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They are the game's characters that can be hired with a certain amount of Gold earned from defeating monsters this cost can be decreased by hiring and leveling up the correct Ancientin occurrence of the ancient Dogcog. Heroes automatically deal damage over time except for Cid, the Helpful Adventurerwho only upgrades base click damage. Currently, there are 54 Heroes in the game. The player can level a hero up by clicking the "LVL UP" button next to the hero's name after hiring it. Pressing T will toggle between the levels. Leveling up a hero increases the amount of DPS it does. This will result in a near doubling of cost for every 10 levels. The four Ace Scouts, added in patch 1. But with Dogcog at level 7 for a 6. To find the cost for one of the Ace Scouts added in patch 1. Each hero comes with a series of upgrades that become available when they're levelled up. These upgrades allow the player to multiply the hero's DPS, multiply the amount of Gold gained, increase DPS of all heroes, click damage, and obtain new skills. This makes the earlier heroes viable in the late game, but the cap means that later heroes will ultimately get the player further. However, the cost of the heroes is about 5x more expensive every 25 levels 1. In patch 1. These heroes gain a 4. This makes them more effective than the heroes before them. There are some heroes that give you a multiplicative global DPS bonus. Gilding a hero will also change their appearance. A detailed view of the Gilded Heroes can be accessed by clicking on the "Gilded" button at the bottom of the Hero list. Argaiv increases the damage bonus from gilds. Despite having a gilded sprite, Cid, the Helpful Adventurer is the only hero that cannot be gilded by conventional means. If she could be gilded, or even just has a damage multiplier, she would be extremely powerful. A random gild is awarded for beating leveland for every 10 levels thereafter. These random gilds are awarded only once per 10 levels and will not be given again after ascending, yet will after a transcendence. After an ascension, rewards continue as normal once reaching this transcension's Highest Zone Ever. In the Shopthree random hero gilds can be purchased at any time for 30 Rubies. For mobile, the cost is Rubies. The detailed view screen can also be accessed from here by clicking the "? If gilds are bought using real money, these "Paid Gilds" are given back after Transcendence by a small number every time the player receives a normal gild every 10 zones. By levelall purchased gilds have been returned to the player. Note that buying gilds is one of the worst ways to spend rubies. Gilds can also be moved from hero to hero for Hero Souls in the detailed view. Clicking a gilded hero will remove one gild from that hero and randomly reassign it to another for two Hero Souls. There is no actual way to transfer a gild from a precise hero to another precise hero: at least one of the two must be randomly chosen. The cost of doing this is equal to 80 Hero Souls times the amount of gilds currently owned that are not on the selected hero. With Steam releases of the game, in the game's directory, the sprites of all heroes can be found. Along with the normal heroes, there are several unused sprites in the game.

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Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Clicker Heroes Store Page. Global Achievements. Ever wondered what one quadrillion damage per second feels like? Wonder no more! Embark on your quest to attain it today! Start out by clicking on the monster to kill them, and get their gold. Spend that gold on hiring new heroes and get more damage. Visit the Store Page. Most popular community and official content for the past week. Looking for clan. My name in game Boukkie HZE Veso Hardstyle. View artwork. Large Number Legend. View all guides. View videos. DJ Dizzidy Do Da. Kibble42's Clicker Heroes Guides. All eight of my Clicker Heroes guides, updated with all the proper links and information necessary to play from the very beginning through the end game in version 1. I no longer play or stream Clicker Heroes.

Power Five

Welcome to the game! The screen is divided mostly in 2 areas. The left part shows you the current monster and his remaining life. The right part shows you the list of heroes available. When you start the game, you have no gold, and no heroes so you need to press to attack monsters yourself. This is referred to in game as "clicking" it comes from the PC version in which you simply click to attack. When you defeat a monster, another appears almost instantly. Keep killing 10 of those and you will be invited to move to the next area by pressing. You can always go back if you want to by pressing. However, I advise against it: you always want to farm at the highest area possible, because the gold rewarded per minute will be better. Whenever you have accumulated enough gold, you will be able to purchase the first hero. You can navigate in the menu by moving the. Simply go on the first hero and press to purchase a level. The first hero will boost your clicking damage output. Don't invest too much in it, just enough to accumulate enough gold to purchase the second hero. You will see that this second hero has a DPS value. Yes, he will attack the monsters on his own, so you don't need to press anymore unless you want to go slightly faster, but you will soon get bored of it. Now that you have the second hero, keep killing monsters until you reach area 5. Every 5 areas, you get a boss. They don't harm you, but there is a timer. If you don't kill the boss in 30 seconds, you will be automatically pushed back to the previous area. I recommand you to purchase heroes whenever you have the gold, but skip the very first one. Focus on the next ones. Also, when a hero reaches level 10, 25, 50, 75 and sometimesandyou can purchase an ability. Most of these are passive: they improve said hero DPS, or all heroes by a smaller percentage. Sometimes they are active abilities, more on that later. The adventure begins! Reach level Next, you want to progress by purchasing more heroes, or upgrading those you already have. My personnal recommandation for efficiency is :. The idea is to get to the abilities as fast as possible, because they are incredibly useful to improve your DPS for a cheap amount of gold. In the end, if you want to progress as fast as possible, you need to find the best ratio of gold to DPS. If you are stuck in front of a boss, just farm the previous area until you get enough DPS. Don't level up heroes past their last ability, it's worthless at the moment.

Clicker Heroes

The Power Five are the five heroes that are the most efficient to use in the early to mid game. They are:. Once you have enough Hero Souls available, it may be useful to transfer Gilds to these heroes, or to the Samurai in particular. It is rather expensive to transfer Gilds at first, though, so don't worry about this until you have abundant Souls. In an optimal leveling strategy, you would level up all heroes until their marginal utilities were equal. However, this requires a large amount of calculation and clicking to maintain optimal leveling. Also, at any given point in an ascension run, you will find that one or two heroes are doing most of the DPS. For this reason, most players use a near-optimal leveling strategy, focusing on advancing only the biggest damage dealers. If you don't level the hero at least this high, you are missing a significant fraction of the possible damage output at some point in the run. Note that many heroes have useful non-damage abilities, so you may want to take them higher than the level shown. Also, depending on your progression in the game, you may be able to level up some heroes very quickly, so other heroes might be skipped. Note that all of the Power Five are leveled over They are useful for a surprisingly long time in a run, remaining viable until you reach Phthalo. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Background In an optimal leveling strategy, you would level up all heroes until their marginal utilities were equal. Categories :.


Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Clicker Heroes 2 Store Page. Global Achievements. Embark on a never-ending journey to the top right of your screen. Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Learn more. Most popular community and official content for the past week. View screenshots. This guide will show one of the best builds possible in the current state of the game. Viable for both 0. Proof this works: Currently on World 55, level in 0. View all guides. Newbies Guide to Clicker Heroes 2. This guide is a hints and tips guide for newbies starting out in Clicker Heros 2. It will be updated as the game goes through early access and hopefully provide an insight into the game without the requirement of a walkthrough or spoilers. Mr Bubbles. Clicker Heroes 2 - I'll be clicking for days Kitty Skies. View videos. Basic Cid Critstorm Build Guide. This guide is a collection of other build guides created by other people, my own experiences and choices, and tips on how to get a strong Critstorm build going quickly. There are similar builds to this made by other people which I dominantly borrow from Idlen mit Cid V. View artwork. These teams can kill your interest in the game. Dad's Gaming Addiction. I see the game ad on facebook, you can buy it for 10 dollar? But is it worth it?

Clicker Heroes level 1000000 - final boss fight, patch 1.0e11 [spoilers]

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