can Be Cold As Ice And Never Let Their Guard Down

The first thing I would look at would be the Saturn aspects made to any of the "personal planets". Then the Moon, then their Venus, and finally their Ascendant. The signs that these factors are in would be part of the analysis, but not more important than the aspects. And by cold I understand someone who is more reserved and doesn't open up that easily, or who doesn't laugh or smile a lot, someone who treats most people like strangers. Virgo because they don't really trust others, they are sensitive to physical touch and because of hygiene and all that they don't like to get too close to other people. They are not very emotional. Aquarius don't show a lot of emotion, they rarely do anything from the heart, they are more about the mind. Sagittarius may seem warm and friendly, but only superficially. Never mistake it for love or affection. They have never shown or let anyone in their inner world. They feel deep down inside no one is worth knowing or they won't understand. It's impossible to answer really. It depends on the individual. I guess you could say that the air signs are more "detached". But my mum is aquarius and she's such a warm person. Cold: Aquarius, Gemini, Virgo, Capricorn. Maybe Aries. I wouldn't necessarily know the order. Answer Save. As an astrologer, I would not. Most coldest capricorn Least coldest aries. Coldest to least cold: And by cold I understand someone who is more reserved and doesn't open up that easily, or who doesn't laugh or smile a lot, someone who treats most people like strangers. Capricorn 2. Virgo 3. Aquarius 4. Sagittarius 5. Gemini 6. Libra 7. Scorpio 8. Taurus 9. Pisces Leo Aries Cancer Capricorns no need for explanation why they're cold. Leo and cancers are open hearted. They are both ruled by luminaries. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. The cold signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Virgo. Source s : The others aren't even cold, geminis can be cold but it's just temporary.

Top 7 Zodiac Signs That Seem Nice, But Are Low Key Cold As Ice

Do you have moods like thunder or a personality like summer sunshine? Find out your weather star sign below Hot hot hot. Exciting and enjoyable, but it's a dry heat - the kind that starts fires. Be careful when you're in the forest with a naked flame! Fresh spring rains. It's good for plants and helps the fruit and vegetables grow fat and juicy. Just make sure you've got a four-wheel drive or you could end up stuck in the mud. It's a gusty day when Geminis are near. The wind picks up and blows leaves hither and thither. Hold on to your hats! Geminis have inquisitive minds and are competitive, but can have changeable moods. It's humid and warm. It feels very close. For some, this is comforting but for others cloying. Cancers are sweet-natured, calm and have steely resolve. Bring the shades - it's bright outside! It can be a beautiful day when a Leo is around, but don't stare too long or you'll find it hard to focus on anything else! Leos are bold, authoritative and capable. Clear and crisp like frost. Grass individually poised and preserved like a collector's item but soon melted away by warm morning light. Virgos are organised, proper and love to live life to the full. Not too hot, not too cold - sunshine and showers. Nice and balanced or can't make up your mind? Thick fog in the dead of night. It's difficult to see what anyone's up to in this weather.

5 most frightening and “cold” signs of the zodiac

Discover The Magical text that makes him Addicted to You. No matter how you try to appear friendly and open, there will always be people in your surroundings who do not want to meet you. A lion can be very cruel when necessary, and its ferocity is extremely frightening. He is passionate about what he believes in, and is unmoved in it. Leo is sure of himself and knows who he is. Leo has a great sense of self-esteem, and that scares people who are not confident in their abilities. Knowledge may frighten, and Virgo knows this. It inadvertently makes other people feel uncomfortable. This is what can frighten others from communicating with the Virgin. In addition, Virgo can criticize others, and this subjective judgment can also push people away from her. He may explode with anger when you tell him an innocent lie, but he will be completely calm if you damage his car. It is better not to relax with Scorpio. Taurus is very closed, especially when it considers itself right in something. If he is confident in his opinion, he will not be persuaded. No one can get close to Taurus when his nostrils are swollen with stubbornness or anger. They are not such as to simply let something go, they are those that are fixed incorrectly, until they practically explode with rage. However, the first impression may be deceptive, and as soon as you overcome the psychological barrier of Aquarius, you will find that it is not so terrible, on the contrary, kind and generous. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Next What is the sexiest in your zodiac sign? Here is the answer! Add comment. Facebook Twitter Reddit Pinterest Email. Share this: Pinterest. You may also like. Zodiac Signs So your dream partner is based on your zodiac sign. Zodiac Signs This awaits you in the individual sections of the yeardepending on your zodiac sign. Zodiac Signs For these 5 zodiac signs, it is particularly hard to say goodbye and leave. Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Which astrological sign is the coldest,and most unfeeling?

I hope to God you guys don't say MY sign. Not telling you what it is until I get to the best answer phase. Coldest to people's eye should be Capricorns and Aquarius. Speaking for myself, im quite reserved emotionally to people. Aquarius also doesn't show emotions on the outside as much. Most unfeeling i believe its Gemini. They live in their heads and somehow i find that they do not have much feelings. But not all are, it could just be the case that the geminis i know are so. They will talk about their feelings on things, but they don't necessarily feel them if that makes sense. They just want to talk. They're very revengeful! You can be their best friend in the whole world just as u can be their enemy! Aquarius for sure. It's not that they are unfeeling but they have the hardest time expressing and showing their emotions and they come off as extremely cold. They don't have much patience with people and when things don't go their way, they just shut down. You know when you're mad at someone and you think that you're gonna stay mad long and ignore them Well somebody already said my sign lol but I don't know every single person in the world so I will have to answer based on my experience and that would be: scorpio. Answer Save. Pent Up Princess Lv 4. Favorite Answer. You knew it was coming Capricorn is the coldest out of all the signs according to astrology researchers. How do you think about the answers?

Most Cold Hearted Zodiac Signs

You will murder them if you can get away with it. Once wronged, your revenge will be immediate and decisive. Like a thousand suns exploding, there will be anger and threats and broken windows. When it comes to revenge, you follow a scorched-earth policy. Your antagonist will be dead to you, Mafia-style. You will eventually give them the cold shoulder, but not before they get a full blast of your hot temper. Being the unpredictable schizo that you are, you can go either way. You will either punch them in the face or never speak to them again. But if you do speak to them, it will consist of the harshest and meanest and cruelest words your lips will summon, designed to break the spirit and crush the will of the person who was stupid enough to get you angry. You are easily the most vengeful sign, but you serve up your revenge on both hot and cold plates. You are not above hot rage and cold cruelty—in fact, you think they complement each other. Your poisonous sting leaves no room for forgiveness—only complete destruction. You start off cold and calculated, but you get hotter as your revenge scheme gets more and more elaborate. You go from deliberate to unhinged once your plan is in motion. You lash out with hot anger but take cold satisfaction in their pain. You get over things very quickly. You have better things to do than indulge infantile revenge fantasies. Or set up a fake social media account and leave snarky comments on their Facebook. Mostly, you just stay away and let them decide to feel guilty and bad about what they did. You remove yourself from the situation. You will take time to plan your revenge, which mostly involves refusing to forgive them. Your revenge is not immediate. And cruel. And right at the perfect moment, you stick in the knife. You are very sneaky about revenge. It involves tire-slashing. False rumors. Hell, even false criminal charges. Not violence or screaming or throwing things. And you are extremely careful not to leave fingerprints. In keeping with your name, you will look as innocent as a virgin. You take a passive glee in making your enemy feel guilty and humble and prostrate and submissive. You carry the hate around rather than purge it by smashing them in the head with a vase. You not only hold a grudge—you bench-press it. And once you strike, it will be like your carcinogenic namesake—it will spread and metastasize and eat them alive. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time.

Why Are Capricorns So Heartless? 💔

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